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Yager, Charles A. 1855 Walter L. Sophia P. Mansfield Murray, NY 14 Jan 1874 - Orleans Co., NY Rowena Crane
Yager, Walter Lloyd 1827 William Anna Maria Copeland Murray, NY 9 Aug 1848 - Murray Sophia P. Mansfield
Yago, Esther Annabelle 1901 Shelby, NY George Mary Scharlau Shelby, NY 10 Sep 1919 - Middleport, NY Clifton J. Simmons
Yahnke, Charles F. 1875 Niagara Co., NY William Augusta Schultz Carlton, NY 11 Aug 1894 - Gaines Fannie R. Gay
Yarrington, Anna Irene 1901 Buffalo, NY Frank Rose Ackley Medina, NY 9 Oct 1919 - Shelby John L. Yogerst
Yaskovich, Stanley Jr.   Stanley   Medina, NY 12 Nov 1952 - St. Marys Ch, Albion, NY Evelyn Andrews
Yates, Hiram William 1899 Clarendon, NY Joseph Edith Pittard Medina, NY 19 Feb 1921 - Shelby Luva M. Smith
Yates, Joseph H. 1853 Gaines, NY Joseph Rachel Phelps Murray, NY 7 Dec 1898 - Murray Edith Pittard
Yaxley, Milford B. 1891 Ridgeway, NY Cephas Hattie Lane Ridgeway, NY 8 Jan 1913 - Shelby Florence R. Clute
Yogerst, John Leo 1898 Buffalo, NY Leonard Julia Dorschel Buffalo, NY 9 Oct 1919 - Shelby Anna I. Yarirngton
York, Hattie E. 1858 Smithville, NY Harrison Betsey Harrington Watertown, NY 24 Mar 1885 - Murray John G. Hock (2nd hus)
Yossock, Mary C. 1894       10 Feb 1917 - Sacred Hrt ch, Medina, NY John M. Wochna
Youles, Delores Audrey   James Helen Rosenowski Medina, NY 3 Oct 1949 - St Marys Ch, Medina, NY L. Francis Moriarty
Youles, Mary Jane 1922 Medina, NY James Helen Rosenowski Medina, NY 17 May 1946 - Meth Church, Medina, NY Donald J. Fox
Youles, Shirley Alice 1931 James Helen Rosenowski Medina, NY 24 Sep 1949 - St Marys Ch, Medina, NY Donald Moriarty
Young, Bertha F. 1891 Joseph J. Emma Eggleston Medina, NY 25 Apr 1917 - Prep Parson., Medina, NY Leon Warne
Young, Carl D. 1876 Fancher, NY C. Frank Mary Jane Eggleston Murray, NY 25 Nov 1897 - Murray Zella Tousley
Young, David 1888 Waterford, CT Alva Elizabeth Swick Lynedoch, Canada 14 Aug 1912 - Shelby Lillian Schrader
Young, Flora May 1870 Ridgeway, NY Joseph Mary Ann Felstead Ridgeway, NY 21 Dec 1893 - Shelby Walter A. Postle
Young, John 1841     Gaines, NY 3 Jan 1865 - Frankford, NY Hannah E. Thomas
Young, John T. 1870 Murray, NY John Susan Murray, NY 7 Mar 1894 - Murray Aldena Slater
Young, Lissa Bell 1878 Kendall, NY Charles F. Mary Jane Eggleston Murray, NY 20 Feb 1900 - Murray Judson A. Bayer
Young, Lucretia 1853 John Susan Murray, NY 22 Jan 1874 - Murray, NY Jasper J. Robertson
Young, Lucretia Mrs. 1825       26 Nov 1874 - Somerset, NY William H. Perry (2nd hus)
Young, Mary A. (1st hus - Buddery) 1858 Hulberton, NY John Susan Holley, NY 22 Nov 1892 - Murray Morgan F. Michener (2nd hus)
Young, Mabel Beatrice1869William B.Nancy C. Littlebraut Albion, NY11 Sep 1904 - Chicago, ILCharles H. Young
Young, Nettie E. (1st hus - John DuBois) 1858 Ridgeway, NY Joseph Mary Ann Felstead Medina, NY 1 Jun 1921 - Shelby James H. Jacobs (2nd hus)

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