Town of Ridgeway - C


COAN Edwin S.       See KELLY 54-D2
COBB Hannah Heminway 67 F MA Widow of William 253-D3
  Merrmoth 31 Son Orleans Farmer/Married  
COBB J. Collier 41 M Orleans Farmer 95-D3
  Susan (Salisbury) 42 Wife Orleans    
WOODHULL Emma 14 Niece Orleans    
WOODHULL Delia 10 Niece Orleans    
WOODHULL Frank 8 Nephew Orleans    
COBB John       See MEAD 149-D3
COBB William 21 M England Single 177-D3
COBB John 26 Brother England Single  
COCHRANE Isaac Dr. 62 M Columbia Farmer 164-D1
  Elizabeth 58 Wife Dutchess    
COLE         See CHASE 123-D2
COLE         See GRUMMON 281-D2
COLE George       See WHIPPLE 432-D2
COLE Sands 56 M Montgomery   175-D1
  Jane Eliza (Wheeler) 51 Wife Saratoga    
  Jane Eliza 26 Daughter Orleans    
  Mark W. 19 Son Orleans Clerk  
  Sands Jr. 13 Son Orleans    
COLEMAN Clara       See HARRIS 48-D2
COLEMAN George 56 M England Farmer 182-D3
  Sarah 49 Wife England    
  Harriet 20 Daughter England    
  Hannah 17 Daughter England    
COLEMAN James K. 29 M Canada Tanner 129-D1
  Mary A. 23 Wife Canada    
COLEMAN John 40 Hus #2 England Teamster 328-D2
  Margaret (Allen) 45 Wife England    
  George 19 Son Orleans    
  Ida 5 Daughter Orleans    
WATTS Robert Rev. 60 Boarder England Clergy  
WATTS John 37 Boarder England Miller  
SHERMAN Ruth 35 Boarder Orleans    
COLEMAN John 36 M England Farmer 137-D3
  Freelove B. 37 Wife Orleans    
  Silas W. 11 Son Orleans    
  Mary E. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice 5 Daughter Orleans    
COLEMAN William 37 M England Farmer 478-D2
  Mary (Dale) 26 Wife #2 Scotland    
  Ella 7 Daughter Orleans    
  James 3 Son Orleans    
  Hattie 1 Daughter Orleans    
COLLINS         See HOEY 505-D2
COLLINS Bartley 50 M Ireland Laborer 506-D2
  Bridget 45 Wife Ireland    
  Cornelius 16 Son Niagara    
  Bridget 14 Daughter Niagara    
  Mary 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Katy 6 Daughter Orleans    
KEATH John 10 M Niagara Servant  
COLLINS Bridget       See WELLS 206-D2
COLLINS Katy       See SEELEY 534-D2
COLLINS Timothy 50 M Ireland Laborer 481-D2
  Abby 35 Wife Ireland    
  Bridget 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Johanna 4y 3m Daughter Orleans    
  Timothy 3 Son Orleans    
COLLISON William R. 46 M England Farmer/Husband of Lucy 107-D1
  William F. 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Cordelia 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 16 Son Orleans Laborer  
  Caroline 7 Daughter Orleans    
  George 2y 6m Son Orleans    
COLMAN         See TEMPLE 80-D1
COLTON         See KNOWLES 187-D1
COMERFORD Ellen       See FAIRMAN 242-D2
COMERFORD John 55 M Ireland Shoemaker 77-D2
  Bridget 50 Wife Ireland    
  Bridget 12 Daughter Ireland    
COMERFORD Margaret       See RYAN 321-D2
COMERFORD William       See SPENCER 42-D2
COMSTOCK Charles       See GOOLD 63-D1
CONDON Edward 37 M Ireland Laborer 51-D1
  Ellen (O'Connor) 34 Wife Ireland    
  Ellen 10 Daughter Orleans    
  William 6 Son Orleans    
  Edwin 5 Son Orleans    
  Patrick 7 mo Son Orleans    
CONKEY Nancy       See CLARK 92-D2
CONKLIN Philip 80 M Dutchess Farmer 31-D1
  Susan A. 60 Wife #2 Rensselaer    
  Eudolphia 24 Daughter Cayuga    
  Melvin 20 Son Cayuga Farmer  
  Mary D. 18 Daughter Cayuga    
  Augusta L. 16 Daughter Cayuga    
  Silas M. 2y 11m Grandson Orleans    
CONNELL John 46 M Ireland Laborer 50-D1
  Bridget 33 Wife Ireland    
  Kate 14 Daughter Ireland    
  Thomas 11 Son Ireland    
  John 7 Son Orleans    
  Bridget 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary Ann 3y 8m Daughter Orleans    
  Ellen 5 mo Daughter Orleans    
CONNOR John 60 M Ireland Laborer 341-D2
  Elizabeth 50 Wife Ireland    
SHERMAN Mary 28 Daughter Ireland Married  
SHERMAN James 6 Grandson Orleans    
CONNORS Catherine 50 F Ireland Widow (2) 42-D1
CONNORS John O. 70 M Ireland Laborer 490-D2
  Ellen 70 Wife Ireland    
  William 26 Son Ireland    
CONNORS Mary       See PARKER 230-D1
CONNORS Michael 35 M Ireland Laborer 52-D1
  Mary 35 Wife Ireland    
COOK A. S. 33 M Oneida Carpenter 30-D2
  Emerett 21 Wife #2 Erie    
  Florence 3 mo Daughter Orleans    
COOK George C. 41 M Albany Farmer 381-D2
  Olive (Comstock) 38 Wife Onondaga    
  Sarah C. 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Seeley A. 13 Son Orleans    
  Jude G. 11 Son Orleans    
  Amos A. 8 Son Orleans    
COOK James D. 40 M Holland Baker 43-D2
  Alpha E. 33 Wife #2 Holland    
  Ella 3 Daughter Erie    
  Mary E. 5 mo Daughter Orleans    
COOK Sarah A.       See STEARNS 237-D2
COOK Selim       See WELD 120-D3
COON Barnes W. 41 M Orleans Farmer 529-D2
  Martha D. 35 Wife Jefferson    
  Burton I. 7 Son Orleans    
  Helen M. 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Herbert M. 5 Son Orleans    
BATHRICK Sarah 23 F Niagara Domestic  
COON John W. 36 M Orleans Farmer 530-D2
  Imogene 28 Wife #2 Jefferson    
  Frank B. 10 Son Orleans    
  Henry J. 4y 8m Son Orleans    
  Lyman A. 2y 2m Son Orleans    
  Jennie 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
RUSSELL Helen 17 F Orleans Domestic  
COON Lyman A. 24 M Orleans Farmer/Single 413-D2
COON Edith L. (Willietts) 64 Mother NJ Widow of Milo  
COON Marietta 54 F Erie Widow of Stephen 462-D2
  Leander 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  George 17 Son Orleans    
  Marion 15 Daughter Orleans    
  Francis 10 Son Orleans    
TIBBETTS Marian 70 Mother Erie Widow (2)  
COON Uriah G. 32 M Jefferson Farmer 532-D2
  Louisa 25 Wife Niagara    
  Myra L. 2y 2m Daughter Orleans    
  Elmer 1 mo Son Orleans    
COON Isaac 70 Father Rensselaer Farmer/Married (2)  
COON Lucy 63 Mother CT Married (3)  
COON William H. 38 M Orleans Farmer 397-D2
  Saloma J. 31 Wife Jefferson    
  Martha J. 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Alice M. 11 Daughter Orleans    
BISHOP Charles 30 M England Farm Laborer  
COOPER George 40 M England Farmer 501-D2
  Martha 35 Wife England    
  Edward 15 Son England    
  Fanny 13 Daughter England    
  Martha 12 Daughter England    
  Eliza S. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  George H. 6 Son Orleans    
  Robert A. 3y 6m Son Orleans    
  William 3y 6m Son Orleans    
COOPER Mary       See WHIPPLE 432-D2
COOPER Michael 36 M Ireland Farmer 429-D2
  Kate 32 Wife Canada    
  John W. 6 mo Son Orleans    
RYAN Johanna 15 F Albany Domestic  
DIVINE Thomas 25 M Ireland Farm Laborer  
COPELAND Samuel       See BACON 491-D2
CORNER D. W.       See BROMLEY 20-D2
COREY Betsey       See BRINSMAID 28-D1
COREY Samuel 38 M Erie Farmer 419-D2
  Caroline 34 Wife Niagara    
  Elmer Delos 13 Son MI    
  Ella L. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Sarah A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
CORWIN John       See WOOLSTON 202-D3
COTTER Hugh       See FANCHER 77-D1
COTTRELL John H. 48 M Madison Farmer 431-D2
  Mariette 49 Wife CT    
  William H. 22 Son Erie Farmer  
  Mary J. 21 Daughter Erie    
  Fidelia E. 19 Daughter Erie    
  Lucy E. 15 Daughter Erie    
DENNISON Ray 2y 10m Nephew Monroe    
COVERT Daniel       See GAUNT 242-D3
COVERT Marsha 25 F Orleans Widow 243-D3
  Philander 7 Son Orleans    
  David 4 Son Orleans    
  Willie 2 Son Orleans    
COX John       See BARRETT 409-D2
COX Mariah       See SHERWOOD 382-D2
COX Mary       See JACKSON 400-D2
COX Thomas 39 M Ireland Tailor 286-D2
  Frances W. 39 Wife Ireland    
  Sarah 20 Daughter New York City Tailoress  
  Susan 12 Daughter Orleans    
  Angeline 10 Daughter Orleans    
  William 8 Son Orleans    
  Eva Jane 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Mary A. 4 Daughter Orleans    
CRAMER Thomas 46 M Ireland Laborer 536-D2
  Mary 30 Wife Ireland    
  James 10 Son Niagara    
  Thomas 5 Son Orleans    
CRANDALL John 65 M RI Gatekeeper 434-D2
  Waity 59 Wife RI    
CREEDEL John G.       See FERRIS 1-D1
CRIPPEN Calvin 63 Hus #2 Saratoga Farmer 96-D1
  Jane 48 Wife #2 VT    
  Julius 14 Son Orleans    
  Frank E. 10 Son Orleans    
  Walter W. 8 Son Orleans    
CRIPPEN Delos 37 M Columbia Blacksmith 198-D1
  Delia 32 Wife Wyoming    
  Frank 7 Son Orleans    
  Mary 2 Daughter Orleans    
  Unnamed 1 mo Daughter Orleans    
THOMPSON James 21 Boarder Canada Blacksmith  
CRISWELL Lucy G.       See BOUCHARD 105-D2
CRONK John       See HURD 329-D2
CROOSE John 46 M England Butcher 192-D1
  Jane 40 Wife England    
  Robert 15 Son Orleans    
  Jackson 13 Son Orleans    
  Margaret 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Job 9 Son Orleans    
  June 4 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna 3 Daughter Orleans    
  William 2 Son Orleans    
CROWLEY Jerry 42 M Ireland Farmer 53-D3
  Hannah 34 Wife Ireland    
  Mary Ann 5 Daughter Orleans    
  John 2 mo Son Orleans    
CROWLEY John 40 M Ireland Farmer 55-D3
  Margaret 32 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 10 Daughter Orleans    
  Anna 8 Daughter Orleans    
  David 6 Son Orleans    
  John 4 Son Orleans    
  James 2 Son Orleans    
  Michael 6 mo Son Orleans    
CROWLEY Pat       See AGAN 362-D2
CUICINDALL Charles       See GRAVES 203-D2
CULLEN James 35 M Ireland Farmer 498-D2
  Mary 30 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 14 Daughter Orleans    
  James 11 Son Orleans    
  Elizabeth 2y 6m Daughter Orleans    
  Agnes 4 mo Daughter Orleans    
CULLEN John       See HORAN 523-D2
CULVER Fanny S.       See CARD 81-D2
CUPPS         See SPAULDING 231-D3
CURRAN John 33 M Erie Farmer/Single 542-D2
  Sarah 25 F Erie Sister  
HAWKINS Marietta 2y 2m Niece Erie    
CURSON George 35 M England Farmer 474-D2
  Mary A. (Gotts) 26 Wife England    
  Orin 7 Son Orleans    
  Eveline 4y 10m Daughter Orleans    
CURTAIN Kate       See JACKSON 408-D2
CURTIS Samuel 41 Hus #2 England Laborer 511-D2
  Charlotte 50 Wife England Widow W. BACON  
BACON Orin 13 Stepson Orleans    
YOULLS Martha Bacon 21 Stepdau England Widow  
YOULLS George 6 Stepgrandson Orleans    
YOULLS Delia L. 3y 11m Stepgranddaughter Orleans    
YOULLS Charles 1y 11m Stepgrandson Orleans    

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