Town of Ridgeway - S


SKINNER         See BREED 111-D3
SKINNER Emma       See BATES 480-D2
SKINNER James 57 M England Shoemaker 211-D2
  Ann 56 Wife England    
KNAPP Mary E. 20 Niece Monroe    
KNAPP Morris I. 23 Nephew-in-Law Orleans Butcher  
SKINNER William G. 31 M England Shoe Dealer 195-D2
  Harriet A. 25 Wife OH    
  Marcus J. 1y 2m Son Orleans    
BIDLEMAN Rollin 23 Boarder Niagara    
WELCH Mary 20 F Ireland Domestic  
SLACK Anthony 52 M Ireland Laborer 127-D2
  Margaret 41 Wife Ireland    
  John 21 Son Ireland Laborer  
  Mary 17 Daughter Wyoming    
  Jane 15 Daughter Wyoming    
  James 12 Son Orleans    
  Ann 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 7 Son Orleans    
  Ellen 4 Daughter Orleans    
FAY Allie C. 14 Boarder Ontario    
FAY Viola A. 11 Boarder Ontario    
SLACK Bryan 60 M Ireland Laborer 280-D2
  Nancy Ann (Quinn) 47 Wife Ireland    
  Michael 25 Son Ireland Laborer  
  Bryan 23 Son Ireland Boatman  
  Thomas 20 Son Ireland Clerk  
  Mary 16 Daughter Ireland    
  Jane 12 Daughter NJ    
  Bridget 8 Daughter Orleans    
  James 6 Son Orleans    
  Ann 2 Daughter Orleans    
SLACK Jennie       See MURDOCK 432-D2
SLACK John 25 M Ireland Cartman 277-D2
  Winifred (O'Mara) 20 Wife Ireland    
  Mary 3y 3m Daughter Orleans    
  Jennie E. 1y 5m Daughter Orleans    
SLACK Mary       See BATHGATE 207-D2
SLACK Mary       See HANDY 372-D2
SLADE John 34 M Ontario Mason 453-D2
  Susan 29 Wife Long Isl.,NY    
  Willie E. 9 Son Orleans    
SLATER Eleazur T.       See BLISS 82-D1
SLATER William       See BOWEN 396-D2
SLATTERY Lawrence       See MURPHY 298-D2
SMALLEY Ephraim       See STRIDE 294-D2
SMITH         See HUNT 97-D3
SMITH Adella       See SHERWOOD 29-D2
SMITH Albert       See MOREHOUSE 32-D3
SMITH Alonzo 56 Hus #2 Saratoga Farmer 74-D1
  Alma C. 47 Wife #2 Orleans    
  Ellen 18 Daughter Orleans    
  Frank 16 Son Orleans    
PORTER Sarah 28 F Canada Domestic/Widow  
PORTER John 2y 5m Boarder Canada    
SMITH Alonzo R. 40 M Genesee Miller 173-D2
  Susan A. (Marshall) 34 Wife Orleans    
  Augustus 13 Son Orleans    
MARSHALL Lewis 58 Father-in-Law Dutchess    
MARSHALL Sarah 58 Mother-in-Law Dutchess    
EASTMAN Louisa 19 F Monroe Domestic  
SMITH Alonzo T. 30 M PA Shoemaker 196-D2
  Hannah 29 Wife Orleans    
  Charles 7 Son VA    
  Edgar 1 mo Son Orleans    
SMITH Bridget       See TUCKER 3-D2
SMITH Charles       See ALLEN 379-D2
SMITH Edward R. 24 M Niagara Farmer 38-D3
  Emeline 24 Wife Niagara    
SMITH Elizabeth       See FILER 67-D2
SMITH Ellen       See ROOT 150-D2
SMITH Eugene 57 M NY Confectioner 91-D2
  Laura 52 Wife Ontario    
  Hiram D. 28 Son Orleans Confectioner  
  Mary A. 25 Daughter-in-Law Genesee    
  Julia E. 7 Granddaughter Orleans    
LAINE George 21 M Niagara Clerk  
SMITH George 44 M MA Laborer 303-D2
  Nancy (Heaton) 45 Wife Oneida    
SMITH Henry 25 M Ireland Grocer 66-D2
  Margaret 25 Wife Scotland    
SMITH Hiram 59 Hus #2 Saratoga Laborer 179-D2
  Elizabeth 50 Wife NJ    
SMITH John 23 M Ireland Laborer 73-D2
SMITH Michael 21 Brother Ireland Rowdy/Army  
SMITH Kate 16 Sister Ireland    
SMITH Patrick 14 Brother Ireland    
SMITH Mary 53 Mother Ireland Widow  
McKAY Ann 29 Boarder Ireland    
McKAY James 35 Boarder's Husband Ireland Laborer  
SMITH Joseph 52 M Genesee Mason 195-D1
  Sarah 37 Wife #2 Washington    
  Cora 14 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH L. Jane       See SPENCER 42-D2
SMITH Lorenzo A. 41 M Orleans Baker/Army 82-D2
  Caroline 35 Wife Canada    
  Morris 16 Son Orleans    
  Ada A. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Samuel W. 4 Son Orleans    
  Grant 1 Son Niagara    
SMITH Mary       See LOWBER 9-D2
SMITH Nathan P. 64 Hus #2 Canada Cooper 215-D1
  Sarah S. 62 Wife #3 England    
SMITH Richard 57 Hus #2 England Shoemaker 39-D3
  Ann 64 Wife #3 England    
  Fanny E. 4 Daughter England    
SMITH Richard 40 M England Clerk 270-D2
  Elizabeth 36 Wife England    
  Emma 12 Daughter Livingston    
  George 11 Son Livingston    
  Albert 7 Son Genesee    
  William 3y 6m Son Orleans    
  Adeline 1y 8m Daughter Orleans    
SMITH Richard W. 42 M Rensselaer Farmer 34-D1
  Rachel 41 Wife Cayuga    
  Helen L. 15 Daughter Niagara    
  Alice 13 Daughter Niagara    
  Edward 11 Son Niagara    
  Richard 10 Son Niagara    
  Elizabeth 3 Daughter Orleans    
SMITH John 74 Father Columbia Farmer/Widower  
SMITH Richard S.       See AVERILL 64-D2
SMITH Robert 36 M Ireland Laborer 101-D3
  Rebecca 29 Wife Ireland    
  Ann 3 Daughter Ireland    
  Luke 2 Son Ireland    
SMITH Silas 67 M RI Clothing Merchant 193-D2
  Mary Ann 54 Wife #2 Ontario    
  George A. 20 Son Monroe Grocer  
SMITH Adelbert 17 Nephew Chautauqua Clerk  
SMITH Wilbur F. 24 M Orleans Jeweler 101-D2
  Sarah C. (Porter) 20 Wife Genesee Milliner  
  Charles P. 10 mo Son Orleans    
PORTER Louisa 18 Sister-in-Law Genesee Single  
SMITH William       See PARKER 218-D1
SMITH William       See BECKER 460-D2
SMITH William C. 40 M Saratoga Farmer 4-D1
  Jane 35 Wife Ireland    
  Willie A. H. 4 Son Orleans    
  Emma J. 2y 5m Daughter Orleans    
SMITH William M. 27 M Monroe Grocer 146-D2
  Alice A. 22 Wife Orleans    
TIMMERMAN Ellen 17 Cousin Erie    
SNELL Minard 57 M Herkimer Carpenter 143-D2
  Phebe A. 53 Wife Ontario    
  Mary A. 17 Daughter Orleans    
  Hester Ann 12 Daughter Orleans    
SNELL W. D. 27 M Orleans Carpenter 56-D2
  Drucilla 22 Wife Genesee    
  Luella 1 Daughter Orleans    
SNOW Abijah R. 55 M CT Farmer 448-D2
  California 42 Wife #2 Jefferson    
FERGUSON Benjamin 65 Boarder Canada Farmer  
SOPER Lewis 60 M Suffolk Farmer 170-D1
  Eliza 51 Wife Niagara    
  Addie 22 Daughter Orleans    
  Myron 7 Son Orleans    
SOPER John H. 25 M Orleans Cooper 88-D1
  Harriet 24 Wife England    
  Frances 2y 3m Daughter Orleans    
  Henry P. 8 mo Son Orleans    
SOUTHARD W. R. 23 M Orleans Farmer 80-D3
  C. W. 20 Wife Orleans    
SOUTHARD E. L. 21 Brother Orleans    
SOUTHWORTH Harriet       See BATES 44-D3
SPAULDING Amasa 39 Hus #2 Onondaga Laborer 143-D1
  Harriet B. 26 Wife Genesee    
SPAULDING Amasa 75 Father Montgomery Farmer/Widower  
SPAULDING Abigail 50 Boarder Onondaga Single  
SPAULDING Jane 46 F Orleans Widow of Christopher 231-D3
  James 15 Son Orleans    
CUPPS Amasa 24 Son-in-Law Orleans Laborer  
CUPPS Huldah Spaulding 23 Daughter Orleans    
GRIMES Benjamin 27 Son-in-Law England Laborer  
GRIMES Jane Spaulding 20 Daughter Orleans    
GRIMES Walter 6 mo Grandson Orleans    
SPAULDING Leonard L. 56 Hus #2 VT Farmer 113-D3
  Cordelia Barrett 42 Wife Canada nee JACOBS  
  Leonard 7 Son Orleans    
  Anna 2 Daughter Orleans    
BARRETT Celestia 17 Stepdaughter Orleans    
BARRETT Clara 12 Stepdaughter Orleans    
JACOBS Charles 6 Nephew Orleans    
SPAULDING Paris 27 M Niagara Laborer 159-D3
  Lydia 26 Wife Essex    
SPEAR         See DAVIS 377-D2
SPEAR George       See BREED 214-D3
SPEARS William 38 M Orleans Farmer 132-D3
  Eliza 29 Wife Niagara    
  Frances 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Lydia 5 Daughter Orleans    
  William 1y 7m Son Orleans    
MAGARACA Lydia 24 Sister Monroe    
MAGARACA Arthur 23 Brother-in-Law Canada Farmer  
MAGARACA Sarah 4 mo Niece Monroe    
SPENCER         See PARKMAN 158-D1
SPENCER Alice M.       See TUTTLE 406-D2
SPENCER Martin B. 47 M Washington Farmer 61-D1
  Ellen 42 Wife PA    
  Aaron P. 21 Son Orleans Clerk  
  Mark M. 16 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Cyrus 13 Son Orleans    
  Catherine M. 10 Daughter Orleans    
  John R. 8 Son Orleans    
  Joseph B. 6 Son Orleans    
SPENCER J. T. 61 M Chenango Innkeeper 42-D2
  Mahala (Reed) 57 Wife #2 VT    
  Ella 21 Daughter Monroe    
REED Henry W. 84 Father-in-Law VT    
REED Lucy 77 Mother-in-Law NH    
SMITH L. Jane 40 Sister-in-Law VT Married  
BARNUM Mike 17 Boarder Ireland    
BISHOP R. S. 33 Boarder Oneida Physician  
BISHOP Mary L. 32 Boarder's Wife Madison    
BISHOP Adelbert F. 9 Boarder's Son Oneida    
BROWN Levi 38 Boarder   Livery/Widowed  
CLARKE John 21 Boarder   Harnessmaker  
CLYDE Joseph 47 Boarder Otsego Carpenter  
COMERFORD William 13 Boarder Ireland    
DRAPER Edwin O. 24 Boarder Niagara Married  
FAULK Frank 17 Boarder Herkimer Stage Driver  
FITZPATRICK Johanna 41 F Ireland Servant/Widow  
FITZPATRICK Lillie 13 Servant's Daughter Monroe    
FOLEY Kate 16 F Ireland Servant  
HAMMOND Adelbert 19 Boarder Niagara Miller  
HAYWOOD John 37 Boarder England Ostler  
HEWES Daniel T. 45 Boarder Monroe Construction  
INGRAM Thomas 25 Boarder Canada Farmer  
KEEFE Mary 16 F VT Servant  
KILEY Tom 25 Boarder Ireland Hostler/Married  
KOKELY Bridget 20 F Monroe Dining Room Servant  
LANDAUER Isaac 29 Boarder Germany Merchant  
LANDAUER Rosalie 20 Boarder's Wife NY    
LANDAUER Bertie 1y 3m Boarder's Son GA    
MALLORY Kate 20 F Ireland Servant  
MANGIN Ann 23 F Ireland Servant  
MANGIN Kate 20 F Ireland Servant  
NOBLE Frank 25 Boarder   Tinsmith  
PRESCOTT Jay 24 M VT Barkeeper  
ROACH Anna 44 F England Nurse/Married (2)  
STEBBINS J. Maria 57 Boarder MA Widow of Nemin  
STEBBINS Catherine D. 21 Boarder's Daughter Oneida Music Teacher  
STEBBINS H. K. W. 26 Boarder's Son Oneida    
VEDDER Jabez 27 Boarder Orleans Painter  
SPENSLEY George 44 M England Stonecutter 305-D2
  Mary 42 Wife England    
  Martha 13 Daughter England    
  Sarah E. 10 Daughter England    
  George 7 Son Orleans    



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