Book 2 (1897-1926)

Orleans County Surrogate’s Office
3 S. Main St., Albion, New York 14411

Compiled by Mary Hibbard Stack

The following is the Index of surrogate’s Record Book 2 for Orleans County which covers from 1897 through 1926.
When contacting the Surrogate’s Office for a copy of a file (a written request is their preferred method of contacting them), please refer to the File #. At the present time (eff. 14 July 2003), the cost for a copy of a complete file OVER 25 years is $90.00; under 25 years is $30.00.
If you are personally able to visit the Surrogate’s office, or send an emissary, sheets in the file may be copied for a moderate cost per sheet. Many of these records are now on Microfiche or Microfilm. Some, if not all of these records can also be ordered through your nearest Family History Library. Click HERE to obtain the LDS microfilm numbers.
This index is in an approximate alphabetical order and includes Surname & given name, the Domicile at time of death, Date of death, the Codes, the File or Box #, and Remarks.

o = Orders
w = Will
t = Letters Testamentary
a = Letters of Administration
f = Final decrees
m = Miscellaneous
g = guardianship

Letters of Testamentary would be issued if there were a will.
If no will, Letters of Administration would be issued.

C.T.A.: Latin for Cum Testamento Annexo (with the will annexed)

DBN: de bonis non: Latin and short for de bonis non administratis. A word used exclusively in estate matters and refers to situations where an estate is abandoned by an administrator only partially administered and someone must be appointed to complete the administration of the residue of the estate; those assets not yet administered.

Remarks Column: Words or phrases under the Remarks column were found in the original Index book. Many Remarks, especially those referring to other books, are no longer neccessary since all available papers for the decedent are now in one file, commonly called the File #, or the Box #.

PLEASE NOTE: We have found many of the persons listed in Book 2 actually died prior to 1897, some died several years prior to 1897. For your convenience, we have added a column called Pre-1897 Deaths and used an "x" to denote the earlier death date.


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