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Eastman, Enoch Murray 1854 o,w,t,f,m E-2 Widow's Dower Book - #1in back of Order Books.
Eaton, Dr. Willard Gaines 1862 a 8-487  
Easton, Charles D. Shelby 1874 a,f E-2  
Easton, George W. Shelby 1883 o,w,t,f E-5  
Ecclester, Squire Carlton 1842 a E-1  
Eckerson, John Shelby 1870 a,f E-2  
Eckerson, Maria Shelby 1875 o,w,t 13-135  
Eckert, Julia B. Ridgeway 1876 o,w,t 13-136  
Eccleston, Franklin H. Carlton 1890 o,w,t 13-142  
Eckler, Thomas Carlton 1891 o,w,t,f E-6 (see below) C.T.A. Temporary Admin.
Eccleston, Lucy Carlton 1892 o,a,f,m 8-504  
Eckler, Thomas Carlton 1891 o,a,f,m E-6 (See above) Temporary Admin. C.T.A.
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Edwards, Ira Shelby 1825 o,w,a E-1  
Edwards, Jacob Shelby 1842 a E-1  
Edwards, Abraham Shelby 1844 a E-1  
Edmonds, Edward Yates 1850 o,w,t E-1  
Eddy, Samuel Barre 1859 o,w,t E-2  
Edmonds, James Louisville, Ky. 1861 o,t,f,m E-2 For will V misc. records
Edmonds, Almon B. Shelby 1863 a 8-488  
Eddy, Richard C. Shelby 1870 a 8-495  
Eddy, David Barre 1870 o,w,t,f E-2  
Eddy, Lydia B. Barre 1874 8-497  
Eddy, Orange A. Murray 1884 o,w,t,a,f,m E-9 Letters test. revoked as to John Downs.
Edmunds, John S. Yates 1885 o,w,t 13-139  
Edwards, Edward Shelby 1886 o,w,a 8-501 C.T.A. No letters granted on will
Edmunds, William Yates 1886 o,a 8-500  
Eddy, Sysan Albion 1887 o,w,a,f,m 13-141 C.T.A.
Edwards, Frank Shelby 1892 o,a,f,m E-7  
Eddy, Mary E. Albion 1893 o,a,m 8-505  
Egleston, William C. Shelby 1853 a E-2  
Egan, Thomas Shelby 1864 a 8=490  
Egelston, Nathan Kendall 1876 o,w,t,f E-4  
Egelston, Benjamine Kendall 1876 o,w,t 13-137  
Eggleston, Alexander Kendall 1895 o,a,f,m E-7 Probate of Heirship
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Ellicott, Sarah Shelby 1828 o,w,f E-2  
Ells, Edward Barre 1830 o,w E-1  
Eldred, Daniel Barre 1834 a E-1  
Ellison, Robert Sr. Yates 1835 a (blank)  
Ellicott, Andrew A. Shelby 1839 a E-1  
Elmer, Philo Ridgeway 1841 a E-1  
Ely, Ruth Clarendon 1842 o,w,t E-1  
Ellicott, Sarah A. Shelby 1850 o,w,t,f,m E-1  
Ellicott, Andrew Shelby 1849 a 8-489  
Elkins, Jonathan Barre 1855 a E-1  
Ellson (or Eleson), Betsey Yates 1867 a 8-492  
Elliott, Lucy Barre 1868 a 8-493  
Elliott, William Sr. Murray 1869 a 8-494  
Ellicott, Charles Shelby 1871 a,f E-2  
Elison (or Eleson), Robert Ridgeway 1873 a 8-496  
Elwell, Noah Kendall 1884 o,w,t,f E-5  
Elwell, Harvey Shelby 1888 m E-5 Probate of Heirship
Ely, Marcus J. Murray 1894 o,w,t 13-144  
Emery, Asa Murray 1825 w E-1  
Emmerson, Benjamine Ridgeway 1858 a E-1  
Ennis, James Clarendon 1864 m 8-491 A nuncupative will.
English, Myron J. Barre 1872 o,w,t,f E-3  
Ensign, Sargent Murray 1878 o,a,f E-4  
Ensign, Elizabeth B. Ridgeway 1882 m E-4 Probate of Heirship
Ensign, Laura Murray 1882 o,w,t,a,f,m E-4 Letters Trusteeship Mar.1, 1899 (See 1927 Index)
English, Esther L. Albion 1883 o,a 8-499  
English, Mary Jane Albion 1890 o,a 8-503  
Ensign, Chancellor Ridgeway 1891 o,w,t 13-143  
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Erwin, William C. Barre 1868 o,w,t,f E-2  
Esget, Mary Kendall 1858 a,f E-2  
Esmond, Jacob Cornelius Murray 1882 o,a 8-498  
Evarts, Charlotte Clarendon 1862 a 8-486  
Everats, Martin Clarendon 1873 o,w,t 13-134  
Evans, Alonzo Shelby 1881 o,w,t,f E-9  
Evarts, Louisa Clarendon 1882 o,w,t,f E-3  
Evarts, Susanna Clarendon 1883 o,w,t 13-138  
Evarts, Susan C. Madison, Conn. 1885 o,w,t,f E-5  
Evarts, Dennis Clarendon 1887 m E-6 Probate of Heirship
Evans, Ruth Iowa (blank) o E-6 Ancillary
Evarts, Eli W. Clarendon 1889 o,a 8-502  
Everett. Cornelius C. Gaines 1896 o,a,f,m E-7 Revoked as to Dennis W. Evarts Nov. 4, 1891

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