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Hannibal, Oswego Co., NY 

     Many thanks to George Bailey for sharing his information on the Bailey family.  George states, "My great grandfather, Smith Bailey, was born in Hannibal, NY on March 4, 1818.  The source is a family bible in my custody, which was maintained by Smith Bailey and his wife, Mariam Wait. I have been working for years on their ancestors and descendants and have a great deal of information on both of them which I will be happy to provide to anybody interested."   
George Bailey  (a/k/a "The Bloodhound") at:


      My great grandfather, Smith Bailey, was born in Hannibal, NY on March 4, 1818.  The source is a family bible in my custody which was maintained by Smith Bailey and his wife, Mariam Wait. 

      Smith Bailey and Mariam Wait were married to each other on July 3, 1842 at York Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan.  I have the original wedding certificate in my cusotdy.  It states that Smith Bailey lived in Lodi Township, Washtenaw County, and that Mariam Wait lived in York Township, Washtenaw County.  At time Smith was aged 24 and Mariam was aged 22.  Thereafter they soon moved to Vergennes Township, Kent County, Michigan, where they developed a substantial farming operation and where my grandfather and father were born.

      Smith Bailey's father was also named Smith Bailey (herein called "Smith Bailey (sr.)") and his mother was named Eunice King.  Smith Bailey (sr.)  was born at Rupert, Saratoga County, Vermont, on March 3, 1787 as shown by his birth certificate,  and I have been able to ascertain his ancestors for a number of generations back to their arrival at Rhode Island.

       Probably about 1850 Smith Bailey (sr.) and Eunice moved to Kent County, Michigan.  Eunice King was buried in the Marshall Cemetery, Cannon Township, Kent County, Michigan.  I attempted to find her gravestone without success.  A cemetery record taken on October 29, 1928, states, however, that she died on September 15, 1862 aged 73 years, 3 months and 16 days.  Hence Eunice King was born on or about May 30, 1789.  A book dealing with the History of Kent County reads: "Smith Bailey was born in Oswego, N.Y. in 1818.  He is the son of Smith and Eunice (King) Bailey, the former a native of Vermont, the latter of Massachusetts."  Hence it appears that Eunice King was very probably born in Massachusetts, especially as the balance of the article contains a great deal of correct genealogical data.  Smith Bailey (sr,) was born in 1787 and died on June 19, 1864 as shown by cemetery recortds.
         I have been unable so far to trace the ancestors of Eunice King although I have made some progress and her parents may well have been determined.  The Vermont records disclose that Smith Bailey (sr.) and Eunice King were married on January 1, 1807 (Transaction ID VO1-0001285-1) and it seems very likely that Eunice was living at or very near to Rupert at that time.  Rupert is a very small isolated hamlet located in
Vermont near the New York border.,  Smith Bailey (sr.)  was born there and both his parents are buried there.  Smith Bailey"s circumstances were not such that he would have been traveling about the world.

         An excellent book exists entitled "Early Settlers of Rupert, Vermont", by Flowers.  That book shows that Smith Bailey (sr.) and Eunice King lived at Rupert for about 8 years after their marriage because it states that they had the following four children born there: 
                Helena           b July 18, 1808
                Jerusa King    b January 15, 1810
                Eunice           b August 26, 1813
                Cloe              b  August 31, 1815

       Apparently shortly after 1815, Smith and Eunice and most of their children moved to Oswego County where they had the following four children:
                 Maria        b  about 1816
                 Smith (jr)  b March 4, 1818 (my greatgrandfather)
                 Mary         b about 1821
                 William      b 1826

     The 1820 Federal Census for Hannibal, Oswego County lists Smith Bailey as the Head of the Household as follows: 
                      1 male       26-45       (Smith Bailey (sr.)
                      1 male       under 10  (probably my greatgrandfather)
                      1 male       10-16       (probably William) 
                      1 female     26-45       (Eunice King)
                      3 females    under 10  (Jerusa, Eunice, Cloe, and/or Mary) 
                      1 female      10-16       (probably Helena)

        Flowers book contains a good deal of genealogical data and may well list the parents of Eunice King, for example, Ezra and Mary King.  They both died on February 6, 183 at Rupert, Ezra aged 51.  Also one of the early settlers of Rupert was Jemima King who was the daughter of William L. King and Thankful Warner of Wilbraham, Massachusetts.  Perhaps Eunice and Jemima were sisters.  Also, I have tried to identify Eunice's parents by using Eunice's date of birth and by using Massachusets as the place of her birth.  Some possibilites have been found but nothing conclusive.

        I plan to be in Oswego County in a few weeks and hope to do some digging at Hannibal and at Oswego.  Perhaps you can offer some lines of inquiry.  

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