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Hillside Cemetery, Central Square, Hastings, N.Y. 

Many thanks to Lynne Copley  for generously transcribing this list of burials at the Hillside Cemetery, Central Square, Town of Hastings.  Lynne received the list from the Oswego County Records Center, but there was nothing to indicate who compiled them.  If anyone does know the date, and who the reader was of this cemetery list, please let me know.  This is a partial listing only.

Section J

ABEND, Rosalie G.   1884-1974 
ABEND, Joseph   Jan. 14, 1908-Sept. 16, 1972 

ALL, William, H.    1868-1894 (Emblem-Odd Fellows)
ALL, Viola Orsbon, his wife  1870-19__ 

AUSMAN, Frank 1850-19__
AUSMAN, Flora his wife  1853-19__ 

BAXTER, Louisa M. Wife of Elijah W. Baxter  d. Oct. 13, 1866 aged 45 years 5 mo's & 1 day

BEEBY, Henry 1836-1921 
BEEBY, Catherine Devendorf his wife 1839-1922
BEEBY, Katherine L.   1875-1957 
BEEBY, Fred D.   1878-1942

DEVENDORF, Rozelle (BERRY) 1843-1896 (GAR) Co. F. 110 Reg. N.Y. 
BERRY, Anna A. 1843-1903
DEVENDORF, Cora (BERRY) 1867-1934 
DEVENDORF, Clayton 1874-1956
DEVENDORF, Clyde  1897-1964 
DEVENDORF, Genevieve H.
DEVENDORF, Georgia A. (Sister of Clayton) 1865-1925

BURDICK,Floyd 1886-1966 
BURDICK,  Mabel Johnson  his wife   1883-1954
BURDICK, Burdette   1878-1909 
BURDICK,  Carmen Lillian dau. of B & B Burdick 1910-1910 

CHAFFEE, H.  Elliott   1896-1961 
CHAFFEE, Bert C. 1867-1943 
CHAFFEE, Emaline Church   1869-1951 
CHAFFEE, Lawrence D. 1891-1905 

CHURCH, William  1844-1934   100 F (GAR)
CHURCH, Cynthia J. Smith his wife 1848 -1913 
CHURCH, Tyler M.   1846-1909
CHURCH, Florence A.  wife 1852-1931 
CHURCH, Edwin E.   1874-1957
CHURCH, Clara B. wife   1887-1973 

CLARK, Mother Emma   1873-1908
CLARK, My Son  Frank J. 1896-1967 

CONTERMAN, W. H. M.D. 1862-1929
CONTERMAN, Florence Beeby his wife   1866-1917 

Section L

AMES, V. Arnold   1912-1960 
AMES, Barbara B. ______ 
AMES, Leon C. 1886-1967 Vol. Fire Dept. Caughdenoy 
AMES, Blanche I. 1891-1967 Ladies Aux. Caughdenoy F.D. 

ARCHIBALD, George A   1901-1976 

BABCOCK, Bertha 1910-1973 

BAKER, Harry E. 1891-19__ 
BAKER, Martha, A. 1903-1972

BALLOU, George O. 1922-1973 
BALLOU, Flossie  his wife 19__-

BARKLEY, Grace L. 1882-__ 
BARKLEY, Fred J. 1886-1953

BARRETT, Henry B. 1889-1958 
BARRETT, Susan A.   1899-1960 

BAXTER, Beverly, Jean 1962-1962 
BAXTER, Judy Lynn 1965-1965 
BAXTER, Vernard N. (Red) 1902-__ 
BAXTER, Alice, his wife 1906-__ 
BAXTER, Edwin W. 1899-1924 Troop F. 15th Cav. in France Mar. 1918-July 1919
BAXTER, Dean C. 1904-1926 
BAXTER, Irene A.   1879-1963 
BAXTER, Nathan V. 1874-1945 

BELDEN, Lewis  W.   1909-1976 
BELDEN, Norma 1912-__ 
BERLIN, Mother Bertha   1885-1953 
BERLIN, Father William E. 1879-1968 

BERRY, Roger C.   1911-__ 
BERRY, Mable P. 1912-1977

BLYE, Matie Maudella   1885-1961 Dau of H.A. & A. J. Blye
PADDOCK, Sarah Blye   1873-1952 
BLYE, Alice J.  1859-1932 
BLYE, Horace A. 1858-1933 
MURRAY, Leona Blye  1924-1955 
BLYE, Allen L. 1894-1948
(Baby boy Tiff 1979 same lot) 

BOOTS, Ralph F.   1921-1978 Sgt. U. S. Army World War II 
BOOTS, Pearl E.   1925-__

Section M

PAUL, Will  R.  1854-1922 
PAUL, Frankie Rose, his wife 1856-1925

PEARSON, Ellen   1847-1925 

CARVER, J. Adelbert   1904-19116
CARVER, Mary Pearson   1869-1954 
CARVER, John C.   1857-1950 

GRISWOLD, Mary Peirce wife of Arthur Griswold 

PEIRCE, John   d. Sept. 29, 1872 Age 68 yrs.  We loved him 
PEIRCE, Nancy wife of John Peirce d. May 6, 1875 Age 69 yrs.  Gone to Rest 

PETTINGILL, Blanche C.  1874-1956
PETTINGILL, George B.  1876-1935 
PETTINGILL, Genevieve 1905-1920

PIERCE,  William R.   1860-__ 
PIERCE, Annie M. Worden, his wife 1857-__ 
PIERCE, Abbie M. Phelps   1871-1920 
PIERCE, Iva 1896-1929 

DENMAN, William E.  New York Pvt. 9 Co. Coast Army World War I b. Sept 25, 1892  d. May 15, 1963 

PIKE. W. Hamilton (stone broken - cemented to base) 
PIKE, Lewis C.  ?-1869 
PIKE, Lucina , wife  d. Octoer 28, 1870 Age 55 yrs., 4 mos. 11 days 

REESE, Mary G. b. Feb 26, 1828  d. Mar. 18, 1879 

RICE, Badley   1825-1886
RICE, Carrie M. Pike his wife  1838-__ 
RICE, Ella    18(?)- 1856
RICE, Gertie   1869-1870 
RICE, Lillie 1864-1877 

SEYMOUR, Ralph K. 1894-19__ 
SEYMOUR, Ethyl L.  1891-1955 

MACINTYRE, Minnie C. 1869-1949, 
MACINTYRE, Elmer E.   1861-1928 

SMITH, James B. 1856-1916 
SMITH, Marion, E. Guile his wife   1870-1951
SMITH, D. William   1864-1921 
SMITH, Henrietta Damuth, his wife 1851-1924

CHARGO, Julia C.    1850-1930  (dau. of Sweets) 
SWEET, Samuel D. 1821-1897 
SWEET, Adeline, his wife   1818-1901 

THIEBEAU, Father Frank   1871-1931 
THIEBEAU, Mother Viva   1876-1918

HYATT,  Ruth (daughter)  1899-1960

Lynne is researching the following surnames in Oswego County, and would love to hear from anyone on them:  Baxter, Munsel and Pike.  You can also visit Lynne's family webpage at:

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