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Mt. Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, N.Y.

Mt. Adnah Cemetery in Fulton, N.Y., dated 1914
Mt. Adnah Cemetery in Fulton, N.Y., dated 1914

Mt. Adnah Cemetery Directory
Mt. Adnah Cemetery Directory
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Case Memorial, Mt. Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, NY
Case Memorial Mausoleum, Mt. Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, NY
Contributed by Mrs. Mary Gilmore, History Room, Seymour Library Auburn, N.Y.

*Note:This is the Case Memorial that once stood in Mt. Adnah Cemetery in Fulton.  It was dismantled and sold to someone in Maine, I believe. Certainly it was worthy of National Register recognition and the cemetery, itself is on the register, but no one would come up with funds to restore it and its condition was dangerous.  I'm sure they would appreciate the picture if you can pass it on and I would be willing to see that it gets to the right place. 
By Barbara Dix, County Historian.


Many thanks to Vicki Kenyon for generously sharing this list of family names buried in Mt. Adnah Cemetery.  Vicki visited the Mt. Adnah Cemetery in Fulton, read the following stones, and has pictures of these stones. 


Elisha M. Veeder 1839-1925 ( from Skaneateles)
Almiria Veeder 1841-1922 wife of Elisha
Marietta Veeder 1867-1960 daug of Elisha/Almiria
Grace M Briggs (Veeder) 1877-1973 daug of Elisha/Almiria w of Ralph C Briggs
Ralph C Briggs 1871-1923 (from Skaneateles)
Ruth A. Decker 1924-1997 daug of Grace Veeder /Ralph C Briggs
Zora Farley Briggs 1893-1986 wife of C.Julius Briggs
C.Julius Briggs 1894-1963 son of Grace Veeder/Ralph C Briggs
Bruce J Ingersoll Sr. 1885-1949

Eva M Campbell Ingersoll 1887-1977wife of Bruce J, daug of Etta/George Campbell
Etta R.D. Gurnsey Campbell Rice 1869-1953 w of Cyrus
Cyrus E. Rice 1874-1943
Edwin J Campbell 1903-1993 son of Etta/George
Mae C. Campbell 1905-1975 w of Edwin
John McKennan Campbell 1890-1972 son of Etta/George
Mary Edith Campbell 1900-1925 daug Etta/George (died in car accident)
Alice Ingersoll 1854-1891 w of Barney Ingersoll
Barney Ingersoll ?
Florence Briggs Meeks 1895-1945 w of Willard daug
Grace Veeder/Ralph C Briggs
Willard Meeks 1896-1961

Jesse W. Baker, born Sept. 21, 1796, died July 11, 1843.
Sarah Baker, born July29, 1797, died Sept. 7, 1893.

My great-great-great grandparents are buried in Mt. Adnah cemetery.  I saw their grave stones when I visited there nearly 20 years ago and photographed them.  Sarah Baker, born July29, 1797, died Sept. 7, 1893. Next to her stone was Jesse W. Baker, born Sept. 21, 1796, died July 11, 1843.  Jesse's stone was flat on the ground, cracked and covered with moss which I cleared away at that time.  Sarah's stone was much newer and in very good condition.  They had sons Albert J., my gr-gr grandfather who migrated to Hillsdale Co., Mich., William, Edgar M., James, DeWitt.  Jesse's father, William Baker, was a REV War Pensioner. 
Contributed by Elise Baker Willis.  E-mail address at:

6/14/02 Additional Name:
Mrs. Julia Moon,   died and buried here about October 17, 1931, widow of Eugene Moon. 
Click on name for full details.

Contributed by Suzanne M. Kubacki at:

8/11/01  Additional names: 
My gggrandfather, Guilford Dudley Mace who was in the 147th at Gettysburg is buried in the Mt. Adnah Cemetery.  He was born in 1832 in Volney and died the first day at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.  His wife Catherine (Story) Mace is buried also at Mt. Adnah.  She was born 1837 and died 1910.

Contributed by Gale Lee Payne at:

3/28        Additional names:
George H. Don Hauser  - b. 26 Mar 1901  d. 14 Mar 1963
Helena E. Don Hauser - b. 24 Feb 1905  d.  7 Feb 1958

Contributed by Marilyn J. Brewer at:

4/21  Additional Names:
1)    William Henry Chappell  5/20/1880-5/27/1950
2)    Alice Lucille (nee Chappell) Bellinger 11/5/1905-11/1976
3)    George Kenneth Bellinger 11/1900-01/1986
4)    Edward Lee Bellinger   10/31/1944-11/23/1970
5)    Charles Edward CHAPPELL, Spanish America war vet. 26 Reg. Born 1874-died 1934

Contributed by Bill Young at:

4/6  Additional Names:
STODDARD, PHILO - born 1826 (Cemetery Record) born 28 July 1825 (Family Record; died 4 April 1899; buried 6 April 1899 in Lot 64, Section of Mt. Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, Oswego County, NY; Husband of Charlotte Wendell (1828-1898); Son of Darius Stoddard (1801-1859) and Abigail
Putman/Outman (1801-1857).

STODDARD, FREDERICK F. - born 4 Sept. 1848 at Granby, Oswego County, NY; died 9 June 1903, buried in Lot 35, Section 13 West Half of Mt. Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, Oswego County, NY; son of Philo Stoddard & Charlotte Wendell.

Contributed by M. Sue Wells at:

4/14  Additional Names: 
 Section 15 lot 12   (purchased by  John Swan Stevenson in 1906)

FULTONíS MAYOR  1920-1927
JOHN WILLIAM STEVENSON    b. 1866 Fulton, N.Y.      d. 1929 Fulton, NY. 

JOHN SWAN STEVENSON       b. 1823   Scotland       b. 1906 Fulton, NY
JANET SMITH STEVENSON     b. 1825   Scotland       d. 1895 Oswego Falls, NY

JENNIE STEVENSON COWELL      b.  1849  Scotland       d.  1881 Whithall, VA.
MARGARET STEVENSON            b.  1852 Scotland         d.  1909 Fulton, NY 
FRANCES STEVENSON              b.  1862 Canada           d. 1929 Fulton, NY
GEORGE I. STEVENSON             b.  1860 Canada           d. 1934 Fulton, NY 
IRVINE STEVENSON DIAMOND    b.  1857 Canada           d.  1941 Volney, NY

 Section 23 lot 39  (purchased, 1920, by Rollo Stevenson Sackett, sibling of John Stevenson)

CLAYTON SACKETT                    b. 1851 Volney,  NY        d.  1851 Utica, NY
ROLLO STEVENSON SACKETT       b. 1848  Scotland                   d.  1927 Volney, NY

Section 20 lot 82  (purchased, 1893, by Edith T. Stevenson sister-in-law of John Stevenson) 

PETER SMITH STEVENSON       b. 1854  Scotland        d.  1893 Fulton, NY
EDITH TAYLOR STEVENSON     b. I857   Fulton, NY              d.  1942 Fulton, NY


ROBERT PHILLIP STEVENSON       b. 1891  Fulton, NY        d.  1933 Fulton, NY 
GEORGE R. STEVENSON              b.  1882 Fulton, NY        d. 1952 Chicago, IL
BERNARD T. STEVENSON            b.  1882 Fulton, NY        d.  1948 Fulton, NY

George & Bernard Stevenson were twins. Bernardís widow, Ellen, is buried in this same section.

E. ELLEN COLEMAN STEVENSON             b. 1893 New York city, NY   d. 1977 Fulton, NY
Edith Taylor Stevensonís mother and brother are buried in this same section

BERNARD G. TAYLOR                                b.  1873 Fulton, NY                d. 1922  Fulton, NY
HULDAH HILL TAYLOR                               b.  1824 Fulton, NY                d.  1914 Fulton, NY

George Stevensonís widow is buried in Section 6  lot 1 with her parents Dr. Charles Bacon & wife  Mary Whitaker
CLARA BACON STEVENSON                      b. Croton on the Hudson, NY  d. 1958 

Contributed by Betty LaRobardiere at:

4/25  Additional Names: 
(Simons) tall monument in center of lot with inscription on one side:
George E. Simons 1856-
Mattie F. Blount his wife 1861-1931
Charles J their son 1892-1894

front side of monument says:
Jacob Simons 1827-1919
Ann his wife 1836-1920

on the other side:
Adda Simons died Feb 20, 1884 aged 14 days
Alice Simons died Aug, 19 1885  aged 6 years and 4 months
Alma Simons died June 29 1889 aged 18 years and 6 months
   daughters of J and A Simons

two other headstones  (see above, also listed on monument)
George Simons 1856-1941
Mattie F. Simons 1861-1931   (Blount was maiden name,see above)

George W Blount 1825-1899
Cordelia            1833-1918

and a little old one that is hard to read:
____________  Ellicott, aged 4 days
Edward Ellicott 1861-1904
Adelaide E. Blount his wife 1856-1950

Contributed by Chuck Simons at:

1/12 Additional Names:
   As per the Historical Society of Fulton New York, My 3rd Great Grandfather and the
following persons are buried at Mt. Adnah Cemetery. 

My 3rd ggf, Charles William Clark , b: 13 March 1796 in Saybrook Middlesex, Connecticut 
d: 19 February 1880 in Fulton, New York, Mt. Adnah Cemetery.

His daughter, Chloe Ann (Clark) Foster  b: 1830 Leyden Lewis, New York d: 22 July 1910 Fulton, New York, buried at Mt. Adnah Cemetery.

Her husband, John Dorland Foster b: 1826 ? d: 23 June 1913  Fulton, New York  Mt. Adnah Cemetery. 

Vincent D. Foster b:1896 Oswego Falls (town of Granby) d: 17 June 1897 Oswego Falls and buried Fulton, New York  Mt. Adnah Cemetery.  (*probably great grandson) 

   They are all in Section 15 Lot 27, which was purchased by Richard Edmundson and subdivided to Kellie McIntosh and John Dorland Foster. 
   The one person missing from that list is my 3rd great grand mother (Charles wife) Anna (Merwin) Clark, I'm sure she is there because they were living in Fulton when she died. 

Contributed by Robert Clark

My grandmother Gertrude Phelps Painter and my grandfather William B. Painter and three of their sons are buried in Mt. Adnah Cemetery.

Gertrude Phelps Painter
b. 02-07-1898
d. 12-1973

William B. Painter
CPL 345 Infantry 87 Div
New Jersey
b. 01-08-1889
d. 06-29-1950

Robert D.Painter
b. 1923
d. 1926

Jack R. Painter
b. 1920
d. 1925

No known date 
No marker

Contributed by Lynn Crandall

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