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Volney, N.Y.

Many sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Byron Rowlee, who compiled and recorded this cemetery, for making this list available online to us. Mr. Rowlee tells me," I was town historian for several years before retiring, and was also the town clerk of Volney, which gave me access to records that most people are not subject to review and consequently there is extra information, as well as having access to my grandfather's diaries that were kept for nearly 40 years, and that also gave extra information. I have always been willing to share my information and try to answer all inquires as far as possible as one never knows what someone out there might be able to share with you and shed light on the local history." Sincerely, Byron Rowlee Sr. at:

*Note: Mr. Rowlee has spent many years of work and much time visiting all of the cemeteries in the town, as well as reviewing the records for a good many of the cemeteries. They contain much information that usually is not found on cemetery lists and provides detailed resources for further research. He certainly deserves the recognition for all his time and hard work.

This cemetery was transcribed by our frequent volunteer Dianne Thomas, who luckily, likes long and detailed projects.  Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy.  Many thanks and appreciation to you both. 

For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies / Town Historians. Some of the names listed below have just a date or year, and the list does not indicate if that is when the individual was born or died.

K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R

KELLEY Lollie Sec. D1, grave 30 b. Apr 25, 1912  GA d. Apr 30, 1974 dau
of Lester QUEEN and Rhoda WALBORN Vital Records Fulton

KEMP Ellen Sec. G,  Lot 13 1924  wife of LeRoy KEMP 

KEMP Le Roy Bradford Sec. G,  Lot 13 b. 1923  Fulton, NY d. Dec
6, 1965  Butler, NY husb of Ellen; aged 42yrs Burial Permit

KERFIEN Bertha Mae Sec. K, Lot 10 b. July 4, 1885 d. June 24, 1954 dau of
Thomas DODGE & Nora Estella BURCHIM; wife of Herbert S. KERFIEN, m:
11/1/1903 (DD); Fulton records do not list mother -the BURCHIM  Genealogy

KERFIEN Donald Eugene  b. Nov 22, 1927  son of Herbert S. KERFIEN
& Bertha Mae DODGE; husb of Doreen E. VAN DE LINDER 

KERFIEN Doreen E.  b. July 29, 1927 Fulton (Pat.)  dau of Ernest
VAN DE LINDER; wife of Donald E. KERFIEN 

KERFIEN Eliza M. Sec. K, Lot 9   see Eliza M. (KERFIEN) SEATON 

KERFIEN Herbert Sheldon Sec. K, Lot 10 b. June 9, 1877  (Militia
Enroll) d. June 20, 1958 Mexico, NY son of Chrisford KERFIEN and Sarah SHELDON;
husb to Bertha Mae DODGE, m: 11/1/1903 (DD); military Burial Permit

KERFIEN John Cleveland Sec. K, Lot 19 b. Jan 11, 1885  (Militia Enroll)
d. Feb 1, 1969  Oswego, NY son of Chrisford KERFIEN and Sarah SHELDON; 
unmarried; military Burial Permit

KERFERD Emma Eliza Sec. C, Lot 7   see Emma Eliza (KERFERD)

KESTERKE Evelyn Sec. O, Lot 20   see Evelyn (KESTERKE) BARROW 

KINGSBERRY Benton L. Sec. K, Lot 15  d. July 2, 1979 son of Luther
KINGSBURY and Regina; husb of Lena May DU BOIS 

KINGSBURY Eva Sec. K, Lot 16 1900  wife of Stanley E. KINGSBURY 

KINGSBURY Stanley E. Sec. K, Lot 16 b. Jan 27, 1901 d. Oct 11, 1971 son of
Thomas KINGSBURY & Anna KENT; husb of Eva SYPHER Vital Records Fulton

KOBIS Joseph John Sec. O, Lot 16 b. Mar 17, 1906 d. Mar 5, 1976 Detroit,
MI husb of Mable Pauline FOSTER, m: 4/28/1928 Burial Permit

KOBIS Mable Pauline Sec. O, Lot 16 b. Oct 17, 1906  dau of Erle FOSTER
& Grace SKEEL ROWLEE; wife of Joseph J. KOBIS, m: 4/28/1928 from ROWLEE

KRANZ Orville C. bet. Sec. B11- C1 b. Oct 10, 1912 d. Nov 19, 1944 Oswego,
NY husb of Ida pearl BARTLETT; WWII Vet, Pvt 66th Inf, 9 Inv Div. 
Wounded in action in Europe 

KROM Patricia Ann Sec. H, Lot 16 b. Apr 22, 1936 Fulton, NY d. Jan 23, 1976
Buffalo, NY dau of George E. REVETTE & Mildred E. IVES; wife of Stanley
A. KROM (from Burial Permit) from ROWLEE Genealogy

KROM Stanley A. Sec. H, Lot 16 b. 1935  husb of Patricia A REVETTE,
m: 11/25/1955 

KUNZE Ellie Van Dea Sec. J, Lot 12 1904  wife of Arthur Henry

KUNZE Arthur Henry Sec. J, Lot 12 b. May 15, 1902  Germany d. July 29,
1958 son of Henry KUNZE & unknown; husb of Ellie VAN DEA FELDEN (VRV)
Vital Records Volney

LA BRAKE Lucy Sec. O, Lot 15 b. Feb 25, 1939  dau of Gustave B. DORMEYER
& Rhoda HALSEY; wife of Sydney C. LA BRAKE 

LA BRAKE Sydney C. Sec. O, Lot 15 b. Apr 14, 1936  husb of Lucy DORMEYER 

LA LONE Aletha L. Sec. G, Lot 15 b. 1922 d. June 20, 1962  Syracuse,
NY aged 39yrs Burial Permit

LA LONE Darwin F. Sec. G, Lot 16 b. 1943 d. June 12, 1965  Syracuse,
NY aged 21; Veteran: branch and time unlisted Burial Permit

LAMPHERE Fanny Sec. E, Lot 11 b. Mar 10, 1916 d. May 28, 1973  Fine,
NY dau of Leon Merriam HOWARD & Mabel Alta OSBORN; married 2X: Sam
SCATARRO and Mr. LAMPHERE   (Burial Permit) from ROWLEE Genealogy

LANNING Anna Sec. G, Lot 11   see Anna (LANNING) MC EWEN 

LANNING Charles W. Sec. G, Lot 11 b. Oct 9, 1866  Granby, NY d. July
6, 1943 son of Charles LANNING of England & Laura EDICK of Minetto,
NY; hus of Emma WANMAN or WONMER?? (VRV) Vital Records Volney

LANNING Emma W.  b. Nov 23, 1865 Schnectady, NY d. Dec 24, 1945 dau
of William WONMER or WANMEN & Jane STORES; wife of Charles LANNING
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

LA POINTE John E. Sec. F, Lot 19  d. Nov 28, 1980 son of Earl LA
POINTE & Eleanor PALMER; husb of Eleanor PALMER 

LARRIBEE Arnold C. Sec. E, Lot 9  d. Nov 14, 1982 son of Jesse LARIBEE
& Mabel OSBORN from ROWLEE Genealogy

LARRIBEE Mable Alta Sec. E, Lot 9   see Mabel Alta (OSBORN)

LARSON Hazel M. Sec. M, Lot 11 b. 1898  Henderson, NY d. Sept 13, 1965 
New Haven, NY maiden name BENOIT; wife of Louis P. LARSON 

LARSON Louis P. Sec. M, Lot 11 b. Apr 19, 1877 Denmark d. Dec 2, 1969 husb
of Hazel BENOIT; no parents listed Vital Records Fulton

LAWRENCE Clara F. Sec. N, Lot 18   see Clara F. (LAWRENCE)

LAWTON Myrtle M. Sec. L, Lot 1   see Myrlte M. (LAWTON) CLARK 

LEONARD Helen M. Sec. E, Lot 3   see Helen M. (LEONARD) IVES 

LERAY Harriet Sec. C, Lot 3   see Harriet (LE RAY) ROWLEE 

LEYDEN Ethel Sec. E, Lot 8   see Ethel (LEYDEN) SCHOOLCRAFT 

LILLIE Manettiah   d. Oct 1, 1978 aged 78 yrs Burial Permit

LOCKWOOD Belva F. Sec. I, Lot 4   see Belva F. (LOCKWOOD)

LOCKWOOD Charles Edmond Sec. J, Lot 15 b. Jan 12, 1903 d. Mar 20, 1971 son
of Adelbert LOCKWOOD & Lillian Any WHEELER; husb of Margaret Jean ROWLEE,
m: 10/19/1925 from ROWLEE Genealogy

LOCKWOOD Janet Sec. J, Lot 16 b. June 14, 1937  dau of Myrnie ELLIS
& Emma DAVIS; wife of Neil Ernest LOCKWOOD, m: 8/29/1954 from ROWLEE

LOCKWOOD Margaret Jean Sec. J, Lot 15 b. Feb 13, 1907  Volney, NY 
dau of Earl ROWLEE & Nellie DISTIN; wife of Charles Edmond LOCKWOOD,
m: 10/19/1925 Vital Records Fulton

LOCKWOOD Neil Ernest Sec. J, Lot 16 b. Dec 29, 1933  son of Charles
Edmond LOCKWOOD & Margaret Jean ROWLEE; husb of Janet ELLIS, m: 8/29/1954
from ROWLEE Genealogy

LOCKWOOD Shirley Aleze Sec. J, Lot 15 b. Apr 2, 1926  dau of Charles
Edmond LOCKWOOD & Margaret Jean ROWLEE; unmarried from ROWLEE Genealogy

LOOKER Wayne Bartlett Sec. C, Lot 6 b. Aug 22, 1918  Volney,NY d. Jan
29, 1949 son of Floyd Austin LOOKER & Maude BARTLETT; married 2X: Gladys
PRICE (m:3/8/1941 New Haven) & Barbara LAWLER; WWII Vet, PFC 1309 Service
Comd. Unit 2 - Vital Records of Fulton & Patriot news

LOOMIS Freida Evelyn Sec. E, Lot 19 b. Jan 16, 1924 d. Apr 24, 1973 dau of
Fred CUNEY & Myrtle SMITH; wife of Benjamin J. LOOMIS Vital Records

MAC DONALD Vivian R. Sec. M, Lot 19 b. 1921 d. Nov 30, 1977  Oswego,
NY aged 56 yrs Burial Permit

MAC DOUGALL Bette  1933  maiden name ELLISON; wife of Robert

MAC DOUGALL Elwin James  b. Jan 29, 1907  son of Leon MAC DOUGALL
& Flora DU BOIS; husband of Marguerite FLEMING, m: 1/30/1926 (VRV)
Vital Records Volney

MAC DOUGALL Flora M. Sec. I, Lot 13   see Flora M. (MAC DOUGALL) 

MAC DOUGALL Marguerite  b. 1908 d. Mar 18, 1981 Syracuse, NY dau of
John A. FLEMING & Cahterine A. BULLOCK; wife of Elwin J. MAC DOUGALL,
m: 1/30/1926 death listed in Syracuse Post Standard

MAC DOUGALL Robert James  1927  son of Elwin J. MAC DOUGALL
& Maguerite FLEMING; husb of Bette ELLISON 

MC COLLUM Edward Sec. E, Lot 12 b. Mar 14, 1862  Redfield, NY d. Feb
1, 1942 son of George MC COLLUM & Martha BETTS (VRV) Vital Records

MC COLLUM Nellie & Nila Sec. E, Lot 12   see Nellie (MC

MC DERMOTT Eleanor R. Sec. L, Lot 8 b. Feb 6, 1898  Volney, NY d. May
28, 1947 dau of Fred BARTLETT & Hannah CLARK; wife of Vere J. Mc Dermott
Vital Records Fulton

MC DERMOTT Vere J. Sec. L, Lot 8 b. Aug 5, 1895  Scriba, NY d. Apr 4,
1949 son of John MC DERMOTT & Martha GATES; husb of Eleanor R. BARTLETT
Vital Records Fulton

MC DOUGALL Edwin James Sec. B, Lot 6 b. Aug 21, 1874 Michigan d. July 27,
1958 son of James MC DOUGALL & Harriet CLEMMONS; husb of Louella Duell
IVES, m: 1/12/1936 (VRV) Vital Records Volney

MC DOUGALL Luella May Sec. B, Lot 6 b. Nov 26, 1896 (School Reg) d. Jan 15,
1983 (Syr Post Std) dau of Irving DUELL & Lillian OUDERKIRK; married
2X: Edgar IVES (m: 5/30/1917) & Edwin J. MC DOUGALL (m: 1/12/1936)
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

MC EWEN Anna Sec. G, Lot 11 b. 1901  dau of Charles LANNING &
Emma WANMER; wife of Harold E. MC EWEN, m: 6/27/1934 (VRV) (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

MC EWEN Grace Sec. G, Lot 9 b. June 6, 1876  Volney, NY d. Jan 6, 1936
parents unlisted; wife of Loren A. MC EWEN Vital Records Fulton

MC EWEN Harold E. Sec. G, Lot 11 b. 1907 d. Oct 29, 1979 (Syr Post Std) son
of Loren MC EWEN & Grace COLTON (VRV); husb of Anna Jean LANNING, m:
6/27/1934 (VRV) 

MC EWEN Loren Sec. G, Lot 9 b. May 10, 1875  Volney, NY d. July 3, 1961
son of Daniel MC EWEN & Anna SNOW; husb of Grace COLTON (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

MANG Olive B. Sec. G, Lot 3   see Olive B. (MANG) AUSTIN 

MANSFIELD Baby Boy Sec. K, Lot 3 Stillborn Dec 1, 1949  Oswego,
NY son of Harold MANSFIELD Burial Permit

MANSFIELD Marion E. Sec. J, Lot 8 b. Oct 20, 1896  dau of W. Fred
HASKINS & L. Gertrude WILLIAMS; wife of Nicholas W. MANSFIELD 

MANSFIELD Nicholas W. Sec. J, Lot 8 b. Feb 26, 1896 Peekskill, NY d. June
13, 1965 son of Nicholas MANSFIELD & Sarah L. WILSON; husb of Marion
E. HASKINS; WWI Vet, MM1 US Navy, NY (VRV) Vital Records Volney

MARK Carrie Hale Sec. P, Lot 1 b. July 4, 1966 PA d. Oct 16, 1970 Binghamton,
NY dau of Adolf DeRoy MARK & Fay SHELDON Burial Permit

MARK Fay Marion Sec. P, Lot 1 b. Jan 17, 1934 d. Oct 16, 1970 Johnson City,
NY dau of Earl SHELDON & Marjorie RATH; wife of Adolf DeRoy MARK, m:

MARKHAM E. Isabelle Sec. E, Lot 6   see E. Isabelle (MARKHAM)

MATTISON Grace Skeel Sec. C, Lot 4 b. June 23, 1879 d. May 24, 1937 dau of
Alonzo Belmont ROWLEE & Amanda E. SKEEL; married 2X: Erle Sanford FOSTER
& Frank E. MATTISON from ROWLEE Genealogy

MEEKS Pearl M. Sec. E, Lot 6   see Pearl M. (MEEKS) BONNER 

MEEKS William James II Sec. J, Lot 17 b. Dec 23, 1957 d. Aug 1, 1977 Portsmouth,
VA parents unlisted;  US Marine Corps 

MERRIAM Louise G.    see Louise G. (PHILLIPS) MERRIAM

MERTON Jane  Sec. B, Lot 5   see Jane (MERTON) IVES 

MONTAGUE Beryl Bessie Sec. O, Lot 7   see Beryl Bessie (MONTAGUE)

MOON Dorothea Sec. J, Lot 7   see Dorothea M. (MOON) HOWARD 

MOON Harold Arthur Sec. M, Lot 7 b. June 11, 1907 d. Mar 22, 1981 son of
Jesse MOON & Lillian WEST; husb of Tressa A. HAMMOND, m: 9/21/1929 

MOON Tressa A. Sec. M, Lot 7 b. Mar 21, 1910  dau of Ward L. HAMMOND
& Alice Eugenia MACK; wife of Harold A. MOON, m: 9/21/1929 

MOORE Dean Arthur Sec. K, Lot 1 b. Nov. 8, 1919 d. Mar 26, 1921 son of Herman
MOORE & Millie HOUSE (Patriot news); aged 1y,4m 

MOORE Herman Sec. K, Lot 1  d. Jan 1961 husband of Millie House (Patriot

MOORE Marilyn Sec. K, Lot 1 Premature d.Nov 3, 1927 Schroeppel, NY 
Burial Permit

MOULTON Clara A. Sec. P, Lot 5 b. Feb 18, 1883 Trenton Fall, NY d. Nov 7,
1967 dau of Allen J. PHILLIPS & Cora M. BAKER; married 2X: Oscar W.
JOHNSON (m: 11/9/1908 NY,NY) & Henry MOULTON (m:1/31/1917) (VRV) Vital
Records Volney

MOULTON Henry Edmund Sec. P, Lot 5 b. June 10, 1883 MA d. Feb 25, 1964 no
parents listed; husb of Clara A. PHILLIPS Vital Records Fulton

MUCKEY Adeline Lily Sec. E, Lot 19 b. 1918  wife of Morris V. MUCKEY,
m: 10/20/1938 

MUCKEY Arnold Joseph Sec. C, Lot 5 b. Mar 26, 1924 d. Feb 16, 1945 son of
Harold I. MUCKEY & Luella M. BELLINGER; unmarried; WWII: Tec. 52nd
Cav., Recon Sq.    KIA European Theater 

MUCKEY Brenda L.  b. Sept 17, 1921 d. Sept 17, 1921 dau of Harold MUCKEY
& Luella BELLINGER; buried at Mt. Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, NY per Fulton
Vital Records 

MUCKEY Douglas Alan Sec. C, Lot 5 b. 1940  Fulton, NY d. Nov 5, 1940
Lenox, NY aged 4m, 21d Burial Permit

MUCKEY Harold Sec. C, Lot 5 b. Dec 9, 1925 d. Dec 11, 1925 son of Harold
I. MUCKEY & Luella M. BELLINGER; aged 2 days (Volney death cert says
name is Leonard) 

MUCKEY Harold Irving Sec. C, Lot 5 b. Oct 18, 1893 d. Dec 17, 1971 son of
Frank MUCKEY & Sarah SUFFERN; husb of Luella M. BELLINGER, m: 12/25/1914
(VRV) Vital Records Fulton

MUCKEY Luella Mae Sec. C, Lot 5 b. Sept 3, 1893 Scriba, NY d. July 17, 1965
dau of Edward BELLINGER & Emma KERFORD; wife of Harold I. MUCKEY, m:
12/25/1914 (VRV) (VRV) Vital Records Volney

MUCKEY Morris V. Sec. E, Lot 19 b. Apr 18, 1916 (Fulton Times)  son
of Harold I. MUCKEY & Luella M. BELLINGER; husb of Adeline Lily WEBB,
m: 10/20/1938 

MUCKEY Sharon E.     

MURPHY Kathryn C. Sec. O, Lot 1   see Kathryn C. (CROOKS)

MYERS Robert Edward Sec. M, Lot 10 b. 1952 Fulton, NY d. May 3, 1963 New
Haven, NY son of Louis MYERS & Kathleen BARTLETT Burial Permit

NISWANDER Edna Oraceville Sec. H, Lot 14 b. Mar 7, 1889 d. Feb 14, 1973
dau of Eli Delos DISTIN & Eliza Jane HUDGIN; married 3X: Fred Whittemore
11/6/1907 and George Pettit 6/30/1929 and Walter NISWANDER Vital Records

NEIVAL Anna M. Sec. M, Lot 14 1928  wife of Floyd L. NEIVAL 

NEIVAL Floyd Sec. M, Lot 14 b. 1920 d. June 9, 1968  Palermo, NY husb
of Anna M; aged 47 yrs; WWII Vet 

OLDS Floyd I. Sec. F, Lot 8 b. 1898  Great Bend, NY d. Jan 14, 1939 
Syracuse, NY husb of Hazel M. HUBBARD, m: 11/20/1918 (DD); aged 40 yrs
Burial Permit

OLDS Hazel M. Sec. F, Lot 8 b. Dec 19, 1897 (DD) d. May 4, 1981 (Syr Post
Std) dau of Thomas HUBBARD & Cora SIMONS; married 2X: unknown SEELEY
and Floyde I. OLDS, m: 11/20/1918 (DD) 

ORDWAY David Sec. J, Lot 18 b. 1968 d. Feb. 2, 1968 Oswego, NY aged 5 hrs
Burial Permit

OSBORNE Beryl Beatrice Sec. O, Lot 7 b. Sept 22, 1886 Syracuse, NY d. Dec
14, 1964 Syracuse, NY dau of Ernest Nelson MONTAGUE; wife of Charles A.
OSBORNE from ROWLEE Genealogy

OSBORNE Bessie Edith Sec. O, Lot 7   see Bessie Edith (OSBORNE)

OSBORNE Cassie Rebecca Sec. M, Lot 19 b. Aug 10, 1907  dau of Lewis
Henry IVES & Malvina Josphine ROWLEE; wife of Homer Wesley OSBORNE,
m: 8/25/1927 from ROWLEE Genealogy

OSBORNE Charles Almon Sec. O, Lot 7 b. Sept 12, 1879  Volney, NY
d. Jan 8, 1964 Oswego, NY son of Almon OSBORNE & Sarah Elizabeth PATMORE;
husb of Beryl Bessie MONTAGUE from ROWLEE Genealogy

OSBORNE Homer Wesley Sec. M, Lot 19 b. July 27, 1906  son of Allen
Livingston OSBORNE & Lucy Bernice DISTIN; husb of Cassie Rebecca IVES,
m: 8/25/1927 from ROWLEE Genealogy

OSBORN Inda Dayre Sec. H, Lot 6   see Inda Dayre (OSBORN)

OSBORNE Louise Ann Sec. M, Lot 18 b. Mar 25, 1953 d. Nov. 17, 1969 Allentown,
PA dau of Bruce Allen OSBORNE & Janet Louise ALBEE from ROWLEE Genealogy

OSBORN Mabel Alta Sec. E, Lot 9   see Mabel Alta (OSBORN)

OSBORNE Maurice Alfred Sec. N, Lot 3 b. May 15, 1909  Volney, NY
d. Jan 18, 1962 son of Allen Livingston OSBORNE & Lucy Bernice DISTIN;
husb of Shirley Edna SHERMAN, m: 10/31/1929 Vital Records Fulton

OSBORNE Shirley Edna Sec. N, Lot b. 3 Feb 15, 1909  dau of Samuel
H. SHERMAN & Stella May PITCHER; wife of Maurice A. OSBORNE, m: 10/31/1929
from ROWLEE Genealogy

OSBORNE Ruth Abby Sec. D, Lot 8   see Ruth Abby (OSBORNE)

PALMER Edith Lucille Sec. M, Lot 17   see Edith Lucille (PALMER)

PALMER Florence F Sec. O, Lot 18 b. 1915  dau of Ira James EDGAR
& Mary COBURN; wife of Lawton B. PALMER, m: 8/6/1938 (VRV) Vital Records

PALMER Lawton B. Sec. O, Lot 18 b. Sept 7, 1915 d. June 12, 1977 son of Seymour
PALMER & Blance LAWTON; husb of Florence F. EDGAR Vital Records Fulton

PALMER Raymond Edward Sec. M, Lot 9 b. July 22, 1917 Granby, NY d. Nov 5,
1965 Syracuse, NY WWII Vet: Tech 4 Med. Corps Burial Permit

PARKER Frank Brooks Sec. O, Lot 10 b. 1890 d. Nov 19, 1970 Syracuse, NY husb
of Gladys M.; WWI Vet; aged 80 yrs Burial Permit

PARKER Gladys M. Sec. O, Lot 10 1911  wife of Frank B. PARKER 

PARKER Lena M. Sec. N, Lot 15   see Lena M. (PARKER) IVES,

PARKER Maude Lucinda  b. Aug 10, 1890 d. July 6, 1978 dau of Lewis Henry
IVES & Malvina Josphine ROWLEE; married 2X: Frank Taylor HOWARD and
Charles Henry PARKER from ROWLEE Genealogy

PARSONS David Milton Sec. J, Lot 13 b. Sept 29, 1895 d. July 11, 1965 son
of John N. PARSONS & Mary F. GARDNER; husb of Melrose TAFT, m: 4/23/1916
(VRV) (VRV) Vital Records Volney

PARSONS Melrose Sec. J, Lot 13 b. Oct 17, 1899  dau of Gerard TAFT
& Nellie STEWART (VRV); wife of David M. PARSONS, m: 4/23/1916 (VRV) 

PEALO Walter H.    d. Nov 11, 1982 husb of Mary SPICER;
aged 53 yrs; Korena War Vet (Syracuse Post Standard) 

PECKHAM Eliza Sec. H, Lot 5 b. 1837 d. Apr 12, 1912 dau of Garret VANDERPOOL
& Agnes GILL; wife of George PECKHAM; aged 75y,3m,12d (VRV) Vital Records

PECKHAM Ernestine Sec. H, Lot 8   see Ernestine (PECKHAM)

PECKHAM Fern B. Sec. H, Lot 7 b. 1911 d. Jan 11, 1912 dau of George Rowe
PECKHAM & Grace May HOWARD; aged 11 days 

PECKHAM George Sec. H, Lot 5 b. 1832 d. Apr 11, 1907 son of Giles PECKHAM
& Lena KICKICKUBURKAN??; husb of Eliza VANDERPOOL; aged 75y,6m,11d
(VRV) Vital Records Volney

PECKHAM George Rowe Sec. H, Lot 7 b. June 20, 1871 Volney, NY d. Sept 10,
1953 son of George PECKHAM & Eliza VANDERPOOL; husb of Grace May HOWARD
Vital Records Fulton

PECKHAM Grace May Sec. H, Lot 7 b. July 25, 1876 Volney, NY d. Apr 21, 1948
dau of Samuel Preston HOWARD & Lany L. MYERS: wife of George Rowe PECKHAM,
m: 11/26/1896 Vital Records Fulton

PECKHAM Jennie L. Sec. H, Lot 5 b. July 12, 1866 Volney, NY d. Aug 14, 1950
dau of George PECKHAM & Eliza VANDERPOOL; unmarried Vital Records Fulton

PECKHAM Shubal W. Sec. H, Lot 5 b. Feb. 7, 1877 d. Sept 27, 1931 son of George
PECKHAM & Eliza VANDERPOOL; unmarried 

PENNER Mary Jane Sec. F, Lot 4   see Mary Jane (Penner) COLE 

PERSSON Patricia Ann Sec. O, Lot 2 b. Mar 3, 1949 d. Oct 16, 1970 Johnson
City, NY unmarried Burial Permit

PETERSON Harold Allen Sec. I, Lot 14 b. Mar 19, 1908 Lodi, NY d. Aug 18,
1963 Palermo, NY WWII Vet: US Navy, NY Burial Permit

PETTIT Edna Oraceville Sec. H, Lot 14   see Edna Oraceville

PETTIT George Sec. H, Lot 14 b. 1886 Halstead, PA d. May 23, 1953 Syracuse,
NY husb of edna Oraceville DISTIN, m: 6/30/1929 (Patriot news) Burial Permit

PHILLIPS Anna A. Sec. K, Lot 8   see Anna A. (PHILLIPS) RANDALL 

PHILLIPS Clara A. Sec. P, Lot 5   see Clara A. (PHILLIPS)

PHILLIPS John H. Sec. K, Lot 4 b. 1860 Palermo, NY d. Feb 4, 1951  Mexico,
NY unmarried Burial Permit

PHILLIPS Louise G.    see Louise G. (PHILLIPS) MERRIAM

PIQUET Catherine Sec. N, Lot 10   see Catherine (PIQUET)

PITCHER Lucille Sec. O, Lot 19 b. Sept 25, 1912  (VRV)  dau
of Leroy BARKER & Margaret LA ROY; wife of Orr Cass PITCHER, m: 4/2/1933 

PITCHER Orr Casswell Sec. O, Lot 19 b. Sept 18, 1910 d. Sept 17, 1973 son
of Harvey D. PITCHER & Anna Jane SHERMAN; husb of Lucille BARKER, m:
4/2/1933 Vital Records Fulton

PITCHER Stella May Sec. M, Lot 2   see Stella May (PITCHER)

PITSLEY Gary Loren Sec. G, Lot 14 b. Jan 7, 1948 d. Jan 7, 1948  Burial

PLUFF Clarence F.   d. Jan 11, 1983 aged 68 yrs; WWII Vet (Syracuse
Post Standard) 

PLUFF Donald L. Sec. K, Lot 2 1917  husb of Leah M. 

PLUFF Donna Lee Sec. K, Lot 2 b. 1941 Syracuse, NY d. Apr 17, 1947 Palermo,
NY aged 5y,6m,14d Burial Permit

PLUFF Fannie Sec. G, Lot 10   see Fannie (PLLUFF) COE 

PLUFF Glenn E. Sec. L, Lot 15 b. 1923  husb of Mary BESAW, m: 9/18/1945 

PLUFF John or Jacob from sm. Obit b. Apr 1927 d. Jan 6, 1941 funeral held 
at home of Mrs. Lillian GREEN, Bunker Hill, Oswego Town; Rev S. Carlyle
Adams officated    

PLUFF John Sec. D, Lot 11  d. July 12, 1936  Oswego, NY aged
85 yrs; no marker Burial Permit

PLUFF Leah M. Sec. K, Lot 2   wife of Donald L. PLUFF 

PLUFF Lewis Sec. J, Lot 10 b. 1875 d. Oct 13, 1951 aged 76y,9m,18d 

PLUFF Mary    Sec. L, Lot 15 b. 1928  wife of Glenn
E. PLUFF, m: 9/18/1945 

POLLOCK Frederick Sec. C, Lot 6 b. 1873 d. Aug 19, 1906 aged 35yr 

PORTER Charles Lewis Sec. L, Lot b. 5 Nov 8, 1867  Volney, NY d. Jan
25, 1956 son of Lewis PORTER & Cornelia A DU BOIS; hsub of Alice ADAMS
Vital Records Fulton

PORTER Cornelia A. Sec. L, Lot 5 b. Mar 17, 1847 d. Dec 1, 1918 dau of Eli
DUBOIS & Ruth Ann HINES; wife of Lewis PORTER 

PORTER Lewis Sec. L, Lot 5 b. Nov 3, 1842 d. Nov 16, 1927 son of Albert PORTER
& unknown; husb of Cornelia Ann DE BOIS; Civil War Vet: Co. A 24 Reg,
USC Vital Records Fulton

PORTER Lucius Burdick Sec. L, Lot 5 b. Apr 3, 1838 d. May 30, 1917 son of
William PORTER & Sally BURDICK;  (VRV) Vital Records Volney

POTTER Carrie Joseephine Sec. D, Lot 3   see Carrie Josephine

POWERS Ethel B. (DAVIS)  1930   

PRIOR Clare C Sec. G, Lot 7 b. 1883 Schroeppel, NY d. Feb 17, 1937 Syracuse,
NY husb of Lillie E. QUIGLEY Burial Permit

PRIOR Delos P. Sec. G, Lot 6 b. 1904 d. Dec 10, 1906 son of S. PRIOR &
A. ; aged 2 yrs 

PRIOR Duane H. Sec. G, Lot 6 b. 1945  Fulton, NYd.  Nov 17, 1952 Syracuse,
NY aged 6y,11m,1d Burial Permit

PRIOR Emma Sec. G. Lot 5 b. 1842 d. Apr 10, 1922 wife of Lemuel Earl PRIOR 

PRIOR Gardner P. Sec. G. Lot 5 b. 1885 d. July 2, 1931 aged 45 yrs 

PRIOR Glenn E. Sec. G, Lot 6 1916  husb of Mildred E. SAMSON 

PRIOR Lemuel Earl Sec. G. Lot 5 b. 1856 Michigan d. Dec 3, 1939 Phoenix,
NY husb of Emma; aged 83y, 8m 

PRIOR Lillie E. Sec. G, Lot 7 b. 1885 d. Sept 19, 1947 Oswego, NY dau of
William QUIGLEY & Lucy TAPLIN (Fulton Times); wife of Clare C. PRIOR;aged
61y,9m,24d Burial Permit

PRIOR Mildred E. Sec. G, Lot 6 b. Feb 10, 1919  Fulton, NY d. June 23,
1960 dau of William SAMSON & Clara WOOLRIDGE; wife of Glenn E. PRIOR
Vital Records Fulton

PRITCHARD Clara M.  Sec. O, Lot 1   see Clara M. (PRITCHARD)

QUACKENBUSH Ethel   Sec. E, Lot 13   see Ethel

QUEEN Lollie Sec. D1, grave 30   see Lollie (QUEEN) KELLEY 

QUIGLEY Lillie E. Sec. G, Lot 7   see Lillie E. (QUIGLEY)

RADELL Margaret E. Sec. K, Lot 16 b. 1936 d. 1969 see Margaret E. (RADELL)

RANDALL Anna Sec. K, Lot 4 b. Oct 30, 1859 Gilberts Mills, NY d. Nov 14,
1946 dau of Kelvin C. PHILLIPS & Malissa WOODS; wife of John M. RANDALL
Scriba Vital Records

RANDALL John Merritt Sec. K, Lot 4 b. Sept 30, 1838 Eagle Bucks Co, PA
d. July 12, 1920 son of John RANDALL & unknown TOMLINSON; Civil War Vet
Scriba Vital Records

RANDALL Wilson Sec. K, Lot 4 b. 1864 Phildelphia, PA d. Dec 4, 1937 Mexico,
NY burial permit lists name as John Wilson Randall 

RATH Amelia M. Sec. B, Lot 10 b. Jan 11, 1872 Rochester, NY d. Dec 6, 1956
dau of William WATERSTREET & Caroline BAASE; wife of William RATH,
m: 6/30/1892 (VRV) Vital Records Volney

RATH Baby Boy Sec. B, Lot 8 b. Aug 16, 1943 d. Aug 16, 1943 son of Frederick
H. RATH & Florence COE Vital Records Fulton

RATH Florence Elizabeth Sec. B, Lot 8 b. 1934 Fulton, NY d. June 17, 1961
dau of Frederick H. RATH & Florence COE Burial Permit

RATH Frederick Henry Sec. B, Lot 8 Oct 30, 1901 d. Nov 24, 1968 Oswego, NY
son of William RATH & Amelia M. WATERSTREET; husb of Florence COE 
WW1 Vet US Marines 

RATH Gertrude E. Sec. B, Lot 12   see Gertrude E. (RATH)

RATH Margaret Sec. B, Lot 12 Jan 22, 1911 Scriba, NY  dau of George
CROOKS & Ethel WRIGHT; wife of Wm. Waterstreet RATH, m: 6/26/1935 M.t

RATH Marion Amelia Sec. Q, Lot 1   see Marion Amelia (RATH)

RATH Marjorie Sec. J. Lot 2   see Marjorie (RATH) SHELDON 

RATH Robert Michael Sec. B, Lot 8 b. 1937  Fulton, NY d. June 17, 1961
son of Frederick H. RATH & Florence COE; unmarried Burial Permit

RATH William Sec. B, Lot 10 b. June 5, 1869 Tonawanda, NY d. July 27, 1943
son of Carl RATH & Sophia Christine DEMLOW; husb of Amelia M. WATERSTREET,
m: 6/30/1892 

RATH William George Sec. B, Lot 10 b. 1937 d. Jan 22, 1937 son of Willam
RATH & Margaret CROOKS; aged 3 hours Vital Records Fulton

RATH William Waterstreet Sec. B. Lot 12 b. Jan 19, 1909 Carlton, NY d. Feb
11, 1980 Volney, NY son of Wm. RATH & Amelia M. WATERSTREET; husb of
Margaret CROOKS, m: 6/26/1935 Mt Pleasant 

RAYMOND Nellie L. Sec. P, Lot 9 1907  wife of Ransford L. RAYMOND 

RAYMOND Ransford L. Sec. P, Lot 9 1905  husb of Nellie L. 

REVETTE George Elmar Sec. H, Lot 16 b. Jan 6, 1907 d. Oct 18, 1971 son of
William REVETTE & Emma DASHNAU; husb of Mildred E. IVES, m: 6/12/1926
(VRV) Vital Records Fulton

REVETTE Mildred E. Sec. H, Lot 16 b. June 9, 1908 (VRV)  dau of Chester
A. IVES & Blance Lovina SKEEL; wife of George E. REVETTE, m: 6/12/1926
from ROWLEE Genealogy

REVETTE Patricia A. Sec. H, Lot 16   see Patricia A. (REVETTE)

RICH Miriam H. Sec. J, Lot 7   see Miriam H. (RICH) HOWARD 

RICHARDS  Nelson C. Sec J, Lot 11 b. 1906 d. Aug 8, 1972 Richland, NY
WWII Vet; aged 66 yrs Burial Permit

RICHARDSON John M.    1966 

RICHMOND Anita Sec. D, Lot 11   see Anita (RICHMOND) SHEFFIELD 

ROBINSON Florence M. Sec N, Lot 14 b. 1921  maiden name SMITH; wife
of Walter E. ROBINSON, m: 3/30/1968 

ROBINSON Walter E. Sec N, Lot 14 b. 1919 d. Jan 5, 1973 Rome, NY husb of
Florence M. SMITH, m: 3/30/1968 Burial Permit

ROBINSON Walter John Sec. J, Lot 6 Stillborn Mar 8, 1931 son of Walter
Robinson and Samantha WOOD; grandson of John ROBINSON Vital Records Fulton

ROCKWOOD Martha J   Sec. O, Lot 18 Stillborn Mar 28, 1978 
Oswego, NY dau of John ROCKWOOD Burial Permit

ROCKWOOD Laura A. Sec. O, Lot 18 Stillborn Mar 28, 1978  Oswego,
NY dau of John ROCKWOOD Burial Permit

ROCKWOOD Kathy Lee Sec. O, Lot 18 Stillborn Mar 28, 1978  Oswego,
NY dau of John ROCKWOOD Burial Permit

ROSE Robert S. Sec. J, Lot 14 b. Mar 19, 1907 d. July 2, 1976 son of James
M. O'DONNELL & Florence SMITH; husb of Ruth L. HASKINS Vital Records

ROSE Ruth L. Sec. J, Lot 14 b. 1905 d. Jan 28, 1978 Medina, NY dau of W.
Fred HASKINS & L. Gertrude WILLIAMS; wife of Robert S. ROSE; aged 72
yrs Burial Permit

ROWLEE Alonzo Belmont Sec. C, Lot 1 b. Sept 30, 1846 d. Feb 9, 1919 son of
Heman ROWLEE & Anna Jeaneete DUNSMOOR; husb of Amanda SKEEL; Civil
War Co. A, 184th Reg, NY Vol from ROWLEE Genealogy

ROWLEE Amanda E. Sec. C, Lot 1 b. 1849 d. Mar 6, 1933 Ogdensburg, NY dau
of Truman SKEEL & Sally COOPER; wife of Alonzo B. ROWLEE; aged 83 yrs
from ROWLEE Genealogy

ROWLEE Charles Williams Sec. C, Lot 2 b. Dec 28, 1872 Redfield, NY d. June
9, 1944 Volney, NY son of Alonzo Belmont ROWLEE & Amanda E. SKEEL;
husb of Rhoda DISTIN from ROWLEE Genealogy

ROWLEE Erma Florence Sec. E, Lot 7   see Erma Florence (ROWLEE) 

ROWLEE Esther D. Sec. E, Lot 5   see Esther D. (ROWLEE) JERRED,

ROWLEE Grace Skeel Sec. C, Lot 4   see Grace Skeel (ROWLEE)

ROWLEE Harold Melvin Sec. C, Lot 3 b. 1911 d. Jan 16, 1912 son of Melvin
ROWLEE & Harriet LEROY; aged 2m, 24d; stone in Mt Pleasant, VRV states
buried in St. Mary's, Fulton, NY 

ROWLEE Harriet Leroy Sec. C, Lot 3 b. Dec 27, 1881 Oswego, NY d. Oct 12,
1963 Oswego, NY dau of Joseph LEROY & Sarah DYETT; wife of Melvin
J. ROWLEE, m: 1/16/1911 Oswego Cnty; aged 81 yrs Burial Permit

ROWLEE Lillian Sec. C, Lot 3 b. Dec 20, 1916 d. Jan 10, 1917 dau of Melvin
J. ROWLEE & Harriet LEROY; birth cert lists name as Frances Lillian

ROWLEE Margaret Jean Sec. J, Lot 15   see Margaret Jean (ROWLEE)

ROWLEE Melvin J. Sec. C, Lot 3 b. Jan 27, 1882 Redfield, NY d. Apr 15, 1965
Oswego, NY son of Alonzo Belmont ROWLEE & Amanda E. SKEEL; husb of
Harriet LEROY, m: 1/16/1911 from ROWLEE Genealogy

ROWLEE Rhoda  Sec. C, Lot 2 b. July 4, 1873  Volney, NY d. Feb 27, 1955
Hannibal, NY dau of John Wesley DISTIN & Elizabeth KELLOGG;
wife of Charles Williams ROWLEE from ROWLEE Genealogy

ROY Flora M. Sec. I, Lot 13 b. 1914  dau of Leon MAC DOUGALL &
Flora A. DU BOIS; married 2X:  William A. FLEMING, m: 2/7/1935 (VRV)
and Ludger ROY 

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