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ST. Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Oswego, NY

Many thanks to Gail O'Connor for sharing this list from St. Paul's Cemetery.  Gail grew up in Lycoming and is descended from the Donohue/Donahue Families from Oswego City and Scriba. Her father said "if it's a Donahue of any spelling in Oswego County-we're related to them."

***This is a partial list of names from St. Paul's Cemetery.  

For more information on any of the names, please contact the local 
Town Historian and/or Historical Societies. 


Donohue     Donoghue    Donahue

Donahue, Anna   Frank Lot    no date

Donahue, Anna Dwyer W / John    1860-1946

Donahue, Anna F  Joe P lot   1887-1967

Donahue, Anna L      1863-1961

Donahue, Anna/Mother Pat. F lot   1876-1948

Donahue, Anne Wallace w/John F   11Nov 1887- 2Jun 1959

Donahue, Anthony      no date

Donahue, Baby  Margaret lot  no date

Donahue, Bridget      Bridget 1839-1920

Donahue, Bridget      no date

Donahue, Catherine     no date

Donahue, Catherine    Timothy lot   1862-1943

Donahue, Cecelia  Joe P lot   1894-1984

Donahue, Celia      no date

Donahue, Charles N Pat F lot   1910-1928

Donahue, Christopher     1892-1893

Donahue, Clara A  Joe P lot   1896-1981

Donahue, Daniel      1865-1923

Donahue, Daniel F      1872-1917

Donahue, Daniel F  h/Mary   no date

Donahue, David      no date

Donahue, Delia  Margaret lot  1884-1887

Donahue, Ella      1858-1920

Donahue, Ellen  Tim Cotter lot  1818-1864

Donahue, Ellen Conway Margaret lot  1862-1946

Donahue, Father/Mother A L Eubank lot  no date

Donahue, Mother/Father Frank lot   no date

Donahue, Mother/Father Margaret lot  no date

Donahue, Florence, Jr. A L Eubank lot  no date

Donahue, Florence P     1904-1972

Donahue, Frank  flat    no date

Donahue, Frederick E    h/Marie  G/Tim lot 1890-1955

Donahue, George R  s/Tim/Nora   1886-1911

Donahue, Hannah      no date

Donahue, Harold  s/Tim/Nora   1892-1946

Donahue, Helen S  Pat. F lot   ____-1992

Donahue, Hugh V  WWII ETO/s/John/Anne 1923-

Donahue, James      no date

Donahue, James F  Margaret lot  1861-1930

Donahue, James F  s/Tim/Nora   1884-1912

Donahue, James Jr.     no date

Donahue, Jeremiah  h/Mary Hinghey?  1815-1878

Donahue, Jerry      1 Aug 1900 38yr

Donahue, Jerry  Frank lot   no date

Donahue, Joanna  Daniel lot    no date

Donahue, John  h/Anna Dwyer  1855-1934

Donahue, John  Margaret lot  1859-1895

Donahue, John C  FATHER   1863-1835

Donahue, John Francis h/Anne Wallace  24Jun 1886 Oct 1951

Donahue, John H      1866-1921

Donahue, John J      1873-1933

Donahue, John J   Margaret lot  1896-1915

Donahue, Joseph P  h/Marie C   1898-1979

Donahue, Josephine C Tim lot/Aunt  1888-1978

Donahue, Loretta A     1889-1920

Donahue, Maggie  Margaret lot  1863-1881

Donahue, Margaret      1831-1906

Donahue, Margaret E MOTHER   1868-1961

Donahue, Marie C  w/Joseph P   1894-1973

Donahue, Marie Goodman w/Fred E/Tim lot  1896-1969

Donahue, Mary      no date

Donahue, Mary  Frank lot   no date

Donahue, Mary   w/Daniel F   no date

Donahue, Mary A  flat    1901-1989

Donahue, Mary A  Jeremiah lot   d.23 Jul 1919

Donahue, Mary E  Margaret lot  1855-1880

Donahue, Mary Hinghey? w/Jeremiah   1831-1910

Donahue, Mary L Dilapi w/Hugh   1922-

Donahue, Matthew  Margaret lot  1824-1884

Donahue, Michael  Margaret lot  1861-1893

Donahue, Michael C? J  Margaret lot  1898-1941

Donahue, Michael J h/Sarah   1841-1910

Donahue, MOTHER &  Margaret flats  Michael J lot/no date

Donahue, Nellie  Frank lot   no date

Donahue, Nellie L  Daughter   1893-1969

Donahue, Nora Sullivan w/Timothy   1862-1911

Donahue, Patrick F FATHER   1867-1948

Donahue, Sarah  w/Michael J   1841-1923

Donahue, Sarah F      1875-1949

Donahue, Thomas      no date

Donahue, Thomas M  Sgt USAF Korea  1927-1989

Donahue, Timothy  h/Nora Sullivan  1860-19__

Donahue, Timothy C      1862-1931

Donahue, William  Margaret lot   1859-1915

Donahue?, Florence  A L Eubank lot  30 Oct 189?

Donahue?, Julia  A L Eubank lot  d 11 Mar 1874?

Donahue?, Nellie  A L Eubank lot  d 18 Apr 18??

Donoghue, Amies      no date

Donoghue, Annie  d/Cornelius & Marg  d 10May 1881a13y6m23d

Donoghue, Catherine M MOTHER   1879-1959

Donoghue, Cornelius  h/Margaret   d 16 Mar 1905 a 84 yr
Donoghue, Dennis  h/Margaret/FATHER  d 6Nov 1902/45yr

Donoghue, Dennis/son Margaret lot   1888-1954

Donoghue, Elizabeth  Seymour lot   no date

Donoghue, Ellen      no date

Donoghue, Ellen  d/Cornelius &Marg  d4Aug 1868a1y10mo

Donoghue, Jane O'Gorman d/J/Sarah O'Gorman  1853-1933

Donoghue, John F      1884-1958

Donoghue, John J  S/Sgt USA WWII  2Feb 1915-26 Jan 1985

Donoghue, Joseph  Seymour lot   no date

Donoghue, Laura G  John lot   1886-1984

Donoghue, Margaret  w/Cornelius   d29Nov1916a83yr

Donoghue, Margaret  w/Dennis/MOTHER  1855-1944

Donoghue, Mary E  Michael D lot   1886-1967

Donoghue, Michael D      1890-1975

Donoghue, Michael H      1877-1951

Donoghue, Michael Y  h/Jane O'Gorman  1848-1927

Donoghue, Neal  FATHER   1872-1956

Donoghue, Seymour  flag-GAR 7   no date

Donoghue, Sophia  Seymour lot   no date

Donoghue, Susan  d/Michael/Jane  1887-1937

Donohue, Cornelius P  Jeremiah lot/Amer Leg.22 22Feb1855-12Aug1885

Donohue, Daniel      1854-1919

Donohue, FATHER  Jeremiah lot   no date

Donohue, Jeremiah      10Aug 1876/63y

Donohue, Margaret  Daniel lot   1811-1906

Donohue, Margaret  w/James/Daniel lot  1851-1896

Oakley, Mary   d/Jeremiah/Jeremiah lot  1845-1930

O'Connor, Helen  d/Mary Oakley/Jeremiah lot  1884-1955

O'Connor, Josephine  d/Helen O'Connor/Jeremiah lot  1907?-1985

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