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1892 Census Town of Parish, Oswego Co., NY
"Partial Listing"

Part II

Many thanks and appreciation to Eric Schultz for submitting this census listing. Eric says, "I've been working on transcribing the 1892 NY State Census for Parish. I would say that most of this is pretty accurate, but there were parts that I couldn't read. Some of the copies were not clear and some parts were chopped off, but this is reasonably accurate. I generally followed exactly what the census taker did, leaving some mistakes as I found them. I only have about 8 photo copies of pages from this census. I have never seen it myself and don't have access to it. There may be over 50 pages just for Parish. There were page numbers that I didn't understand. I think the 1892 ones are really important, since the 1890 census records were burned."
Eric is researching the Brooks, Comstock, Fritts, and Miller families in Oswego and Onondaga Counties and says he would be interested in hearing more and exchanging information." Thanks, Eric.

**For further information on any of the names, please contact the local
Town Historians, or Historical Societies.

NAME Male or Female Age In What Country Born Citizen or Alien Occupation
1st Election District, pg 1          
W d Darling m 27 Canada a Tailor
Lizzie Darling f 29 Canada a Tailoress
Irene Darling f 1 U.S. c  
William H. Scsibes m 43 U.S. c Farmer
Mary F. Scsibes f 40 U.S. c  
Glen A. Scsibes m 10 U.S. c  
Adelbert Seaman m 39 U.S. c Farmer
Elizabeth Seaman f 39 U.S. c  
Allen Seaman m 13 U.S. c  
Mable Seaman f 10 U.S. c  
Rose C. Seaman f 4 U.S. c  
Roe B. Seaman m 2 U.S. c  
Geo Seaman m 78 U.S. c Farmer
Carry Seaman f 26 U.S. c  
Josie Sykes f 75 U.S. c  
Chas S. Aldrich m 42 U.S. c Farmer
Mary E. Aldrich f 39 U.S. c  
Hattie M. Aldrich f 7 U.S. c  
Alexandra Pero m 66 France c Farmer
Martha J. Pero f 52 U.S. c  
Dora L. Pero f 19 U.S. c  
Betsy Petingil f 63 U.S. c  
Henry R. Stevenson m 41 Canada c Cheese Maker
Hattie E. Stevenson f 31 U.S. c  
Horace J. Stevenson m 13 U.S. c  
Emma M. Stevenson f 12 U.S. c  
Ralph H. Stevenson m 10 U.S. c  
Eva M. Stevenson f 4 U.S. c  
Fred M. Stevenson m 2 U.S. c  
Jno Wilda m 53 U.S. c Farmer
Delana M. Wilda f 47 U.S. c  
Franklin Goodridge m 29 U.S. c Laborer
Siclney E. Henderson m 50 U.S. c Farmer
Mary F. Henderson f 40 U.S. c  
Mamie M. Henderson f 14 U.S. c  
Lorcas G. Henderson m 13 U.S. c A. Henderson m 10 U.S. c  
Ressney Henderson m 1 U.S. c Stagner m 33 U.S. c Post Master E. Stagner f 33 U.S. c  
Franklin E. Stagner m 9 U.S. c  
Carrie A. Stagner f 7 U.S. c  
Mary B. Stagner f 2 U.S. c  
Jno Lamb m 54 U.S. c Carpenter
Andrew Haight m 67 U.S. C Laborer
Amelia Haight f 52 U.S. c  
Perry Haight m 12 U.S. c  
Geo. Sivers m 31 U.S. c Farmer
Pheobe Sivers f 18 U.S. c  
Margaret Sivers f 2 U.S. c  
Wm. Boid m 50 Canada a Farmer
Geo. Stevens m 26 U.S. c Mason
Wm. Ferssey m 29 U.S. c Farmer
Pauline Ferssey f 24 U.S. c  
Ward M. Ferssey m 9 U.S. c  
Earl Ferssey m 7 U.S. c  
Vorra Ferssey f 4 U.S. c  
Earnie Ferssey m 2 U.S. c  
Jacop Miller m 82 U.S. c Shoe Maker
Wm. F. Wright m 33 U.S. c Farmer
Celestia Wright f 56 U.S. c  
Margaret Wright f 18 U.S. c  
Mable Stato f 7 U.S. c  
Wm. S. Miller m 50 U.S. c Farmer
Sallyann Miller f 46 U.S. c  
Jas. Miller m 25 U.S. c  
Addie M. Miller f 9 U.S. c  
Geo. Moore m 67 U.S. c Farmer
Lucinda Moore f 64 U.S. c  
Juo. B. Moore m 53 U.S. c Lumberman
Emily Moore f 46 U.S. c  
Newton J. Moore m 26 U.S. c Farmer
Merty U. Moore f 23 U.S. c Teacher
Orin Moore m 21 U.S. c Farmer
Grate E. Moore f 17 U.S. c  
Edith B. Moore f 15 U.S. c  
Geo. W. Moore m 11 U.S. c  
Frederick Harter m 17 U.S. c  
Earnest Raymon m 19 U.S. c Teacher
Wm. Turner m 40 U.S. c Laborer
1st Election District, pg ?          
Reubin Sparhawk M 66 US C Farming
Jane Sparhawk F 51 US C  
Ruth Brown F 89 US C  
Reubin Sparhawk m 20 US C Farming
Lillie Sparhawk F 18 US C  
Ambrose Sparhawk m 13 US C  
Charlotte Sparhawk f 11 US C  
Frank Sparhawk m 33 US C Farming
Delvian Holmes m 43 US C Farming
Louisia Holmes f 38 US C  
Frank Holmes m 17 US C Farming
Fay Holmes m 10 US C  
Floyd Holmes m 5 US C  
Sabrina Suiuuors f 65 US C  
Peter G. Brooks m 75 US C Farming
Martha Brooks f 76 US C  
George Brooks m 37 US C Farming
William Brooks m 31 US C Farming
Mary Babcock f 15 US C  
Arthur Babcock m 12 US C  
Cmartha Babcock f 8 US C  
Henry Allen m 44 US c Farming
Martha Allen f 35 US c  
Nellie Allen f 12 US c  
Euuly Allen f 2 US c  
Albert Petry m 30 US c Farming
Kittie Petry f 19 US c  
Tunice Petry m 1 US c  
Tunice Petry m 42 US c Farming
Harriett Petry f 47 US c  
Chauncy Petry m 28 US c Farming
Charles Sperling m 38 US c Farming
Hattie Robuia f 50 US c  
Forest Wadworth m 1 US c  
Harlty Allen m 44 US c Farming
Ardell Allen f 37 US c  
Carrie Allen f 17 US c  
Charles Allen m 16 US c Farming
Dora J. Allen f 12 US c  
Frances L. Allen f 12 US c  
Luzzie Browell f 24 US c  
Toby Browell f 14 US c  
Joseph Wilda m 32 US c  
Matildy Wilda f 29 US c  
Birtie Wilda f 12 US c  
Maud Wilda f 10 US c  
Garth Wilda m 9 US c  
Fredric Wilda m 7 US c  
Horace Rood m 49 US c  
Mary J. Rood f 43 US c  
Eduoy L. Rood f 19 US c  
Mirtle Rood f 16 US c  
Rosey Rood f 13 US c  
Clinton Rood m 10 US c  
Pearl Rood m 8 US c  
Gladys Rood f 7 US c  
Jra Rood f 3 US c  
Bessie Rood f 1 US c  
Benjamine Purington m 48 US c Farming
Rosanah Purington f 53 US c  
Charles Shattuck m 24 US c Farming
Nettie Shattuck f 25 US c  
George Shattuck m 1 US c  
Martin Degarwo m 43 US c Farming
Viletta Degarwo f 40 US c  
Fayette Spoor m 50 US c Farming
Marthy Powers f 47 US c  
Loua Jongerson f 9 US c  
Rosco Spoor m 13 US c Farming
Jay Spoor m 22 US c Farming
William Sobles m 47 US c Farming
Delia Sobles f 45 US c  
Frank Sobles m 21 US c Farming
Dora Sobles f 19 US c  
John Sobles m 16 US c Farming
Amanda Sobles f 11 US c  
Richard Sobles m 4 US c  
Nellie Sobles f 19 US c  
2nd Election District Pg 3          
Edna L. Bliss f 3 U.S. c  
Harvey P. Duinose m 52 U.S. c Farmer
Geo. H. Duinose m 25 U.S. c Farmer
Hattie Duinose f 22 U.S. c  
Avery Duinose m 2 U.S.    
Edwin Paalmer m 72 U.S. c Farmer
Albert Pasmer m 49 U.S. c Farmer
Liza Pasmer f 44 U.S. c  
Franklin Pasmer m 44 U.S. c  
Chas Pasmer m 14 U.S. c  
Geo. Gero m 78 France c  
Fredrick Gero m 58 U.S. c  
Julious Gero m 40 U.S. c Merchant
Chas E. Stowell m 27 U.S. c Machinest
Nettie E. Stowell f 28 U.S. c  
Mary A. Stowell f 8 U.S. c  
Wm. Dodman m 42 U.S. c Farmer
Harvey H. Tailor m 81 U.S. c  
Sarah Tailor f 62 U.S. c  
Harvey Parmer m 76 U.S. c Farmer
Olive Parmer f 68 U.S. c  
Henry Croning m 56 U.S. c Farmer
Emily J. Croning f 50 U.S. c  
Floicl E. Avery f 6 U.S. c  
Chas A. Porter m 52 U.S. c Laborer
Adison Miller m 42 U.S. c Laborer
Emma J. Miller f 41 U.S. c  
Millie A. Miller f 17 U.S. c  
Remmel A. Miller m 10 U.S. c  
Geo. A. Avery m 26 U.S. c Merchant
Ida M. Avery f 29 U.S. c  
Sadie M. Avery f 1 U.S. c  
Lenard Lum m 26 U.S. c Farmer
Florence Lum f 25 U.S. c  
Sarah M. Lum f 1 U.S. c  
Willis E. Shafer m 30 U.S. c Station Agt.
Mary B. Shafer f 25 U.S. c  
Chas. N. Shafer m 1 U.S. c  
Joseph La Croix m 42 Canada c Black smith?
Emma S. La Croix f 38 U.S. c  
Clata J. La Croix m 18 U.S. c  
Pearl La Croix f 12 U.S. c  
Clide La Croix m 10 U.S. C  
Jackson S. Fuller m 34 U.S. c Machinest
Anna Fuller f 7 U.S. c  
Ruth M. Fuller f 22 U.S. c  
Jno Samson m 78 U.S. c Farmer
Murich Samson f 59 U.S. c  
Mary E. Samson f 21 U.S. c  
Kittie Leclair 15 U.S. c  
Jno H. Dennis m 43 U.S. c Livery in ?
Ella E. Dennis f 26 U.S. c  
Claud C. Dennis m 9 U.S. c  
Dove H. Dennis m 6 U.S. c  
Bessie B. Dennis f 1 U.S. c  
Jno S. Seaman m 56 U.S. c Painter
Florine F. Seaman f 41 U.S. c  
Leroy J. Seaman m 9 U.S. c  
Flossey Seaman f 4 U.S. c  
Jno H. Seaman m 45 U.S. c Peddlar
Allice J. Seaman f 41 U.S. c  
Clintone A. Seaman m 19 U.S. c Tin smith?
Lora Z. Seaman f 16 U.S. c  
Forest G. Seaman m 13 U.S. c  
Raymone A. Seaman m 4 U.S. c  
Roy G. Seaman M 7 U.S. c  
Millie A. Rulison f 65 U.S. c  
Byron O. Shetlar m 25 U.S. c Farmer
Maud Shetlar f 20 U.S. c  
Lola M. Shetlar f 1 U.S. c  
Cornelia Shetlar f 59 U.S. c  
Sarah A. Dukins f 52 U.S. c  
Wm. H. Hall m 43 U.S. c Rev.
Minnie E. Hall f 28 U.S. c  
Jno W. Hall m 6 U.S. c  
Ray N. Hall m 5 U.S. c  
Chas. B. Crandal m 20 U.S. c Machinest
Alvert Crandal f 19 U.S. c  
Peter Gray m 37 U.S. c Glass blow
2nd Election District Pg 7          
Mary M. Joslin f 45 U.S. c  
Trumain Redington m 49 U.S. c Mason
Mary K. Redington f 51 U.S. C  
Addie E. Redington f 20 U.S. c Teacher
Kittie A. Redington f 18 U.S. c  
Mary House f 48 U.S. c  
Ralph S House m 8 U.S. c  
Mary Vault f 48 U.S. c  
Florence M. Vault f 16 U.S. c  
Elsia A. Vault f 7 U.S. c  
Martin Corbitt m 70 France c Carpenter
Victora Corbitt f 58 France c  
Don Bouslier m 38 U.S. c Butcher
Ellen Bouslier f 34 U.S. c  
Ella Bouslier f 13 U.S. c  
Walter Bouslier m 11 U.S. C  
Rosco Bouslier m 2 U.S. c  
Aron Benson m 79 U.S. c Miller
Calvin Mc Neal m 64 U.S. c Carpenter
Sarah Mc Neal f 56 U.S. c  
Mary Vromass f 79 U.S. c  
Simon Vromass m 15 U.S. c Student
Byron Herington m 18 U.S. c Student
Walter Edick m 40 U.S. c Painter
Alice M. Edick f 39 U.S. c  
Forest W. Edick m 3 U.S. c  
Nella S. Mead f 22 U.S. c Dress Maker
Ella M. Wright f 26 U.S. c  
Pecilla House f 69 U.S. c  
Lizzie Sparhawk f 17 U.S. c Dress Maker
Helen Roode f 48 U.S. c Weaver
Clayton Roode m 12 U.S. c  
Addison Darling m 34 U.S. c Cheese Maker
Clemence Darling f 28 U.S. c  
Claude E. Darling m 4 U.S. c  
Geo J. Barker m 67 U.S. c Black Smith
Anna R. Barker f 64 U.S. c  
Julia Rich f 92 U.S. c  
Wm. Suflle m 26 U.S. c Laborer
Wm Carley m 77 U.S. c Merchant
Mariah Carley f 74 U.S. c  
Jno gorman m 31 U.S. c Clerk
Kittse Harter f 19 U.S. c Clerk
Romain C. Robertson m 47 U.S. c  
Lidia S. M. Robertson f 47 U.S. c  
Frank C. Robertson m 14 U.S. c  
George R. Mosher m 67 U.S. c  
Sophina Mosher f 67 U.S. c  
Edward Reede m 42 U.S. c Cort-Cuir ?
Mary J. Reede f 39 U.S. c Millner
Wm. B. Reede m 19 U.S. c  
Mary C. Wilcox f 25 U.S. c Teacher
Cora Herington f 23 U.S. c Teacher
Amos Tisdal m 60 U.S. c Hotel Keeper
Armeda Tisdal f 48 U.S. c  
Jay Tisdal m 12 U.S. c  
H. L. Benton m 30 U.S. c Principal of School
May Tisdal f 15 U.S. c  
Carlos H. Heller m 48 U.S. c Hotel Keeper
Mary A Heller f 47 U.S. c  
Ida J. Turner f 24 U.S. c Millner
Josephine Crandal f 27 U.S. c Book Keeper
Bessy Frailey f 6 U.S. c  
Dewasse Potter m 37 U.S. c Laborer
Ella Potter f 27 U.S. c  
Emeline Hossie f 54 U.S. c  
Thedotia White f 46 U.S. c  
Daniel White m 68 U.S. c Farmer
Hella White f 18 U.S. c  
Sayter White m 15 U.S. c  
Alma Kinsman f 25 U.S. c  
Homes D. Kinsman m 26 U.S. c Farmer
Amelia Kinsman f 52 U.S. c  
Lester Kinsman m 60 U.S. c Carpenter
Leona E. Wightsman f 23 U.S. c  
Frank L. Wightsman m 32 U.S. c Carpenter
Chas E. Trobridge m 40 U.S. c Postal Clerk
Sarah Trobridge f 35 U.S. c  
Bessie Trobridge f 4 U.S. c  

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