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History of the 184th Regiment
New York State Volunteers

This history and list of names of the 184th NY Volunteers, by Wardwell G. Robinson, dated June 5, 1895, was generously contributed by Elizabeth Knauss. Elizabeth is researching the following Oswego surnames: Vincent, Morgan, Blood, Smith (Thomas W. of this Regiment), Hall, Maxson, Curran, Sinnamon and Brunger.




WARDWELL G. ROBINSON,        Colonel.
WILLIAM P. MCKINLEY,         Lieutenant-Colonel.
WILLIAM D.FERGUSON,          Major.
HOWARD M. SMITH,             Adjutant.
JOHN DUNN, JR.,              Quartermaster.
NELSON R. BARNES,            Surgeon.
THEODORE S. KINNIE,          Assistant Surgeon.
JACOB POST,                  Chaplain.

NOTE,-The names of some of the enlisted men of the regiment seem to he 
misspelled, but they are here reproduced as they appear upon the 
authentic muster-in rolls.  It has not been deemed advisable at this 
late day to attempt corrections.


JOEL S. PALMER,            Captain.
CHEEVER P. STRONG,         First Lieutenant.
MARQUIS L. BRANCH,         Second Lieutenant.


Allen, Otis J.
Appenzeller, Frederick
Bailey, George B.
Booth, Storrs.
Breeds, Edward.
Bailey, George.
Bennett, Jeremiah J.
Babcock, Abel.
Baker, Richard.
Brown, William.
Blanchard, G. W.
Brown, Edward A.
Collins, Franklin.
Clark, Albert E.
Carey, James.
Chiney, Almon W.
Cole, Orlando.
Coon, Amos L.
Coe, John P.
Carter, Leonard S.
Deisser, Henry Clay
Dorey, Albert H.
Drake, Lewis H.
Dings, Ezra.
Distin, John W.
Dutton, Edwin C.
Elmer, Charles.
Eldred, Peter E.
Eldred, Reuben C.,  
Emmerick, W. Arthur.
Fish, Andrew W.
Frost, Nelson.
Goss, Ichabod.
Gasper, Joseph S.
Gilbert, Andrus L.
Goodness, Peter.
Hewett, Charles.
Howard, Samuel P.
Hamilton, Charles H.
Harris, Levi E.
Hale, Henry.
Ingersoll, Byron T.
Juno, Joseph.
Jenkins, William.
Jenkins, Benjamin F.
Kellogg, George B.
Kelly, Sylvester F.
Lewis, Truman W.
Llamay, Lewis.
Lawless, Charles.
McDougal, William W.
Mason, George W.
Morrow, James.
Outkirk, Abram.
Osborn, Anson J.
Patterson, Norton.
Parkhurst, Dwight.
Parker, George W.
Parsons, George.
Patrick, John.
Palmer, Nelson.
Rice, Charles C.
Ricketts, Frank.
Rowlee, Virgil.
Rowley, Alonzo B.
Rice, Eber G. C.
Sherman, Hiram.
Searles, Alrinza.
Squires, Francis W.
Sherman, Caswell.
Smith, Charles R.
Stoughtenger, Aaron.
Stoughtenger, David.
Stoughtenger, Andrew.
Smith, Peter.
Southworth, Theodore J.
Springer, Christopher.
Skeel, Munroe.
Skeel, Francis A.
Smith, Alfred.
Scott, David W.
Tottingham, Joseph.
Tallon, Luke.
Visgar, William.
Victory, William H.
Victory, James.P.
Visgar,, William P.
Woodsen, Tucker.
Williams, James.
Ward, George M.
Washer, Francis J.
Youmans, Amos.
Youmans, Henry.
Youmans, Levi A.



WILLIAM S. MORSE,      Captain.
JAMES H. ROOT,         First Lieutenant.
CHARLES H. PEAVY,      Second Lieutenant.


Alger, George.
Allen, James.
Aylsworth, Albert F.
Bush, Milton H.
Butwell, Mark.
Blackwood, William.
Bowne, Elijah.
Barnes, Noble T.
Cliff,  Charles.
Coon, Lyman S.
Coon, David.
Cummins, Justis.
Carson, Alonzo A.
Coe, Calvin S.
Duboise, John.
Duboise, Harvey.
Dick, Adolph.
Donovan, Daniel.
Duboise, Daniel L.
Edwards, Milton B.
Fetherly, Marcus.
Foster, Llewellyn.
Forristol, Robert.
Garrison, Martin.
Gifford, George.
Gates, William H.
Haley, Michael.
Hammond, Lucius.
Hall, George.
Hildebrant, William.
Hinaes, Alanson M.
Hammond, James.
Hartigan, Daniel D.
Henderson, Owen.
Jones, William H.
Johnson, William 1.
Kelso, David.
Kinney, Lyman B.
Kennady, John.
Kennady, Joseph P.
Kennady, John..
Laundre, Joseph.
Lamoree, Andrew J.
Lewis, William 1.
Maxson, John A.
Middleton, John.
Maddison, Wesley
McGraw, Thomas.
Maxson, John.
Moore, William I.
Morse, Orville M.
Monahan, John.
Mason, Albert P.
Mellette, Joseph H.
McCauley, Charles.
Morey, Charles R.
Perce, Daniel M.
Perce, Henry B.
Peuvey, George S. **Correction Information obtained from g-great grandson, Jay Jarrett, 22 Feb. 2005.
   I have noticed that the listing for Company B, 184th New York Volunteers lists a George S. PEUVEY.
He is my Great-great grandfather and his name was PEAVEY.  I know that records (and handwriting from the Civil War era) is
sometimes hard to read, but I thought I would bring this to your attention.
I have just recently found information about his enlistment and then found this website so I thought I should try
to get the two to jibe.
   George Samuel Peavey was born Aug. 25, 1845 in Oswego and enlisted Aug 26, 1864 and fought at the battle
of Cedar Creek, Oct 19, 1864. He fell ill on Nov 3, 1864, suffering from typhoid fever and dysentery. He was 
sent to the hospital and then was mustered out, due to the continuing health problems.  He died Apr. 4, 1879 
from complications due to the above.**

Parkhurst, Rosell.
Pearson, James.
Parmentier, Louis.
Reed, George W.
Rogers, William A.
Rhinehart, James H.
Raven, Isaac W.
Redhead, Richard.
Roony, Peter.
Ross, William H.
Ramsdell, Norman.
Spaulding, Scott W.
Stillwell, Charles T.
Schuyier, John B.
Snyder, Edwin.
Smith, Orrin F.
Strawbeck, Metras.
Stephens, William P.
Tapkin, Thomas.
Wilks, Charles A.
Wright, David C.
Walrod, Nathan R.
Wybourn, Lester E.
Woolson, Charles H.
Woods, Thomas M.



JAMES W. PARKHURST,        Captain 
GEORGE A. LEONARD,         First Lieutenant
DAVID ROTHWELL,            Second Lieutenant


Adams, William.
Baker, Monroe G.
Byrne, Andrew.
Baker, Henry E.
Baxter, John A.
Brackett, James W.
Broza, Samuel L.
Bishop, Nelson J.
Brown, Augustus.
Buck, Carlisle T.
Carter, William.
Cochran, Henry.
Crowfoot, Silas E.
Crofoot, John C.
Clark, William S.
Cornrite, Hortio S.
Clark, Judson C.
Cole, James A.
Card, George N.
Campbell, Samuel S.
Carries, Charles H.
Cole, Paren S.
Campbell, Commodore P.
Colby, William D.
Draper, Alfred.
Draper, James.
Drake, Edward.
Edwards, Timothy C.
Fox, Charles H,
Ferry, Aron.
Fineout, Abram W.
Frent, Stephen.
Fender, Robert S.
Gallaway, William H.
Green, John.
Gillett, Austin.
Hulett, Almon.
Hulett, Arnold.
Hornpe, Anthony P.
Hull, Oren H.
Heald, Zachary.
Horton, Johnathon, Jr.
Helmer, Philip H.
Hall, George.
Holley, Richard.
Horton. Daniel M.
Kipp, Otis A.
Kennedy, Thomas.
Lester, Charles A.
Lockwood, Horace.
Lockwood, Reuben.
Lasher, Abner E.
Leclere, James C.
Lasher, James H.
Morehouse, James H.
Matterson, Wellington.
Montgomery, James.
Martin, James H.
McHaffie, Thomas.   
Meade, Ezra.
Miller, John B.
Miller, John W.
Murwin, Anthony W.
Newell, Charles S.
Nims, Chancy A.
O'Niel, John.
Oakley, John.
Peck, Samule.
Prosser,James H.     
Peckham, Henry A.
Patchin, Byron..
Perkins, John A.
Palmer, George W.
Pulssifer, George.
Quoance, James M.
Robinson, John.
Rose, Ugene.
Snyder, John H.
Skinner, J. H.
Southworth, Hiram D.
Southard, Henry.
Smith, George.
Sweet, William H.
Simmons, Norman D.
Sabine, Albert H.
Stephenson, William.
Stephenson, William R.
Stanton, Isaac R.
Shutts, Alferd.
Tagul, James.
Taggart, William.
Tillson, Charles E.
Upcraft, 'George.
Upcraft, Charles.
Wheeler, Albert B.
Wilson, James G.
Wood, Burnice.
Walker. Alva H.


SYLVESTER R. TOWN,        Captain.
AUGUSTUS PHILLIPS,        First Lieutenant.
JOEL H. WARN,             Second Lieutenant.


Alvord, John W.
Allard, John.
Albro, Samuel C.
Allen, Henry R.
Burns, Patrick.
Bradley, James.
Bockus, Andrew.
Bowne, Robert R.
Bourk, Michael.
Bonney, Elon G.
Barbour, George G.
Cook, Charles 0.
Chambers, Edwin.
Clarke, William B.
Carl, E. A.
Cole, George.
Dutcher, Himan.
Dissley, George..
Dutcher, Gilbert C..
Daley, Thomas.
Doolittle, Lewis G.
Duffey, Peter.
Everetts, Andrew J.
Ferriss, Caleb G.
Fulton, Thomas.
Fish, Rial.  '
Flanegan, Joseph.
Fairtile, William M,
Farrell, William.
Fenner, George B.
Garvey, Henry.
Gilbert, Xavier.
Geisel, Ludwick.
Gifford, Edwin, S.
Gilligan, John
Hall, Dewit.
Hall, Andrew J.
Hall, Horrace.
Hoglen, John.
Hewitt, William.
Hall, Lorenzo.
Kingsiey, Adson.
Kirvey, Joseph.
Keife, John.
Laying, Charles.
Leonard, Alonzo S.
Lippencott, Samuel.
Miles, Josiah.
Miles, John.
Menway, Joseph.
McIntire, Jacob.
Moran, Alfred.
McGann, Thomas.
Marrion, John.
McGuire, Thomas.
McGraw, William.
O'Neil, Michael.
Opp, James.
Plummer, William H.
Perceival, Whitmore.
Parrant, George W.
Parker, James.
Parker, George.
Pepper, James.
Ryan, William.
Sabin, John P.
Stoughenger, Aaron H
Sharp, Benson.
Shapley, Dunham C.
Sharp, Ryerson.
Stahtnecker, Jacob.
Stowell, Hugh.
Stewart, Walter D.
Stevens, J. Howard.
Tappen, James.
Town, John J.
Turrill, F.
Tallman, James.
Tourot, George.
Tifft, Milo H.
Vaughn, Chauncey E.
Wilt, Andrew.
Whitney, Heziciah M.
Wentworth, William H
Younglove, Fredic.


JOHN SHERIDAN,         Captain
JOHN W. FRANCIS,       First Lieutenant
JAMES H. LOOMIS,       Second Lieutenant


Averill, William.
Bennett, Charles C.
Brown, David.
Brown, Wallace.
Buell, M. B.
Back, Ephraim.
Buell, Silas.
Bisnett, John.
Babcock, S. G.
Back, William.
Babcock, C. F.
Bowen, Theodore.
Babcock, Walter.
Burr, Henry.
Cady, Tunas.
Clark, John.
Compton, William F.
Caywood, B. F.
Clark, Harry.
Carley, Ethan B.
Cauglin, John.
Chapman, John.
Carter, Charles F.
Cleveland, C. F.
Cook, C. R.
Cooper, Alvin B.
Doris, James.
Deacons, Charles.
Deacons, Garrett.
Duhamel, Louis.
Dann, George D.
Davis, Harvey.
Dann, George W.
Davis, Edward.
Emory, William.
Fall, James.
Fuller, Thomas B.
Frost, George.
German, Andrew.
Glover, Philos C.
Godfrey, Milan A.
Hunter, Henry R.
Hanill, Michael.
Haynes, William.
Howell, William H.
Hudson, William.
Hannibal, Wallace.
Kellsy, Seth.
Kilmer, Abram.
Larock, James.
Maltby, Albert G.
Morris, Monroe.
McKay, Carlos.
McCarthy, John.
McHale, John.
Moon. Cassius.
Mosher, Freeman C.
Maloy, Jeremiah.
Moon, Eugene.
Newton, William C.
Newton, Cassius.
Nelligan, Thomas.
Norton, Joseph C.
Persons, Eli.
Pollay, Alanson B.
Rowe, Ira L.
Robertson, Frank I.
Ramage, Alexander.
Randall, James K.
Seely, Orville
Salmon, Levi.
Sheldon, Elihu.
Satteriee, DeWitt.
Stewart, John.
Seymour, John.
Smith, George.
Taylor, Edmund.
Townsend, William R.
Way, Harvey.
Wilson, Charles.
Walrath, John L.
Withey, John F.
Wallis, Henry. 
Withey, Silas.



WILLIAM DICKISON,          Captain
IRVING W. DARROW,          First Lieutenant
SAMUEL H. BROWN.           Second Lieutenant


Armstrong, William.
Allard, Adalbert.
Anderson, John W.
Abbott, Charles G.
Andelfinger, Edward.
Burns, Martin.
Brunot, Willis E.
Bickley, William.
Budds, John W.
Burt, Herbert C.
Barker, Alfred.
Bergin, Michael.
Babcock, Job.
Burnes, James.
Colburn, Thomas S.
Clark, Edward H.
Coughlan, Daniel.
Chetney, Armorey.
Cutway, Lewis.
Carpenter, Theodore M.
Gary, Frederick H.
Cornish, Eugene.
DeRosier, William
Dolan, Patrick.
Dawson, Thomas.
Denney, William.
Dotten, Joseph T.
Davis, Royal M.
Dashney, John.
Dowdle, Peter.
Eldred, Reuben C.
FitzGerald, Morris.
Fineron, Michael A.
Gorham, Earll.
Gaines, Edward.
Grooms, Edward C.
Goodman, Jefferson,
Gardner, Edwin H.
Harrop, James.
Hinman, Morris.
Hurlbutt, William W.
Henessey, William.
Halliday, Stephen.
Jacket, Joseph.
Kevlin, Gilbert.
Keefe. James.
Kenyon, Thomas.
Lesarge, Nelson.
Laverty, Joseph.
Lathrop, Richard S.
Loveridge, John W.
La Lande, Joseph.
Laporte, Jacob.
Lamott, Oliver.
Louden, James.
Marshall, David.
Murphy, Patrick.
McNett, Hiram.
McCarthy, John.
McGurie, Michael.
McDonald, James.
Maley, Thomas.
Miller, Joseph.
Morris, Francis W.
McDool, John.
McMillen, David.
Meacham, Stephen A.
Kane, Patrick M.
Northrop, William H.
Nichols, Harlow A.
Nelson, Isaac G.
O'Leary, Joseph.
O'Harrah, Charles.,
Purse, Eli.
Plant, Charles.
Phillipps, DeWitt J.
Rodgers, Charles D.
Ryan, John.
Smith, Charles E.
Schilling, Ferdinand.
Steele, James H. A.
Severance, Henry C.
Smith, Leander.
Slawson, Wesley.
Steele James T.
Steele, Joto.

Sturge, James.
Stewart, Gilbert H.
Simmons, Nelson.
Smith, George A.
Tully, John.
Tully, Thomas.
Van Cleak, George.
Wolfe, James.
Wright, James.
Wadley, Martin V.
Wing,. John M.
West, Albert.



JAMES T. OUTERSON          Captain.
JOSEPH H. GRANT            First Lieutenant
THOMAS W. SMITH,           Second Lieutenant


Bartlett, S. C.
Bentley, John E.
Bishop, Squair.
Bramne, Alfred.
Bush, Robert.
Baxter, Luther F.
Blossom, George J
Blossom, William
Coe, Benjamin P.
Caulkins, John.
Conent, Allen L.
Calkins, Florance M.
Calkins, Royal D.
Cole, Lucius C.
Cobb, William.
Crimshaw, David.
Comstock, Dewitt.
Dalrymple, Plyn.
Daly, Peter.
Depuy, Johnson L.
Douglass, Hartwell.
Dean, George M.
Delong, Charles.*
France, Wellington.
Fish, Francis J:
France, Wilson.
France, Martin.
Flowers, Marshall A.
Ferney, Anthony.
Greenwood, Solon.
Goodroad, William.
Goodrich, William S.
Hilliker, Daniel.
Hunt, James.
Hastings, Benjamin,
Hines, Elias R.
Hubbard, Hernando.
Ingersoll, Isaac N.
Ingersoll, Oscar.
Jones, Elbridge W.   ,
Kelley, Samuel J.
Lamb, Joseph H. Jr.
Lampman, Granville.
Lighthall, Henry D.
Larnouth, Ephraim S.
Lester, Lewis.
Maltby, Albert A.
Mandigo, Harvey.
Munn, Stephen.
Maultby, Ulrick Z.
Moody, Delano G.
Mowry, Oliver B.
Mcfee, Edward.
Mason, Henry M.
Moore, George.
Mandigo, Alonzo.
McDugal, William.
Mellan, Belah.
Noyes, Merrit.
Nagaal, John.
Orr, Charles H.
Phillips, Richard.
Parmenter, Joel E.
Porter, George E.
Peck, Ira D.
Russell, Charles E.
Rumrill, George W.
Rice, George S.
Spencer, Charles B...
Snyder, John W.
Smith, James L.
Sparks, John.  ~
Seely, Charles.
Sherman, William D,
Streeter, J. P.
Simpson, Robert, Jr.
Sherman, lrwin.
Sampson, George L.
Stewart, Joel.
Shaftz, Frank.
Sprague, Nilo.
Snyder, William A.
Thompson, Marshall.
Tilkens, Francis.
Tyier, Thaddeus W.
Tanner, Jesse.
Vanaiken, Ira.
Wolcott, Silvenus.
West, Alpheus H.
Williams, John M.
Wood, Samuel A.
Wescott, Allen B.
Wheeler, Eugene.
Wilder, John.
Weldon, Sidney.
Williams, Wallace J.



HENRY W. RAMSEY,             Captain.
GEORGE W. WOODIN,            First Lieutenant.
THOMAS M. WATKINS,           Second Lieutenant.


Anderson, George W.
Briant, Ira B.
Bryant, Miles.
Brockett, Timothy.
Burgdorf, Sherland.
Bellows, Horatio.
Burghart, William.
Baker, Albert.
Buckley, William.
Blankman, Robert.
Branard, Henry A.
Clock, Simon P.
Clock, Edwin I.
Coss, George W.
Carroll, lrwin.
Chappel, Ebenezer.
Chappell, John.
Campbell, George.
Church, Tyler.
Church, William.
Cole, Peter.
Clapp, Ashley.
Defendorf, James H.
De Bow, Lewis.
Damuth, Nelson.
Deacon, David.
Davis, Henry E.
Devendorf, Edwin C.
Dolley, Alonzo.
Davis, Lorenzo.
DeWolf, Moses.
DeWolf, James.
Downs, Charles D.
Dennis, John H.
Emmons, Warren C.
Esterbrooks, Andrew.
Fancher, Franklin.
Fidler, Godfrey.
Farley, Giles.
Flannaghan, John M.
Fellows, Willis.
Fuller, John W.
Hoyt, Horace D.
Humphery, Walter C.
House, Wellington P.
Hoyt, James.
Hayt, Francis E.
Hoyt, Henry B.
Hayt, Joseph J.
Hewitt, Franklin F.
Herrick, Andrew J.
Greenleaf, John M.
Gero, Charles.
Graham, William.
Johnson, Adelbert.
Johnston, Charles N.
Ingerson, Albert B.
Keller, William.
Lincoln, Hiram H.
Ladd, Horace.
Morse, Salvo.
Meeney, John.
Myers, Edward.
Mergillroyd, Oscar.
Matthews, Charles C.
Murphy, Samuel W.
More, John R.
Marks, Daniel E.
Mattison, Andrew.
Mattison, Milton.
Miller, John H.
Nicholson, William.
Priest, William.
Patterson, George W.
Parker, Robert.
Robinson, George,
Root, Elir.
Root, Charles H.
Rice, George W.
Smith, George.
Sobles, William.
Smith, John.
Smith, Thomas H.
Scranton, Francis H.
Smith, Lewis.
Schroder, William.
Slawson, Dexter.
Thomas, William H.
Turo, Abram.
VanAlstine, William 0.
VanAntwerp, Jacob.
White, John W.
White, William F.
Wood, Samuel.
Worth, Lucius C.
Waterbury, David.
White, Henry A.
Westley, Joseph.



GEORGE WETMORE,         Captain.
EDGAR F. MORRIS,        First Lieutenant.
JOHN H. GILMAN,         Second Lieutenant.


Armstrong, Benjamin T.
Alsaver, Nelson.
Austin, Rueben H.
Allen, John.
Brown, Orlanson.
Burlingham, Albert.
Barner, William.
Bliss, Warren B.
Bartholomew, George.
Barrows, Isaac.
Barnes, James.
Barnes, William.
Bracy, Martin.
Barnes, John G.
Bracy, William W.
Burr, Adelbert H.
Bucher, Antoin.
Braga, Alanson C.
Button, Alonzo S.
Burdick, Elihu B.
Bates, Mark N.
Bellchamber, William H.
Braga, Thias.
Clifford, Stephen.
Curtis, Theodore.
Cole, Eugene.
Cobb, Eli.
Coe, James R.
Carpenter, Edwin R.
Dryer, Jarius L.
Danforth, William.
Durfy, Charles L.
DeMott, Theodore.
Dibble, William.
Eason, Calvin A.
Fuller, Leander.
Flint, John M.
Fuller, Philander S.
Forsyth, William A.
Fuller, Chauncey B. Jr.
Goodwin, Gilson.
Gile, Albert E.
Gibbs, Martin W.
Gale, Reuben E.
Gardiner, James.
Hornbostel, William.
Holbrook, Stephen S.
Hungerford, Jonathan D.
Holley, Charles H.
Halladay, Wallace H.
Hibbard, Seymour N.
Jefferies, John.
Johnston, Jonathan C. Jr.
Joyce, Joseph B.
Knight, Henry H.
Larabee, Luman.
Loomis, Charles C.
Lord, George S.
Loomis, Rusilus E,
Larkin, Green.
McDonald, Nelson.
McCanna, John.
Matteson, Calvin L.
Marvin, Frederick.
Parmeter, Benjamin S. (photo also)
Robbins, Elisha.
Raymond, Alonzo R.
Ripley, Sherwood.
Rice, Andrew J.
Rowland, George.
Scott, Burr B.
Smith, William A.
Sweet, George E.
Sweet, John W.
Sweet, Henry A.
Sackett, James.
Sherman, Jonathan, Jr.
Soper, George E.
Smedley, Jones.
Shamppany, Emanuel.
Schoonmaker, John M.
Thiebeau, Prosper.
Thurgood, John.
Tripp, George M.
Taylor, William H.
Vickery, Nathaniel S.
Woolsey, Cornelius L.
Wilder, Henry E.
Wetmore, William.
Wright, Amos B.
Wilber, Reuben.
Walter, Martin.
Wright, William H.
Wright, Jonathan D.
Willis, Edward.
Whalen, John.
Wilson, Emery A.
Wilson, Charles H.



STEPHEN ]. SCRIBER,         Captain
MERRITT G. McCOON,          First Lieutenant


Adams, Byron.
Alexander, W. W.
Anthony, Edwin.
Bailey, John.
Barber, Alanson.
Barrett, John W.
Bently, James.
Brockway, Oliver.
Brockway, Damon C.
Benedict, John A.
Blakeman, William.
Burley, Joshua P.
Burley, Henry.
Bogardus, John H.
Burgess, Asa M.
Badgeley, Wilhelm.
Benedict, Lewis A.
Bungey, Leonard.
Brockway, Russell G
Cable, Benton.
Coe, Jerome.
Curtis, Byron C.
Crane, James.
Clock, Manson D.
Curtis, Erwin.
Corey, Reuben.
Cornell, N. I.
Cole, Daniel D.
Chappel, Wellington
Dagwell, John H.
Darling, Amenzo W.
Degaron, Henry.
Edick, F. W.
Ellis, Charles R. W.
Emerson, William.
Fancher, Allen.
Foley, Daniel.
Gifford, John D.
Graham, Edwin.
Hines, Henry F.
Hungerford, Jonas W.
Hanes, William.
Harper, John.
Hall, John M.
Jennings, Joseph.
Jessup, Bertrand.
Kirtland, Melvin.
Lee, George S.
Lawler, Michael.
Lawrence, Oscar.
Munger, Lenman.
Munger, William.
Mason, Frederick.
Millis, Ebenezer W.
Miles, William H.
Moore, Edward.
McMullen, John.
Norcott, Alpheus W.
Nichols, George F.
Ostrander, Austin.
Pelo, Christmas.
Phillips, Charles H.
Pierce, Daniel.
Pickard, Alonzo.
Pangman, Derious.
Pluff, Parry.
Robinson, Benjamin F.
Robinson, William H.
Rose, Amos K.
Richardson, Seth C.
Shapley, Mernville E.
Sperling, Abner W.
Smith, Rensselaer K.
Sherman, Charles W.
Sampson, William.
Scott, Samuel.
Sharder, Lewis.
Tucker, Ezra.
Van Guilder, Henry C.
Webb, John A.
Wamer, Marcus B.
Winck, Antony.
Weller, Milo W.
Whitmore, Conrad R.
Wheaton, John G.
Young, Benjamin.
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