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 Among my wanderings through the Syracuse Daily Journal newspaper in microfilm, I came across this, while looking for something else. I transcribed it, knowing its value for genealogy, pre-official NYS vital records (1881 for most of the state). I have the full text of the article, though the copy is very dark and difficult to read.
--Nat Siembor

The Syracuse Daily Journal, Sept 7, 1869 p 3 col 2

The following named persons, who were to some extent identified with the early settlement of Onondaga county, have died during the past year. The List is imperfect, and is chiefly confined to Onondaga county, as the committee has no means of ascertaining the names of those who belonged to other counties. If this record is thought worthy of preservation, additions can be made to it:--

Mrs. Abigail, wife of David Munro, died March 17, 1869, aged 79 years.

Daniel Cook, died May 12, 1869. He was an old resident of the county.
Petey Miller, died August 16 1869, aged 82 years. He lived in the county over 40 years.

Samuel Keene died---- aged 70.

Mrs. Hannah Cook, wife of the late John Rhoades died---aged 88 years, 11 months and 17 days. She came to Onondaga county in 1809, and knew much of the hardships and privations of the early settlers.
Hon. James Munro, died June 8, 1869, aged 54 years. He was born in Elbridge.

Philip J. Schuyler, died June 18, 1869, aged 72 years 8 months. He came to Onondaga county in 1825.

J. V. H. Clark, the historian of Onondaga county, died June 18, 1869, aged 57 years.

Jacob M. Cook, died February 25, 1869, aged 79 years, . He was a resident of Marcellus more than 65 years.
David H. North, died in April 1869, aged 89 years 3 months.
Joel Cornish died ----, aged 75 years. He lived in Onondaga county 64 years

Humphrey Case, died February 7, 1869, aged 70 years. He settled at Howlett Hill, at an early period.
John J. Hopper, died March 1st, 1869, aged 67 years. He was born in Onondaga county and lived in it all his life.
George Loomis, died March 17, 1869, aged 84 years. He lived in the county of Onondaga upwards of 56 years. 

David Dodge, died February 19, 1869 , aged 81 years.
Isaac V.V. Hibbard, died ----1869, aged 80 years. He came from Saratoga county to this part of the country and lived in Onondaga county 76 years.

Matthew Gregory, father of the late Dr. Gregory of this city, died in Dexter, Mich, aged 91 years. He was an early resident of Onondaga county.

Judson Gage died----, aged 80 years. He was a resident of Onondaga county 62 years.

Dr. Mather Williams, died December 15, 1868, aged 70 years. He came to this city from Columbia county as early as 1825.

Lyman Gonkay, died January 25, 1869, aged 55 years. He was for many years a resident of Onondaga county.

Silas Johnson died March 13th, 1869, aged 81 years. 

H. Davis Noxon March 13th, 1869, aged 81 years. He lived in Onondaga county 60 years. His death leaves but five members of the old Onondaga bar living, vis., James R. Lawrence, Judge Edwards, Rufus Cossit, Reuben S. Orvis, and Judge N. H. Earli (sic).

Dr. A.S. Shipman, died in Paris, France------, aged 67 years.

Mrs. John U. Brown, died July 10, 1869, aged 76 years. She was [a] resident of the county nearly all her life.

Myrick Hradley (sic), died -----, 1868, aged 80 years. He came to Onondaga county in 1806.

John A. Green, died Aug 9, 1869, aged 78 years. He was born in England in 1791, resided in Onondaga county several years and removed to Oneida county in 1830.
James McFarland died Aug 20, 1869, aged 85 years. He was a resident of Central New York for 30 years.

Jason S. Hoyt, died August 15,1869, aged 54 years. He was born in Connecticut, and removed to Onondaga county in 1835.

William Sharpe, died September 1, 1869, aged 78 years.

Major John Miller, died March 24, 1869, aged 88 years.

Hon. Henry Stephens, died at Cortland, May 1869, aged 77 years. He came to Cortland in 1815.

Solomon Smith, died at Minetto Station, May 20, 1869 aged 95 years. He came to Oswego county in 1790 with a surveying party and settled in New Haven in 1800.


At this stage of the meeting, Mr. Ichabod Smith, of the town of Lafayette, was introduced to the audience. He took his seat upon the platform and attracted much attention. He was one hundred years old last March.

At half past twelve a recess was taken til two o’clock.”

From the same page, different column:
The Syracuse Daily Journal, Sept 7, 1869 p 3 col 6


LYMAN (sic)-BEDIANT On the 9th instant, at the house of Charles E. Albro, in Fulton, by the Rev. F.A. Spencer, of Syracuse, Charles S. Spencer (sic), Esq. to Miss Clara Bediant, both of Westmoreland, Oneida county.


NEWTON-- On Wednesday, September 8th Williard (sic) W. Newton, in the 36th (?) year of his age. Funeral services at the Onondaga House, this (Friday) afternoon at 4 o’clock. The remains will be interred in Oakwood. Troy N.Y. papers please copy.

WILBER-- September 9th, 1869 Lawrence G., infant son of of James & Lydia Wilber, aged one year. Funeral Saturday from residence of A.D. Barr No 243 East Washington St, corner of Walnut. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.

ROWE-- At Sweden, Monroe county on the 9th, instant, Cornelia Frances, wife of Asa W. Rowe, aged 29 years. Funeral services at the residence of her father Enoch Mann, corner of Mulberry and Castle Sts, saturday at 3 o’ clock. Interment at Onondaga Hill.

BARKER-- In this city on the 9th instant, Cephas C. Barker, aged 29 years, 4 months and 9 days. Funeral services at his residence, 47 Madison street, Saturday afternoon 2 o’clock. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.

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