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1874 Death Records for Oswego County, NY
From The
Oswego Daily Times, Thurs Sept 17,1874 page 4, col. 4

Many thanks to Nat Siembor for contributing this list of early deaths in Oswego County.  These are hard to locate as records may not have been kept and are usually only found in newspapers or church records. 

 *The following list appeared in the local newspaper on the date listed. I have copied the main portion of the article verbatim, but for convenience sake I have listed the names involved alphabetically here above it: 

Jeremiah Baker, 
Anna Barnes, 
Henry Breed, 
Asahel Carrie, 
Albert Curtis, 
Rodman Dexter,
Andrew Durkee, 
Silas Emory, 
Polina Gasper, 
Daniel Hall, 
Sarah Hathaway
Chester Hull, 
Wm. Ingall, 
Alanson Loomis, 
Horace Pond, 
Levi Pratt, 
Mrs. Richard Rice, 
Philena Van Buren, 
Col Ephraim Van Valkenburg, 
William Weller,
Aaron Williams.

Oswego Daily Times, Thurs, Sept 17,1874, p 4 col. 4

"The Pioneers of Central New York The sixth annual meeting of the Central New York Pioneer’s Association was held in Syracuse Tuesday, and was a large and pleasant gathering....... 

The necrological lists includes the following from Oswego County:

 Daniel Hall died in Scriba Jan__  ( sic) 1874 aged 84 years. He was a resident of Scriba 60 years. 

 Levi Pratt, died in the town of Schroeppel, May 20, 1874 aged 88 years.  Lived in the town 46 years.

 Henry Breed died in Phoenix Dec 17,1873. (sic) He was born at Heath, Vermont May 6, 1802 came to Onondaga in 1830 and to Phoenix in 1835.

 Alanson Loomis died at Matoon , ILL July 22,1874. He was born in Winsted, Conn and came to Fulton in 1847.

 Wm Ingall  died in Volney June 19, 1873, (sic) aged 81 years; born in Chester, Massachusetts, Sept 16,1792; married Esther Whittemore April 20, 1813, with whom he lived upwards of 60 years; two years after the marriage he purchased the farm where he died.

 Rodman Dexter, died at his home in Granby May 11, 1874 aged 77 years; came form Onondaga 52 years ago with an ox team; their compass was marked trees;  his wife survives him, aged 77 years. 

 Jeremiah Baker, died May 30, 1874 aged 82 years.

 Aaron Williams died in Palermo, June 6, 1874, aged 81 years; lived on the place where he died 40 years; came from Madison County.

 Philena van Buren, widow of Jacob Van Buren, died in Fulton July 19,1874, aged 74 years; she was one of the early settlers in this town.

 Sarah Hathaway, died in the town of New Haven, Oswego county, June 11,1874 aged 91 years, six months. 

 Andrew Durkee, died in Ira, Cayuga county, Feb 27, 1874 aged 74 years; came from Saratoga county; penetrated the wilderness, took up a farm, cleared it, and died there; his wife still survives.

 Horace P. Pond, died January 6, 1874, aged 71 years.  He came to Fulton from Oneida county, in 1838.

 Asahel B. Carrier, died in Volney, in the 71st year of his age. He came from Lenox, Mass.; settled on the farm 47 years ago, where he died.

 Silas Emory was born in Brooklin, Hillsboro county N.H. in 1796; died April 1, 1874 aged 78 years. Lived in Fulton since 1815.

 Polina wife of John Gasper, died July 28,1874, aged 78 years . She came to Fulton in 1811 from Herkimer county; was matron of Gasper hotel over 40 years.

 Col. Ephraim Van Valkenburg,  died in Fulton May 30, 1874 in  the 78th year of his age. He was born on the west bank of the Oswego river, in the town of Hannibal (now Granby); always lived in the two towns; he was a soldier in the war of 1812, and was with his company at the time the fort at Oswego was taken by the British; he escaped but his older brother was taken prisoner.

 William Weller, died in Volney July 12, 1874, aged 81 years. He was a native of Massachusetts; was in Boston as a soldier in the war of 1812; lived in the town over 40 years; was a tanner. 

 Albert H. Curtis, died June 29, 1874, in Fulton aged 60 years. He lived in Hannibal and Fulton all his life.

 Chester Hull, died in Oswego, Aug 28, 1874 aged 60 years.

 Mrs. Richard Rice,  died Sept 11, 1874, aged 90 years and six months.

 Anna Barnes died at Brewerton Nov 27, 177d (sic) aged 97 years.

Addresses were delivered by Hon. H. C. Van Schaick and Hon. A.D. White”

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