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Oswego County, NY

Many thanks to Brandon Bellinger for contributing this obituary on Amiable Clark and his Will.  It is much appreciated.


The funeral services of the late Amiable Clark took place yesterday, with Masonic ceremonies. Mr. Clark was 83 years of age, had been 60 years a Mason, and was at the time of his death the oldest member of the fraternity in Oswego. He was a man of estimable character, a good citizen and excellent member of society. He formerly took quite an active interest and part in the city politics, but owing to the advance of age, had not mingled much in political affairs for a few years past.

At one o'clock yesterday afternoon the various Lodges met with
Oswego City Lodge at their rooms and with the 48th Regiment
Band, proceeded to the residence of their late brother. After the
usual ceremonies at the house, the vast procession moved
toward Riverside Cemetery. It is estimated that there were over
two hundred Masons in the procession, which is said to have
been the largest ever seen in this city. The line of wagons was

The ceremonies at the grave were impressively conducted, P. M.
W. G. Robinson acting as Orator, Rev. S. S. N. Greely as Chaplain.
The bearers were E. P. Burt, M. L. Marshall, Robt Oliver, Thomas
Moore, Edwin W. Clark, P. Boyer.

At a meeting of Oswego Lodge No. 127 held at their rooms Sept.
3rd, 1869, the following preamble and resolutions:

Whereas, It has pleased the Great Disposer of all events to
remove from the earth our venerable brother Amiable Clark:

Resolved, That we recognize and bow to the sovereign
will-looking to the same hand that appoints for man his lot, in its
joys to make it joyful in Him, and in its trials to give us support
and consolation.

Resolved, That we recognize the Divine mercy that granted the
deceased, in an honorable, useful and peaceful life, so long to
live, reaching not only man's allotted period of three score years
and ten, but more than four score years witnessing the wonderful
events of a wonderful period in the progress of the race and the
welfare of the world, through the advancement of science, art
and the blessed light of revealed Christianity, teaching love to
God and good will to man. 

Resolved, That in the removal of another of the small and
diminishing number of the aged men who have had part in the
progress of our city from its early days, we are called upon to
cherish the memory of the departed ones, and honor the few yet
remaining, as those who with tireless hand and courageous hearts
bore the burden and heat of day, and saw a prosperous town
grow out from the wilderness, and from a people few in numbers a
strong city.

Resolved, That the sympathies of Oswego Lodge, and of the
fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of the city, are tendered
to the relatives and friends of our departed brother, Their grief is
ours in the loss of one who, for more than half a century, had
walked worthily among us, endeavoring to adorn the principle he
professed "in the light of the central light," and by the square of
virtue: and so may they and we, copying day by day the plans
drawn for us on the tressle-board of a divine architecture, fulfill
our life-work, and be found at last as polished ashlers, meet for
the Eternal temple.

W. G. Robinson

S. B. Burchard

O. W. Bates

W. A. Gardner


Will of Aimiable Clark

I Aimiable Clark of the city and county of Oswego, State of New York of the age of seventy one years and being of sound mind and memory do make publish and declare this my last Will and testament in mannr following that is to say.

First - I give and bequeath to my wife Polly Clark my gold watch and neck safety chain and gold masonick watch key,

Second - I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Webster wife of Eldridge Webster six silver teaspoons now in my possession and Marked with my name.

Third - I give and bequeath to my son Levi Clark two large silver tablespoons now in my possession and Marked with my name.

Fourth - I give and bequeath to my son-law Albert D. Wheeler my gold fob chain.

Fifth - I direct my executors herein after named out of my
estate to pay debts, legacies and funeral expenses.

Sixth - I direct my executors as soon after my decease as may be, to ascertain settle and pay my just debts due and owing by the firm of Clark &  Wheeler and if my executors shall be obliged to pay more than one half of the debts of said firm of Clark and Wheeler then I direct that such surplus over and one half of all such sums as they may be obliged to pay shall be deducted by my said executors Herein after named from the share to be paid to Julia Wheeler wife of Albert D. Wheeler as herein after provided.

Seventh - After the payments of debts legacies and funeral
expenses I give devise and bequeath to my executors herein
after named my real and personal property wherever situated intrust to support and furnish my wife Polly Clark with a comfortable and suitable support during her natural life and any surplus that may remain from year to year after providing and furnishing such support I devise and direct my said executors to securely invest on interest for the purposes herein after named.

Eighth - After the decease of my said wife Polly Clark and the payments of the debts and legacies and funeral expenses herein before mentioned I give and devise and bequeath the rest and residue of my real and personal property as follows.

1st - To my daughter Julia Wheeler wife of Albert D. Wheeler the one equal and undivided fourth part subject to the provisions in the sixth clause of this my last Will and testament. 

2nd - To my daughter Sarah Webster wife of Eldridge Webster the one equal and undivided fourth part .

3rd - To my daughter Rachel Campbell wife of Peter T. Campbell the one equal and undivided fourth part.

4th - To my son Levi Clark the equal and undivided fourth part after deducting here from a promissory note from him to me of about Eighteen 39/100 Dollars.

Ninth - I hereby constitute and appoint Edwin C Hart of the city and county of Oswego and State of New York Executors of this my last Will and testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me made In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventeenth day of June one thousand and eight hundred and sixty one.

Aimiable Clark L. S. 

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