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Obituary of Helen Mar Geekie

Here is the obituary for Helen Mar Geekie.  This is from the Oswego Palladium Times March 22, 1884. 

 Helen Mar Geekie
    "Today the death of Miss. Helen Mar Geekie, daughter of Mr. William W. Geekie (see note below), of Baltimore, Md. and niece of Capt. William Williams of this city, in the seventeenth year of her age. This is indeed a sad announcement. Miss. Geekie with her sister, came here about a year and a half ago to attend school. Miss. Helen entered the Normal school and endeared herself to all, teachers and scholars by her sweetness of disposition and lovely character. She was the idol of her parents and other relatives, and her warmest friends were her most intimate acquaintances. The young lady was in excellent health always, and there was no premonition of the sad event of yesterday until last week Friday when she complained of a severe cold. The symptoms soon took the form of typhoid pneumonia, but, not until Wednesday last was serious alarm felt. On that day the young patient began to grow rapidly worse, and last evening she passed peacefully away. There is a feeling of deep sorrow and sympathy in this city because of this event. That one so young, so loved and loving, so full of hope and promise should be taken, seems cruelly tragic." 
    I believe Helen was buried in the Williams plot in Richland Cemetery. Laura, there is a mistake about the father's name. Helen's father was Charles Willard Geekie, a successful businessman in Baltimore. Charles' sister, Jessie, was married to Capt. Williams. Helen's mother was Mary Pauline Shaw Geekie. When the Geekie family came to U.S. from Perthshire, Scotland, they settled first in Oswego and then moved away.
    I have done extensive research on the family and will be glad to share any information. Hope this obituary will be helpful. Wish someone would submit one on Jessie Geekie Williams.  Faye Irvin at:  <>.

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