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Oswego County NY Newspapers 
Available on Microfilm for Inter-library Loan
At the New York State Public Library
Information and contacts pertaining to this list can be found on the various off-site links listed below.  The microfilm is available for inter-library loan.  There may be fee's so please read information at the links below.  Also, listed below this list are Oswego County Newspapers believed to be available at Cornell and Syracuse University.  The list was graciously contributed by Marilyn Rowsey Dirk, from the Oswego County Genealogy Society in Oswego.
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Lakeside Press (Cleveland, N.Y.)
Published: 1873-1936 Weekly 


The Fulton Chronicle.
Published: 1837-1840 Weekly 

The Fulton Evening Times.
Published: 1914-1917 Daily 

Fulton Patriot 
Published: 1846-1858 Weekly 

Fulton Patriot 
Published: 1892- Weekly 

Fulton Patriot and Gazette.
Published: 1858-1892 Weekly 

Fulton Sun.
Published: 1841-    Weekly 

Fulton Times 
Published: 1868-19__   Weekly 

Fulton Times 
Published: 1917-   Semiweekly 


Mexico Independent 
Published: 1861-1872  Weekly 

Mexico Independent 
Published: 1874-1972   Weekly 


County times (Oswego, N.Y.)

Daily Commercial Advertiser & Times.(Oswego, N.Y.)
Published: 1870-1872  Daily 

Daily Palladium (Oswego, N.Y.)
Published: 1890-1908  Daily 

The New Oswego County Messenger.
Published: 1980

Oswego Commercial Advertiser 
Published: 1872-1873  Daily 

Oswego Commercial Advertiser and Times.
Published: 1866-1870  Daily 

Oswego Commercial Times 
Published: 1858-1865

Oswego County Times.
Published: 1972

Oswego Daily Commercial Advertiser.
Published: 1864-1865  Daily 

Oswego Daily Commercial Times.
Published: 1849-1852  Daily 

Oswego Daily Journal.
Published: 1852-1854  Daily 

Oswego Daily Palladium 
Published: 1851-1887, 1889-1890  Daily 

Oswego Daily Press.
Published: 1870,1873  Daily 

Oswego Daily Times 
Published: 1856-1858  Daily 

Oswego Daily Times 
Published: 1873-1882, 1887-1925  Daily 

Oswego Morning Express.
Published: 1881,1882  Daily 

Oswego Morning Herald.
Published: 1878,1879  Daily 

Oswego Palladium 
Published: 1832-1852 Weekly, 1887-1889 Daily, 1908-1925 Daily, 

Oswego Palladium Times.
Published: 1925-1969  Daily 

Oswego Semi-Weekly Times.
Published: 1890-1946  Semi-weekly 

Oswego Shopper.
Published: 1972  Weekly 

Oswego Times and Express 
Published: 1882-1887  Daily 

Oswego Times and Journal.
Published: 1854-1856  Daily 

Oswego Weekly Palladium
Published: 1852,1906  Weekly 

The Palladium-Times.
Published: 1969-   Daily 

Union Herald (Oswego, N.Y.)
Published: 1836-1842  Weekly 


Parish Mirror 
Published: 1897-1972  Weekly 


Banner Times.
Published: 1985-1988  Weekly 

Democrat (Pulaski, N.Y.)
Published: 1990-   Weekly 

Pulaski Democrat & Sandy Creek News.
Published: 1988-1990  Weekly 

Pulaski Democrat 
Published: 1853-1895  Weekly 

Pulaski Democrat 
Published: 1988-1988  Weekly 


News (Sandy Creek, N.Y.)
Published: 187__187__  Weekly 

Sandy Creek News 
Published: 1871-187_  Weekly 

Sandy Creek News 
Published: 1877-197_  Weekly 

Sandy Creek times.
Published: 18uu-1864  Weekly 

Oswego County, NY Newspapers
Available at Cornell and Syracuse University

Oswego Gazette - 1817.

Oswego Palladium 1851 transferring 1853 to Dudley Failing to 1854 to T. P. Ottoway.

Oswego Daily Palladium 1850 Weekly.

Oswego Rep. - March 2, 1825 by William W. Abbey to Samuel Osgood in 1827.

Oswego Gazette and Advertiser 1828 to Oswego Advertiser to 1829 to Dr. Burdell and named now The Freemans Herald.

The National Republic - available 1 year no dates.

The Oswego Democratic Gazette - 1830.

The Oswego Free Press - Richard Oliphant, 1830 - 1834, then changed to the Oswego Democrat till 1835 discontinued.

The Oswego Observer - Feb. 1835 by Bailey Hawks to 1836.

The Commercial Herald - 1837 - 1843.

The Oswego Patriot - 1838 - 1839.

The Oswego County Whig - 1838 Richard Oliphant to Daniel Ayer 1844.  Changed to the Oswego Commercial Times in 1844, and then changed to the Weekly Times and Journal - no date.

The Oswego Times - 1845 - 1847 then changed to the Oswego Daily Commercial Times till 1854 and changed once again   to the Oswego Daily Times.

The Oswego Daily News - 1854 changed to the Oswego Daily Journal.  These two joined in 1854 and became the Daily and Weekly Times.

Source:  J. H. French Gazetteer of the State of New York

Contributed by Marilyn Rowsey Dirk, Oswego County Genealogy Society at:  <>

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