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Obituary of Peter R. Stewart
Biography of Stewart Family, 
Granby - Fulton, NY

I would like to contribute an obit for my great-great-great grandfather, Peter Riply Stewart.  He died in MI but his obituary states he was born in Granby, Oswego Co. NY, and lived there 1820 - 1854. Thanks! Theresa Dyer <> 
*Note:  Theresa would love to hear from anyone who may be able to confirm and identify the last 2 photographs and, of course, with anyone who has ties to the family.  Please also check out the Civil War Military Pension for Harrison Stewart, son of Peter Riply Stewart and wife Joanna Briggs Stewart. 

OBITUARY: Grand Traverse Herald, Nov 5, 1885 p.4

In Memoriam

Peter Riply Stewart
Peter Riply Stewart

       Mr. Peter R. Stewart was born in Granby County, NewYork in 1820, where he spent his youth and early manhood.  He moved to Grand Traverse County, Mich., in1854, and lived on "Evergreen Fruit Farm" for 27 years. It was here, at this beautiful home, on the 2nd day of October, 1885, he was suddenly called from labor to rest and reward.  He was a professor of the religion of Christ for 38 years, and an acceptable and honorable member of the baptist church for 16 years; served as superintendent of a mission Sabbath school at Ogdensburg in his own neighborhood for 9 years.  An established christian purpose seemed to be the controling motive of his life.  He has left a loving, grieving wife, three daughters and one son to mourn his departure, as well as a host of neighbors and friends who will miss him from their midst. Thus another light has been removed from our society and friendship to be placed in a higher and more exalted position to shine with increased splendor forever in the city of our God, no more to be dimmed with the cares and anxieties of earth. Old Mission, Oct 20, 1885.

Peter R. and Joanna Stewart
Peter R. and Joanna Stewart

These are photos of Peter Riply Stewart, from the obit I sent you.  I do not know if the younger one was taken when he was still in NY or after he moved to MI. The second one is with his wife when they are older.  Theresa

This picture says on the back "James Stewart and wife Martha, Fulton, NY 1889"  I am not sure if this is a brother or uncle to Peter.  I am quite sure Peter's father is John F. Stewart on the 1820 - 1860 census in Granby. Anyhow, if you post pictures, maybe this will mean something to someone in Oswego Co. because I really don't know who they are. 

James Stewart and wife Martha, Fulton, NY 1889.

This is the photo which in real life is clearer and says 1889 Fulton NY.  On the back, is handwritten: "James Stewart & wife (Martha Stewart) For Emma & Frank"  I'm not sure when this was written on there.  My grandmother who owned the pictures may have put that on there as she labeled many of the old pictures so we wouldn't forget who they were.  Emma would be Emma J. Stewart, daughter of Peter Riply Stewart.  Emma was born 1852 in Oswego Co. NY, probably Granby as that is where Peter was born and grew up, and that is where the family is on the 1850 census.  Peter moved his family to Michigan in 1854.  Emma married Frank Brimmer in 1870.  I believe Peter's father is John F. Stewart as he is the only Stewart on the census in Granby in 1820, the year Peter was born and also in 1830. Peter does not have a son named James. I thought that the James in the photo may be a brother to Peter or maybe an uncle, but looking at their young appearance in the photo, maybe he is a nephew. So maybe he sent this to his cousin Emma? The photo is in the possession of descendants of Peter R. Stewart so I think that he is somehow related. There is a James Stewart, age 39, with wife Martha age 32 on the 1880 census in Volney, Oswego Co., NY. Possibly the James and Martha from the 1889 photo? Theresa.


unknown photo Fulton NY

I went to my dad's to get the original photo to scan as my scan of a scan did not turn out very well.  In looking through his photos I found another one that is unidentified but had "RAYMOND Photo, Fulton, N.Y." printed on the back.  This one is a tin type, with a pink folder embossed in gold.  On the back my dad had written "maybe a Stewart" probably from when he went through the pictures with his mother.  Peter had two daughters born in Oswego Co. NY.  The oldest would have been about 4 when they left for MI in 1854.  This girl looks older than that to me.  I don't know how she fits into the family.Theresa

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