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Hannibal Cemetery on Route 176
Town of Hannibal
Oswego County

    This cemetery is located near the home of Jennie Saunders. The cemetery is abandoned and overgrown. The names that appear below are the ones on stones that could be located and some of the few that are standing.  The census was conducted by Charlene Cole and Jennie Saunders as carefully as possible on Oct. 19, 1999.  The cemetery is approximately l00 x 150 feet.  There is a wire fence around three sides, in places.

AIexander-d.May 28,1884-aged 70 years
Louesea G.-wife of Alexander-dApril 12,1860-aged 41 years and 10 months
Jennett-daughter of Alexander Scott-d. Sept.7,1851-aged 5 years
Jennett-wife of James Scott-d.Dec. 1,1866
James-d.Nov. 22,1850-age 66 years

stone is under fallen tree and seems to be blank

 Tristan-d.Nov. 29,1847-aged 72 years and 11 months
Submit-wife of T. Cathcart-d.JuIy 7,1876-l00 years and 5 months

 J. (The c in Mc has two dots under it and a period following Mc and one following C.)

 Harriett-wife of Ezra Austin-d. Nov. 18,1831-30 vears
 Sara-daughter of Ezra and Harriett Austin-d.Dec. 14, 1832-aged 4 years

 Ephram-d. Feb. 25.____-aged 35 years (A previous survey gives the date:  Feb. 25, 1840)

 Ezra-d.Feb 16, 1878-aged 77 years
Sarah C.-wife of Ezra-.JuIy 13,188l-aged 78 years

stone 1/2 in ground with no visible names or dates

erected by Chas. D. Lake
Esther-his wife-1832-1863
James A.-1850-1850
Johnnie-l 873-1874

broken stone-no name-d.Jan. 14, 1852-2 years, 4 months and 14 days

 wife of S. Robberts-d..June 1l, 1847-26 years, 3 months and 15 days

 Hannah M.-wife of Joseph-b.Mar. 3l, I8I2  d.May 29,1851 
 Ulyssieus-son of Joseph and Hannah M. Rogers-Sept 9, 1850-Aug. 26, 1851

 Ruth-wife of G.W.-d.Apr 18,1865-aged 27 years, 3 months and 10 davs

large stone 3/4 in ground-no name or date visible

 Eli- Co.E 184th Reg't NY Vol.-d.Dec. 22, 1872-40 years
Ann A.-his wife-d.Nov 18, 1873-40 years

 Margaret-no dates

small M.D.

**If anyone knows of other individuals buried here, please notify Charlene Cole (315-593-2462) so their names can be included in this survey. 
Or  send an email to Hannibal Town Historian, Lowell C. Newvine at:

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