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Hannibal Historical Society

Hannibal Center Cemetery Survey,
Hannibal, N. Y.

Hannibal Center Cemetery Map

The Hannibal Center Cemetery is located on Cemetery Drive, off of County Route 21.

This cemetery survey was completed in June 2000 by Charlene Cole and Jennie Saunders, of the Oswego County Genealogy Society, who generously donated this list. Many thanks to Thelma Sidman & Francis Dennison who provided assistance by making cemetery records available.

For information on any of the cemeteries in Oswego County, please contact Charlene Cole, at the Oswego County Genealogy Society, 384 East River Rd., Oswego, NY, 13126, or the local Town Historian. For further information on any of the names, or if you know of any additional names not included on this list, please contact Lowell C. Newvine, Hannibal Town Historian, or Charlene Cole, at the above address, so that they can be added to the cemetery records.
This list was typed and edited by Charlene Cole.

*indicates the beginning of another row X by section 8 indicates the grave of Norton M. Barnes

Section 4 A

	Dewitt C.   1828-1892
	Abigail   his wife   1834-1907
	Aunt Laura   1825-1897
	father, mother, space

	Lucinda B.   d.July 2, 1887   age 81y     mother
	Sophia   mother    no dates

	Warren H.    1922-1954
	Clara Hopkins Storr   1902-1985    “Gram”
	John M. Storr   1900-1959
	William H. Secamp   1891-1942

	Anna S. Judge Temple    mother  1869-1935	
	James J.     father    1863-1922

	Erastus     1839-1928   Civil War   24th Reg’t. NY Inf.
	Harriet   his wife   1845-1904

	Raymond   Nov.13, 1894-Sept.26, 1964  WW1 PFC Co. F1 Gas Reg’t CWS

end of Section 4 A


Section 4 *row 1 Green Anna 1847-1919 Tompkins Israel 1824-1897 Mary E. his wife no dates Thomas Alma Cross Thomas 1845-1912 Elsie Dennison Thomas 1839-1875 Charles M. 1837-1909 Norton A.Polas 1810-1881 Lovina Wheeler wife of Polas 1832-1911 Esther L. Burghduff 1874-1957 Cooper Chester 1838-1919 Civil War 1st NY Light Arty. Luvilla his wife 1849-1927 Glen 1881-1927 Myrtle Fitch his wife 1888-19.. *row 2 Brackett father, mother Isaac T. d.Feb._8, 1881 Balana VanAuken his wife May 10, 1841-May 9, 1908 Frank E. William P. Kanar Georgia Brackett Wieting-Holbrook June 3, 1872-Oct.3, 1943 Georgia, Frank Williamson Abram A. d. July 23, 1872 age 70y 4m 27d Permilla wife of Abram A. d. Sept.15, 1831 Mary J. daughter of Abram A. & Permilla d.Aug.22, 1868 age 31y 5m 12d Emeline C. d.______________ age 25y 6m 25d Lewis A. d. Dec.25, 1870 age 41y spaces, P.W., L.A. W. Mabel daughter of J.& E. Kanar d.Oct.2, 1884 aged 10m 19d *row 3 Brackett mother, father William W. May 6, 1802-Nov.27, 1896 Sally Ann Teller his wife June 29, 1812-June 12, 1892 Frank T. Oct. 17, 1848-Apr. 27, 1864 William W. 1868-1947 Ruth Brackett Church 1901-1938 Herman H. Church 1899-1948 James W. Apr. 18,1845-1924 Civil War Co.C 184th NY Vol. Elizabeth E. Ketcham wife of James W. May 28, 1848-Apr.2, 1892 Mina E. wife of J.W. 1874-1954 spaces *Mary B. ______daughter of Charles & Julia______d.Nov. 25, 1871 in her 5th y Mosier Samuel d.June 13, 1867 age 68y 9m 5d Zada d. Nov. 18, 1882 age 82y 5m *row 4 Clark Harry B. Sept.19, 1806-Apr.2, 1880 Adelia Sherman his wife Dec.25, 1806-May 11, 1890 J.Buell Clark Sept.30, 1833 Margaret J. Kennedy his wife Oct.3, 1844-July 3, 1893 Fred F. Brackett July 13, 1866-Nov.17, 1933 Jennie F. Clark his wife Dec.17, 1868-July 13, 1960 Sarah C. Nov.13, 1837-Dec. 9, 1926 Lyman W. Sept.5, 1841-Nov.29, 1929 John M. Crea d.Apr.3, 1869 (?) age 48y Smith/Mayer George Smith d.Apr.24, 1869 age 43y 4m 13d Mary Smith Youngs Feb. 7, 1828-Sept.22, 1909 Lizzie J. Smith daughter of George & Mary Smith Apr. 11, 1868-Oct.15, 1894 William W. Mayer 1874-1947 Erma S. Mayer 1870-1943 Smith George 1837-1921 Sarah J. his wife 1848-1931 S. Steven(?) son of George & Sarah d.June 1, 1886 age 2y 9m Cyrena B. daughter of George & Sarah d.Sept. 23, 1876 age 1y 2m 23d baby Gifford Albert 1856-1933 Etta 1859-1941 *row 5 Greene/Lounsbery Carl L. 1909-1947 Inez Lounsbery Greene 1914-1947 Jesse W. Lounsbery 1886-19.. Ella R. Lounsbery 1885-19.. Hulett Phebe wife of Hopkins d. Sept. 12, 1875 age 79y 4m 13d Hopkins d. July 1, 1869 age 75y 3m 18d Phineas son of Joseph & Mary d.Sept.3, 1870 18y 11m 21d spaces James Sabin d.Nov.20, 1883 age 81y Amy wife of Sabin d. Mar.20, 1881 age 66y *row 6 Dickinson Elizabeth 1807-1887 spaces Hulett Joseph 1854-1899 spaces *row 7 Barner Maria wife of S.M.Barner d. Feb. 8, 1878 age 28y 4m 25d (stone lying flat) George W. 1848-1913 George W. d.June 10, 1888 (stone broken and age unreadable) Susan wife of G.W. d.July 26, 1882 73y 6m 16d Bidwell baby Ella J. wife of William d.Dec. 16, 1878 age 24y 8m 4d William 1848-1939 Jessie F. 1862-1952 J. Arlene 1883-1905 Don R. 1886-1887 Rogers Fannie R. Tucker 1864-1953 Eliza 1833-1913 Charles 1822-1891 Raymond 1875-1956 end of Section 4
Section 5 Mosier William 1843-1915 Corrinna Earll his wife 1848-1925 Earll Edmond Jan.31, 1822-Sept.10, 1905 Martha his wife Dec.17, 1827-Dec.18, 1885 father, mother Brown Lewis M. ___8, 1818-Feb. 12, 1892 Electa A. Youngs Aug.27, 1824-Sept.2, 1896 Frankie son of L.& E. July 31, 1862-Mar.2, 1864 Electa, space, Frankie, spaces James Harriett A. wife of George Essex Nov.7, 1842-Sept.30, 1884 Caroner R. b.July 14, 1816 Catharine R. Caulkins his wife Jan.26, 1821-June 1, 1864 Betsey E. Slocum his wife b.Oct.2, 1829-_____ Caroline Aug.1, 1811-June 22, 1833 Clark A. Jan.4, 1852-June 5, 1853 Caroline and Clark - children of C.R. & B. Rogers J.A. Sept. 1887 my husband Hattie Nov.12, 1891 Effie (C.L. & B.W.) d.Apr.20, 1835 Inez 1867-1924 wife of Oscar Clark Oscar Clark 1863-1945 Section 6 Gifford Carrie A. wife of C.P. 1864-1916 mother Dunning Gardner C. 1854-1930 father Ida Norton Dunning 1866-1950 mother Myrtle A. Dunning Sitts 1887-1975 mother Elvin Gardner Dunning Jan. 30, 1889-Apr.2, 1964 WW2 NY Pvt. 6 Co. 152 Depot Brigade Dziedzic Lucille S. no dates Henry no dates Halstead Mary M. 1879-1960 mother Frederick E. 1861-1941 spaces to fence Bidwell Pearl R. 1878-1970 Wayne E. 1881-1946 Rogers Mae D. 1887-1982 Ralph E. 1875-1958 Hannum Lena B. 1890-1979 E. Ross 1888-1961 Ida E. 1866-1952 John E. 1866-1942 Marian M. 1916-.... E.Luther 1912-.... Doris Y. 1924-.... Livingston Floyd J. 1908-1974 Dorothy P. 1915-.... many spaces end of Section 6
Section 7 Butchino Ricky Joe Oct.4,1957-Oct.13, 1958 R.A.G. (single stone by fence) Roberts Phyllis O. 1912-1967 spaces Brennan James 1837-1926 Civil War Co.E 24th Reg’t. NY Vol. Dorliska B. 1843-1927 his wife Sarah B. Newton 1866-1946 Albert 1867-1925 spaces Darby Marion E. Bennett 1923-.... Ella J. 1901-.... Nelson M. 1897-1953 Barry F. Bennett Jan.15, 1946-Nov.6, 1992 Vietnam Sp.4 US Army space Poorman Frank D. 1866-1940 space Temple Norman R. 1886-1960 Tompkins Oliver J. Jan.13, 1917-Dec. 14, 1971 WW2 NY Tec.5 US Army space French Ina M. wife 1898-1960 Harold E. husband 1898-1980 Hutchinson Rosalie 1928-1977 Clinton 1925- Brian J. Sept. 25, 1981-Jan. 6, 1993 son-brother-friend John R. Caruso III small wooden cross Loveall Cleatus L. 1911-1991 I. Marie Billings 1925-1999 end of Section 7
Section 8 This section is relatively new and has alot of empty places and was hard to keep in rows. Zufelt Betty Jean Mar. 30, 1960-Dec.6, 1961 Jennifer L. 1980-1997 Halstead Agnes W. 1909- Henry M. 1903-1973 Moon Bertha M. Mar. 16, 1916-June 4, 1982 Pvt. US Army WW2 Stacey Lillian 1923-1985 Ernest C. Jr. Feb.10, 1918-Jan.12, 1982 WW2 Pvt. US Army Harold F. 1945-1985 Marie Taylor Stacey 1945-1985 Lauchut Frank 1915-.... married June 14, 1941 Merle E. Hutchinson 1923-1988 Marriner Howard E. Sr. 1922-1994 married Dec. 29, 1967 Elsie C. 1931-.... Gage Charles 1916-1984 married Feb. 28, 1936 Helen 1918-1998 Hailey E. Parkhurst 1999-2000 Floyd H. 1917- Geneva D. 1928-1986 Shoults Raymond C. 1936-1989 Sophronia F. 1937- Ann J. 1940-1996 Charles 1942-.... base behind Shoults stone Shear Terry L. Sr. 1948-.... Terry L. Jr. 1968-1986 Lamie James no dates (wooden cross-Vet marker) Beadle Than H. 1911-1992 Doris A. 1906-1992 Aldrich Charles S. 1917-.... Laura M. Bonner 1924-1989 end of Section 8
This stone is in the woods behind Section 8 along a foot trail: Barnes Norton M. 1840-1915 Civil War Co.D 4th Reg’t. Prov. NY Cav.

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