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Hannibal Village Cemetery, Hannibal, N.Y.
Hannibal Village Cemetery, Hannibal, N.Y.

The Hannibal Village Cemetery is located in the Village of Hannibal, adjacent to the Hannibal United Methodist Church. It is bordered on the north by Route 3, which is Church Street in the Village and on the east by West Street which runs between the Methodist Church and the Hannibal Community Church. The mauseleum and the sign, as in the picture, face West Street.

This cemetery was surveyed between July - August 1999 by Charlene Cole and Laurie West, of the Oswego County Genealogy Society, who generously donated this list. For information on any of the cemeteries in Oswego County, please contact Charlene Cole, at the Oswego County Genealogy Society, 384 East River Rd., Oswego, NY, 13126, or the local Town Historian.

For further information on any of the names, or if you know of any additional names not included on this list, please contact Lowell C. Newvine, Hannibal Town Historian, or Charlene Cole, at the above address, so that they can be added to the cemetery records.

There were no maps available for the next two blocks and these blocks were 
done in rows. Rows will be identified by * to the left of a name.

Note: Any names with a *________, for further information, please contact 
Lowell C. Newvine.
BLOCK 9 McFARLAND- Donald R.-1934- married *___________ Tresia M.-1937- BACON- Jesse A.-1911-1986 Dorothy M.-1910-1996 DAVIDSON- Chester B.-1915-1974 “Whither thou goest...I will go” married Mar.6,1937 Irene M.-1917-1993 Hannibal VFD member marker with flag. MATSON- John W.-1899-1974 Bessie M.-1904-1994 BESAW- Edward F.-1893-1988 Viola W.-1898-1985 NORVELL- Phil K.-Feb.12,1911-Mar.10,1989-SFC US Army-WW2 Korea Kathryn A.-1954- Marjorie M.-1918- KELLOGG- Flossie C.-1909-1995 Karl S.-Sept.2,1907-Sept.10,1991-PFC US Army WW2-also,Hannibal VFD marker WALLACE- John J.-1913-1998 Leona M.-1917-1984 SHUTTS- William D.-1901-1973 Florence B.-1904-1985 FLINT- Claude E.-1913-1998 married Aug.3,1935 Marie E.-1916-1998-his wife NIHOFF- Frederick P.-father-Aug.30,1922-June 1,1994-PFC-US Army WW2 Mavis *_______-mother-1923- Preston Ward-son-1952-1972 DAFGARD- flat military stone Maurice S.-Oct.10,1919-May 4,1973-NY PFC US Army WW2 LOTZ- Carl W.-1895-1981 Winifred E.-1910-1987 PAWLENKO- “beloved friend”--Fred-1884-1974-vet marker with flag *MILLER- Dorothy E.-1918-1993 Stewart C.-1906-1981 RICE- John M.-Aug.12,1914-Nov.25,1977-Tec.5 US Army WW2 married *___________ Edna May *________-1922- IANNETTONE- Lodovico- “EGO”-1922- Shirley M.-1927- GOODALE- Lawrence E.-1916-1984 Virginia *_______-1914- US American Legion marker with Flag O’CONNOR- Harold L.-1927-1978 Lucille M.-1929- TRAVIS- H.Sela-1904-1991--Hannibal VFD member marker Jennie C.-1906-1981 PLUMMER- Herman C.-1905-1977 Laura W.-1907- PERKINS- Howard O.-1903-1995 Ella W.-1904-1986 GILBERT- Patrick J.- “beloved son” 1969-1976 NODINE- Ernest F.-1898-1980 married Apr.12,1925 “Whither Thou Goest, I will go” Ruth SWAN-1902-1990 KELLOGG- Robert J.-1913-1978 Agnes I.-1913- ADAMY- W.Arthur-1915-1991 Virginia J.-1914-1976 *THOMAS- Agnes-1903-1992 “always” John Thomas-Mar.18,1895-Mar.12,1979-Pvt. US Army WW1 CARKEY- George-1913-1979, flat stone Nancy L.-1945- Raymond W.-1935-1995 “Beloved by all” RICHARDSON- Daniel M.-1954-1982 “to our Dad-Neil and Kara-picture of car on a road next to water (lake) base “R” cornerstones marking plot DUNSMOOR- Ross D.-1925- C.Louise-1927- COWAN- Richard P.-Nov.20,1940-Sept.19,1985 O’CONNOR- A.Frances- “Aunt”- 1904-1981 William J.-1897-1980 Lucy A.-1901-1985 “In life we loved you dearly, in death our love goes on” DEGROFF- Robert Lee-Apr.4,1920-Aug.7,1990 S.Sgt. US Army WW2 married *_________ Catherine-1922- LEGATES- Ernest R.-1922-1984 Barbara J.-1937- picture in middle of stone-probably Ernest BLYTHE- Edward K.-1914-1987 married Jan.15,1934 Louise M.-1910-1990 *DULIN- Verna-1915-1998 Andrew-1916-1979-Hannibal VRD marker THOMPSON- M.ClaraMae-1932 Charles R.-1932-1979 SCRIBER- Mildred E.-1913- Calvert M.-1912-1979 RICHARDSON- Donald-1915-1993 married *________ Mary *______-1910- MALONE- Charles W.-1931-1991 married Feb.3,1951 Beverly J.-1930-1986 HORN- Mary-1930-1987 CHRISTIE- Larue-1905-1987 Lillian C.-1911 WHITE- Donald L.-1932 Lois C.-1931- SCOTT- Leona M.-1922-1999 Riley W.-1920- WARRICK- Elden B.-Mar.24,1923-July 24,1989 S.Sgt. US Army WW2 Regina I.-1923- LEGATES- Florence-1922 PRITCHARD- Ronald L.-1930-1997 Vet Gladys M.-1930- SPICER- James A.-1929-1997 Vet Jane L.-1932 Lyle E.*_______-1960- stone has a wildlife scene *KELLOGG- Lawrence S.-1915-1979 Hannibal VFD member Eloise B.-1916-1997 E.Adeline-1925- married *______ Stanley Floyd-May 7,1919-Feb.9,1995 PFC US Army WW2 Silver Star HOLMES- James Kenneth ,Sr.-July 26,1927-Dec.6,1998 COX US Navy WW2 Mary I.-1928-1995 TREASURE- Carl L.-1921-1984 “Beloved Father” Vet Charlotte H.-1926-1997 “Beloved Mother” REEVES- Deborah E.-1955-1996 “Wilma” HENDRICKS- Warren G.-1922- Betty J.BROWER-1923-1993 QUIGLEY- John E.,Sr.-1908-1987 Gertrude R.-1922- LENHARD- Arthur J.-1902-1986 Grace A.-1905-1994 WOODS- Kenneth J.-1925- Mary E.-1926-1984 George E.-1927- May C.-1925- *SCOTT- Nellie K.-1907-1980 Raymond C.-1909- JACOBSEN- flat stones: Joyce A.-Sept.23,1942-Feb.11,1989 William Arnold-Oct.18,1940-Nov.17,1980- A2C US AirForce Vietnam NEILD- Jeanne Marie-1963-1981 Dewitt E.- Henrietta M.- BERGMAN- Frank-1922- WWII Veteran Arlene-1923- SHUTTS- Marion C.-1907- Baby Charles-1935 Donald M.-1904-1984 SWIFT- Grace E.-Oct.14,1902-Mar.23,1994 Harry C.-Oct.14,1903-June 14,1990 HALL- Neil E.-1919 Juanita V.-1920- DUGAR/FAIRBANKS- Jeremy N.-June 27,1974-May 12,1990 his picture on stone with soccer field and net VANDEUSEN/MUSA- Marie E. Vandeusen-Musa-1927-1996 “Beloved brothers Duane, Don and Russ” Gary John Musa-1956-1984 “Beloved son and brother” Vet marker *space *DAWSON- Elizabeth P.-1915- Claude W.-1913-1987 ROESSNER- Ronald J.-1946-1987 KELLOGG- Julia *_______-1948- Terry E.-1945-1991 race car and humming bird on stone STORR- William E.-1935- Mary R.-1938 *space *FERLITO- James-1912- Santina M.-1914 GIFFORD- Nita Ann-June 24,1951-June 25,1993- daughter of Dorothy SPRIGGS SPRIGGS- Floyd C.-Mar.10,1918-Sept.15,1994 married *_________ Dorothy M.-*________,1930- HENDRICKS- Ruth K.-1919- Harry J.-Jr.-1921- SHERMAN- Madolyn L.-1921-1995 married 1941 Samuel H.-May 1,1917-Nov.3,1990-US Army WW2 COE- funeral marker-Doris M.-b.Nov.27,1948 d.Dec.18,1990 KANALEY- Leola Pearl-1906-1991-Mom PETTIE- Barbara J.HENDRICKS-1925- Edward F.-1926- USMM USA “..and I will bless you and see that you will be a blessing” Genesis 12 EVANS- A.Helen-1919-1992 Donald A.-1917- RICHARDS- Merle C.-Nov.13,1921-Oct.26,1994 PFC US Army Air Corps WW2 Marjorie L.-1920-1991 LAPAGE- Rita HAWLEY-Mar.11,1954-Dec.18,1991 Perry F.-*_______- Perry M.-Jan.15,1927-Oct.25,1997 Vet marker Pauline M.-*________- TRUAX- William E.-1936- married *___________ Martha J.-1937-1990 picture of dog and owl on stone *space *SMITH- John F.-1925-1990 married Feb.22,1944 Barbara A.-1928-1995 Normand C.-1928-1993 Joan F.-1930- PENN- Alma D.-Oct.28,1924-Sept.7,1992 “Love always remembers” O’GRADY- Jeanette *________-1941- Charles E.-1930-1996-Vet marker and Hannibal VFD marker VAN PATTEN- A.Earle-1911-1992 Marian A.*________-1913- Albert E.Jr.-1941- ESPOSITO- Michael C.-Dec.21,1993-Mar.1,1994 “An angel fallen but not forgotten” Grandpa and Grandma E.-stone has pedestal with Cherub INCH- Harry W.,Sr.-Apr.26,1918-May 21,1994-Tec.5 US Army WW2 married *_________ Lenore A.-*___________- SAUNDERS- Howard D.-Nov.14,1890-Dec.13,1980- Pvt. US Army WW1 Section 10 *Fuller- Mary H.-1914-1996 Edwin W.-1915- BLYTHE- Frederick-Apr.13,1934-Apr.18,1999-funeral marker-Vet STUART- Robert F.-1928-1996-US Navy-Vet “In God’s Care” Arline M.-1923- WALLACE- Donald R.-1932- Sydney L.-1935 FAMILO- “Al”-Albert William-1980-1992-picture of deer and trees on stone MAC CAULL- Raymond A.-1920- Marie H.-1924- Ann L.-1946- BESAW- Robert E.-1923- Ann C.-1925-1993 *two stones of row *SITZER- Barbara LAGOE- “Buffy”-1934- married Jan.23,1954 Richard Allen,Jr.-1933-1996-Vet Richard A. III- “Skip”-1958 SCRUTON- Evelyn L.-1929- *FUSS- Lucy *______-1931- Joseph P.-1927 HUDSON- Don R.-1935-1994 Mary E.-1936- MOODY- William D.,Sr.-1970-1995 “In loving memory” FARNHAM- Ralph A.-1920- Jessie L.-1920- MATSON- W.Robert-1922- Bessie J.-1922-1996 *space *O’CONNOR- William J. Jr.-1924- Cecilia E.-1924- McMILLEN- Jason Lee- “JA MAN”-June 18,1978-Dec.19,1996 “Everybody’s friend” his picture CODY- Cecile-Nov.4,1921-June 12,1995-Sgt. US Army WW2 DE GROFF- Herbert L.-May 15,1927-June 4,1995-Pvt.US Army WW2-Hannibal VFD married *__________ Lillian M.-*_________ *BARNHARDT- Dewitt M.-1902-1988 Helen E.-1905-1997 GRAVATT- Bethany M.-1982- Kathryn M.-1949- BALDWIN- Theodore-*________1925- married *________ Louise KEHLER SCHROPE BALDWIN-July 2,1921-May 17,1993-US Navy-WW2 Kathryn *___________- married *___________ no other name COOPER- Douglas William-July 7,1965-Feb.21,1997- “Beloved son, husband and Daddy” on back of stone: *_______________ HAMMOND- William F. Jr.-1950-1993-Vet marker Arleen J.-wife-1955- *space WOODS- Stella M.-1923- William W.-1921-1997 HUGHES- William E.-Sept.15,1937-Apr.3,1998 Virginia E.-*_________- KNIGHT- Gladys G.- “loved by all”-Jan.19,1922-Dec.27,1993 *only one stone in row *BRETT- Samantha Carol-Mar.16,1994- “A moment in our arms, forever in our hearts” picture of Teddy Bear *three stones in this row POORMON- Clayton G.-1921-1999-Vet Frances M.-1915- MEISENZAHL- Michael C.-1982-1999-funeral marker GARDNER- Maynard E.-1915- Nancy M.-1916-1998 *one stone in this row FETTERLEY- Robert F.-1940-1996-Vet Sharon L.-1943- Baseball and glove; butterfly on stone *no stones *McNABB- Michael P.-1970-1998 ASKEW- May E.-1897-1999-flat stone BONNELL- George W.-1958-1996-funeral marker FETTERLY- Richard V.-1943-1994-flat stone *DARLING- Ernest H.-1926-1999-Vet marker Arleen W.-1942-

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