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Methodist Church, Parish, N.Y.
Methodist Church in Parish, N.Y.

Church Records and photograph was generously contributed by Mary Lou Guindon.

NAME STATE IN LIFE RESIDENCE WHEN Recv'd ByWhom Recv'd Class Joined When & How Baptized
Francis Barney married  Parish village Feb. 1869 A.J. Cowles Parish Ch. 1 rev'd to full membership Jan. 29, 1871
Estell Miller single Parish NW Feb. 1869 AJ Cowles Parish Ch. 1 -
Emma Miller single Parish NW Jan.1, 1871 AJ Cowles Parish Ch. 1 sprinkled removed to Dentons Corners Oswego, NY
John Reddington married   Parish Feb 22, 1880 JE Eusinger - dropped
Mrs. John Reddington married Parish  Feb. 22, 1880 JE Eusinger  - dropped
Truman Reddington married Parish East  Apr. 10, 1880 - baptis in infancy  recv'd to full membership
Mrs. Emma J. Miller married Parish South  Feb 22, 1880 JE Eusinger  - recv'd to full membership
Feb. 6, '81
Jennie Casler  single Parish North Feb. 22, 1880  JE Eusinger - dropped
Ida Cottet single Carley's Mills Feb. 22, 1880 JE Eusinger  - transferred
Daniel J. Klock  married Parish Feb. 22, 1880 JE Eusinger - transferred
Mrs. Daniel (Hannah) Klock married Parish  Feb. 22, 1880 JE Eusinger   total immersion
Sept. 11, 1881
Mrs. Truman Reddington married  Parish  July 1880 JE Eusinger Feb. 27, 1881 sprinkled Apr. 10, 1881 re'c in full connection
Truman Reddington married  Edicks Pond  dismissed by letter March1884
Mary K Reddington married Edicks Pond  dismissed by letter March1884
Emily Hooper Miller married Dugway N 
James W Hooper single  Dugway N 
TA Hooper married Hongkong
CS Hooper single Dugway N 
Lucinda Hooper  married Wood District - Dugway Church
Emily Miller  married Wood District   - Dugway Church
James Hooper single Wood District   - Dugway Church 
FA Hooper married Wood District   - Dugway Church 
Lany Tilton  married Chuchills N Oct. 1868 AJ Cowles Parish Ch No. 3  -
Levi Tilton married Churchills N Oct. 1868  AJ Cowles Parish Ch. No. 3  -
Lester G. Tilton single  Colosse  - -- -- rec'vd by letter

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