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Nutting Cemetery 
Town of West Monroe, NY

Many thanks to Kathleen L. Last and Virginia Ackerman for contributing 
this cemetery, and its much appreciated.

This cemetery is located on the west side of Rte. 11, about 8 miles north of the village of West Monroe. The cemetery does not appear to be maintained on a regular basis. The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen L. Last & Virginia Ackerman on September 4, 2002. 

Nutting Cemetery, West Monroe, NY
Nutting Cemetery, West Monroe, NY
Photograph by  Kathleen L. Last

Nutting Cemetery, West Monroe, NY
Nutting Cemetery, West Monroe, NY
Photograph by  Kathleen L. Last

Alber, Erasia died Aug. 4, 1867 age 74 yrs 

Alberton, Carrie C., wife of E. D. Alberton, died Sep. 4, 1871 age 23 yrs 

Alsever, Lester 1841-1925

Alsever, Lurana A., wife (of Lester Alsever), 1851-1930 

Benson, Ardelia E. Potter, wife (of Perry Benson), 1849-(no date)

Benson, Gertie, dau of P. & A. Benson, died April 13, 1869 age 14 mos 6 dys

Benson, Lucy Anettie died Dec. 22, 1874

Benson, Perry, Co. H 185th NY Vols. 1844-1918

Benson, Susan died March 12, 1863

Benson, William C., son of William C. & Susan Benson, died Dec. 22, 1812 age 9 yrs 

Bills, Jane M., dau of Frances R. VanOrmun, step-dau of Harry VanOrmun, 1861-1897 (spelling as on stone) 

Fielding, Emma A. 1851-1935

Fielding, Richard, Co. L 15 NY Engrs. 1846-1916 

Haight, Bertha A. 1883-(no date)

Haight, Perry C. 1874-1951 

Kimball, Julius, Co. J 24th NYV, died March 1, 1863 age 19 yrs 

Larrabet, H. (no dates)

Larrabet, H. N. (no dates) 

Long, G. May Fielding July 30, 1880-Sep. 11, 1904

Long, John, Co. H 97th Regt. NYV, 1839-1903 

Matthews, Abiram W. died April 5, 1863 age 20 yrs 8 mos 

McMath, Alexander died Aug. 3, 1882 age 81 yrs 

Merrett, Jedadiah, son of M. & A. Merrett, died April 19, 1841 age 3 yrs 1 mo 13 dys

Merritt, Stevan died Sep. 10, 1874 age 75 yrs 

Miller, Adam, Co. I 37th Bat. NYV, died Jan. 26, 1889 age 72 yrs 2 mos 18 dys

Miller, Ellen, his housekeeper, died 1905 (on same stone with Daniel Mitchell 1818-1904) 

Mitchell, Daniel 1818-1904

Mitchell, Daniel died June 18, 1861 age 84 yrs

Mitchell, Fanny, dau of John Benson & wife of James Mitchell, died March 20, 1862 age 79 yrs 

Morto, Justin 1836-1902

Morto, Sarah 1838-1935 

Nutting, Emila 1831-1857

Nutting, Rev. William 1799-1872

Nutting, Sarah, wife of Rev. Wm. Nutting, died April 18, 1837 age 36 yrs 

Russell, Jerome 1834-1907

Russell, Lucia, wife (of Jerome Russell), 1836-(no date) 

Saunders, Charles, Co. H 20th. Regt. NY Cal. 1845-1922 

Shufty, George Henry 1868-1894

Shufty, Malinda, wif eof Frank Shufty, 1833-1889 

Smith, Ernest E., son of Earl & Alma Smith, Sep. 1, 1905-Nov. 5 1906

Smith, Mary Elizabeth, wife of Hiram Smith & dau of Warren & Sarah A. Burgess, died Feb. 19, 1880 age 41 yrs 8 mos 13 dys 

Turo, David, Co.H 147th Reg. NYV, died 1897 age 77 yrs

Turo, George died Nov. 7, 1863 age 21 yrs 1 mo 13 dys

Turo, Gusy, son of D. & J. Turo, died Dec. 20, 1860 age 5 yrs 3 mos 10 dys 

VanOrnum, Frances 1831-1902 (spelling as on stone)

VanOrnum, Harry, Co. F 97th Regt NY Vol., died Dec. 4, 1893 age 63 yrs (spelling as on stone) 

Voorhees, Fannie, wife (of Garrett Voorhees), 1817-1897

Voorhees, Garrett 1815-1882

Voorhees, Sarah 1845-1884

Voorhees, Warren 1839-1905 

Woods, Amy M., wife of Lucius Woods, died Nov. 1, 1883 age 47 yrs 

Wright, Frances D., wife of John D. Wright, died Nov. 12, 1890 age 72 yrs 7 mos

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