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Autograph book of Hattie Anderson Baker, 1871-1920
Hannibal, NY

My husband owns his grandmother's autograph book which dates from 1890 and 1891.  She lived a portion of her young life in Hannibal, New York and a lot of the autographs were from people that lived in Hannibal
or had family in Hannibal.  There are not a lot of autographs but it is a sweet book.  If there are any people living around there that would like a xerox copy of their relatives "handwriting", I would be only to happy to oblige. Some of these are almost foretold her short life.  
Submitted by Dorothy & Phil Baker at <>

Many thanks to Dorothy & Phil Baker for sharing with us this beautiful autograph book of Phil's grandmother.  The writings here are just beautiful and sad at the same time.

July 17, ----   Hattie:  "Scatter the seeds of kindness though your
deeds may never be known, for the harvest will ripen in "Glory" if the
seeds are faithfully sown."  Etta _anderburg.

To Hattie:  Best Wishes of your Sister.  Jennie M. Anderson  Oswego

March 10, 1891  Best wishes of your friend.  W. H. Guyett

Hannibal, Feb. 16, 1890  " May your life have just clouds enough to end
in a glorious sunset."  Clarence Wiltse

Hannibal, Feb. 16, 1890  Hattie: " May the pearly gates of Heaven so far
beyond the sea, open wide some day dear Hattie to welcome you and
me."  Is the wish of your friend, Zoa Sitterly

"Love worketh no ill to his neighbor therefore love is the fulfilling of the
___".  Marge Wiltse, Hannibal, NY

Compliments of your cousin, D. C. Adamy  Groton, Sept. 30, 1890  

"Some friends may wish thee far from care, others joys and wealth, some
may wish you blessings rare, long life and perfect health.  My wish for
thee is better far than all the others given, that when you from this world
depart, your soul may rest in Heaven."  Mary Frances Adamy, Groton   
9th/20th/1890  (There were Adamy's living in Hannibal--they are related)

Hattie: "Ever remember me as a friend who wishes you nothing but true
happiness."  Lucy   March 10, 1891   (This could have been Lucy Guyette)

Moses L. Barrus

"May you my friend remain the same in everything except your name." 
From your friend Antoinette Barrus.

Hattie:  "Were mine the power, I'd twine for thee A crown of Jewels
rare, Each gem should be a kingdom, each pearl, a humble prayer."  Ever
your friend, Alice Bush, Weedsport, NY July 19, 1890     

To Hattie:  "Think of me in the hours of leisure, Think of me in the hour of
care, Think of me in the hours of pleasure, Spare me one thought in the
hour of prayer."  Your sister, Lucy Wiltse.  Hannibal, Feb. 15, 1890

To Hattie:  "True friends are like true diamonds, scarce but precious,
False ones are like leaves of the forest, without number."  Sincerely your
friend, John Baker, Cato, NY  Jan. 10, 1890  (John married Hattie but
their marriage was fairly short as she died in the flu epidemic in 1920 in
Cato, NY)

"In every leaf a message see and give my flowers a smell for me."  Your
friend Wallis Mills.  June 15, 1890

March 8, 1891  "May all your years in joy be passed, and each prove
happier than the last".  Ever your friend, Hattie Miner  


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