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History of Putnam County


Chapter XXII

Town of Southeast

The Fowlers

     At the north end of the Ellis farm is the division between Lots 9 and 8. All the land to the north derives its title from Philipse Philipse, his widow, Margaret Ogilvie, and his son, Frederick. Here, on the northeast corner of the road, is an old house of Revolutionary times. This was in former days the home of Samuel Pardee, who was a soldier during the Revolution and a blacksmith afterward, his shop standing on the west side of the road, opposite the house. He had a small farm of 29 acres in the southwest corner of Lot 8, which he bought of Frederick Philipse. After a long life of usefulness, Samuel Pardee died April 14th, 1847, at the age of 87. His wife, Abigail, died June 24th, 1825, aged 64, and both rest in an orchard on the south side of the road to Carmel, by the house of LeGrand Hughson.
     To the east of the Old Pardee house and just west of the reservoir stands another old house, which was once the residence of Major Fowler, and probably of his father, Caleb Fowler, before him. The Fowler family were tenants of large farms in this vicinity, and MOses Fowler's farm and homestead was where his grandson, Elijah Fowler, now lives. The Fowler family are descended from two brothers, Moses and Caleb Fowler, who came from a place called "Saw Pits," now Portchester, Westchester county. Moses Fowler was born in 1728, and died September 1st, 1821, aged 92. He married Mary Brundage, who died in 1815. Their children were: Hannah, wife of — Bailey; Jane, wife of John Strang; Phebe, wife of James Colwell; William, born January 15th, 1761, died April 12th, 1842; Betsy, 2d wife of David Reed; Moses, born April 12th, 1765; Solomon, born June 7th, 1767; Jonathan, born September 11th, 1769; John, born December 4th, 1771; Mary, wife of David Myrrick; Elijah, born August 10th, 1776, died December 5th, 1825; and George, born September 12th, 1779.
     Of these sons, Solomon left sons, Deacon William, of Patterson, John and Moses. William had children, Daniel (who died October 15th, 1826, aged 26) and Clarissa, wife of Amos Fuller.
     John moved to West Somers, and George lived in Peekskill Hollow.
     Elijah Fowler married Polly, daughter of Thomas Fields. He left children: May, Susan and Elijah. The last, who is now living on the old homestead of his father and grandfather married Susan, daughter of Isaac Hall, and his children are Carrie, George, James, Jennie, and Fannie, wife of Le Grand Hughson.
     Caleb Fowler, brother of Moses, died August 6th, 1805, aged 72. He had a wife, Eliza, and children, Susan and Phebe, who both died unmarried; and Major.
     Major Fowler married Patty, daughter of William Watts, leaving children: John, James, Robert, Benjamin, Semanthe, wife of Brunson, and Eliza, wife of — Gregory. Major Fowler lived in the old house now standing on the north side of the road and just west of the reservoir. The farms on the southwest part of Lot 8 were sold to Moses and Caleb Fowler by Adolph Philipse about 1780.
     Among the deeds recorded in Dutchess county we find the following, which related to lands in this town:
     John Ogilvie and wife Margaret sell to Thomas and Joseph Paddock "Farm 43, on the plan of the East middle Short Lot (Lot 8) Beginning at a white oak stump, at the Southwest corner of Reuben Crosby's farm, thence South 88 chains, thence North 87 degrees, East 45 chains to the Oblong. Then by the Oblong North 11 degrees East, 107 chains, then S. 72½ W. 66 chains 50 links to the beginning containing 483 acres." March 8th, 1770.
     This tract embraced the land lying north of Doansburg, and part of it was afterward sold to the Doane family.
     John Ogilie and wife, Margaret:, sell to Caleb Fowler "Farm 20 on Lot 8, Bounded South by Col. Morris Lot No. 9, West by Moses Fowler and Jonathan Paddock, East by farm 24, North by Farms 23, 21 7," price £585. Caleb Fowler sold this farm to his son, Major Fowler, April 1st, 1790. This farm lies north of the bridge over the reservoir at Tilly Foster Mines. The old house of Major Fowler is still standing, north of the road, and is now owned by Elijah Fowler.
     Margaret Ogilvie sells to Reuben Ferris "140 acres in Philipse Long Lot (No. 6) on the east side of the Lot, and running west to Mill river 140 acres, being the north part of the farm on which Reuben Ferris now lives." May 17th, 1791.
     This is the farm and homestead now owned by Samuel Ferris (grandson of Reuben) on the north side of the road which runs to Drewville from the highway leading from Carmel to Croton Falls. This tract is in the town of Carmel, and is bounded east by the original line between Lots 6 and 9. The original deed is now in the possession of Samuel Ferris, and is curious from the fact that it was written by Chancellor James Kent, when a young man, and is signed by him as a witness.
     North of the Elijah Fowler farm is the homestead and farm of Theodore Kelley, formerly supervisor of the town. This farm was in 1754 leased from Mrs. Margaret Ogilvie, by Daniel Townsend, jr. A part of it was afterward held by John Burcham, and on the Croton River close by are the remains of a mill which stood here during the Revolution and was a mill seat many years before. "Burcham's mill" is laid down on Erskine's military map, as a well known landmark in 1780.
     An encampment of American troops was near this place in the Revolution.

[Web Editor's Note: On page 423 of this book there is a small (3 inches X 2 inches, approximately) map showing the layout of the Lots and the western edge of the reservoir. As soon as I get it scanned, it will be posted here. I have not yet compared it to the map shown under the Philipse Patent Maps section of the main page but you may wish to do so.]

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