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Putnam County, New York

History of Putnam County
Chapter XXIII
The Town of Southeast

The Reed Family

John Reed, the ancestor of this family came from Cornwall, England. He was born in 1633, and was a soldier from the age of 16, and a subaltern in Cromwell's army. On the restoration of Charles II, he fled to America and settled at Providence. He married a Miss Purdy, and removed to Norwalk, Conn., where he lived at a place called Reed's Farms, on Five-mile River. He died in 1730, at the age of 98. His children were: John, Thomas, William, Mary and Abigail.

Thomas Reed married Mary Olmstead, May 9th, 1694. His children were: Mary, Eunice, Thomas, born May 7th, 1699; John, born August 7th, 1701; Elizabeth, Ann, Temperance, Elias, born March 16th, 1711; and Nathan, born August 13th, 1713.

Nathan Reed married Mary, daughter of Samuel Peck, Norwich, Conn., December 22d, 1737. Their children were: Mary, Ann, Hannah, Nathan, born July 27th, 1747; David, born September 2d, 1750; Elizabeth J., and Elias, born November 3d, 1756.

David Reed came to the town of Southeast in 1790, from Norwalk, Conn., and bought a farm, his homestead being on die site of the present residence of Mr. Edwin Reed, on the north side of the road from Brewster to the Tilly Foster Mine. He married Bethia Close March 24th, 1779. Their children were: James, born March 19th, 1780; Shadrach, born November 28th, 1781; David, born September 20th, 1783; Henry, born August 5th, 1785; and Lewis, born October 6th, 1787.

Mrs. Bethia Reed died January 17th, 1790, and Mr. Reed was married a second time to Elizabeth, daughter of Moses Fowler, October 20th, 1791. Their children were Nancy and Moses F. The latter was born February 9th, 1802. David Reed died August 11th, 1813, at the age of 63.

James Reed, the oldest son, married Clorinda, daughter of Judge John Crane, September 23d, 1802. She was born in 1787 and died in 1868. Their children were: Henry C., born November 21st, 1803, James Harvey, born August 7th, 1805; Lewis A., born April 23d, 1807, died 1882.

James Harvey Reed, who is now living in the town of Carmel on the farm formerly owned by Judge Barnabas Carver, married Emily, daughter of Thomas Hazen, April 26th, 1826. His children are: Hon. Thomas H. Reed, who was member of Assembly in 1862; Henry A., James H., jr., John A., William B., Julia, Adeline A., Frances E. (deceased 1881), Ansel H., Charles A., and George E.

Lewis Reed, son of David Reed, was born October 6th, 1787, and died April 15th, 1829. He married E1izabeth, daughter of Gilbert and Sarah Bailey, of North Sa1em, Westchester county, October 25th, 1810. Their children were: Bai1ey, who died in childhood; David, born November 25th, 1813; Sally B.; Nancy; wife of John Cable; Theodore, born April 6th, 1819; Emeline, wife of Silas Mead; and Edwin, born June 4th, 1823.

Mr. Edwin Reed, the subject of this article, was born on the homestead of his father a short distance east of his present residence His education was received at the public schools of his native town, and agriculture has been the business of his life. The old homestead was a farm of about 130 acres, but it has been increased by judicious purchases until it now embraces more than 300 acres. Mr. Reed is generally recognized as one of the most successful farmers in the county, his farm being finely located and possessing the advantages of excellent soil and good situation.

Mr. Reed has always been a republican in politics, a strong supporter of the temperance cause, which he assists by his vote and influence. In addition to his property in this county he has extensive real estate in the village of Sing Sing, Westchester county. The residence of Mr. Reed was built in 1852 by Bailey Howes. It stands on the site of the home of David Reed, which stood in Revolutionary times, and from its location and tasteful appearance is one of the finest country residences in this section of the county.

Mr. Reed married Polly A., daughter of Stephen and Martha Bloomer, November 24th, 1852. They are the parents of six children: Oscar C., Robert B. (deceased), Stella C., George E. (now a student in the Medical Department of Columbia College), Mattie Elizabeth and Herbert C.

Mr. Reed has been connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church of Brewster for 35 years. Although taking an active interest in political affairs he has never been a seeker after office or its honors.

David Reed, oldest son of Louis Reed, married Mary, daughter of Harvey Palmer, of Westchester county, February 1st, 1847, and after her decease he was married to E1izabeth, daughter of Wright Hobby, November 11th, l857. His children are Harvey P. and Dr. Charles.

Theodore Reed married Mary, daughter of Ezra Rundle, of Westchester county, April 9th, 1839. His children are Sarah, Lewis, Elizabeth, Emma O.; and Jennie M.

The farm of David Reed was left by him to his son, Moses F. Reed, who sold it to Seymour Allen February 24th, 1825. He conveyed it to Lyman Bai1ey, March 21st, 1825, and it was sold by him to Floyd Bailey March 30th, 1829. He in turn sold it to Bailey Howes April 6th, 1836, for $12,143. Bailey Howes sold it to Isaac Kelley, May 2d, 1856, for $26, 000, and he conveyed it to Jesse and Lawrence Haviland April 1st, 1858, for $20,250. Upon a foreclosure of mortgage it was sold by Edmond Doane, sheriff, to Mr. Edwin Reed, the present owner, January 27th, 1879, for $11,800.

The farm of David Reed was sold by the commissioners of forfeiture to Edmond Mead in December, 1781. Edmond Mead sold it to Ebenezer Waring January 1st, 1788, and he sold it to David Reed January 17th, 1788, and from him it descended as above.


CHARLES E. EVERETT, so well known as the proprietor of the, "Hotel Everett" on Chatham street, New York city, is of English descent. His grandfather, Abram Everett, came from England early in the history of the Republic and settled upon a farm in Putnam county where his son Charles, father of Charles E. Everett, was born.

Mr. Everett was the youngest son among twelve children. His birth took place September 18th, 1841, at Brewster, where be was also educated in the public schools. Leaving Brewster at the age of fourteen he went to New York city, where he engaged in the milk business with the Hon. Samuel H. Everett, now proprietor of the well-known hotel at the foot of Vesey street. Mr. Everett remained thus occupied during the space of four years, after which he became a clerk in the Vesey Street Hotel, afterward becoming a partner in its management.

For fifteen years Mr. Everett continued thus, when he retired, at the same time purchasing from his brother, into whose hands it had fallen, the homestead property, his birthplace. After two years spent in farming and improvement of his place in the country, Mr. Everett returned to New York and opened the hotel, Nos. 84, 86, 88 and 90 Chatham street, well known as the Hotel Everett.

This concern was formerly Crook's Hotel and Dining Rooms. It is one of the best regulated and ventilated houses in New York city and contains two hundred and fifty well 1ighted and neatly furnished rooms. It has well arranged suites of apartments for families and contains the very best of accommodations for single boarders. The entire house is open day and night and occasional sojourners in New York city will find in its proprietor that genial and accommodating disposition so necessary for the successful management; of a large hotel. It is a notable fact that the "Hotel Everett" was the first building of the kind in New York lighted by the Edison (system) electric light.

Mr. Everett, by his untiring energy and careful management, has succeeded in possessing himself of an ample fortune with the proceeds of which he is ever on the alert to do a good deed. He is still in possession of the Valley View farm at Brewster, and continues to be well known throughout Putnam county, where, like his ancestor before him, he has maintained a reputation for spotless integrity.

Source: pages 514 to 517.

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