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History of Putnam County


Chapter XXIX

Personal Sketches
Town of Philipstown

Web Editor's Note: The bolding of the surnames was done by the web editor and is not printed this way in Pelletreau's "History...".

Thomas H. Austin,
son of Thomas Austin, is a well known resident of Garrison's. Of the many children of his father's family one son, Samuel, is now living at Cold Spring, and another is master of the ferry at Garrison's.
Prof. Granville Barnum
was born in Danbury, Conn., June 10th, 1842, and was educated at the high school of his native place and at the State Normal School. He began teaching in Bethel, Conn., in 1859. In 1861 he taught at Milltown in Southeast, and in 1871 became principal of the public school in Nelsonville, and has conducted it with great success till the present time. He married Mary S., daughter of John B. Roberts, and has three children: Edith R., J. Clark, and Willard E.
James S. Boyd
was born in Cold Spring, March 4th, 1857. His father, Charles Boyd, was the supervisor of Philipstown during the late war, and prominently connected with public affairs. In 1850 Mr. Charles Boyd founded the drug store and pharmacy, which is now conducted by his son under the name of Boyd & Co. Mr. James S. Boyd is the corporation treasurer of Cold Spring, agent for Fishkill Savings Bank, and also agent for several steamship companies. He married Minnie, daughter of David Lloyd, and has one daughter.
Thomas A. Coe,
son of Thomas D., and grandson of Darius Coe, was born in Morris county, N. J., June 14th, 1845. Since the age of 16 he has been engaged in mercantile affairs. He was town clerk of Philipstown for many years, and is prominently connected with the Masonic fraternity and with the Methodist Episcopal Church of Cold Spring. He married Pamelia, daughter of William C. Entrott, and has two children, Hattie and William.
Isaac B. Davenport,
son of Benjamin, and grandson of Isaac Davenport, was a well known wood and timber contractor. He died April 6th, 1874, aged 52. He married Mary E., daughter of Nicholas Wood. She now resides in Cold Spring with one son, Isaac F. Davenport.
James Y. Dykman,
born in Philipstown, July 8th, 1845, has been for many years engaged in general merchandise in Nelsonville. He is a member of the Masonic order and a supporter of the Methodist Church. He married Anna, daughter of John Van Tassel, and has one child, Minnie.
Thomas Gaunt
was born in Leeds, Eng., in 1845, and came to America in 1856. In 1884 he became connected with the West Point Foundry Association of which he is now superintendent and vice-president. Mr. Gaunt was at one time the superintendent of the Colwell Iron Works. He built the Brooklyn sugar house and the large buildings of the Chicago Sugar Refining Company. His brother, William Gaunt, who came to this country with him, is now assistant superintendent of the West Point Foundry.
Frank H. Greene, A.M.,
was born in Peekskill, N.Y., in 1842, and was educated at Princeton College. For a number of years he was in business in South Carolina, but for the past ten years has been in the education work in Putnam county, and is now principal of Rock Street Public School of Cold Spring. He is president of the Putnam County Teachers' Association.
Caleb Hustis
was the owner of a large estate in the northern part of Philipstown, his homestead being that now owned by the heirs of Thomas Wright. He died in the latter part of the last century, leaving a wife, Charity, and eighth children: William, Jonathan, Esther, wife of Timothy Wood; Anna, wife of Samuel Warren; Phebe, wife of Ebenezer Lobdell; Rachel, wife of --- Bownes; Elizabeth, wife of William Davenport; and Mary. William Hustis died about 1815. He married Phebe Mekeel, and had eight children: Caleb, Isaac, Samuel, Josiah, Susan, wife of Uriah Drake; Sally, wife of Jacob Haight; Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Wright; and Charity. Caleb Hustis died in 1864 at the age of 68. He married Elizabeth, daughter of James Haight. Their children were: Martha J.; Jeanette, wife of Nicholas Wood; James, Milton, Phebe A., wife of Arvis Haight; Hannah, wife of Richard Travis; and William J. William J. Hustis, who is now living upon a portion of the ancestral estate, was born February 17th, 1838. The large estate of his grandfather, Caleb Hustis, was left by him to his wife, Charity, who left it by will to her two sons, William and Jonathan. The western part was the share of William and now belongs to William J., while the eastern part belongs to the heirs of Thomas Wright and the heirs of Samuel Hustis. William J. Hustis married Susan, daughter of John Horn. They have three children: Caleb, Arthur and Myrtie.
Samuel Hustis,
son of Caleb Hustis mentioned above, lived and died a farmer on a part of the ancestral estate. He married Elizabeth, daughter of David Hustis, a distant relative. Their children were: Harvey, William (deceased), and David. Mr. Hustis died February 4th, 1880, aged 72.
Thomas W. Jaycox,
son of William H. Jaycox, is a well known citizen of Philipstown, having been commissioner of highways and county commissioner for several years. He is a farmer, and is one of the prominent members and an active supporter of the North Highland Methodist Church. He married Mary E., daughter of Thomas Mekeel, and has two children, Seward and Lizzie.
Peter B. Lawson
was chief engineer and superintendent of West Point Foundry Company, and came from New York when the works were first started. He was born in 1810 and died at Cold Spring in May, 1879. He invented many improvements in machinery, including the projectile for Parrott's rifled cannon. He married Margaret Eisenburg. Their children are Margaret E., William K., Emma and Martina.
James Mekeel,
son of Thomas, and grandson of William, was born at Highland Falls, December 19th, 1845. For some years he has been engaged in the timber and lumber business at Cold Spring, his residence being at Mekeel's Corners. His grandfather, William, lived on the place now owned by Levi H. Bailey. Mr. Mekeel married Anna E., daughter of Elijah Mekeel. They have two sons, Homer E. and Robert H.
Peter Mekeel
was a farmer in Philipstown, east of Cold Spring. He died in the fall of 1885. He married Amy Ferris. Their children were: William H., Caleb, Isaac, Sylvenus, Philena, Mary, Ethelinda and Anna. Of the sons, Caleb and Sylvenus now live in Nelsonville.
Charles Miller
was born at West Point, March 4th, 1839. He came to Cold Spring and established a market in December, 1874. Mr. Miller is a member of the Episcopal Church. He married Leonara Mikmak. His children are: Charles A., Henry M., Frederick S. and Florence.
William E. Nelson
was born in Cold Spring, August 11th, 1845. For 15 years he has conducted an extensive livery business in his native village. He holds the position of under sheriff of the county. He married Annie, daughter of David Haight, and has one child, Helen E.
Wright E. Perry
was born in Kent, October, 1839. For many years he has been the proprietor of a grocery store in Cold Spring. Mr. Perry is a member of the masonic order, and a democrat.
George W. Purdy,
son of Samuel H. Purdy, was born at Goshen, Orange county, May 29th, 1810. He commenced a mercantile business at Cornwall, and came to Cold Spring in September, 1852, and in 1865 erected the building which is his present place of business. Mr. Purdy belongs to the Society of Friends. He married Charlotte, daughter of Robert Provost; they had one son, Robert P. After the death of Mrs. Purdy, he married Sarah C., daughter of Aaron Harvey, and widow of John Monks. They had one son, George W. The children of Mrs. Purdy by her former marriage are John A. S. Monks, an artist of great celebrity; Mary E., and Sarah P., who is now a teacher in San Angelos, California.
Seth Secor,
son of Alfred Secor, was born in Cold Spring July 13th, 1839, and is a general merchant. He has held the offices of town clerk and supervisor of Philipstown. He married Emily, daughter of Solomon Bronson. They had three children, Etta and Alfred (both deceased), and Cornelia.
Oscar H. Speedling
was born in Washingtonville, Orange county, and came to this county about 1856. For 25 years he has conducted a general market business in Nelsonville. He has been connected with the Methodist church for 45 years.
Colin Tolmie
is the third generation of the same name who has been connected with the West Point Foundry. His grandfather, Colin Tolmie, came from New York when the works were established, and was in the employ of the company till the time of his death in 1882. His father, Colin Tolmie, 2d, lost his life by the building of a mortar made for the use of life saving stations, in 1875, at the age of 45. He married Rachel, daughter of john and Sarah Shriver. Their only child is Colin Tolmie, 3d, who is now the stock and shipping clerk of the foundry. He married Miss Annie L. daughter of John C. Du Bois, and has one child, Agnes M.
Darius Truesdell
was born at Fishkill Landing February 27th, 1827. He was an extensive dealer in live stock and came to Cold Spring in 1840, and remained till 1860. In 1873 he returned to this place and remained till his death, March 2d, 1886. Mr. Truesdell married, first, Ann M. Haight, second, Harriet B. Mason. His son, James Truesdell, is living in the village of Sing Sing.
Charles B. Warren
was born at Garrison's, in 1831. His homestead is the one formerly owned by Stephen Davenport in the eastern part of Philipstown. In addition to managing his farm he runs a milk route in Cold Spring. He married Mary, daughter of Stephen Davenport. He is a member of the masonic order, and is trustee and steward of the North Highlands Methodist Church.
Milton Wise
was born in Salisbury, Orange county, in 1818, and was the son of Benjamin Wise. In 1850 he came to this county and established a brick yard a the foot of Breakneck Mountain on the river shore, and now makes 2,500,000 bricks annually: He married Catharine Low.

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