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History of Putnam County


Chapter XXV
Town of Philipstown, Village of Cold Spring

Cemeteries of Cold Spring

     Near the Town Hall is an ancient burying ground, where "the rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep," and which contains many headstones, that mark the resting places of long past generations. It was used at a time when Cold Spring, as a village, had no existence, and contains the dust of a population for a wide district of country round. Besides these, who were among the early residents of the town, there were buried in later years a large number of Irish, mostly workmen engaged in the works of the West Point Foundry. One pleasing and interest feature of the inscriptions on the tombstones of this race is that they almost (invariably record the name of their birthplace, in their native country. The following list includes most of the early burials.
Josiah Mekeel, died Nov. 29th, 1849, aged 80;
Susanna, wife, Oct. 20th, 1854, 81;
Jonathan Hustis, Nov. 24th, 1850, 78;
Elizabeth, wife, Dec. 18th, 1858, 71;
Wm. Davenport, March 27th, 1852, 76;
Frances, wife, June 28th, 1820, 47;
Thomas Davenport, born April 11th, 1750, died July, 1790, 40;
Sarah, wife of John Snouck, June 17th, 1818, 35;
Martha, wife of Thomas Davenport, born Jan. 25th, 1755, died April 6th, 1789, 34;
Thomas Mekeel, May 12th, 1842, 75;
Isaac Davenport, March 18th, 1808, 56;
Elizabeth, wife, Jan. 18th, 1828, 70;
Isaac Mead, April 13th, 1811, 60;
Sarah, wife, May 30th, 1788, 31;
Isaac Wright, April 4th, 1881, 91;
Phebe, wife, May 19th, 1836, 31;
Wm. Hustis, June 26th, 1819, 55;
Phebe, wife, April 15th, 1844, 71;
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