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Putnam County, New York

History of Putnam County
Chapter XXVII (continued)
Town of Kent

Daniel R. Nichols

Josiah Nichols, the ancestor of the family, was a native of Reading, Connecticut. He was a cavalry soldier in the Revolution, and served through the war, and at the burning of Danbury, his wife and children, who were living there at the time, were compelled to flee. After the war he came to Carmel, where he lived and died.

The place where he settled is now owned by Mr. George Sunderlin, and is on the road from Carmel to Lake Mahopac.

Josiah Nichols married Elizabeth Bouton, and their children were: Henry; Lewis, who died young; Gershom, who moved to Cayuga county; James, whose family lived at Cold Spring; Elizabeth, wife of John Smith; Esther, wife of William Moore; Anna, wife of Daniel Ganong; and Phebe, wife of Stephen Travis

Henry Nichols, the oldest son, was born about 1770, and died about 1850. He married Susannah, daughter of Joseph Cole. Their children were: Joseph C., Lewis, Perry G. (who removed to Wisconsin), Henry B., Daniel R, Ruth (wife of Horace Smith), Elizabeth (wife of Jeremiah Hopkins), and Susan, deceased.

The father of this family came to Carmel and bought a farm about a mile and a half north of the village, containing about eighty acres, and gradually increased it until his possessions exceeded 300 acres. As his sons grew up and were married he gave them portions of his estate, and they all settled around him.

Joseph C. Nichols, the oldest son, married Loretta, daughter of John Northrup, and their children were: William, John F., Hannah E., Susan R., wife of John T. Barrett, and Ida J.

Lewis Nichols, who is now living at an advanced age, married Adah, daughter of Reuben Cole, and has children: Chauncey, Edgar, Edwin, Zillah, wife of Tillott Cole, and. Henrietta, wife of Matthias Newman.

Henry B. Nichols lived in Patterson, where he married Julia, daughter of Edmund Haines. His children were: John H., Albert E., David C., Edmund, and Antha J., wife of George Hazen; Achsah, wife of Charles Towner; and Melinda, wife of James Towner.

Mr. Daniel R. Nichols, the subject of this sketch, was born August 12th, 1812. His early life was spent on the farm with his father, and he inherited part of the homestead from him, but by various judicious purchases he has greatly increased his possessions until he has now more than 300 acres of excellent farming land which, by his care and skill and with the able assistance of his son, has been made one of the finest farms in this section of the country.

In 1857, Mr. Nichols built a new residence, which was burned in 1870, and upon the site he erected his present elegant and commodious home. For many years Mr. Nichols held the offices of town superintendent of schools and assessor. For several years he has been a deacon of the Carmel Baptist Church; the same position has been held by his brothers, Lewis and Perry G.

Mr. Nichols married Sarah, daughter of James Hughson. They have one son, James H. Nichols, who was born June 4th, 1837. With the care and energy of a thorough and skilled agriculturalist Mr. James Nichols has also made farming the business of his life with good and well merited success. He is a stockholder and director of the Putnam County Agricultural Society, and his choice herd of fine blooded stock never fails to attract marked attention. He married Lydia, daughter of Isaac Kelley. After her decease he married Miss Emma A., daughter of Thomas Hazen. They have one son, Homer Hazen Nichols, born April 30th, 1885. Mrs. Nichols died in the same year.

In conclusion it may be said that Mr. Nichols and the family of which he is an honored member are good representatives of the honest and enterprising farmers of Putnam county, whose fame and credit they have helped to sustain.

Source: pages 706 through 708.

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