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CARPENTER, Mary M. of Tarrytown, West., NY (-)
CARR, Jennie of Mahopac (-)
CARTER, Lydia L. (-)
CARTER, Mary E. (-)
CARVER, Barnabas of Carmel (-)
CARVER, Delicy C. of Putnam County, NY (-)
CARVER, Hannah (-)
CARVER, Stephen (-)
CARVER, Wallace C. of Carmel (1854-)
CASSELL, Rebecca of Somers, West. co., NY (-1862)
CHASE, Hannah N.K. (-)
CHRISTIAN, Gabriel (ABT 1804-1 APR 1841)
CLARKSON, David (-)
CLARKSON, Levinus (-)
CLARKSON, Thomas S. (-)
COE, Darius (-)
COE, Hattie (-)
COE, Thomas A. of Philipstown (14 JUN 1845-)
COE, Thomas D. (-)
COE, William (-)
COLE, Allen (1808-28 DEC 1880)
COLE, Antoinette of Carmel (-)
COLE, C. (-MAY 1885)
COLE, Daniel H. of Kent (-)
COLE, Deacon Daniel of Kent (-)
COLE, Emma of Carmel (-)
COLE, George R. (-)
COLE, H.C. of Carmel (1841-)
COLE, Hannah of Kent (-)
COLE, Ida of Putnam co., NY (-)
COLE, Lewis E. (-)
COLE, Margaret of Putnam Valley (-)
COLE, Susan of Carmel (-)
COLE, Tillott of Carmel (29 DEC 1811-)
COLGROVE, John (ABT 1767-17 DEC 1841)
COLGROVE, William (ABT 1736-13 NOV 1811)
COLLINGS, Mary J. (-)
COLWELL, Ezra (1811-1882)
COLWELL, Polly of Greene county, NY (-)
COLWELL, William (1800-1848)
CONKLIN, A. M. of Yonkers, NY (-)
CONKLIN, Joel (1840-)
CORBIN, W.J. of Carmel (1855-)
CORNISH, John of Carmel (18 OCT 1823-ABT 1874)
COSGRIFF, Andrew of Southeast (1821-)
COWL, Alpheus V. (-)
COWL, Benjamin P. (-)
COWL, Clifton A. (-)
COWL, Ella F. (-)
COWL, Emma A. (-)
COWL, Irene A. (-)
COWL, Lillie V. of Patterson (-)
COWL, William H. of Patterson (1839-1873)
CRAFT, David (-)
CRAFT, Frances E. (-)
CRAFT, Howard E. of Carmel (1844-)
CRAFT, Lyman (-)
CRAFT, Stephen (-)
CRAFT, William D. (-)
CRANE, Augusta S. of Carmel (-)
CRANE, Rosalinda (-)
CRAWFORD, Elizabeth of Putnam Valley (-)
CRAWFORD, Mary of Putnam Valley (-)
CRAWFORD, Nathaniel (ABT 1787-7 FEB 1858)
CREE, Delia M. of North Salem, West. Co. (-)
CROFT, Francis of Putnam Valley (-)
CROFT, Randolph (1833-)
CROFT, Samuel (1821-)
CROOK, John (-)
CROOK, Mary (-)
CROSBY, Abner (-)
CROSBY, Harriet E. of Patterson (-)
CROSBY, Louisa C. of Patterson (-)
CROSBY, Stephen (-)
CROSBY, Walter F. of Patterson (1842-)
CUMMINS, Stella of Putnam Valley (-)
CURRY, Elizabeth of Yorktown, Westchester (-)
CURRY, Sarah Amanda of Carmel (-)

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