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Rochester Chapter Officers for 2008 - 2010:

President: Michael L. Tunison

First Vice-President: Stephen A. Arter

Second Vice-President: Stephan P. Clarke

Secretary: Michael L. Tunison

Treasurer: Robert E. Coomber

Registrar:  Roy D. Goold, CG, FACG


Chancellor: Henry W. Williams, Jr., Esq. 

Chaplain: David E. Grosvenor


Board of Managers for 2005 - 2007:

       (in addition to the officers)


Richard D. Bean

Bill Brewer

Millard A. Fairley, Jr.

Millard D. Fairley

Robert R. Fuller

Robert "Ron" Hanley

Leon L. Harris, PE

Dana S. Johnson

Charles R. White



Order of Business:


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag


Announcements and Introductions


Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Treasurer's Report

Registrar's Report

Historian's Report

Graves Committee Report as required

Other Committee Reports as required

Old Business

New Business