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Rochester Chapter, SAR

Past Members Roster, 1894 Ė Present


How to read this list: on the first line of each entry is the 1) memberís date of admission and 2) memberís name including any titles that may apply. The second and subsequent lines for each member have the Patriot ancestorís 1) rank if known, 2) name and any titles that may apply, and 3) state of service if known.  

Every attempt has been made to produce as complete and accurate a listing as possible, but records have been lost over the years and there is always room for human error. Where data is missing in any of the categories listed above, it is unknown to the compilers of this list. Therefore, if any reader is able to provide missing information or to correct an error, please contact the Rochester Chapter, Empire State Society, SAR, through one of the officers listed on the siteís home page. Please provide complete details to support the addition or correction.

Abbreviations used for army and militia units: PVT, private; CPL, corporal; SGT, sergeant; SGTM, sergeant-major; ENS, ensign, LT, lieutenant; CAPT, captain; MAJ, major; LTC, lieutenant-colonel; COL, colonel; BGEN, brigadier-general; MGEN, major-general; GEN, general; KIA, killed in action; POW, prisoner of war.

Abbreviations used for naval ranks: SN, seaman; MATE, petty officer; BSN, Boatswain; SM, surgeonís mate; MIDS, midshipman; LTN, Lieutenant; CDR, commander; CAPN, captain; COMM, commodore; RADM, rear-admiral; VADM, vice-admiral; ADM, admiral.

Abbreviations used for non-combatants: OATH, oath of allegiance; CHAP, Chaplain; PAT, patriotic service of any sort; REV, members of the clergy regardless of denomination; RT REV, the Right Reverend, reserved for members of the clergy of the rank of abbot or bishop in the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches; ESQ, esquire, assigned to members of the bar; GOV, governor of a state; HON, honorableófor judges and members of any state or national legislative body.

The list of past members has been broken down into Five groups; the list has over 1,100 people in it.

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