African-American Baptisms
at Gilead Lutheran Church
in Brunswick 1777-1879

Many thanks to Michelle Mavigliano for transcribing and submitting the information on this page. Michelle adds that there is a strong possibility that this list is incomplete. This information was possible because of the denotation "negro" after each name below; however, use of this term was discontinued after 1800, and all further names contained surnames as well - two factors that make racial distinctions impossible. If you have a surname of a family member who may have been at this church, Michelle has kindly offered to do look-ups for us. Well done, Michelle!

Heinrich Gardinier Jr.
Heletya Way
Page Item number Baptism date Birth date Child Parents Sponsors
1223916. Jul. 17791768 AnnaNegro servant of
Issac LeGrange
Isaac LeGrange
and wife Jacobina
2859912. Feb. 1782Jan. 1782 CatharinaRobert, negro
Lot, negro
Rahel, negro
35751Oct. 178311. Aug. 1783 EvaJoseph, negro
Henrich Gardenier
Agntie Mueller
408576. Jun. 1784Jan. 1784 JeaneMaria, negro
Father uncertain
Johannes Dath (Dater?) Jr.
and wife Christina
5612197. Nov. 178616. Sep. 1786 AnnaJoseph, negro
Maria Dierstein
8017468. Feb. 179116. Dec. 1790 HeinrichJoseph Godlove
80174823. Feb. 1791abt. 1759-60 Joseph Godlove,
31 years old
Negro servant of
Heinrich Gardinier
. Thomas Spatten
and wife Margaret
80174923. Feb. 1791abt. 1759-60 Eva, negro,
31 years old
[Wife of Item 1748 above]
. Lorentius Curaeus
and wife Eliesabeth
81177927. Jan. 1792"12 years old" Johannes, negroServant of
Johannes Schneider
82178027. Jan. 1792"7 years old" DavidServant of
Johannes Schneider
Johannes Schneider
and wife Catharina
82178127. Jan. 1792"5 years old" JannetgenServant of
Johannes Schneider
Georg Fek
and wife Catharina
98213330. Jun. 179931. Dec. 1798 SaraMatthaeus, negro
9921748. Apr. 180022. Jan. 1800 SusannaJoseph Godlove
Eva Schward, negro

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