Eleazer Reynolds family reunion
in Berlin, NY in about 1898

This photograph was kindly contributed by Carrie Rutherford of Madrid, Saint Lawrence County, NY.

The contributor names the people in the photograph and gives their relationship to Eleazer Reynolds:

Emma Reynolds Reynolds (daughter), holding her daughter, Nellie Reynolds (granddaughter)
Eleazer Reynolds
Mary Jane Reynolds (wife)
Udolpho Nichols (brother-in-law)
Alice Reynolds Estes (daughter), holding her daughter, Ruth Estes (granddaughter)

Fred Reynolds (son-in-law, and husband to Emma Reynolds Reynolds)
Clarence Reynolds (son)
Adelaide Reynolds (daughter), who is standing between Eleazer Reynolds and Mary Jane Reynolds
Mae Reynolds (daughter), who is standing behind and to the right of Adelaide Reynolds
Grace Reynolds (daughter), who is standing next to Mae Reynolds
Carrie Reynolds (daughter), the little girl standing in front of Grace Reynolds (Carrie is my grandmother, after whom I was named)
Leila Nichols (niece, and daughter of Udolpho Nichols, who was married to Eleazer Reynolds's sister Anna Reynolds Nichols) David Reynolds (son), standing next to Leila Nichols
Earl Estes and Ray Estes (grandsons, sons of Alice Reynolds Estes), who are standing on each side of their mother

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