Marriage Announcement

The following article is from The New York Times, published 19 Nov 1903. It was transcribed and submitted by Debby Masterson.



Special to The New York Times.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18.----One of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies ever celebrated in Washington took place this afternoon at the New Hampshire Avenue residence of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Berger Moran, where their daughter, Miss Eleanor Berger Moran, and Malcolm Stuart McConihe of New York were married by the Rev. Harry B. Lee of Charlottesville, Va.

The large drawing room in which the ceremony took place was lined in ivory chrystanthemums, with the north recess, in which a temporary altar was erected, treated in lillies of the valley and the most delicate of green foliage.

The entrance hall, through which the bridal party passed, was frangrant with American Beauty roses, which were also used in great profusion in the dining room, where a collation followed the ceremony. The bridal party entered to the music of "Faithful and True," as played by the Marine Band orchestra placed in a recess of the hall and hidden by a wall of roses and ferns.

The pridal party included Robert Adams, Jr., of Philadelphia, Mr. Warren of Troy, N. Y., a cousin of the bridegroom; Mr. Marvin of New York, Capt. Gilden, United States Army; Lieut. John M. Hudgins, United States Army; Miss Ethel Studley of Providence, Miss Eliza Riggs of Maryland, Miss Old of Norfolk, and Miss Charlotte Blackburn of Alexandria, Va. Mrs. John Melton Hudgins, the sister of the bride, and Mrs. Richard Murphy of Troy, the sister of the bridegroom, and last the bride, escorted by her father. The bridegroom, with his brother, Judge Warren McConihe, joined the bride at the chancel.

Although only the relatives and some few additional friends witnessed the ceremony, this was followed by a large reception. The latter was followed by a supper for the bridal party. Mr. and Mrs. McConihe left later in the evening, but will be at home after Jan. 1 at 41 East Fifty-first Street, New York.

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