East Greenbush Cemetery Locations
People buried in these cemeteries are listed alphabetically
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NameData SourceLocation
Akin/Kellogg CemeteryWarren BroderickWas on east side of NY State Highway 9J, about 2 miles south of city of Rensselaer, on Webb farm; was removed to East Greenbush Cemetery, behind Greenbush Reformed Church, in about 1970; some old stones were discarded, and some names and dates were included on a new monument; new stones have many errors
Akin CemeteryDon and Clare RadzOn Third Avenue Extension in Rensselaer
Capital City/
Rensselaer Rural Cemetery
Copied by LDS MissionariesSee "Rensselaer Rural Cemetery" below.
Carner Cemetery #1Town Historian
Find A Grave
On private property on Best Road
Carner Cemetery #2Judy Rowe
Find A Grave
About 100 feet from Carner Cemetery #1, on Best Road
Couse Corners CemeteryWarren BroderickOn east side of US Route 4, 0.2 mile south of intersection of US 4 with NY State Highway 151 about 100 feet from road, between two houses
Earing CemeteryLDS film 860323On Best Road
East Greenbush CemeteryTown Historian; personal visits by LVB; Find A GraveBehind Greenbush Reformed Church, at Hays Road and Columbia Turnpike (which is also US Route 20 and US Route 9), in East Greenbush; large cemetery, still in use; maintained
Greenbush Cemetery
(aka Clinton Heights)
Copied by LDS Missionaries; D. S. Ptak's Cast in Stone; personal visits by LVB; Find A GraveOn south side of Columbia Turnpike, between city of Rensselaer and intersection with US Route 4; large cemetery, still in use; maintained; cemetery log book survives; enquire at Town Hall of East Greenbush, which is also on Columbia Turnpike, on north side, a little closer to Albany
Hampton Manor CemeteryNewspaper article in 11 July 1966 issue of Albany Times-Union On Sainte Claire Avenue, Hampton Manor Section of East Greenbush
Harrington Cemetery
(Reichard Farm)
Town Historian; newspaper article in 14 Oct 1974 Sorensco Sun (Capital Newspapers); Find A GraveOn Luther Road, on private property; 2 stones
Holy Sepulchre
LDS Missionaries; Find A GraveGoing east on NY State Route 43 from Rensselaer, cemetery is on left side of road, just past Capital City/Rensselaer Rural Cemetery #2, which is on the right
Knowlton CemeteryTown HistorianBetween Luther and Couse Roads, on private property
DAR Records, checked and updated by Don and Clare Radz; Find A GraveNearly on Sand Lake town line, on south side of Collins Road, about 0.5 mile from main road, on bank of creek
Old Capital City
Don RadzGo into entrance of Capital City/Rensselaer Rural #2; go straight back on driveway, as far as you can go, to edge of woods; go southeast into woods, down hill, and cross stream near large old metal culvert; go up steep hill past Old Capital City Cemetery Extension (#23); continue southeast another 80 to 90 yards; large monument will be visible first, in brushy area
Old Capital City Cemetery ExtensionDon RadzGo into entrance of Capital City/Rensselaer Rural #2; go straight back on driveway, as far as you can go, to edge of woods; go southeast into woods, down hill, and cross stream near large old metal culvert; go up steep hill; two Dow stones are lying face up at top of hill about 50 yards from stream
Papscanee Island
Warren Broderick, with additions by Shirley Dunn;
Find A Grave
Never located; believed to have been near "Teller's Crossing" at present Port of Rensselaer
Powell CemeteryTown Historian; Find A GraveOn Best Road, on private property
Rensselaer Heights Cemeterypersonal visit by LVBFrom new Amtrak Station in city of Rensselaer, take East Street northward a short distance to Partition Street; turn right on Partition Street and follow that on up hill until you leave city limits; cemetery is on right; large; maintained
Rensselaer Rural CemeteryPersonal visit by LVB;
Find A Grave
From city of Rensselaer, take Third Avenue (NY State Route 43) eastward; after you leave Rensselaer city limits, you'll see housing development of Cedarcrest Gardens on left; shortly after this, you'll see cemetery on right
Slave CemeteryWarren BroderickBelieved to have been in Riverside area
Van Rensselaer
Family Graveyard
Town Historian; Find A GraveNear railroad track between Hays Road, Ridge Road and NY State Highway 9J
Weatherwax CemeteryTown Historian; Find A GraveBehind barn on private property on north side of County Route 55 (formerly NY State Highway 152); driveway is off County Route 55, just east of intersection with County Route 53

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