Grafton Cemetery Locations
People buried in these cemeteries are listed alphabetically by name
in Rensselaer Co. Cemetery Database.

Information on this page was compiled by Debby Masterson .

NameData SourceLocation
Agan CemeteryMap acquired from
Dean Calameras
Take Route 2 to Shaver Pond Road, which becomes
Agan Road; cemetery is on left
Babcock Lake CemeteryWarren Broderick and
Town Historian
On North Road at Hakes Corners
Babcock/Slade CemeteryTown Historian and
LDS Film 837371
On Fox Hollow Road
Barnhart CemeteryWarren Broderick Was located between Long Pond Road and Firetown Road;
was removed to Grafton Center Cemetery
Bonesteel CemeteryTown HistorianOn Blue Factory Road
Brenenstuhl/Stephens CemeteryWarren Broderick On Pittstown State Forest Road in Ward Hollow
Brenenstuhl/Sweet CemeteryWarren Broderick At Babcock Lake, north of Pine Avenue and
west of Avenue A; has concrete cross with no inscription
Brock CemeteryLDS Film 532618On Red Pond Road
[Isaac] Burdick CemeteryTown Historian and
LDS Film 532618
On Old State Road
[Jedediah] Burdick CemeteryWarren Broderick Off Snyder Road
[Joseph] Burdick CemeteryTown Historian and
LDS Film 837367
On NY State Highway 2
Burdick/Covey CemeteryTown HistorianOn Taconic Lake Road
Burdick/Weeden CemeteryTown HistorianOn Taconic Lake Road, on right,
just before Grafton-Petersburgh town line
Clickner CemeteryWarren BroderickIn woods on west side of Blue Factory Road,
east of Pippen Road
[Samuel] Crandall CemeteryJudy Rowe On State Fire Lane in Couch (Kautz) Hollow
Crandall/Knop CemeteryLDS Film 836774 On hill to right of pond on Old Long Pond Road,
near Stevens Road
Dickinson CemeteryWarren BroderickIn woods along trail leading to wetland on south side
of Fire Tower Road
Dyken Pond Road CemeteryWarren Broderick In woods at top of hill across road from sawmill site
on north side of Dyken Pond Road
East Grafton Schoolhouse CemeteryLDS Film 358990 On NY State Highway 2, on old George Scriven farm
Gallup CemeteryTown Historian Behind foundation off Stevens Road, at foot of
Couch (Kautz) Hollow
Grafton Center CemeteryTown Historian On NY State Highway 2, in hamlet of Grafton
Grafton Lakes CemeteryWarren Broderick Was at entrance to Grafton State Park; was destroyed when
park road was laid
Hakes CemeteryWarren Broderick Was located off Babcock Lake Road, at intersection
with road that becomes Potter Hill Road in what is called
Hakes Corners; Warren Broderick believes that the
George Hakes family is buried there;
no records are available
[Ziba] Hewitt CemeteryTown Historian At Crandall and Hayden Roads
Hicks CemeteryTown HistorianAt intersection of Shaver Pond Road and Long Pond Road
Jeffers/Odell (Cobb Schoolhouse)
Town Historian At Babcock Lake Road and Fire Tower Road, in center
of field next to old schoolhouse; it was on Amanda Tuttle farm.
Jones/Baxter CemeteryWarren Broderick Was south of Grafton Center; stones are now in
Grafton Center Cemetery
Jones/Tilley CemeteryTown Historian On NY State Highway 2, across from old "Fresh Air Home"
Joseph Hall CemeteryWarren Broderick
and LDS film
Between NY State Highway 2 and Babcock Lake Road,
on Josh Hall Pond Road, second place on right
coming from Babcock Lake Road; was old Braddock
Peckham farm; Braddock Peckham and his wife were
buried here, but were removed according to the LDS film
Josh Hall Pond Road CemeteryWarren Broderick Also called Alonzo Hall Burial Ground; located at intersection
of Peckham Road and Josh Hall Pond Road
Lake Elizabeth CemeteryTown HistorianLocated near Lake Elizabeth, behind cedar house on
old Clarence Church farm
Littlefield CemeteryLDS Film Beside Old State Road (County Road 84), near its
eastern intersection with NY State Highway 2
Maxon CemeteryAbigail E. Littlefield On NY State Highway 2, at old Perry Maxon place
Old Grafton Center CemeterySylvester's 1881 History
of Rensselaer County
Was on south side of North Long Pond, just east of Mill Pond;
no evidence exists today
Peckham CemeteryJudy Rowe and LDS filmOff NY State Highway 2, on left of State Road, between
East Grafton and Petersburgh
Phillips/Reynolds CemeteryDAR RecordsOn left side of Fire Tower Road
Quackenkill CemeteryTown HistorianOn NY State Highway 2, on Quackenkill Creek
Smith/Eldred CemeteryTown Historian On Couch (Kautz) Hollow Road
Snyder Cemetery #1Town HistorianTwo miles south of Grafton, on Camp Ce Da Ca Road,
where it joins South Road
Snyder Cemetery #2Town HistorianGrafton Lakes State Park, off North Long Pond Road,
near Mill Pond
Sweet CemeteryWarren BroderickOff Cranberry Pond Road
Thomas West CemeteryTown HistorianAt Long Pond Road, in a stone wall
Tilley CemeteryJudy RoweWas on north side of Taconic Lake Road; No stones and
no names are available
[Francis] West CemeteryTown HistorianOff Shaver Pond Road
West Grafton (Cottage Lot) CemeteryLDS film and old newpaper
clipping of DAR records
Between Cropseyville and Grafton, on NY State Highway 2
West Grafton (Red Schoolhouse) CemeteryJudy Rowe and
Warren Broderick
On NY State Highway 2, at Baily Mill Road
Yerdon Road CemeteryWarren BroderickOn Russ Miller Road in East Grafton; cemetery borders
road on right

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