Rensselaer County
Loyalist Soldiers

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Bernard C. Young has kindly contributed this Loyalist list. "St. Johns" is Saint-Jean, Quebec, about 25 miles north of Rouses Point, New York.

To learn more about your Loyalist ancestors, you are invited to visit the United Empire Loyalists (UEL) website.


NamesFrom Whence CameWhen ArrivedEnlisted in What CorpsBy Whom Brought In
Daniel Smith Half Moon 2nd Oct. 1780 Major Roger's Lt. Ferguson
Henry Smith do do do do
George Hicks do do do do
John Hicks do do do do
Benj. Oakley do do do do
Peter Ash do do do do
Cornelius Losee do do do do
Samuel Wright 9th Oct. . No Corps Flag of Truce (sic)
Abraham Defoe do do Major Rogers do
Peter Young do do do do
Stephen Young do do do do
Samuel Reynolds do do do do
John Chisholm do do Lt. Fraser's do
John Falkner do do do do
John Bryan do . No Corps do
Martin Wallace Johnstown do No Corps Harmanus Fleck
Jacob Fleck do do do do
Philip Bender Niskayuna 15th Oct. Sir John Johnson's John Defoe
William Upton . do Col. Jessup's do
Andreas Rusk Saratoga do Major Rogers do
Frederick Keller Hosack do do do
William Keller do do do do
Abraham Defoe New Town (Troy) do do do
John Defoe Half Moon do do do
Jacob Defoe do do do do
Peter McKinney Saratoga do do do
Samuel Haner do do do do
Michael Defoe Half Moon do do do
Conrad Shaffer do do . .
James Dunn (?) . . . .
William Rumbough Mohawk River 19th Oct. Major Nairn's James Micelmine (?)
David Begorlas (?) do do do do
John Krans do do do do
John Mills do do do do
Richard Mandeville do do do do
Ephraim Coons New City 22nd Oct. Col. Jessup's Duncan Campbell
James Hutchinson Soldier in the 21st. do . do
Richard Brooks New City do . do
John Brooks Kinderhook do . do
Nathan Tuttle (?) Ballstown 31st Oct. Lt. Fraser Lt. Fraser
Richard Turner Schenectady do do do
William Jackson do do do do
Thomas Seabury do do do do
Henry Higley Scotch Patent do Col. Jessup's Mr. John Jones (?)
James Humphry do do do do
David Scott do do do do
Abraham Tinker do do do do
David Dugan do do . do
Abraham Snyder Saratoga do do do
Peter Snyder do do do do
John Steele Half Moon do do do
Timothy Soule Claverack do do do
Jacob Diamond Philipstown do (erased) do
John Diamond do do Major Rogers do
John McIntosh New Bethlehem 31st Oct. Col. Jessup's do
Matthias Rose Saratoga do do do

						(Signed)  Barry St. Leger
							  Lt. Col. Commanding, St. Johns

Source:   NAC, WO 28/10, Reel #B-2867, page 80.

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