Nassau Cemetery Locations
People buried in Nassau-Schodack Cemetery are listed alphabetically by
surname in Rensselaer Co. Cemetery Database.

The information on this page was contributed by Debby Masterson and the late Lin Van Buren.

East Nassau Rural Cemetery In the village of East Nassau, on the west side of
Garfield East Road (Rensselaer County Route 26), almost
at the border between the town of Nassau and the town
of Stephentown
Nassau-Schodack Cemetery In the village of Nassau, at the traffic light (there is only one), take NY
State Route 203 (also known as Chatham Street) southward;
go 1.1 mile on Route 203, and cemetery will be on your right;
if you need help in locating a grave, visit Nassau Free Library,
on US Route 20 in village of Nassau; they can tell you location
of older plots in cemetery. Large cemetery; still in use; maintained.
Old East Nassau Cemetery Starting from Hoag's Corners, drive south on NY State Route 66. Turn right
on Tsatsawassa Lake Road just before East Nassau. Proceed 0.12 mile.
Turn right. The cemetery is across the road from the first or second
farmhouse. Rich Roberge reports, "Relatives in the area have inspected
the site, which is located in the middle of a farmer's field, and said that
most of the stones are down and that some are embedded in trees which
have grown around them."

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