NY Civil War Soldiers
Buried at David's Island Cemetery
in New York, NY

These soldiers were from New York state; they were not necessarily from Rensselaer County. Please note that I do not have any additional information about these soldiers or about this cemetery on David's Island in the harbor of New York City. If you have information about this cemetery, or know where these soldiers' final resting place is, please e-mail Debby Masterson.

Gibbs, Milton, Private, 154th NY, Co. B, died Apr. 19, 1863
Tubbs, J. R., Private, 8th NY Art., Co. M, died June 26, 1864
Wellington, Benjamin, Private, 9th NY H. Art., Co. A, died July 28, 1864
Woods, Asa K., Private, 70th NY, Co. F, died Dec. 1, 1864

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