Petersburgh Cemetery Locations

People buried in these cemeteries are listed alphabetically by surname
in Interments in Rensselaer Co. Cemeteries.

The information on this page was transcribed and submitted by the late Lin Van Buren.

NameData SourceLocation
Green Farm Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions: Private Cemeteries in Rensselaer County Near hamlet of North Petersburgh
Meadow Lawn Cemetery Jimapco map, 2002 From the junction of NY State Route 2 and NY State Route 22 in Petersburgh, take Route 22 south towards Berlin. After about 0.25 of a mile, bear left onto Coon Brock Road. The cemetery will be on your left.
Reynolds Cemetery Christopher Murphy Reynolds Cemetery is 5.6 miles south of the junction between NY Route 7 and NY Route 22. It's on the left. Chris adds, "It's one of those overgrown, ill-kept cemeteries, which I discovered for myself earlier this year. It's the final resting place for my 5th-great-grandparents, Peter and Rebekah Church, as well as for a few of their children."

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