Baptisms at the Schaghticoke
Dutch Reformed Church

Father's Surname Unknown

Information is presented as follows: Parents' names (listed alphabetically by father's name); child's name; child's birth date; child's baptism date; and sponsors'/witnesses' names.

Unknown and Annatie Van der Werken; Cornelius; 8 Jul 1779; none recorded; Albert Van der Werken and Annatie Van den Bergh
Unknown and Ariaantie Bovie; Adriaentie; 2 Apr 1772; none recorded; Antone Bovie and Marytie Spier
Unknown and Ariaantie Bovie; Catrina; 12 Mar 1765; none recorded; Johannes Rickert and Grietie Young
Unknown and Ariaantie Bovie; David; Mar 1767; none recorded; Johannes Rickert and Elizabeth Proper
Unknown and Ariaantie Bovie; Antie; 1 Apr 1769; none recorded; Rudolf Merkie and Catrina Bovie
Unknown and Bantie Joy; Jannitie; 1 Jan 1778; none recorded; Johannes Schouten and Jannitie Miller
Unknown and Catharine Groesbeck; Harriet Newel; 16 Feb 1828; 25 Jun 1830; none recorded
Unknown and Cate De Voe; Nancy; 14 Mar 1813; 11 Jun 1813; William De Voe and his wife Maria
Unknown and Christina Daat; Gerrit Tunisse Bratt; 12 Aug 1775; none recorded; Hendrick Ruiter and Rebecca Daat
Unknown and Elizabeth Borres; Marten Wendel; none recorded; none recorded; Benjemin Borrens and Alida Borrens
Unknown and Hannah Stover; Charita; 10 Sep 1794; 15 Oct 1794; Jacob Stover and Rhoda Stover
Unknown and Janna Hopkins; Stephen Sawyer; 23 Sep 1806; 10 Sep 1807; Christoph Sawyer and Elizabeth Sawyer
Unknown and Jenny Overacker; Abraham Losa [Lozee]; 31 Mar 1789; 4 Jan 1794; Jacob Overacker and Machel Overacker
Unknown and Jenny Van der Hoef; Solomon; 9 May 1794; 27 May 1794; Gilbert Van der Hoef and Elisabeth Van der Hoef
Unknown and Mary Cox; William Travis; 29 Sep 1798; 25 Jan 1799; William Travis
Unknown and Mary Foller; Elizabeth; 21 Mar 1774; none recorded; Lodewickes Viele
Unknown and Mary Geavens; Elizabeth; 1 Sep 1774; none recorded; Lawrence Boskerk and Rebecca Cammal
Unknown and Mary Lamson; Amos Brown; 5 Feb 1779; none recorded; Neal McNeal and Peggy Van der Hoef
Unknown and Mary Palmer; Mary Ann; 12 Sep 1803; 15 Jul 1806; John Van den Bergh
Unknown and Mary Palmer; William; 27 Jun 1799; 15 Jul 1806; John Van den Bergh
Unknown and Marytie De Voe; Daniel; 18 Jun 1774; none recorded; Daniel De Voe and Catrina Kelder
Unknown and Rachel Row; Henderick; 17 Feb 1773; none recorded; Henderick Leek and Mary Goeway
Unknown and Sarah Fransisco; John; __ ___ 1794; 5 Jul 1795; Thomas Fransisco and Elizabeth Fransisco
Unknown and Unknown; Amy; 29 Mar 1771; none recorded; James Wood and Mary Givings
Unknown and Unknown; Catura Isaac; 7 Jun 1795; 19 Jul 1795; Jeremiah Fransisco and Derica Fransisco
Unknown and Unknown; Isaac; 20 Jul 1796; 22 Oct 1796; Isaac D. Storm and Treche Lent
Unknown and Unknown; Jam Sta; 23 Dec 1794; 4 Dec 1804; John Crawbergh and Eve Crawbergh
Unknown and Unknown; Sophia; 22 Dec 1804; 4 Dec 1804; Peter Weatherwax and Elizabeth Weatherwax

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