New York Civil War Soldiers
Buried at Knoxville National Cemetery
in Knoxville, Tennessee

These soldiers were from New York state; they were not necessarily from Rensselaer County. Please note that I do not have any additional information about these soldiers or about this cemetery. Researchers desiring additional information should contact the cemetery at this address:
Knoxville National Cemetery
939 Tyson Street NW
Knoxville, TN 37917

The bodies interred in this cemetery were removed from portions of KY, VA and TN, in the vicinity of Cumberland Gap. Information is presented as follows: Name, Rank, Company, Regiment, Date of death, Cemetery section in which buried/Grave number.

Atherly, Robert, Rank unknown, Co. G, 79th NY Inf., Nov. 29, 1863, 5/28
Burgess, John, Rank unknown, Co. K, 79th NY Inf., Nov. 29, 1863, 5/31
Bogle, Harmon, Rank unknown, Co. H, 46th NY Inf., Feb. 18, 1864, 6/5
Cooper, John, Rank unknown, Co. D, 46th NY Inf., Feb. 2, 1864, 5/68
Conaway, Thomas, Rank unknown, Co. H, 51st NY Inf., Feb. 26, 1864, 6/197
Denham, Thomas, Rank unknown, Co. B, 79th NY Inf., Nov. 29, 1863, 5/32
Dowling, Joseph, Rank unknown, Co. A, 79th NY Inf., Jan. 28, 1864, 5/34
Howarth, George, Corporal, Co. F, 79th NY Inf., Feb. 15, 1864, 5/26
James, J., Rank unknown, Co. A, Regt. unknown, date of death unknown, 11/235
Johnson, James, Rank unknown, Co. A, 11th NY Inf., Nov. 24, 1863, 2/78
McBride, Robert, Rank unknown, Co. F, 79th NY Inf., Dec. 14, 1863, 5/24
McKenzie, Lauchlin, Sergeant, Co. F, 79th NY Inf., Jan. 27, 1863, 5/25
McKenna, James, Rank unknown, Co. D, 79th Inf., Jan. 5, 1863, 5/30
Piett, C., Rank unknown, Co. B, 44th NY Inf., Nov. 15, 1864, 11/104
Robinson, Thomas, Sergeant, Co. E, 79th NY Inf., Mar. 9, 1864, 5/35
Slaven, James, Rank unknown, Co. H, 79th NY Inf., Jan. 21, 1864, 5/27
Sproul, John D., Sergeant, Co. D, 79th NY Inf., Jan. 29, 1864, 5/33
Schultz, David, Rank unknown, Co. K, 79th Inf., Nov. 29, 1863, 5/29
Thompson, C. R., Sergeant, Co. K, 11th NY Inf., Nov. 3, 1864, 2/46
Vance, John, Rank unknown, Co. B, 5th NY Inf., Feb. 25, 1864, 6/59
Young, David, Rank unknown, Co. H, 79th NY Inf., Mar. 14, 1864, 5/36

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