Troy Burial Records
June-December 1882

Our warm thanks go to Elizabeth Bauer for transcribing these records and contributing them to this website. We are grateful to you, Liz, for all your hard work and for all the hours you have kindly volunteered! The source of these records is "Book of Records, Names Interments &c. &c., Troy, March 1st 1833, S. E. Gibbs Superintendent". In the LDS Church Family History Library Catalog, they are called "Burial records, 1833-1928, of Mt. Ida Cemetery", but this name is misleading, because these records contain MANY burials in other cemeteries, such as Saint Mary's, Saint Joseph's and other Catholic cemeteries. Liz began with FHL film number 1434105, Troy Burial Records, Volume 4, beginning from 8 June 1882. If YOU would like to help transcribe more of these records so that we can put them online, too, please email me, Debby Masterson. The January-June 1882 records, which are at the end of microfilm 1434104, still need to be transcribed.

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Troy Burial Records 1882
June 1882
transcribed by Elizabeth Bauer
Name of DecedentWhere DiedDeath DateAge at Death Where BornParent(s)Cause of DeathCemetery
BURKE Mary ATroy8 June24yIrelandnot knownConsumptionSt Joseph
WHITE JohnHill St8 June3y 2mTroyJnoDeclineSt Mary's
TIERNEY Jno JDivision St8 June31yTroyJnoConsumptionSt Mary's
KEATING Michael J3rd St8 June23yTroyMichelConsumptionSt Joseph
BENNETT Nellie MTroy8 June2yTroyBennettConvulsionsMt Ida
"Unknown child"Troy10 June0Troynot knownStillbornMt Ida
DUNSPACK Jno666 River St11 June3yTroy-Brain Disease-
O'KEEFE Pat'kBank St12 June67yTroy-Old AgeSt Mary
THOMPSON Mary CTroy12 June7yTroyJnoDiphtheriaOakwood
MCCANNA Michael J23 Haverman's Ave12 June1y 2m 11dTroyMich'lConsumptionSt Mary C
MINCELY John317 5th St13 June31yTroyJnoDebilitySt Mary's
SHAUGHNESSY Thomas35 Washington St13 June47yIrelandJnoConsumptionSt Mary's C
RICE AnnieWest Troy13 June6yTroynot knownScarlet FeverW Park Cem
GLASS WmTroy13 June20yTroyWilliamConsumptionMt Ida
HAMILTON MargaretTroy14 June5yTroynot knownDiphtheriaMt Ida
REDDY Delia AVail Ave14 June24yTroynot knownConsumptionSt Peter
VANNARD Elizabeth93 Front15 June2yTroyThosScarlet FeverSt Mary's
JUDGE Thomas4th St15 June35yIrelandThosConsumptionSt Joseph
TAGGART BridgetTroy16 June55yIrelandnot knownConsumption St Joseph
HALL GertrudeNY16 June6yTroyHallDiphtheriaMt Ida
SPENCER Lillie ATroy17 June0TroySpencerStillbornMt Ida
VANALLO MaryTroy17 June34yUSnot knownHemorrhageMt Ida
CIPPERLY J HTroy17 June25yTroyJ HConsumptionSt Joseph
FITZGERALD DavidRear 172 5th17 June14yUSWmSpinal DiseaseGlenn's Falls
CRAVER Chauncey561 Congress St19 June0TroyChanceyStillbornMt Ida
BARROW KittieFulton St20 June20yTroyBarrowConsumptionMt Ida
CONWAY JohnCounty House20 June65yIrelandJnoOld AgeSt Joseph
DUNN KatieWalton St21 June23yTroyDunnConsumptionSt Peter
GOREY JohnHospital21 June38yIrelandJnoAccidentSt Mary's
"Stillborn child"Bank St21 June0Troynot knownStillbornSt Mary's
SCHAIBLE GeorgeTroy21 June0TroyGeorgeDiarrheaMt Ida
ERLY Patrick9th St21 June0TroyPatrickCroupSt Mary's
THOMPSON Catherine14th St22 June35yTroyJnoConsumptionSt Mary's
E-PEROR [EMPEROR?] Thomas1st St22 June6yTroy-DiphtheriaSt Mary's
MCCL...[not clear] Mary4th St23 June22yTroy-Consumption-
WOLFRAM LalineGreen Islandbefore 29 June60yGermanynot given--
CONNELLY John297 4th St29 June1m 21dTroyJohnCholera InfantumSt Mary's
SHEHAN JohannaHospital30 June40yIrelandJohnAccidentSt Joseph
DALEY JosephFederal St30 June2yTroyJosephDysenterySt Peter
HAITE George EStowe's Hill30 June17yTroyGeorgeFeverSt Joseph
RUBINSKY Mark77 River St30 June4yTroyJacobInflamed lungsMt Ida

Troy Burial Records 1882
July 1882
transcribed by Elizabeth Bauer
Name of DecedentWhere DiedDeath DateAge at Death Where BornParent(s)Cause of DeathCemetery
SEIN Leonard10th St1 July0TroyJnoStillbornSt Joseph
MURPHY HonoraIda Hill2 July16yTroynot knownConsumptionSt Mary's
NICHOLSON JennieN 2nd St2 July1m 6dTroyWmMeaslesSt Peter's
CARROLE RunnyGreen Island2 July22yTroynot knownConsumptionSand Lake
GARVEY "child of Wm Garvey"River St2 July0TroyWmStillbornSt Peter's
BRADY Nellie68 Elm St2 July1yTroyPatrickInflamed BowelsSt Joseph
BRADY Patrick68 Elm St2 July3yTroyPatrickInflamed BowelsSt Joseph
WEATHERBY "child of George"Ida Hill2 July9mTroyGeorgeCholera InfantumSt Mary's
CARDIFF Hugh Iron Works3 July76yIrelandHughOld AgeSt Joseph
BLATTERLY JamesGreen Pt3 July48yIrelandJamesConsumptionSt Peter's
MURPHY Henry4th St4 July14yTroyHenryAccidentAlbany
FLEMING ThomasW 2nd St4 July14dTroyThosConvulsionsSt Peter
MCNAMARA Mich'lHutton St4 July32yIrelandMich'lTyphoid FeverSt Peter
BASTABLE Jno A3rd St4 July16yTroyDavidConsumptionSt Joseph
FATHIER AnnaTroy5 July33yCanadanot knownCancerMt Ida
SMITH JohnN 4th St5 July47yIrelandJnoTyphoid FeverSt Peter
HENNESSY JasIda & 3rd St5 July4yTroyJasCholera InfantumSt Mary's
SEAWOOD John4th St6 July4mTroyJnoCholera InfantumSt Joseph
MARTIN LouisIron Works7 July2yTroyLouisCholera InfantumSt Jos
MCMURRAY MaryMadison St7 July3mTroyMichaelConvulsionsSt Peter's
RYAN JohnPine & 5th St7 July6mTroyJeremiahCholera InfantumSt Mary's
FITZGERALD JohnAdams St7 July4yTroyJnoScarlet FeverGreenbush
CANNON Jas9th St8 July62yIrelandJasAccidentSt Peter's
MURPHY DanielCMO Asylum8 July2y 6mTroyMorganInflamed BowelsLansingburgh
DANKS * + RichardTroy8 July70yIrelandRichardDropsyMt Ida
LAVIN MaggieHill St9 July1y 1mTroyMaggieScarlet FeverSt Mary's
KAVENEY Catherine E4th St9 July28yTroyJnoCholera MorbusSt Mary's
DEWELL Harry10th St9 July0TroyCaryStillbornSt Mary's
BABLE Joseph141 5th St10 July1y 4mTroyJosConvulsionsMt Ida
JONES* "child of Walter Jones"Green St.10 July0TroyWalter Jones StillbornMt Ida
DEWITT * George Troy 10 July0TroyDervil Premature BirthMt Ida
HOGAN Jas12 Madison St11 July6mTroyTimothyScarlet FeverSt Jos
HUBBARD Louis115 Hill St11 July0TroyLouisStillbornSt Peter
QUILL JacobCongress St11 July2yTroyValentineMeaslesSt Mary's
SEYMOUR WillieCMO Asylum12 July3yTroyMargaretSpasmsLansingburgh
FEENY Catherine FN 3rd St12 Jul43yUSnot knownDropsySt Peter's
DAY JamesRiver St12 July0TroyJnoStillbornSt Mary's
BURKE Ellen4th St12 July10mTroyJnoTeething St Mary's
STAR Anna15th St13 July30yTroynot knownConsumptionCambridge
CHORON Mary371 3rd St13 July6mTroyGeorgeCholera Infantum Iron Works
BRACKIN Johanna32 Adams Pt13 July1y 3m 16dTroyThosCholera InfantumSt Mary's
MAGUIRE Francis282 4th St13 July44y 11mIrelandPatr'kRheumatismSt Joseph
GALHER Daniel FMonroe & 4th13 July9m 16dTroyMich'lDiphtheriaSt Joseph
ST JOHN MatildaGreen Island13 July26yUSnot knownConsumptionSt Mary's
COLLINS "Mr Collin's child"Vail Ave13 July2yUSCollinsTeethingSt Joseph
TEMPANE TheresaN 2nd St14 July4yUSPhillipDiphtheriaSt Peter's
ROLE Mary WVail Ave14 July50yIrelandnot knownTyphoid FeverSt Peter's
BURKE MaryMann's Ave14 July48yIrelandnot knownHeart DiseaseSt Joseph
O'BRIEN Jno H249 4th14 July2y 5m 14dTroyJamesMeaslesSt Mary's
HUNT John313 4th15 July11mTroy Edw'dBrain DiseaseSt Joseph
ORMSBY Thos41 Ida St15 July3mTroyChasSore ThroatSt Joseph
JOHNSON Katie2 Ferry St 15 July1y 6mTroyHenrySpasms Rural
LESS John2nd St15 July3mTroyJnoCholera InfantumCanada
MCNAMARA Lawrence308 4th St15 July 29yTroyLawrenceConsumptionHudson
ILER HenryIron Works15 July67y 3mGreenbushFrederick FeverMt Ida
TOBIN Martin4th St16 July50yIrelandMartinPneumonia St Joseph
SMITHWICK JnoTroy 16 July1yTroyJnoCholera InfantumSt Mary's
FERGUSON HenryN 3rd St16 July52yTroyHenryHeart DiseaseSt Peter's
MAHONEY Jas9th St17 July10yTroyJasDrown'dSt Peter's
LEMMON WilliamN 2nd St17 July48yTroyPatrickHeart DiseaseSt Patrick
BUCKLEY * "Mr Buckley's child"10th St.17 July6mTroyBuckley Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
CASSIDY Elizabeth AN 2nd St18 July1yTroyWmCholera InfantumSt Mary's
CARROLL James7th St18 July2mTroyJamesCholera InfantumSt Mary's
HURLEY Laura J9th St18 July3yTroyLaura Cholera Infantum St Peter's
HANNON Maggie4th St18 July3yTroyEdw'd Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
LENIHAN John2nd St18 July2yTroyJno Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
HARRIS Julia DN 3rd18 July1yTroyWm Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
KELLY KatieGreen Island18 July23yTroynot known ConsumptionSt Mary's
GOBELL Augustus168 Hill19 July3yTroyAugustus Scarlet FeverSt Mary's
DUNN John115 Hill19 July57yIrelandJno ConsumptionSt Mary's
BIGGS Mary D92 Ida St19 July8mTroyMich'l Cholera Infantum St Mary's
BRADLEY "Mr Bradley's child"572 4th19 July9mTroy Mich'l Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
WARREN HenryCounty House19 July73yUSHenry DropsyOakwood
BOYEUX Julia M99 1st St19 July72yFranceHenry Pneumonia Oakwood
GALLAGHER JasHutton St19 July1y 6mTroyJno Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
BENEDICT Eliza69 Harrison Place19 July63yUS Zetor Consumption Mt Ida
GROGAN Jno A136 Hill St20 July3yTroyEdw'd Brain DiseaseSt Mary's
MCCABE JnoHospital20 July62yIrelandJno ConsumptionSt Peter's
ELLENBAJER "stillborn child"60 River St20 July0TroyW Ellenbajer StillbornMt Ida
LITTLE JamesRear 217 1st St20 July2yTroyMartin Spasms Mt Ida
BREMEN * GeorgeRear 338 4th20 July1yTroynot known Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
CAHILL Jos9th St21 July9mTroyJos Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
"Unknown child"N Adams St21 July0Troynot known StillbornSt Peter's
GORMAN EddieErin St21 July1yTroyEdw'd Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
OSBORN Jas AN.Y.I.21 July 2m 8dTroyJas Cholera InfantumMt Ida
BROWN JasN.Y.I.21 July3mTroyJ & W DebilityMt Ida
MURPHY Wm JAdams St21 July28yTroyWm ConsumptionSt Agnes
THAYER Minnie E116 Adams St21 July11mTroyAlbert Decline New Mt Ida
DIYAL "child of Hugh M Diyal" [sp?]Troy21 July0Troy Hugh StillbornMt Ida
MITCHELL Mary10th St22 July11yTroyJno DiphtheriaSt Joseph
DUNN Joseph10th St22 July5mTroyMartin Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
CARR Lawrence E170 4th22 July10mTroyLawrence Congest LungsOakwood
HENDY DanielTroy22 July8mTroyDavid Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
HOGAN William VLansingburgh23 July21yTroynot known Brain DiseaseSt Peter's
FINN "Mr Finn's child"N 4th St23 July8mTroyFinn Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
LAWRENCE Samuel A138 Ferry St23 July27yTroySam'l ConsumptionMt Ida
WALL JohnJacob St23 July4mTroyJno Cholera Infantum St Joseph
QUINETON LucyLincoln Ave23 July3mTroynot known Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
BURKE Mich'l4th Ave23 July8m 17dTroyMich'l Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
BREARTON Alice7th23 July59yIrelandMich'l DropsySt Patrick
BRANDON James230 4th St23 July6mTroyMich'l Cholera MorbusSt Mary's
DALEY JohnRiver23 July33yTroyJno DrownedNY
KEARNEY WallieHospital23 July23yTroynot known InsanitySt Mary's
DEARSTYNE HarrietTroy 24 July61y 4mUSnot known ConsumptionMt Ida
JOHNSON AlonzoHill St24 July1y 3dTroyAlonzo Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
CAHILL PatrickN 1st St24 July60yIrelandPatrick ConsumptionSt Mary's
CADIEUX Mrs153 1st St24 July84yFrancenot known DebilitySt Joseph
RYAN James3rd St24 July14dTroyJames ConvulsionsSt John's
O'DONNELL CatherineIda St24 July4y 8mTroyJames Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
UPTON Charles4th St24 July3mTroyChas SpasmsSt Mary's
FORDHAM AnnieHutton St25 July3yTroyJno Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
NUGENT JohnN 4th St25 July62yIrelandJno ConsumptionSt Peter's
HOLLORAN JohnGreen St25 July9mTroyJno Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
BAUSCH Henry34 Ferry St25 July7mTroyJno Cholera InfantumMt Ida
MALONEY "Jno Maloney's child"Batestown25 July9mTroyJno Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
MCOTEN [sp?] BridgetGreenbush Hiway26 July15y 3mTroyPatrick ConsumptionSt Joseph
CONNER Mary AIron Works26 July8m 10dTroyJames Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
MANNSVILLE EstellaNew York26 July21mTroynot known DysenteryMt Ida
DOWNEY CatherineRear 222 3rd St26 July4yTroyPatrick DiphtheriaSt Joseph
FENNELL Julia4th St27 July35yTroyJulia Heart DiseaseSt Mary's
SMITH SusanIron Works27 July5m 14dTroynot known Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
KEEGAN MaryIda Hill27 July68yIrelandnot known Old AgeSt Mary's
VALENTINE "Mr. Valentine's child"River St27 July8mTroyMr. Valentine Cholera InfantumOakwood
POWELL EllenRear 160 3rd St27 July2m 21dTroyTimothy Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
BELL Benjamin TWest Troy27 July18yEnglandBenj ConsumptionRural
BONESTEEL Wm EMill St27 July1y 13dTroyWm Cholera InfantumOakwood
CARROLL Hester D153 Ferry St28 July1y 5m 5dTroyJas Brain DiseaseOakwood
ECKHARDT May12 St28 July1y 2mTroyEdward Cholera InfantumOakwood
WARNER Hannah90 South28 July4yTroyJno ParalysisNew Mt Ida
PHELAN MartinHutton St28 July6yTroyJno Cholera Infantum[left blank]
FALLON Mary EMill Ave28 July26y 6mTroyHenry Puerpural FeverVermont
DALEY MaryFourth St28 July11y 3mTroyJohn ConsumptionSt Mary's
KARWIN PatrickFulton St28 July56yIrelandPatrick Typhoid FeverSt Peter's
REYNOLDS "Mr Reynold's child"4th St28 July7mTroyReynolds Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
CONWAY MollieRear 215 4th St28 July1y 1mTroyJno Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
FULKIND * Joseph294 3rd St28 July11mTroyAntony Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
BROGAN John4th St29 July1y 5mTroyJno Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
MORTIMER Joseph4th St29 July4mTroyJno Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
MITCHELL George35 14th St29 July36yEnglandGeorge ConsumptionNew Mt Ida
PAHL Arthur E119 4th St29 July1y 5mTroyJoseph Cholera InfantumRural Cemetery
LARKINS FrankRear 259 4th29 July72yIrelandFrank Rheumatism HeartSt Mary's
HALPIN EllenJackson St29 July67yIrelandnot known ExhaustionSt Joseph
"Unknown man" *County House29 July67yUSnot known Old AgeSt Joseph
KEARNY "W Kearny's child"Hospital30 July14dTroyW Kearny DebilitySt Mary's
O'CONNOR Arthur G325 8th St31 July4mTroyJno DysenterySt Peter's
O'SHEA CatherineLincoln Ave31 July50yIrelandnot known Cholera MorbusSt Joseph
GORMBY [Gormsby?] WmKelly St31 July1y 3mTroyJno Cholera InfantumCohoes
HALPIN Joseph492 4th St31 July11m 16dTroyJoseph Cholera InfantumSt Joseph

* NOTE: These entries were added later.
+ NOTE from transcriber re Richard DANKS: "(S/B England) (S/B John) (Transcriber has death certificate for Mr. Danks)"

Troy Burial Records 1882
August 1882
transcribed by Elizabeth Bauer
NameWhere DiedDateAgeWhere BornParents' Names Cause of DeathWhere Buried
FITZGERALD Mary JKing St1 Aug30yTroyPatrick Typhoid FeverSt Peter's
DEYELLI [sp] Joseph HRear 335 4th2 Aug4m 29dTroyJno. DiarrheaSt Joseph
FALLON Mary4th St2 Aug1y 25dTroyPatrick CroupSt Joseph
O'BRIEN John5th & Madison2 Aug3m 29dTroyJohn Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
MCCANNA James53 5th St2 Aug0TroyJames StillbornSt Joseph
DOHAN WmIda St2 Aug1m 19dTroyWm J Cholera Infantumnot listed
BURKE WmInfirmary2 Aug31yIrelandWm AccidentSt John's
MURPHY George3rd St2 Aug1y 8mTroynot known Cholera MorbusSt Mary
SNYDER Isaac HGrafton, NY2 Aug9y 7m 29dUSJonas DiphtheriaGrafton, NY
PARSELLS Mary JTroy2 Aug5mTroyParsells Cholera InfantumMt Ida
BINTING [sp] ChasN 3rd St2 Aug6mTroyChas CroupSt Joseph
MURRAY ChasTenth St2 Aug6mTroyChas CroupSt Peter's
MORGAN BenjaminN Greenbush2 Aug1yTroyJno Inflamed LungsMt Ida
MURDOCK JamesG[reen] Island2 Aug8mTroyJas Cholera InfantumMt Ida
"Unknown man"Hoosick Falls3 Aug27yTroynot known ConsumptionSt Mary's
SISING AnnMount St3 Aug56yIrelandnot known Typhoid FeverSt Peter's
BRANDERHOUT HenryGeorge St3 Aug4mG[reen] IslandWm St John Chol InfantumMt Ida
STANNARD Henry A32 State3 Aug11m 21dTroyElbriotje Brain DiseaseOakwood
MCKEON JasHollow Rd3 Aug3m 27dTroyJas Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
HULL "Mr. Hull's child"8th St4 Aug7mTroyHull Chol MorbusMt Ida
ROSEN Joseph157 5th St4 Aug2y 6mTroyAbraham Chol InfantumMt Ida
LYONS MargaretRear 219 4th St4 Aug11mTroyDennis Chol InfantumSt Mary's
CORRIGAN WmHollow Rd4 Aug4mTroyPatrick DiphtheriaSt Mary's
HOWE Walter L49 Ida St4 Aug4dTroyWillard DeclineSt Joseph
CHAMBERS JasIron Works5 Aug49y 2mEnglandJno PneumoniaOakwood
MURRY Jno JWashington5 Aug9mTroyJno Cholera MorbusSt Peter's
MITCHELL MaggieGreen St5 Aug4yTroyJno DiphtheriaSt Peter
PATRICK Harriet FTroy5 Aug27yTroyGeorge Typhoid FeverMt Ida
FOSTER Sarah H229 Congress St5 Aug27yTroyWm ConsumptionNew Mt Ida
MITCHELL JohnGreen St6 Aug5yTroyJno DiphtheriaSt Peter's
FLOOD RosannaGreen St6 Aug27yTroynot known Heart DiseaseSt Mary's
RYAN Mary JHav Ave6 Aug30yIrelandJos ConsumptionMontreal
BENNETT ThosN 3rd St6 Aug67yUSThos ConsumptionSt Peter's
HULL Maggie E19 Lansing St7 Aug24yUSnot known ConsumptionSt. Mary's
HUMPHREY JnoTroy7 Aug57yUSJno AccidentMt Ida
POWERS MitchellSisters of the Poor7 Aug70yIrelandMitchell Old AgeSt Mary's
MULQUEEN JasSisters of the Poor7 Aug68yIrelandJno Old AgeSt Mary's
LANGUS AdelineInfirmary7 Aug57yUSnot known Old AgeSt Mary's
MCMAHON Kate350 8th St7 Aug1y 3mTroynot known Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
CARSIN WmOakwood Ave8 Aug3mTroyWm CroupSt Peter's
DEBAR WmRiver St8 Aug28yTroyWm Consumption St Peter's
MYERS JamesTroy8 Aug75yIrelandJas Old AgeMt Ida
WILKINSON EzekielIron Works8 Aug2y 3mTroyEzekiel DebilitySt Joseph
BOYLE JamesRear 240 Hill St8 Aug1y 3mTroyPatrick Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
ROBERT "male child"Rear 373 3rd Ln8 Aug1y 6mTroyRobert Chol InfantumMt Ida
LARKIN GeoHav Ave8 Aug25yTroyGeo ConsumptionSt Joseph
DUFFY Jane EN 3rd St9 Aug3y 4mTroyDuffy Chol MorbusSt Joseph
LAWLER Eliza3rd St9 Aug32yUSnot known ConsumptionSt Mary's
FARNUM "Thos Farnum's child"Nail Factory9 Aug11mTroynot known Chol MorbusSt Joseph
KIDD __Stowe's Hill9 Aug0TroyDavid StillbornMt Ida
DAVEY Nellie29 Ida St9 Aug1yTroyWalter Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
WALSH Catherine32 N 2nd St10 Aug0Troynot known Hip DiseaseSt Peter's
??????ConsumptionSt Peter's
HAMILL Nora8th St10 Aug70yIrelandnot known Old AgeSt Peter's
WELSH CatherineHav Ave10 Aug35yIrelandnot known DropsySt Joseph
KEYCO Jas JBerlin11 Aug7yTroyJas FeverSt Mary's
FITZGERALDN 2nd St11 Aug2yTroyJno ConvulsionsSt Peter's
LUDDINGTON "Geo Luddington's child"13th & Hutton St11 Aug7m TroyGeoChol MorbusMt Ida
LIGNARD EdwardPutman11 Aug27yTroynot known AccidentMt Ida
WOOSTER "child of Jas Wooster"Lansingburgh11 Aug0Troy JasDebilityMt Ida
BUCKNER Humphrey4th St11 Aug35yTroynot known ConsumptionSt Peter's
GRUGG HenryRear 45 Ida St12 Aug11mTroyJno Chol InfantumSt Mary's
MCDOUGALL ElizaTroy12 Augnot givenTroynot known ConsumptionMt Ida
STAPLETON Mich'l2nd & Jackson St12 Aug54yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Joseph
FITZGERALD JohnStone Rd12 Aug13yTroyJno ConsumptionSt Peter's
FLYNN Mich'lN 2nd St12 Aug0TroyMich'l StillbornSt Peter's
CONKLIN Nellie297 4th St12 Aug0TroyEdward StillbornSt Mary's
WELSH Mich'lHav Ave12 Aug0TroyMich'l DeclineSt Joseph
RUDDY MarySisters of the Poor13 Aug80yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Mary's
KENNEDY Mary9th St13 Aug2yTroyJno Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
RICHARD Joseph2nd St13 Aug1m 7dTroy not knownnot givennot given
MURPHY ThosPolk St13 Aug65yIrelandThos Heart DiseaseSt Joseph
MACKHANE Cornelius7 Ferry St14 Aug43yTroy not knownHeart DiseaseSt Mary's
DUGAN ___New Jersey14 Aug0TroyJoseph StillbornSt Mary's
HOGAN Nellie333 4th St14 Aug 8m 14dTroy Mich'lCholera InfantumSt Mary's
TIPPLE MaryN 3rd St15 Aug2mTroyJacob CroupMt Ida
ODELL Ernest C9 Oakwood Ave15 Aug3y 10mEngland WmBrain diseaseMt Ida
ROBERTSON MaryN Greenbush15 Aug3y 5mScotland JnoDiphtheriaMt Ida
PAYNTER Mary E534 1st St15 Aug 18y 7mWales JosTyphoid FeverOakwood
ERLAHER CatherineMass15 Aug30y 10mUSnot known Typhoid FeverSt Mary's
MCCHESNEY Chester ACanal Rt16 Aug1y 6mTroy not knownCholera MorbusOakwood
GAFFNEY Mary5th St16 Aug68yIrelandnot known Old AgeSt Mary's
CANNAN Thos15th St16 Aug12yTroyThos DiphtheriaSt Peter's
MCCONVILLE ChasMill St16 Aug2mTroyCharles ConvulsionsSt Joseph
MEIER MaryHospital16 Aug35yGermanyAlfred Heart DiseaseNew Mt Ida
DAVEY Frank H7 William St17 Aug7m 16dTroy JasDiphtheriaNew Mt Ida
MCDERMOTT Bernard446 2nd St17 Aug40yTroyBern'd ConsumptionSt Joseph
MOORE HenryMann's Ave17 Aug25yUSnot known Heart DiseaseDutchess County
COLE Mary JMonroe & 3rd St17 Aug6mTroynot known Cholera InfantumMt Ida
TAYLOR Edmund FFerry & River17 Aug3mTroy B FDiarrheaBridgeport
ABRAMS Emma344 Congress St18 Aug1y 3m.Isaac Cholera MorbusN Mt Ida
WHITE FrankKing St18 Aug9mTroyFrank ConvulsionsSt Mary's
FLACK MasonLiberty & River St18 Aug41yUS MartinHeart DiseaseNew Mt Ida
DOUD Thos13 15th St19 Aug 1y 1mTroy Thos Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
CARROLL WmTyler St19 Aug1dTroyWm SpasmsSt Joseph
BRONESTER LeonardTroy19 Aug7mTroyWm CroupSt Joseph
HUNT Rich'dRear 313 2nd St19 Aug8yTroyEdw'd Brain DiseaseSt Joseph
GARDNER JohnJackson St20 Aug3yTroy Jno Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
QUINLAN WmGreen St21 Aug1y TroyWm Chol InfantumSt Peter's
CONLON Annie10th St21 Aug1y 2mTroyWm CroupSt Agnes
HARRIS SallyTroy21 Aug70yTroynot known Old AgeMt Ida
WILKES Hattie ETroy21 Aug13yTroynot known ConsumptionMt Ida
HALPIN Jos492 4th21 Aug8mTroyJos Cholera MorbusSt Joseph
O'HAIRE Libbie M140 State21 Aug20yTroyJno ConsumptionSt Mary's
TAYLOR MaryTroy22 Aug9yTroynot known CroupMt Ida
WAGERS Edw'd LPittstown22 Aug34yUS Edw'dConsumptionPittstown
MCCABE "McCabe's child"Wynantskill22 Aug7m .McCabe Cholera MorbusWynantskill
HORTON "stillborn child"457 10th St22 Aug0TroyJas Horton StillbornMt Ida
BURNISH JosephRear 219 4th22 Aug1y 5mTroy PeterCholera InfantumSt Mary's
ORMSBY MaryIda & 4th22 Aug1y 1mTroy JosChol InfantumSt Mary's
LENNON Chas DAlbia23 Aug1y 3m 10dTroy ThomasBrain DiseaseNew Mt Ida
MCPHERSON AlexanderLansing Ave23 Aug72yScotland JnoKidney DiseaseNew Mt Ida
DOLAN ThosRear 5th St24 Aug8mTroyPatr'k MeaslesSt Joseph
DONALD Alexander15 Batavia St24 Aug6y 7mTroy AndrewKidney DiseaseWaterford
FRAZER Annie JTibbits Ave24 Aug9dTroy JasCholera InfantumMt Ida
MCNAMEE Willie2nd St25 Aug41yTroyJno AccidentSt Joseph
FAHN Clarence PTroy M.O. Asylum25 Aug9yTroy not knownCholera MorbusSt Joseph
CHADWICK Jno HTroy25 Aug4yTroynot known Consumption Mt Ida
MCMARA "Mrs McMara"Troy Hospital25 Aug73yIrelandnot known Old AgeSt Mary's
DESCHER Jno WTroy26 Aug1m 21dTroynot known CroupNew Mt Ida
HOY Philo WAlbia26 Aug27ynot knownSylvester ConsumptionSchuylerville
TOOHEY BridgetWest Hartford27 Aug53yIrelandnot known ConsumptionSt Mary's
ROBERTS JosR 432 2nd St27 Aug1y 3mCanada JerryDiphtheriaSt Joseph
SMOLLEN Mary10th St27 Aug42yUSnot known ConsumptionSt Peter's
RHODES "Mrs Rhodes' child"Farm St29 Aug7mTroy Mrs RhodesTeethingSt Joseph
COTTRELL Geo SMadison Ave29 Aug31yUS not knownApoplexyMt Ida
CONLEY Francis2nd St29 Aug7dTroynot known SpasmsSt Joseph
CONNOLLY Jas2nd St29 Aug7dTroynot known SpasmsSt Joseph
O'BRIEN MaryVail Ave29 Aug69yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Peter's
RITCHELL "Jos Ritchell's child"97 Vail Ave29 Aug8mTroy JosTeethingOakwood
BUSSEY Geo LTroy30 Aug1yTroyGeo Abscess New Mt Ida
ANDREWS Michael4th & Monroe St30 Aug34yTroy Mich'lAccidentSt Joseph
WUBBENHAUST J HCampbell's Highway30 Aug58yGermany KarlAccidentMt Ida
MAHONEY Johanna152 Green St31 Aug1y 4mTroy not knownCroupSt Joseph
KELLY PatrickAmsterdam31 Aug21yIreland PatrickConvulsionsSt Peter's

Troy Burial Records 1882
September 1882
transcribed by Elizabeth Bauer
NUTTER E ABrunswick Ave1 Sept10m 21dTroy WmCholera InfantumOakwood
HALL KatieN 3rd St1 Sept2yTroyE E CroupNY
BUTLER RichardCounty House1 Sept58yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
DENNISS James N 2nd St1 Sept40yIrelandnot known Inflamed BowelsSt Peter's
DUNBAR MargaretN 1st St2 Sept30yIreland DanielConsumptionSt Peter's
DUNN AnnHutton St2 Sept3yIrelandJno DiphtheriaSt Peter's
GAFFNEY "Daniel Gaffney's child"N 4th St2 Sept0 TroyDanielStillbornSt Peter
MAHONEY * JohannaTroy2 Sept6mTroy not knownCroupMt Ida
PHILLIPS JohnFerry St3 Sept45yUSPhillips ConsumptionSt Mary's
MAHER James4th St3 Sept1y 3mTroyMartin Inflamed BowelsSt Joseph
BETTER Mary DTroy3 Sept1y 3mTroy MartinCroupSt Joseph
GORMAN H PHudson River3 Sept30yUS not knownDrownedSt Peter's
LINDALL Wm1st St3 Sept4y 3mTroyWm H DeclineSt Joseph
SARGENT Harry200 1st St3 Sept1y 7mTroyHarry ConsumptionNew Mt Ida
KENSLEY Patrick4th St4 Sept4y 8mTroyPatr'k Scarlet FeverSt Joseph
VOLK JosephHospital4 Sept45yGermanyJos ConsumptionSt Mary's
CURRY ___ 90 6th St4 Sept0TroyJos StillbornSt Joseph
BAKER Annie F125 State St4 Sept16y 10mTroy JnoTyphoid FeverOakwood
BUCKLEY NellieGrogins Ave5 Sept3yTroynot known Cholera InfantumSt Peter
DOYLE James8th St5 Sept0TroyJas StillbornSt Peter's
NAILOR Roger40 Ida St5 Sept68yIrelandRoger DebilitySt Mary's
CLARKE Thomas9th St5 Sept3y 3mTroynot known Chol InfantumSt Peter's
GARRITY MaryVail Ave6 Sept58yIreland not known ConsumptionSt Peter's
"Unknown child"Rear 83 9th St6 Sept0Troynot known StillbornMt Ida
MCCORMICK J JSouth St6 Sept0TroyJ J StillbornSt Mary's
ELLIS "Mr. Ellis' child"New York6 Sept3yTroyEllis Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
PLUMB SarahLansingburgh7 Sept56yUSSamuel Chol MorbusMt Ida
BOLTON JamesN 2nd St7 Sept2mTroyJames CroupSt Mary's
VALLENTINE Wm C253 3rd St7 Sept18yTroyWm DiphtheriaSt Peter's
HARRIS Jessie M139 4th St7 Sept3m 15dTroyChas Cholera InfantumNew Mt Ida
HEAD PatrickSouth St8 Sept6mTroyPat'k ConvulsionsSt Mary's
FERO LeoRiver St8 Sept3mTroyLeo ConvulsionsSt Mary's
BLANEY JUS8 Sept30yUSnot known Killed by CarsSt Mary's
MCKISSACK Jane8 Broderick Pl8 Sept50yScotland JamesParalysisMt Ida
GODSALL Mary366 4th St8 Sept70yIrelandnot known Old AgeSt Mary's
BURNS MaryCor 1st & 2nd St8 Sept28yTroyJames ConsumptionSt Joseph
FALLON LenaHarrison & 2nd St9 Sept2y 6mTroy Edw'dDiphtheriaSt Joseph
JACKSON WmHudson River9 Sept33yUSnot known DrownedNY
MULLIN ThomasHospital9 Sept28yTroyThos Typhoid FeverMt Ida
DUNISHAN DoraHospital9 Sept48yUSThos DebilityMt Ida
WILLIAMSON Thomas M339 Congress St9 Sept44yUS .ConsumptionOakwood
BOWL Henrietta117 Jefferson St9 Sept27y 6m 20d TroyChristopherInflamed BowelsMt Ida
BURNS David120 N 2nd St10 Sept40yTroyJno ConsumptionSt Peter's
HILL JessieCohoes10 Sept3mTroyThos Inflamed BowelsMt Ida
"Unknown woman"Sisters of Poor10 Sept52yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Peter's
JAMESON Jane520 2nd St10 Sept1y 4mTroyAndrew Inflamed LungsMt Ida
PARSELLS ElizaHill St11 Sept72yUSnot known Old AgeMt Ida
MCCONVILLE Joseph4th St12 Sept3yTroyJos Chol InfantumSt Joseph
MCCARTY Sarah J173 Congress St12 Sept80yIreland JamesOld AgeMt Ida
MCDERMOTT CatherineTroy13 Sept35yTroyJames ConsumptionSt Peter's
LAVINE EdwardNail Factory13 Sept38yCanadaEdw'd Inflamed BowelsSt Joseph
DWYER CatherinePine St13 Sept65yIrelandJas DropsySt Mary's
RILEY NellyHospital13 Sept14yTroy not known Typhoid FeverSt Peter's
TAGGART EdwardBurden's Rd14 Sept62yIreland Edw'dCrampsSt Joseph
PUGH Mary B117 Jackson St14 Sept23yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
FITZPATRICK Thos3rd St14 Sept27yTroyThos ConsumptionSt Mary's
MCMAHON Thos10th St14 Sept45yIrelandThos AccidentSt Peters
DRUM Rev Wm AIda Hill16 Sept36yUSDrum Typhoid FeverLansingburgh
MEEHAN JohnTyler St15 Sept3mTroyJno CroupSt Joseph
RASBY A MLansingburgh15 Sept1y 2mTroy not known Chol InfantumMt Ida
BROWN Walter JHill St15 Sept11yTroyGeo L DiphtheriaOakwood
DECELL MarySt Jos Hill16 Sept55yCanadanot known ConsumptionSt Joseph
WADE Wm524 4th St16 Sept38yTroyMich'l Congest LungsMt Ida
CRONIN _____72 Water St16 Sept0TroyPatr'k StillbornSt Joseph
GREENMAN ChasAnn St16 Sept6mTroynot known ConvulsionsSt Peter's
FOX "Child of Christy Fox"Troy17 Sept0TroyChristy DebilityMt Ida
BARRINGER Foy HLansingburgh 17 Sept60yUSJno ParalysisMt Ida
HAYES * MaggieTroy17 Sept28yTroynot known FeverMt Ida
BEATTIE ChristopherCor Dow & River18 Sept14dTroy ChrisInfantileMt Ida
EGAN PatrickHill St18 Sept1y 2m 27dTroy Patr'kCholera InfantumSt Mary's
BLOOMFIELD Alfred266 3rd St19 Sept2yTroyEdw'd Cholera InfantumSt Mary's
DELER Edward122 4th St19 Sept1yTroyJno Brain DisSt Joseph
WHALEN * PNorth 2nd St19 Sept43yIrelandPatrick ConsumptionSt Mary's
SHERRY * James HTroy19 Sept37yTroyJno SuicideMt Ida
EMON Nellie STroy20 Sept6mTroyJno Lung DiseaseMt Ida
COFFEY Margaret157 5th20 Sept7m 29dTroyMich'l Chol InfantumSt Mary's
CORNELL * MaryRiver St22 Sept18yTroynot known ConsumptionMt Ida
CONNELL Chas10th St24 Sept5yTroyChas CroupSt Agnes
PARKER * NettieMaiden Lane25 Sept6mTroy not knownCholera MorbusMt Ida
MYERS * "Child of Nicholas Myes"4th St25 Sept9mTroy NicholasMeaslesSt Jos
THORNBERGH * EmmaBatavia25 Sept8yTroyJno Scarlet Fevernot given
HARTY * Rev Thos HRing St26 Sept35yUSnot known Kidney DiseaseBoonville
DALEY * JohnWeigh Lock26 Sept70yIrelandJno Old AgeSt Patrick
THAYER * Frank3rd & Washington St26 Sept15y 8m 22d TroyAlbertTyphois [sic] FeverNew Mt Ida
COLLINS * DanielDiv & 4th St26 Sept4y 8mTroy DanielSpinal DiseaseSt Mary's
ENGLISH Jno2nd St27 Sept54yIrelandJno ConsumptionSt Joseph
JONES Albert1st27 Sept10dnot given not knownInfantileMt Ida
COON * Walter H4 Irving Pl27 Sept3y 10m 22dTroy DanielDiphtheriaEnfield, Conn
GOLDIE * IsabellaRow Ave27 Sept33yScotland DanielMiscarriageOakwood
ADAMS * Louis RWest Troy27 Sept10y.Jno Heart DiseaseMt Ida
LARKIN * JohnInfirmary28 Sept13yTroyJames AccidentSt Joseph
GILLING * Jno HTroy28 Sept47yUSJno ConsumptionMt Ida
DOYLE MichaelHospital29 Sept76yIrelandMichael Old AgeSt Mary's
KEEFE Florence5th St29 Sept45yIrelandKeefe Brain DiseaseSt Mary's
MARTIN Frank46 Ferry St30 Sept1y 2mTroy FrankTeethingMt Ida
VINNETTE Alfred10th St30 Sept44yCanada ChasAccidentSt Jos
VENT Wm JAlbia30 Sept6mTroyChas Typhoid FeverCanada
MCCABE "Edw'd McCabe's child"10th St31 Sept [sic]6m TroyEdw'd Cholera MorbusSt Peter's

* NOTE: These entries were added later.

Troy Burial Records 1882
October 1882
transcribed by Elizabeth Bauer
Name of DecedentWhere DiedDeath DateAge at Death Where BornParent(s)Cause of DeathCemetery
HANLON AliceHutton St1 Oct21yTroyChristopher ConsumptionSt Peter's
PALMER Nellie8 Division St1 Oct4mAlbany BurtCholera InfantumMidway, Greene Co
RIVERS Ellen281 4th St1 Oct81yCanada ThosOld AgeMt Ida
ADAMS Eliza8th St2 Oct54yUSnot known CancerOakwood
RAFFERTY Thos215 1st St2 Oct25yIreland JamesHeart DiseaseSt Mary's
JIRMAN "Child of Wm"Troy2 Oct0[Troy]WmStillborn Mt Ida
CONNERS MargaretBrunswick2 Oct27yTroy not knownChildbirthSt Peter's
LAW Geo HMarshall Infirmary3 Oct23yUS TheodoreTyphoid FeverOakwood
BENOIT Esmilo10 Jackson St3 Oct0Troy JohnStillbornSt Joseph
LIPPER Mary AnnTroy4 Oct71yUSnot known ConsumptionMt Ida
BELL James L10th St4 Oct31yIrelandnot known ConsumptionMt Ida
RATCLIFFE JohnEagle St4 Oct0TroyHiram StillbornOakwood
DINLON Mich'lGreen St5 Oct20yIrelandMich'l Typhoid FeverSt Mary's
HOPKINS ElizabethHospital6 Oct65yWalesThos Debility Iron Works
BATTERSBY AbigailAlbany6 Oct75yUSnot known PeritonitisMt Ida
AURELIUS Wm HGreenbush6 Oct3y 9mTroy DavidScarlet FeverNew Mt Ida
SAMMONS FrancisCounty House6 Oct57yIreland BernardCholera InftSt Mary's
FITZPATRICK "Ed's child"West Troy6 Oct0Troy EdStillbornSt Mary's
HAWLEY AnnN 13th St6 Oct21yTroyAnn Typhoid FeverRutland
BATEMAN John12 Lincoln Ave6 Oct1y 11mTroy Edw'dScarlet FeverSt Joseph
FLEMING ChasCor Wash & 4th St6 Oct25yTroy JohnConsumptionSt Joseph
POWERS Nellie EHoosick7 Oct23yUS not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
DRISCOLL MaryGreen Island7 Oct32yUS not knownConsumptionCohoes
MCNAMARA Mary A9th St8 Oct20yTroyThos ConsumptionSt Peter's
NICHOLS Mary EBrunswick Ave9 Oct21y 11mTroy PeterTyphoid FeverNew Mt Ida
MCNULTY NellieGreen St9 Oct3yTroynot known Cholera InfantumSt Peter's
HABER Michael742 River St9 Oct48yGermany not knownFeverNew Mt Ida
MOCLIN LouisaAlbia, NY9 Oct13y 3mTroy AntonyFeverOld Cath Cemetery
FLYNN Mary WBrunswick9 Oct25yTroyJames ChildbirthSt Mary's
HORAN JohnTroy10 Oct5yTroyJno Chol Infantum St Peter
DEXTER Melvin HHospital10 Oct30yTroy not knownTyphoid FeverOakwood
HICKEY Bridget102 Hill St10 Oct73yIreland RodgerParalysisMechanicsville
HEFFERN Mich'l4th St10 Oct50yIreland Mich'lTyphoid FeverSt John's
WALSH ThomasN 3rd St11 Oct2yTroyThos ConsumptionSt Peter's
KELLY Michael175 4th St11 Oct57yIreland not knownDebilitySt Mary's
HOLLORAN Cornelius172 5th St11 Oct83yIreland ConOld AgeSt Mary's
COONEY DavidVail Ave11 Oct0TroyDavid StillbornSt Peter's
DYER MrsTroy Hospital12 Oct43yIreland not knownTyphoid FeverSt Mary's
BRAND BartholomewUnion St12 Oct3yTroy EmileSpasmsNew Mt Ida
"Stillborn child"Batavia St12 Oct0Troy PatrickStillbornSt Joseph
MARTIN ChasRiver St12 Oct0TroyChas StillbornSt Peter's
MCCARTHY MrsAlbia12 Oct70yIreland not knownOld AgeCohoes
O'CONNOR EllenCross St13 Oct4yTroyTimothy DiphtheriaSt Joseph
DUGAN ThomasN 3rd St13 Oct2yTroyThos Scarlet FeverSt Mary's
"Unknown man"River14 Oct40yUSnot known DrownedMt Ida
HICKS MaryRiver St14 Oct2yTroyWm DiphtheriaSt Peter's
GAGGIN Dennis575 4th14 Oct74yIreland JamesOld AgeSt Joseph
MAGUIRE Cecelia7th St14 Oct85yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Mary's
CARY Dan'l J Jr73 13th St15 Oct17y 3mTroy Dan'lDiabetesOakwood
CONVERSE Henry W Jr565 Congress St15 Oct2m 13d TroyHenryChol Infantum St Mary's
CLARK Wm HN 4th St15 Oct52yUSChas A Inflamed BowelsMt Ida
BIRDSALL Jane13 Division St15 Oct2y 9mTroy JacobScarlet FeverNew Mt Ida
STEWART JamesHospital15 Oct22yCanada not knownTyphoid FeverCanada
HALLIGAN Matilda204 Ferry St15 Oct1y 6mTroy BernardCholera InfantumSt Mary's
ALLEN Mrs MaryMiddletown, Conn15 Oct59yUS not knownParalysisSt Mary's
KIRKBRIDE GeoScotch Hill15 Oct10mTroy GeoMeaslesSt Joseph
NAYLOR Willie3rd St15 Oct4mTroyWm Brain DiseaseSt Mary's
PROBERT MargaretN Greenbush16 Oct4y 6mTroy JohnScarlet FeverNew Mt Ida
DOUGHNEY Daniel254 4th St16 Oct56yIreland DanielPneumoniaSt Mary's
ULRICH Elizabeth A157 Congress St16 Oct40y GermanyMr SchrauderPymea [sp?]New Mt Ida
BAKER JessieState St17 Oct15yTroyJohn Typhoid FeverOakwood
MACURE Anna FUnion Alley17 Oct31yTroynot known ConsumptionSt Mary's
MCNAMARA MargaretN Adams St17 Oct42yIreland not knownTyphoid FeverSt Peter's
MINAHAN Chas3rd St17 Oct2yTroynot known Scarlet FeverSt Peter's
STANLEY Lizzie2nd St17 Oct3yTroynot known DiphtheriaSt Jos
DORSEY JamesHav Ave17 Oct57yIrelandJames Kidney DiseaseSt Mary's
BARRINGER Margaret88 Ida Pt17 Oct43yIrelandWm ConsumptionSt Mary's
O'DWYER Mich'lHospital18 Oct39yIreland Mich'lConsumptionSt Peter's
SWAN Edw'd CAlbany19 Oct57yUSEd PhthisisMt Ida
EDEN HenriettaWillis19 Oct20dTroyBartlett CholeraMt Ida
RUSSELL JaneIda Hill20 Oct42yUSnot known Heart DiseaseSt Mary's
LEET Bessie R109 Jacob St20 Oct11mTroyChas DropsyWhitehall
QUINLAN PeterGreen St20 Oct23yTroy PeterConsumptionSt Peter's
CONLON Mary F406 10th St20 Oct3yTroynot known Scarlet FeverSt Joseph
MALONEY MichaelBurke St21 Oct54yIrelandnot known AsthmaSt Joseph
HURLEY DennisHospital21 Oct26yIrelandDennis ConsumptionSt Mary's
HICKS EdnaRiver St22 Oct5yTroyJohn DiphtheriaSt Peter's
DAVIS Mittie EChicago23 Oct70yUSnot known ParalysisMt Ida
CULLEN MaryHutton St23 Oct62yIrelandnot known ConsumptionSt Peter's
CURRY Jos AGreen Island23 Oct23yTroynot known Typhoid FeverSt Patrick's
HURLBUT Lucius EHill St23 Oct28yTroySamuel Typhoid FeverSt Mary's
LOFTUS BridgetBrunswick23 Oct7yTroyAnthony RheumatismSt Mary's
WOOD JohnPoughkeepsie23 Oct24yIrelandJohn ConsumptionSt Joseph
CLIFFORD Morris298 3rd St23 Oct2y 9m 20dTroy ThosBrain DiseaseSt Mary's
MCPHERSON "male child"Collins Ave24 Oct1dTroy F McPheson [sic]RuptureNew Mt Ida
PHILLIPS "Mr Phillips' child"Rausse St24 Oct3yTroy PhillipsTyphoid FeverNew Mt Ida
FOGARTY Thos E174 5th St24 Oct0m 27dTroy Thos ECholera InftSt Mary's
QUINN James H431 4th St24 Oct3m 8dTroyJno DebilitySt Joseph
RAINEY Thos188 Hill St24 Oct2dTroyMorris [Cholera?] InfantileSt Joseph
SHERIDAN Farrell114 Ida St24 Oct63yIreland JamesKidney DiseaseSt Mary's
CARTER Ellen283 4th St24 Oct33yIrelandWm Lung DiseaseSt Joseph
MCNAMARA Stephen551 4th St24 Oct1y 10mTroy Pat'kFeverSt Joseph
RHUDY Mary E [Rhoda?]Hollow Rd25 Oct 17yTroynot known ConsumptionSt Mary's
CLARK JosephineRiver St25 Oct3mTroyJno CroupMt Ida
GUTHIER August B [Gauthier?]Sheridan Ave 25 Oct4yTroy JosFitsMt Ida
KORMETZKIE Wm2 Walnut St26 Oct37yGermany GottfriedKidney DiseaseNew Mt Ida
KRUG MargaretRear 75 Ida St26 Oct28yGermany not knownTyphoid FeverSt Mary's
O'MARA John2nd St26 Oct7yTroyJos DiphtheriaSt Joseph
BEDDOW Edith E12th & Jacob St26 Oct4y 2mTroy SidneyCroupNew Mt Ida
MORAN Micha'lIron Works27 Oct30yTroynot known PleurisySt Joseph
BRADY MarySisters of Poor27 Oct80yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Mary's
CLIME [sp?] Bridget4th St28 Oct5yTroynot known Typhoid FeverSt Joseph
QUINN "E Quinn's child"Ferry St28 Oct0Troy QuinnStillbornSt Mary's
MCKERRIN Mich'lHutton & 15th St29 Oct5yTroy Mich'lScarlet FeverSt Peter's
SISTER of St Joseph Convent.29 Oct32yUSnot known ConsumptionSt Joseph
ORMSBY "Jas Ormby's child"Mount St29 Oct1y TroyJasCroupSt Peter's
FITZGERALD ThosN 2nd St29 Oct5yTroyThos Scarlet FeverSt Peter's
CULLINAN John40 Ida St29 Oct1y 5mTroyJno Throat DiseaseSt Mary's
PHILAN ThosHospital29 Oct25yIrelandJno ConsumptionSt Peter's
KILLEEN JohnCanal St29 Oct7yTroyMatthew DiphtheriaSt Peter's
MCNAMARA Edw'dN Adams St30 Oct3yTroyEd Chol InfantumSt Peter's
STRAIN FrancisBrunswick30 Oct73yUSnot known Old AgeSt Peter's
CORCORAN Thos2nd St30 Oct42yIrelandThos ConsumptionSt Mary's
HAM M AWest Troy30 Oct8mTroyM A Cholera MorbusSt Mary's
WHITE MargaretGreen Island30 Oct60yIreland not knownBronchitisMt Ida
FLANNERY Mary34 Hav Ave30 Oct67yIrelandnot knownOld AgeSt Mary's
MCGEE Margaret308 2nd St30 Oct60yIrelandnot known PneumoniaSt Joseph
VAN ARNUM Emma SWest Troy17 Oct1yTroy VanArnumMeningitisMt Ida
SHANNAHAN LizzieWater St31 Oct11mTroy Rich'dInflamed BowelsSt Mary's
CARNEY ThomasHospital31 Oct29yIreland ThosConsumptionSt Mary's
GUTHIER Johanna E [Gauthier?]Sheridan Ave 31 Oct2yTroy JosParalysisMt Ida

Troy Burial Records 1882
November 1882
transcribed by Elizabeth Bauer
Name of DecedentWhere DiedDeath DateAge at Death Where BornParent(s)Cause of DeathCemetery
MORAN Wm VNY1 Nov23yTroyPeter AccidentSt Mary's
FLOOD Catherine J5th St1 Nov34yTroy MichaelDropsySt Mary's
MCCULLY Jennie253 N 4th St1 Nov7yTroy LewisDiphtheriaNew York
POST MaryBatavia St1 Nov12yTroyEgbert Scarlet FeverNew Mt Ida
SISTER of St Joseph Convent.1 Nov28yUS not knownConsumptionSt Joseph
GILLAN MissCounty House1 Nov27yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
FUREY Mary51 Genesee St2 Nov10m 1d.Mich'l Congest LungsSt Mary's
DICKSON AnnIron Works2 Nov85yIreland JohnOld AgeOakwood
SPAIN Mary KSausse St2 Nov5yTroy Edw'dScarlet FeverSt Peter's
CARTER JohnRiver St3 Nov2yTroyJohn CroupSt Peter's
MADDEN JohnHoosick St3 Nov2y 3mTroyDennis DiphtheriaSt Mary's
MCGUIRE JohnIron Works3 Nov10yTroy JohnDiphtheriaSt Joseph
BECKETT Elizabeth NTroy3 Nov30yTroy not knownConsumptionMt Ida
HUNT Mary J313 2nd St3 Nov35yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Joseph
MCLAREN Mrs PIron Works3 Nov65yScotland not knownOld AgeNew Mt Ida
FRINK Jonas121 N 3rd St4 Nov80yUS JonasTyphoid Malarial [sic]Oakwood
PHIPPS Thos WAlbany Depot5 Nov69yEngland not knownHeart DiseaseOakwood
BENNETT John19 Hill St5 Nov1y 2mTroy JohnChol InfantumSt Joseph
HOPDALE Nicholas4th St[5 Nov]4yTroy NicholasDiphtheriaSt Joseph
MCGRATH MichaelCor 1st & Ida St5 Nov35yTroy Mich'lConsumptionSt Mary's
CURLEY JuliaNorth 4th St5 Nov40yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
HORN MaggieWillis St6 Nov6mTroyWm Scarlet FeverNew Mt Ida
SIMMONS Horace ECongress St6 Nov30yTroy not knownConsumptionMillville
DOLAN Mary23 Adams St6 Nov3y 5mTroyJohn Scarlet FeverSt Mary's
COLLINS BridgetGenesee & Ohio St6 Nov66yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Mary's
JEFFERS EdithTroy6 Nov4mTroynot known DropsyMt Ida
AYERS Jesse JKansas, Mo6 Nov30yTroyJesse Congest LungsMt Ida
QUIRK BridgetN 2nd St6 Nov62yIreland not knownCancerSt Mary's
KANE EddieNorth Adams St6 Nov1y 7mTroy not knownTyphoid FeverSt Peter's
PHILLIPS Joseph2nd St7 Nov9y 7mCanada HenryDiphtheriaSt Joseph
BAIN Isaac RTroy7 Nov11mTroynot known CroupMt Ida
CONROY John4th St7 Nov3mTroyJames [Cholera?] InfantileSt Joseph
GODSON SarahUS7 Nov80yUSnot known Old AgeMt Ida
JAMES HarrietUS7 Nov76yUSnot known ConsumptionMt Ida
JOHANSON EdwardGreen Island8 Nov2yTroy not knownCroupNew Mt Ida
WHITE MaryCongress St8 Nov35yEngland not knownConsumptionSt Joseph
SISTER of St Joseph Convent.8 Nov30yUS not knownConsumptionNew Mt Ida
SWEENEY Miles2nd St9 Nov70yIreland MilesAccidentSt Joseph
CARROLL Patrick52 13th St9 Nov42yIreland Patr'kConsumptionSt Mary's
HERMAN ValentineFranklin St9 Nov63yGermany not knownDropsySt Mary's
WARNER GeorgeTroy Hospital9 Nov22yTroy not knownTyphoid FeverSt Peter's
DOYLE John1st & Madision10 Nov48yIreland JohnLiver DiseaseSt Mary's
CIPPERLY ArdellaTroy10 Nov5yTroy not knownDiphtheriaMt Ida
JACKSON Maggie C109 Hill St10 Nov23yTroy JohnConsumptionSt Mary's
RAMROTH Willie J2nd St10 Nov3yTroy PhillipScarlet FeverSt Joseph
SNYDER "Wm Snyder's child"94 North 2nd St10 Nov0 TroyWm SnyderStillbornSt Peter's
GLENDINNING Mary ETroy10 Nov29yTroy not knownConsumptionNew Mt Ida
SULLIVAN EllenGreen St11 Nov29yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
EAGLE AlbertPine Woods Ave12 Nov24y. AndrewConsumptionSt Mary's
DUBOIS Mary25 Vail Ave12 Nov9y 7mTroy JohnScarlet FeverNew Mt Ida
LABELLE Albina2nd St12 Nov4y 11mTroy not knownDiphtheriaSt Joseph
KEEFE AliceRiver St12 Nov60yIreland not knownCancerSt Mary's
SMITH David R9th St12 Nov0TroyD R Smith StillbornMt Ida
MALONEY MarySisters of Poor13 Nov85yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Mary's
DUBOIS Bertha25 Vail Ave13 Nov6y 7mTroy JohnScarlet FeverNew Mt Ida
KILDUFF MargaretJefferson & 3rd St13 Nov72y Irelandnot knownOld AgeSt Mary's
BONE AnnieTroy13 Nov7yTroynot known Typhoid FeverSt Mary's
HOOLEY Mary LGreen St13 Nov28yTroynot known Typhoid FeverSt Mary's
BARTON Samuel EHudson River13 Nov73yUS BartonDrownedVermont
BLAKE JohnCleveland, Ohio14 Nov45yUS JnoAccidentSt Mary's
GUTHIER Dora [Gauthier?]Sheridan Ave14 Nov24yUS AdamDiphtheriaMt Ida
DUFFY MichaelHospital14 Nov36yIreland Mich'lPneumoniaSt Joseph
SHEEHAN MichaelGreen St15 Nov3yTroy Mich'lScarlet FeverSt Peter's
WARD Annie ENew York15 Nov15yTroyThos Scarlet FeverNew Mt Ida
BRODERICK JamesMount Olympus15 Nov62yIreland JamesTyphoid FeverAlbany
DORSEY MargaretRear 320 4th16 Nov83yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Joseph
MAGUIRE ThomasRear 434 4th16 Nov5y 6mTroy ThosScarlet FeverSt Joseph
KANE MichaelPine St16 Nov33yIreland not knownHeart DiseaseSt Mary's
QUINN MamieAdams St16 Nov3yTroyMartin Scarlet FeverSt Mary's
MCCONVILLE Wm E4th St16 Nov5yTroyJoseph DiphtheriaSt Joseph
ROURKE Annie EPresident St16 Nov42yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
KENNEDY HannahEighth St16 Nov29yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
KERIN JohnCongress St16 Nov45yIreland JnoConsumptionMt Ida
DAVIS Lavinge NN 3rd St17 Nov12yBallston LavingeDiphtheriaBallston
BINGHAM AnsonInfirmary17 Nov70yUS JamesMarasmusNassau
MCGUIGAN Wm164 Congress St17 Nov21yUS PatrickMeaslesCoeymans
FLEMING MrsHarrison Pl17 Nov63yIreland not knownRheumatismSt Peter's
HOOD MaryGreen St18 Nov70yIrelandJohn Typhoid FeverNew Mt Ida
BURGESS AliceWaterford18 Nov0US not knownDropsyNew Mt Ida
KRAUSS Amelia261 Congress St18 Nov1yTroy ChasCroupSt Mary's
JOSLIN Mary CHutton & 15th17 Nov5yTroy not knownScarlet FeverSt Peter's
GETTINGS JosephNorth 3rd St17 Nov8yTroy JosephTyphoid FeverSt Peter's
JOHNSON SarahRiver St18 Nov24yTroy not knownTyphoid FeverMichigan
CUNNINGHAM Mary A11th St18 Nov21yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
OWENS AnnHutton & 15th St20 Nov75yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Peter's
O'NEIL John23 Ida St20 Nov59yIreland JohnHeart DiseaseSt Joseph
SLATTERY JohnRens & River St20 Nov6yTroy ThosunknownSt Joseph
FITZGERALD Thos5th St20 Nov56yIreland not knownParalysisSt Mary's
CUNNINGHAM DennisIron Works20 Nov47yIreland DennisPneumoniaSt Joseph
HOAR Clara EFerry St20 Nov15y 7mTroy DavidConsumptionSt Mary's
DALEY Ellen10th St20 Nov2yTroynot known Scarlet FeverSt Peter's
SATLWAN [Satlwau?] MrsSisters of Poor21 Nov63y Irelandnot knownOld AgeSt Mary's
RALSTON Annie566 2nd St21 Nov1y 10mTroy GeorgeScarlet FeverNew Mt Ida
SHARP Bernard WNorth Greenbush22 Nov77yUS NicholasKidney DiseaseOakwood
TAGGART PatrickIron Works22 Nov5y 8m 5dTroy BernardDiphtheriaOakwood
MARTIN Charles LSpring Ave22 Nov2yTroy LouisBrain DiseaseMt Ida
HASTINGS CarolineSheridan Ave22 Nov18yUS not knownDiphtheriaColumbia Cemetery
MOONEY AndrewLansingburgh22 Nov21yTroy not knownAccidentSt Mary's
"Unknown person"New York23 Nov5yTroy not knownScarlet FeverOakwood
CURRY MarySisters of Poor23 Nov85yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Joseph
POST "child of Wm Post"Liberty St23 Nov0Troy WmStillbornMt Ida
CONNERY Timothy2nd St23 Nov5mTroy TimothyDiphtheriaSt Joseph
LARKINS JosephMadison St24 Nov27yTroy JosHeart DiseaseSt Joseph
DINGMAN Maria CAlbany24 Nov69yUS not knownOld AgeNew Mt Ida
SEAWOOD Thomas309 2nd St24 Nov44yIreland ThosKidney DiseaseSt Joseph
HARTUNG Adam JSheridan Ave25 Nov20yUS not knownDiphtheriaColumbia Cemetery
ALLEN WilliamInfirmary25 Nov27yTroy MosesConsumptionMt Ida
KANE MaryLincoln Ave25 Nov6y 2mTroy DavidDebiliitySt Joseph
PARKER John2nd St25 Nov6mTroyJohn CroupSt Joseph
DONNELLY Mich'lIron Works25 Nov10mTroy Mich'lScarlet FeverSt Joseph
LUKE DavidWillis St26 Nov1y 1mTroy FrederickPneumoniaMt Pleasant Cemetery
MAGILL John F148 2nd St26 Nov26y 1m 7dTroy JohnConsumptionOakwood
MCMAHON SylvesterRiver & Wash26 Nov4mTroy ThosDeclineSt Mary's
CAHILL Michael310 2nd St26 Nov60yIreland not knownPneumoniaSt Joseph
JENNINGS ThosIron Works26 Nov42yIreland ThosCancerSt Joseph
LINDSAY Amy EFranklin Place26 Nov21yTroy WmPneumoniaOakwood
PEARD W J6 Liberty St27 Nov55yIreland WmCancerRural Cemetery
KANE JohannaN Adams St27 Nov45yIreland not knownDropsySt Joseph
BANNON MargaretVanhover St27 Nov81yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Joseph
KANE Millie FN Adams St27 Nov3yTroy not knownCroupSt Peter's
CURTIS Joseph LTroy27 Nov32yTroy JosHeart DiseaseMt Ida
RYAN Mary4th St28 Nov63yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Mary's
COTTER JohnGreen St28 Nov1y 4mTroy JohnCroupSt Peter's
GARDNER Wm BGreen Island28 Nov48yUS WmCancerMt Ida
WOODRUFF Robert HIron Works29 Nov38yUS AbuirConsumptionGreenwood
SPICER Annie H171 1st St29 Nov44yUS Wm HAccidentOakwood
EHRENGART Julia196 Ferry St29 Nov40yGermany WmConsumptionMt Ida
LUNDRIGAN BridgetSaratoga29 Nov38y 3mIreland not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
MCMAHON JohnWash & River St29 Nov3y 9mTroy ThosScarlet FeverSt Mary's
CREAGAN Mamie4th & Adams29 Nov3y 2mTroy Pat'kScarlet FeverSt Mary's
HOGAN MichaelLansingburgh29 Nov55yIreland Mich'lRheumatismSt Peter's
GEORGE Francis A96 Hanover St30 Nov8mTroy AdamBrain DiseaseSt Joseph
BUCKLEY EdwardTenth St30 Nov2yTroy Edw'dCholera MorbusSt Peter's
CURTIS Joseph LTroy27 Nov32 yrTroy JosHeart DiseaseMt Ida

Troy Burial Records 1882
December 1882
transcribed by Elizabeth Bauer
Name of DecedentWhere DiedDeath DateAge at Death Where BornParent(s)Cause of DeathCemetery
LACROIX Mary LTroy11 Dec3y 2mTroy not knownDiphtheriaMt Ida
O'BRIEN John LCor Ida St1 Dec24yTroy JnoConsumptionSt Mary's
KITTLE "child of Mrs Kittle"Green St1 Dec1y 2m TroyKittleCroupMt Ida
SHIEVE [Shreve?] Sheron C171 1st1 Dec50yUS not knownConsumptionOakwood
CAMPBELL PeterFerry St2 Dec47yIreland JnoRheumatismSt Mary's
DUNLAY AnnieIron Works2 Dec7yTroy not knownDiphtheriaSt Joseph
HARRIS George6 Broderick Place2 Dec9y 9m TroyW EdwardDiphtheriaNew Mt Ida
MURPHY Mary AAlbia2 Dec2yTroy not knownScarlet FeverSt Mary's
JUDGE ElizaVail Ave2 Dec7yTroy not knownDiphtheriaSt Peter's
HUNT Charles313 2nd St2 Dec9m 2dTroy B EdwardCroupSt Mary's
SHAHAN WillieRear 272 2nd St2 Dec15dTroy ThosunknownSt Joseph
JOYCE PatrickAlbia3 Dec63yUS not knownCongest of LungsSt Mary's
COSTELLO BridgetHoosic St4 Dec47yIreland not knownCancerSt Peter's
SMITH ChristopherIron Works4 Dec76yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Joseph
POST WilliamLiberty St4 Dec14dTroy Wm[Cholera?] InfantileMt Ida
SHEEHAN BridgetHutton St4 Dec22yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
BROWN "child of Jno Brown"10th St4 Dec1yTroy JnoDiphtheriaMt Ida
JUDGE "child of James Judge"Vail Ave4 Dec8yTroy JamesScarlet FeverSt Peter's
BRENNAN JamesGreen Island5 Dec30yTroy JasConsumptionSt Peter's
BLICKNER NicholasFord Ave5 Dec57yGermany AdamConsumptionNew Mt Ida
DOLAN James102 N 2nd St5 Dec23yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
TOBIN Mary4th & Tyler St5 Dec13yTroy ThosTyphoid FeverSt Joseph
WELLER AnnieGreen Island6 Dec3y 6mTroy ThosScarlet FeverSt Peter's
QUINN James LFerry St6 Dec9y 1mTroy JamesScarlet FeverSt Mary's
CONROY Thos FAdams & River St6 Dec2y 6m 7dTroy JamesCroupSt Mary's
GREEN Michael84 Havermans Ave6 Dec39yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
COSTELLO JamesIda Hill6 Dec61yIreland JasOld AgeSt Mary's
MILLETT PatrickTroy Hospital6 Dec27yTroy Pat'kAccidentSt Mary's
DELANEY MaryJacob St6 Dec13y 4m 3dTroy JohnScarlet FeverSt Peter's
CLARK CatherineInfirmary7 Dec40yUS PhillipConsumptionAlbany Rural
MCGUIRE Pat'k HIron Works7 Dec25yTroy not knownTyphoid FeverSt Joseph
KERANS LibbieChurch St7 Dec1mTroy JamesDeclineSt Mary's
SANFORD Sophia B100 1st St7 Dec50yUS WmInflamed BowelsOakwood
POWELL Patrick ROrrsville8 Dec13yTroy Pat'kDiphtheriaSt Peter's
SIMPSON Oscar V593 Congress8 Dec46yUS HenryConsumptionNew Mt Ida
GAFFEY Mary E.8 Dec24yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
DELANEY StephenFerry St8 Dec2yTroy not knownScarlet FeverSt Mary's
SWEETMAN GeorgeBatavia St8 Dec4y 4m 19dTroy EdwardDiphtheriaNew Mt Ida
GEARY MarySisters of Poor9 Dec85yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Mary's
LA ROSA Maria296 3rd St9 Dec57yCanada JosephOld AgeGlenn's Falls
MCDONALD Alexander39 Hoosic St9 Dec8y 8mTroy AlexanderInflamed BowelsNew Mt Ida
KELLY Margaret9th St9 Dec42yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
DALEY Mary A9th St9 Dec27yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
MCSORLEY Lucy6th St10 Dec22yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Joseph
SULLIVAN Patrick648 4th10 Dec2y 3mTroy PatrickDebilitySt Joseph
CAHILL John1st & 2nd St10 Dec28yIreland JnoAccidentSt Joseph
HOGANS [sp] Father.10 Dec53yUS not knownParalysisSt Mary's
WEAVER Helen9th & Jacob11 Dec12yTroy not knownConsumptionMt Ida
MCMULLER JamesRear 63 Ida11 Dec2y 10mTroy Pat'kPneumoniaSt Joseph
MURPHY ThosSisters of Poor11 Dec75yIreland ThosOld AgeSt Mary's
DWYER Patrick2nd St11 Dec80yIreland Pat'kHeart DiseaseSt Joseph
COVERT AnnaSheridan Ave11 Dec12yTroy MaryDiphtheriaGreenville
HIGGINS Maria3rd St11 Dec50yIreland MaryHeart DiseaseSt Joseph
ROURKE LenaCarroll's Hill11 Dec1y 6mTroy WmBrain DiseaseSt Joseph
JOHNSON "child of Wm Johnson"Troy12 Dec0Troy WmHeart DiseaseNew Mt Ida
THOMPSON JaneRiver St12 Dec3yTroy not knownConvulsionsSt Mary's
COSTELLO ChasGreen Island12 Dec37yTroy ChasDropsySt Peter's
TAYLOR Chloe L4 Gale Pl12 Dec61yOneida County GeoConsumptionUtica
DOONEY PatrickGreen St12 Dec46yIreland PatrickConsumptionSt Peter's
MULLEN BridgetN 2nd St12 Dec55yIreland not knownDropsySt Peter's
LEVINS PeterN 2nd St13 Dec33yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
PHILLIPS Mary LMonroe & 1st13 Dec78yCanada not knownOld AgeSt Joseph
KEHOE Thos316 2nd St13 Dec34yIreland not knownTyphoid FeverSt Mary's
WADE Willie509 2nd St13 Dec3dTroy MichaelDeclineSt Joseph
ROMBACH Magdalene14 4th St13 Dec70yGermany not knownOld AgeMt Ida
TAYLOR Wm1 Jackson St14 Dec2y 1m 9dTroy WmDiphtheriaOakwood
ALMOTH MargaretIda Hill14 Dec25yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
JULIEN MinnieMill St15 Dec5yTroy not knownDiphtheriaSt Joseph
PENDERGRASS Agnes550 2nd St15 Dec9y 8mTroy JamesunknownSt Joseph
VANNIE MaryGreen Island15 Dec4y.not known DiphtheriaSt Joseph
BURNS JohannaTroy Hospital16 Dec50yTroy not knownExhaustionSt Mary's
CRANDALL Pardon SMelrose17 Dec75yTroy PardonHeart DiseaseOakwood
COSTELLO Celia4th St18 Dec29y.not known ConsumptionSt Joseph
MURRAY Mary4th St18 Dec2y 10mTroy MichaelCroupSt Joseph
MCKELLOP MatthewInfirmary18 Dec36y.Matthew ConsumptionMt Ida
GRIFFIN Walter9th St19 Dec0Troy WalterStillbornSt Peter's
STANLEY Elizabeth9th St19 Dec45yTroy not knownConsumptionOakwood
MCGRATH BetsyHutton St19 Dec77yIreland not knownOld AgeSt Peter's
AMADIN DariusPoestenkill20 Dec85yUS not knownOld AgeMt Ida
TOBIN Ellen1st St20 Dec58yIreland not knownDropsySt Joseph
SEXTON KittyWater St20 Dec18yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Joseph
HAGAN Frank C2nd St20 Dec8yTroy WmDiphtheriaOakwood
BARROW Grace AFulton St20 Dec21yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
PRENDERGAST Katie ACongress St20 Dec16yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
RIORDAN JohnMelrose20 Dec30yTroy JohnKilled by CarsSpringfield
BRANDIGE Frank CMelrose20 Dec27yTroy JohnKilled by CarsPittsfield
RATHFORD Mary A4th St21 Dec11yTroy MaryDiphtheriaMt Ida
MCGRATH "child of Mr McGrath"Green Island21 Dec0 TroyMcGrathStillbornSt Peter's
MCKEON "child of Thos McKeon"Stone Rd21 Dec10m .ThosDiphtheriaSt Peter's
CALDER Lottie L154 2nd St21 Dec10yTroy FrankDiphtheriaOakwood
REARDON Daniel4th St21 Dec43yIreland DanielConsumptionSt Joseph
VANDEGERS Bridget412 2nd St22 Dec48yIreland DanielHeart DiseaseSt Joseph
ROSENBERGER CarolineWest Troy22 Dec10mTroy not knownCroupMt Ida
ROSENBERGER ChasWest Troy22 Dec3yTroy not knownCroupMt Ida
DANKS PhebeTroy22 Dec67yIreland not knownOld AgeMt Ida "(S/B England)"
FOGARTY JamesJay St22 Dec6mTroy JasCroupSt Mary's
LANGLING ElizaRiver St22 Dec48yEngland Edw'dCancerOakwood
WOODLOCT MaryHutton St23 Dec54yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
BAUSCH "child of Jno Bausch"West Troy23 Dec0 West TroyJnoSpasmsNew Mt Ida
MACKEY PatrickWater St23 Dec36yIreland Pat'kAccidentSt Joseph
MCGOVERN Nellie4th St23 Dec2mTroy ThosSpasmsSt Mary's
CUNNINGHAM Mary4th St23 Dec25yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
HOGAN "child of Mich'l Hogan"1st St24 Dec1y 2m .Mich'lScarlet FeverSt Joseph
O'BRIEN BridgetElm St25 Dec15y 8m 11d TroyPat'kTyphoid FeverSt Joseph
HALL Willie317 2nd St25 Dec3y 9mTroy PeterBrain DiseaseNew Mt Ida
ADAMS Louis RTroy26 Dec10y 4m 25dTroy JasHeart DiseaseNew Mt Ida
SULLIVAN EugeneTroy Hospital26 Dec20yTroy EugeneTyphoid FeverSt Mary's
MULVINE KatieLansingburgh26 Dec22yTroy not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
MCCARTHY EugeneHospital27 Dec29yTroy not knownTyphoid FeverSt Mary's
LODGE JohnHutton St27 Dec0TroyJno StillbornSt Peter's
TANNER AmasaGreen St27 Dec0Troy AmasaStillbornMt Ida
MCCORMICK Wm421 3rd St27 Dec1y 9mTroy ThosCroupSt Joseph
MCCAULEY MargaretN 3rd St27 Dec53yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Peter's
HESS "child of Mr Hess"3rd St27 Dec3mTroy AdamCroupNew Mt Ida
FOLEY John9th St27 Dec42yIreland JnoTyphoid FeverSt Peter's
POST KatieCongress St28 Dec21yTroy ThosConsumptionSt Mary's
QUINN MartinAdams St28 Dec3y 2mTroy JasInf LungsSt Mary's
GORMAN Mary FTroy28 Dec6yTroy not knownCroupSt Mary's
BRENNAN Mary5th St28 Dec53yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
ROBERTS NapoleonVan Buren St28 Dec3yTroy not knownCroupSt Joseph
BURNS Jane9th St29 Dec0TroyJane StillbornSt Peter's
HARLEM CatherineJay St29 Dec6mTroy not knownCroupSt Peter's
BRAZIER "child of Mr Brazier"West Troy29 Dec1y TroyBrazierCroupMt Ida
NILES "child of Mr Niles"1st St29 Dec3y TroyNilesScarlet FeverSt Mary's
LOFTUS Ellen AGreen Island29 Dec5yTroy not knownScarlet FeverSchenectady
GLYNN KateTroy29 Dec2yTroynot known Scarlet FeverSt Peter's
GAVIN Ann119 Adams St30 Dec52yIreland not knownConsumptionSt Mary's
RHUL Alswald90 Monroe St30 Dec2y 6mUS ChasDiphtheriaSt Joseph
DOYLE JamesFranklin St30 Dec75yIreland JasOld AgeSt Mary's
HEFFERMAN WmCanada30 Dec53yCanadaWm AccidentSt Peter's
MAYERS Mary L BJackson & 1st St31 Dec11mTroy PaulDiphtheriaSt Joseph
WILSON AnnaTroy22 Dec45yIrelandJos Inflammation BowelMt Ida

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