Troy Burial Records

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A big thank you to Bradford Miter for transcribing these records so quickly and contributing them to this website. The source of these records is "Book of Records, Names Interments &c. &c., Troy, March 1st 1833, S. E. Gibbs Superintendent". In the LDS Church Family History Library Catalog, they are called "Burial records, 1833-1928, of Mt. Ida Cemetery", but this name is misleading, because in later years, these records contain MANY burials in other cemeteries, such as Saint Mary's, Saint Joseph's and other Catholic cemeteries. In the earliest years, including 1841, the burials WERE all in Mount Ida Cemetery, hence the name. So the cemetery column has been left blank for the 1841 records on this web page, and Mount Ida Cemetery is implied. The records Brad has transcribed here are from FHL film Number 1434103.

SEARCH TIPS: You can use your browser's "Find (on This Page)" tool, which for most of you can be found on the "Edit" drop-down menu. However, you might also want to read through the entire list, because in my experience, these records are full of information that I didn't expect to find there! Also, Brad has [quite rightly] transcribed these records verbatim; if the original said "Jno", Brad transcribed "Jno", so if you use "John" as your search value, your search tool will not find an entry that says "Jno". Therefore, you will need to search again using the search value "Jno". ENJOY!

Troy Burial Records 1841
January 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
SLICK Robert A.2 Jan16yWM.Native.
COOK Rachel3 Jan77y 11m 23dWF.NativeMother of Rice COOK
DOBELL Isabela6 Jan35yWF.Native.
THOMPSON Michael (child)6 Jan1mW..Native.
PEERSON Joseph D. (child)8 Jan8mW..Native.
DURNETT William R. (child)10 Jan1mW..Native.
RICHARDS Elizabeth13 Jan26yWF.Native.
KING ... (child)13 Jan1y 6mW..Native.
COOK Patrick14 Jan33yWM.Native.
SEABURY Isaac (child)15 Jan2yW..Native.
TAYLOR Mary R. (child)20 Jan3yW..Native.
OVERACHER Lawrence20 Jan30yWM.Native.
SWARTWOUT June20 Jan23yWFMarriedNative.
FRENCH Samuel22 Jan48yWMMarriedNative.
OOTHOUT Betsey23 Jan50yCF.Native.
HOLDREDGE Arnold H. (child)23 Jan8yW..Native.
MOULTON George B. (child)25 Jan6mC..Native.
HUFF Sarah25 Jan39yWF.Native.
COFFIN Eliza26 Jan37yWF.Native.
FARLING Martha26 Jan61yWF.Native.
SMITH Elisha (child)28 Jan4mW..Native.
DICKINSON Tom D. Esq.28 Jan74yWMMarriedNative.
COLE Reuben (child)28 Jan2yW..Native.
GERMAN William F. (wife)29 Jan33yWFMarriedNative.

Troy Burial Records 1841
February 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
WEEK Hellen2 Feb50yWF.Native.
TUPPER Geo. O. (child)2 Feb4mW..Native.
PURDY Wilson (child)3 Feb3yW..Native.
GOODWIN Charles (child)3 Feb6mW..Native.
HYDE Liberty (wife)3 Feb36yWFMarriedNative.
HANCOCK Benjamin (wife)3 Feb32yWFMarriedNative.
CARROLL T. B. (child)6 Feb7mW..Native.
JEFFERSON Sarah6 Feb36yWF.Native.
BELL Jim7 Feb45yWMMarriedNative.
SWARTWOUT Benj. (child)10 Feb3mW..Native.
EVANS Jim (wife)15 Feb38yWFMarriedNative.
RHODES Col. (son)16 Feb26yWM.Native.
SHALYELL William (child)20 Feb2yW..Native.
BROOKS Jas G. Esq.20 Feb?WMMarriedNative.
MCCODICH Ellen22 Feb60yWF.Native.
HENDO?? ??man23 Feb29yWMMarriedNative.
DAYTON Hezekiah (wife)24 Feb36yWFMarriedNative.
HALE Sandford (child)24 Feb1yW..Native.
SPICER John C. (child)25 Feb1yW..Native.
FULLER Noel (child)26 Feb1/4mW..Native.
PIKE James (child)26 Feb7yW..Native.
CLARK Henry (wife)26 Feb40yWFMarriedNative.
STARBUCK Bethea27 Feb69yWF.Native.
BENNINGTON John27 Feb44yWM.Native.
CHILDS Gardner28 Feb39yWM.Native.
LOCK Sophia28 Feb42yWF.Native.

Troy Burial Records 1841
March 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
PECK Nicholas4 Mar80yCM.?.
FOX Chauncy (wife)4 Mar30yWFMarriedNative.
PACKARD Hanson (wife)4 Mar37yWFMarriedNative.
STOUGHTON Alexander4 Mar31yWM.Native.
ALLEN Richard (daughter)6 Mar21yWF.Native.
COUCH Wm8 Mar65yWM.Native.
MYERS Surplus (child)9 Mar3mW..Native.
BRINKER Henry12 Mar51yWM.Native.
AMOS Robert (child)13 Mar1/4mC..Native.
FREEMAN Waterman14 Mar35yWM.Native.
SICKLES Louisa16 Mar25yWF.Native.
SNYDER Madison (child)17 Mar1/2mW..Native.
READ Roland (wife)17 Mar23yWFMarriedNative.
HAMILTON Joseph20 Mar60yWM.Native.
PACKARD Hanson (daughter)21 Mar13yWF.Native.
LANE William H. (wife)21 Mar24yWFMarriedNative.
WOOD Samuel24 Mar37yWM.Native.
MCINTYRE Ann25 Mar13yWF.Native.
EARL William (wife)27 Mar52yWFMarriedNative.
HAMERS Mary28 Mar56yWF.?.
LANE William H. (child)28 Mar1/2mW..Native.
GRANT Elnathan28 Mar38yWMMarriedNative.
PRIME Agnes28 Mar46yCF...
LADUC John (child)29 Mar1/2mW..Native.
LOVE Ira29 Mar38yWM.Native.
CARTER John (child)30 Mar33yC..Native.

Troy Burial Records 1841
April 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
STAWL Hiram (child)1 Apr6mW..Native.
COREY Elizabeth3 Apr48yWF.Native.
DE MOTT Garret3 Apr39yWM.Native.
PLUM David B. (child)4 Apr1y 8m...Native.
STARTS Sarah4 Apr28yWF.Native.
BAKER Jeremiah (child)4 Apr6m...Native.
COMSTOCK Zoroaster7 Apr47yWM.Native.
HENRY John9 Apr30yWM.Native.
WRIGHT Dr. John (wife)10 Apr28yWFMarriedNative.
HILL Maria10 Apr20yWF.Native.
BUTLER Lydia (child)13 Apr4yC..Native.
LAWRENCE S. A. (wife)14 Apr21yWFMarriedNative.
ROBERTSON William (child)14 Apr4m...Native.
DESIDER Hannah15 Apr55yCF.Native.
GARDENER Daniel (child)15 Apr3yW..Native.
BUTTERSHALL Jesse (wife)15 Apr32yWF.Native.
CHAPEL Mary16 Apr50yWFMarriedNative.
BLACKWOOD Hester18 Apr55yWF.Native.
CARTER James18 Apr52yWM.Native.
KNOWLS Hanson (child)19 Apr2yW..Native.
BOW Joseph21 Apr16yW..Native.
BOW Oliver (child)22 Apr5yW..Native.
HITCHCOCK George W. (child)23 Apr2yW..Native.
BARNARD Frances (child)24 Apr1/10mW..Native.
SMITH Eunice24 Apr45yW..Native.
GIRVIN John26 Apr27yWM.Native.

Troy Burial Records 1841
May 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
CLARK William (child)4 May2yW..Native.
BURDICK Caleb (child)7 May2yW..Native.
PLACE June C.10 May18yWF.Native.
WHEELER Doct. John (child)10 May9yW..Native.
KIBBEE C.11 May32yWM.Native.
RODGERS Daniel (child)13 May1yW..Native.
BUSWELL Elisha13 May45yWM.Native.
ST JERMAIN Anthony (wife)16 May34yWFMarriedNative.
HARDY Adam19 May18yWM.Native.
LEE Nathaniel (wife)16 May24yWFMarriedNative.
WHEELER Dr. John (child)21 May2yW..Native.
GILBERT Benj.21 May40yWMMarriedNative.
TAYLOR John (wife)22 May60yWFMarriedNative.
SIMMONS Leonard22 May40yWM.Native.
OSTRANDER Hiram23 May19yWM.Native.
SINCLY23 May24yC..Native.
BROWNELL Amelia N.23 May15yWF.Native.
ALLEN Susana25 May88yWF.Native.
MORRIS George (child)29 May1yW..Native.
MERRITT Caroline29 May24yWF.Native.
IRVIN William (child)31 May3yW..Native.
VAN SCHAICK John (child)31 May4yC..Native.
CAMPBELL John31 May43yWM.Native.

Troy Burial Records 1841
June 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
BRINKERHOOF John1 June40yWM.Native.
COOPER Sylvester (child)2 June1/2mW..Native.
BRIGGS Joseph (child)3 June7mW..Native.
RUMPH Catherine5 June26yWF.NativeNot interred here
JENKINS Mrs Kegia7 June88yWF.Native.
SIMMONS Peter (wife)7 June33yWFMarriedNative.
HOUSE Albert A. (wife)9 June22yWFMarriedNative.
PRENTISS Ebenezer (child)9 June1yW..Native.
HILL Frederick Monroe10 June25yWM.NativeSon of Rev. Benj. M. Hill
HARDY James (child)11 June9mW ..Native.
THORP Charles M. (wife)14 June33yWFMarriedNative.
COLLIER Benj. (wife)14 June24yWFMarriedNative.
VAN CREF Abram (wife)15 June48yWFMarriedNative.
GREEN Edward T. (child)18 June1yW..Native.
WARNER Ebenezer (child)20 June9mW..Native.
POWELL Edward (child)21 June1mW..Native.
VAN CURIN Benj.22 June35yWM.Native.
HANAH W.22 June55y.....
BONTECOU Peter (child)23 June3yW..Native.
POWELL Sarah25 June32yWFMarriedNativeWife of Edward
BISHOP Mrs (child)25 June4yC..Native.
BATES Calvin (child)27 June2mW..Native.
PATRICK Mr (drowned)27 June35yWM.Native.
GARDNER Hellen Ann27 June61yWF.Native.
FRINK James (child)27 June4mW..Native.
JACKSON William (child)30 June1 1/4mW..Native.
GRANT Gordon (wife)30 June45yWFMarriedNative.

Troy Burial Records 1841
July 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
FURGUSON William (child)1 July1yW..Native.
LEARNED Thomas A.1 July32yWM.Native.
RODGERS Oliver (wife)2 July41yWFMarriedNative.
NICHOLS H. D. (child)2 July1yW..Native.
MONROE Phillip J. (child)3 July1yW..Native.
VAN DER HEYDEN Catherine5 July60yWF.Native.
HOPKINS William (daughter)8 July18yWF.Native.
VAN SCHAICK John (child)9 July1yC..Native.
ROBERTSON Thos. (child)11 July1/4mW..Native.
HOOPER Henry (child)11 July7mW..Native.
STAPLES Sibbel11 July81yWF.Native.
STEONBURGH Mrs11 July81yWFMarriedNative.
HUNT Asa (child)12 July1/2mW..Native.
GEORGE William13 July60yWM.Native.
ODYEN Edward (child)14 July.W..Native.
MILLIS John (child)15 July1yW..Native.
AYRES Jesse Jr. (child)15 July7mW..Native.
TAYLOR John (child)18 July2mW..Native.
REAVE Margaret20 July66yWF.Native.
TRACEY Jesse 2nd (child)22 July7yW..Native.
SEAMAN Ben (child)22 July6yW..Native.
EDDY Harry24 July25yWM.Native.
CHESSEY Francis (child)24 July1yW..Native.
ARCHER James (child)24 July1yW..Native.
MERRILL Samuel25 July35yWM.Native.
THAYER Hezekiah (child)25 July3mW..Native.
LEE Nathaniel (child)25 July1yW..Native.
BRIGGS Zephaniah (child)26 July2yW..Native.
MERRY Robert (child)26 July6mW..Native.
BENSON Abraham27 July65yWM.Native.
FRINCOH James (wife)29 July31yWFMarriedNative.
SALISBURY George (child)29 July7yW..Native.
CLEZIE James (child)29 July1 1/2mW..Native.
BRIGGS Zephaniah (child)30 July4yW..Native.
CLEZIE James (child)30 July1 1/2mW..Native.
CHAPMAN Robert30 July28yWM.Native.
PRATTLE William H.30 July17yWM.Native.
COOK Redford30 July9yWM.Native.
COFFIN Robert (wife)31 July35yWFMarriedNative.
VANLEAR Mrs. F. (child)31 July4yW..Native.
VAN ORDER Henry (child)31 July7yW..Native.

Troy Burial Records 1841
August 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
MCCOY Alexander (child)1 Aug4yW..Native.
WHIPPLE Waters W. (daughter)1 Aug13yWF.Native.
ANDERSON Mr. I. (child)1 Aug1/2mW..Native.
ATWOOD Abiatha (child)2 Aug7mW..Native.
OAKLEY Peter (child)2 Aug1/2mW..Native.
GREEN Pamela2 Aug46yWF.Native.
JACKSON Joseph (child)2 Aug1yW..Native.
ROSELLE Harriet3 Aug20yWF.Native.
FREGENHAM Margaret (child)4 Aug1/4mW..Native.
TUPPER Samuel H. (child)4 Aug3mW..Native.
START Abm L. (child)5 Aug1yW..Native.
STEVENS Samuel (child)5 Aug1yW..Native.
NORCUTT Anson6 Aug3yW..Native.
PECK Elisha (child)6 Aug6mW..Native.
SNODGRAP Rev. Dr. (child)8 Aug6mW..Native.
MCCURDY Elizabeth8 Aug18yWF.Native.
HUNT Enoch (child)10 Aug2mW..Native.
MOP Alexander P. (child)11 Aug1yW..Native.
LADEU John (child)11 Aug4yW..Native.
COLLIER Benj. L. (child)11 Aug3mW..Native.
EMERSON Ezekiel (child)11 Aug7mW..Native.
MILLER Hannah11 Aug62yWF.Native.
FORD John (child)14 Aug7mW..Native.
HALL R. (child)14 Aug2yW..Native.
HAMILTON George (wife)14 Aug28yCFMarriedNative.
WAGES Moses15 Aug54yWM.Native.
BERRINGER Dr. (wife)15 Aug35yWFMarriedNative.
THOMPSON Lucy16 Aug33yWF.Native.
SUTTON Mr. (child)16 Aug1yW..Native.
BOWMAN Charles (child)17 Aug3yW..Native.
CHENEY Emery17 Aug31yWM.Native.
WHITAKER Hannah17 Aug78yWF.Native.
HAMILTON George (child)17 Aug8mC..Native.
PEASE Hymmon (child)18 Aug1yW..Native.
BRADSHAW John (child)18 Aug1yW..Native.
ATWOOD Abiatha (child)18 Aug3mW..Native.
ROUSSEAU Abram (child)18 Aug1yW..Native.
MADDEN John (child)20 Aug7mW..Native.
BENMAY L. (child)22 Aug1yW..Native.
SNYDER Alexander (child)22 Aug1yW..Native.
CHASE Darius24 Aug24yWM.Native.
DANFORD William (child)25 Aug2yW..Native.
ALEXANDER Timothy25 Aug20yWM.Native.
MCCURDY James27 Aug24yWM.Native.
JOHNSON John P. (child)28 Aug1yW..Native.
CHAMBERS Hannah28 Aug16yWF.Native.

Troy Burial Records 1841
September 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
MATHEWS Horace (child)1 Sept1yW..Native.
TAYLOR John (child)1 Sept2yW ..Native.
STANLEY Abram (child)2 Sept1mC..Native.
WHITAKER Ira (child)2 Sept7yWF.Native.
JUNE Mrs.2 Sept30yCF.Native.
SMITH Elihu (child)2 Sept3/4mW..Native.
TAYLOR Thomas5 Sept28yWM.Native.
WELLS Howard5 Sept30yWMMarriedNative.
WRIGHT William (child)5 Sept1yW..Native.
EVANS Richard G. (wife)6 Sept28yWFMarriedNative.
Curtis Joel (child)7 Sept7yW..Native.
BAILIE Thomas (child)7 Sept1mW..Native.
STRONG Foster C. (wife)7 Sept27yWFMarriedNative.
SLATER Charlotte9 Sept20yWF.Native.
OSGOOD Thomas (child)9 Sept1yW..Native.
FERRELL Bradley (child)9 Sept2yW..Native.
PRICE David (child)9 Sept1yW..Native.
WILLEYMAN Charles (wife)9 Sept28yCFMarriedNative.
NETTLETON Henry9 Sept35yWM.Native.
GRIFFITH Mr. T. (child)11 Sept1yW..Native.
STRANGER A (drowned)11 Sept26yCM.Foreign.
KING Mr. (child)11 Sept4mW..Native.
HUTCHING Charles (2 children)12 Sept2/4mW..Native.
COOK Alonson (child)12 Sept3yW..Native.
FILER Zephaniah (wife)14 Sept72yWFMarriedNative.
TULLY John (child)14 Sept1yW..Native.
PUTNAM Mr. (child)14 Sept1yW..Native.
WATSON John (child)15 Sept4mC..Native.
IRWIN William (child)16 Sept3mW..Native.
ALLEN John17 Sept17yWM.Native.
RANDALL Benj.17 Sept47yWMMarriedNative.
FISHER Nathan (child)18 Sept1yW..Native.
CHRISTIE John (daughter)18 Sept16yWF.Native.
RICE William C. (child)18 Sept5mW..Native.
WRIGHT Dr. John (child)18 Sept2yW..Native.
SMITH Polly L.18 Sept40yWF.Native.
COONS Mr. (child)18 Sept2yW..Native.
MATTISE Morris (child)19 Sept4mW..Native.
FOSTER John (child)19 Sept1yW..Native.
GREENE Hester Ann21 Sept30yWF.Native.
DUTCHER Josiah (child)21 Sept1yW..Native.
MCCOY Alexander (child)22 Sept6mW..Native.
FERGERSON Walter (child)22 Sept2mW..Native.
MOSELEY Curtis (wife)24 Sept24yWFMarriedNative.
SWARTWOUT Henry24 Sept68yWM.Native.
CONANT Jeremiah (child)24 Sept1yW..Native.
HARNEY Elizabeth25 Sept35yCF.Native.
DALE James H.26 Sept22yWM.Native.
NIXON Edward (child)30 Sept1yW..Native.
RUSSELL Joseph30 Sept62yWM.Native.

Troy Burial Records 1841
October 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
CORMAN Tobias2 Oct50yCM.Native.
GARNET John (wife)3 Oct29yWFMarriedNative.
COLE Simeon P. (child)3 Oct5yW..Native.
HOLSTED Alexander G. (child)3 Oct2mW..Native.
HARVEY Timothy (child)3 Oct5mW..Native.
NASH George (child)8 Oct1yW..Native.
BULL Archibald (child)8 Oct12yW..Native.
JACKSON Hannah (child)9 Oct1/2mC..Native.
HARVEY Timothy (child)11 Oct5yW..Native.
DAUCHY Jeremiah (wife)13 Oct58yWFMarriedNative.
VANENMAGEN A (child)14 Oct1mW..Native.
BAKER Nehemiah14 Oct5yW..Native.
SMITH Ephraim16 Oct1yW..Native.
GOODWIN Andrew18 Oct35yWMMarriedNative.
SALISBURY Phoebe18 Oct66yWF.Native.
HITCHCOCK Joel24 Oct61yWM.Native.
DENNETT William24 Oct44yWM.Native.
ALLEN Richard24 Oct48yWM.Native.
TAYLOR Daniel25 Oct57yWM.Native.
WATSON John (child)26 Oct4mC..Native.
FENTON Jane26 Oct20yWF.Native.
TANNER Aaron (child)28 Oct3yC..Native.

Troy Burial Records 1841
November 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
MARSH Elizabeth2 Nov83yWF.Native.
GURLEY Clarissa2 Nov19yWF.Native.
GREENE Sarah2 Nov36yWF.Native.
FOSBURGH Laugere (child)6 Nov1/2mW..Native.
LEE Gernis (child)7 Nov1yW..Native.
DEXTER John (child)8 Nov1yW..Native.
MESHURED Oliver11 Nov45yWM.Native.
HASBROOK Frances (child)12 Nov9mW..Native.
MOONEY Arthur (child)13 Nov1/4mW..Native.
FIELDS Reuben G. (child)14 Nov1yW..Native.
COLE Moses L.16 Nov34yWMMarriedNative.
STONE Mrs.16 Nov35yWF.Native.
MCCHESNEY Miss17 Nov17yWF.Native.
MCNEWIL Lewis17 Nov32yWM.Native.
DANFORD William (wife)19 Nov27yWFMarriedNative.
SHOATTS Sally19 Nov65yWF.Native.
CHAPMAN George (child)21 Nov6yW..Native.
ANDREWS John C. (child)21 Nov4yW..Native.
DUNN Rebecca24 Nov78yWF.Native.
BROOKS Amos24 Nov48yWM.Native.
NEEL Peter (wife)22 Nov23yWFMarriedNative.
PRINCE Catherine (child)23 Nov3mC..Native.
ANDREWS John C. (child)28 Nov8mW..Native.

Troy Burial Records 1841
December 1841
transcribed by Brad Miter
Name of Those Interred Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex Married Native Notes
TANNER Aaron (child)1 Dec3mC..Native.
WESTERVELT Ralph2 Dec78yWM.Native.
KETCHEL Samuel (wife)3 Dec28yWFMarriedNative.
WOOD(S?) John (wife)4 Dec35yWFMarriedNative.
LOOMIS Julia7 Dec31yWF.Native.
CHAPMAN R. N. (child)9 Dec1yW..Native.
SAMIS Catherine10 Dec26yWF.Native.
ARNOLD Elizabeth10 Dec87yWF.Native.
CHEESBROS Margarett10 Dec33yWF.Native.
DICHETT William (child)12 Dec1yW..Native.
VAN ORDER Daniel (child)12 Dec2yW..Native.
WIGHT Elizabeth (child)12 Dec1/4yW..Native.
ADAMS William (wife)12 Dec30yWFMarriedNative.
JOHNSON Moses14 Dec24yWM.Native.
HUTTON Peletiah (child)15 Dec6mW..Native.
WAIT(S?) Silas (child)16 Dec6mW..Native.
BARKER P.17 Dec35yWM.Native.
CAMBRIDGE John17 Dec24yWM.Native.
BUTLER Rachel19 Dec102y 6mWF.Native.
MCGILLEN James (child)19 Dec1yW..Native.
JOHNSON Peter (wife)22 Dec37yWFMarriedNative.
PATTEN Faith25 Dec68yWF.Native.
GUTHRIE Uris26 Dec16yWF.Native.
TAYLOR John26 Dec70yWMMarriedNative.
FREE Daniel F. (child)27 Dec1y 4mW..Native.
COBY Stephen28 Dec26yWMMarriedNative.
SNEDDEKER Isaac29 Dec82yWM.Native.
HORLE Z. H. (child)30 Dec2yW..Native.

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