Troy Burial Records

A big thank-you to John Ryan for transcribing these records and contributing them to this website. The source of these records is "Book of Records, Names Interments &c. &c., Troy, March 1st 1833, S. E. Gibbs Superintendent". In the LDS Church Family History Library Catalog, they are called "Burial records, 1833-1928, of Mt. Ida Cemetery", but this name is misleading, because in later years, these records contain MANY burials in other cemeteries, such as Saint Mary's, Saint Joseph's and other Catholic cemeteries. In the earliest years, including 1835, the burials WERE all in Mount Ida Cemetery, hence the name. So the cemetery column has been left blank for the 1835 records on this web page, and Mount Ida Cemetery is implied. The records John has transcribed here are from FHL film Number 1434103.

SEARCH TIPS: You can use your browser's "Find (on This Page)" tool, which for most of you can be found on the "Edit" drop-down menu. However, you might also want to read through the entire list, because in my experience, these records are full of information that I didn't expect to find there! Also, John has [quite rightly] transcribed these records verbatim; if the original said "Jno", he transcribed "Jno", so if you use "John" as your search value, your search tool will not find an entry that says "Jno". Therefore, you will need to search again using the search value "Jno". ENJOY!

Troy Burial Records 1835
January 1835
transcribed by John Ryan
Name of Decedent Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex
YHRASHE [sic] William P1 Jan3yWM
GARY Joseph2 Jan1yWM
SLADES Philip3 Jan3yWM
ADAMS Clarissa3 Jan51yWF
DEBAR "Mrs Debar"4 Jan63yWF
CHASE Dewit Clinton8 Jan19yWM
WALLACE Charles8 Jan22yWM
SHERMAN "Alanson S Sherman['s] child"9 Jannot givenWM
BOUTELL James A12 Jan1yWM
JOHNSON John13 Jan67yWM
DATON "Spencer Daton['s] child"13 Jan1y 4mWM
SANDERSON David14 Jan56yCM
GATLING "Pope Gatling['s] wife"15 Jan27yWF
NORTON "Sylvester Norton['s] wife"16 Jan43yWF
FIELDS "Lusius Fields['s] child"16 Jan1y 1mWnot given
WALES "Joseph Wales['s] child"16 Jan2y 3mWnot given
POTTER Eliza17 Jan1y 3mWF
WARREN "Old Mrs Warren"18 Jannot givenWF
DUMBLETON Lydia20 Jan50yWF
GRIFFEY Gilbert R21 Jan45yWM
DEMMING "Dwight Demming['s] child"22 Jan9yWnot given
PACHUNST [sic] Philo22 Jan24yWM
BOSWORTH "George S Bosworth['s] wife"23 Jan25yWF
SCHUYLER "Cornelius Schuyler['s] child"27 Jan1y 6mWnot given
PALLICK Phillip P29 Jan21yWM
RICHMOND Eliza P30 Jan33yWF
JANEAUS [sic] "Leon Janeaus['s] wife"30 Jannot givenWF
BARRINGER David P31 Jan34yWM
SCHUYLER Cornelius31 Jan4yWM

Troy Burial Records 1835
February 1835
transcribed by John Ryan
Name of Decedent Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex
JOHNSON "Mrs Johnson"1 Febnot givenWF
PARRKENS "William S Parrkens['s] child"3 Feb2mWnot given
SILLYS "Ann Sillys['s] child"3 Feb6mWnot given
SYMAN "Mrs Syman"4 Feb68yWF
GATLING "Pope Gatling's child"4 Feb2yWnot given
STONEHOPE "Thomas Stonehope['s] ch[ild]"5 Feb8mWnot given
GOEE [sic - GOEWAY?] Lin6 Febnot givenWM
ROBERTS "Mrs Roberts"12 Febnot givenWF
PATTERSON "Elias Patterson['s] child"12 Feb1mWnot given
OBRIAN Patrick12 Feb23yWM
HULL [sic] "Miss E S Hull"13 Febnot givenWF
LAVELUND Julia17 Feb29yWF
HOWLAND [sic] "William Howland['s] child"19 Feb8mWnot given
HOWLAND [sic] "Abraham Howland['s] child"21 Feb4mWnot given
VAN DERZEE "Steven H Van Derzee['s] child"21 Feb1y 6mWnot given
SANWORTHY "Door Sanworthy['s] child" [sic]21 Feb6mWnot given
FRASURE "Daniel Frasure['s] child"22 Feb4y 6mWnot given
CHRISTIAN "Joseph Christian['s] child"22 Feb6mWnot given
BALDWIN "Jeremiah Baldwin['s] child"24 Feb1y 6mWnot given
CUNNINGHAM "Mrs John Cunningham"25 Feb32yWF
KELLOGG Warren26 Feb52yWM
SICKEL "Peter H Sickel['s] child"26 Feb3yWnot given
OVEROCKEN Martin28 Feb58yWM

Troy Burial Records 1835
March 1835
transcribed by John Ryan
Name of Decedent Date of Death Age at Death Race Sex
BEACH child of Edward2 Mar6mWM
CONGDON Enoch H.2 Mar9mWM
COEHA Sally3 Mar38yWF
BOUGHTON Amanda7 Mar37yWF
HALE child of G. P.7 Mar6mW-
BRISTOL Artemesia7 Mar29yWF
DE CAMP Martin7 Mar-WM
HODGMAN child of Yrsune8 Mar6mW-
GRASBALD ---------8 Mar-W-
BUNCE David A.9 Mar4yWM
WELLS ------10 Mar-W-
SMITH Henry's wife10 Mar-WF
ADAMS Laura10 Mar22yWF
BUCKLEY child of J. W.11 Mar9mW-
CUMMINGS child of John11 Mar9mW-
TAYLOR wife of James11 Mar-WF
BECRAFT Abraham13 Mar73yWM
MCCAY child of Luther14 Mar1/2mW-
HAYNES William14 Mar39yW-
WILSON -----------17 Mar31yW-
TICE Rensselaer17 Mar35yWM
MAYO Solomon17 Mar-WM
BLISS child of Jo'than18 Mar1/2mW-
GREENMAN Mary18 Mar37yWF
BENNETT Sally Ann23 Mar32yWF
STEWART child of James23 Mar-W-
ROSE Sarah23 Mar65yWF
TILLINGHAM ------- 23 Mar-W-
MURRAY child of John24 Mar1y 6mW-
MOR wife of John25 Mar36yWF
BALTIMORE child of George27 Mar1y 6mW-
COLLINS wife of Benj.28 Mar29yWF
FURDAY widow29 Mar-WF
VAN RENSSELAER Henry (c)*29 Mar1/2mW-
ANTILL Joseph (c)*30 Mar1y 3mW-
VANDERWATER Gideon (c)*30 Mar3/4mW-
BRAUN Ebenezer (c)*30 Mar11mW-
KITTLEY William30 Mar78yWM
* The designation "(c)" here probably means "child".

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