Troy Burial Records

These few 1883 burials were entered at the end of the 1882 Troy Burial Records which were transcribed in full by Elizabeth Bauer. The source is "Book of Records, Names Interments &c. &c., Troy, March 1st 1833, S. E. Gibbs Superintendent". In the LDS Church Family History Library Catalog, they are called "Burial records, 1833-1928, of Mt. Ida Cemetery", but this name is misleading, because these records contain MANY burials in other cemeteries, such as Saint Mary's, Saint Joseph's and other Catholic cemeteries. The LDS film number is 1434105.

Troy Burial Records 1883
January 1883
Name of DecedentWhere DiedDeath DateAge at Death Where BornParent(s)Cause of DeathCemetery
JACKSON JohnN 1st St1 Jan45yIreland not knownConsumptionMt Ida
THOM AndrewTroy1 Jan29yEngland not knownDrownedMt Ida
MAYER Paul1st St1 Jan1y 6mTroy PaulDiphtheriaSt Joseph
MCAULIFF TimothyFerry St1 Jan94yIreland TimDropsySt Mary's
QUINN MichaelAdams St1 Jan26yTroy TimConsumptionSt Joseph

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