Troy Burial Records

A big thank-you to Stephanie Moore for transcribing these records and contributing them to this website. The source of these records is "Book of Records, Names Interments &c. &c., Troy, March 1st 1833, S. E. Gibbs Superintendent". In the LDS Church Family History Library Catalog, they are called "Burial records, 1833-1928, of Mt. Ida Cemetery", but this name is misleading, because in later years, including 1881, these records contain MANY burials in other cemeteries, such as Saint Mary's, Saint Joseph's and other Catholic cemeteries. The records Stephanie has transcribed here are from FHL film Number 1434104.

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Troy Burial Records 1881
January 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of decedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeParentCauseBurial
1. O Neil, Margaret North 3rd St Jan 1, 1881 26y O'Neil Smallpox St Peter
2. Reynolds, Christopher 652 4th St Jan 1, 1881 65y Thomas? Old age St Joseph
3. Rabbitt, Catherine 9th St Jan 1, 1881 42y William Consumption Cohoes
4. Dennin, Matthew 10th St Jan 1, 1881 42y Matt Accident St Peter
5. Delehanly, John Green St Jan 1, 1881 48y John Apoplexy St Peter
6. Curly, George F. North 2nd St Jan 1, 1881 8m unreadable Croup St Peter
7. Buckley, Honora Down St Jan 1, 1881 86y Not known Heart disease St Peter
8. Blackhall, John J. North 3rd St Jan 1, 1881 0 John L. Stillborn St Peter
9. Monaghan, Bartholemew Hudson River Jan 1, 1881 17y Peter Accident St Joseph
10. Hallahan, William 331 Congress St Jan 1, 1881 4y 9m Arthur Diphtheria Mt Ida
11. Colyrove (?), Samuel 3rd St Jan 1, 1881 46y 7m John B. Brain disease Oakwood
12. Leonard, William H. 67 Congress St Jan 2, 1881 62y Not known Debility St Mary
13. Scisur, Cynthia Infirmary Jan 2, 1881 63y Not known Consumption Mt Ida
14. Edman, Amelia 61 Grand Div. Jan 3, 1881 57y Not known Tumor Oakwood
15. Kinloch, William Hospital Jan 3, 1881 30y Kinloch Smallpox Mt Ida
16. Carroll, Michael Hospital Jan 3, 1881 4y Michael Smallpox St Mary
17. Bigelow, William Hospital Jan 3, 1881 35y Bigelow Smallpox St Peter
18. Sykes, William Hospital Jan 3, 1881 35y Sykes Smallpox Mt Ida
19. Oskia, Mr Hospital Jan 3, 1881 25y Oskia Smallpox Old Catholic
20. White, Mrs Hospital Jan 3, 1881 30y Not known Smallpox Mt Ida
21. Walpole, Mary Hospital Jan 3, 1881 26y Thomas Consumption St Joseph
22. Norton, Mary Hospital Jan 3, 1881 47y Thomas Asthma St Mary
23. Harrison, Elijah R. 127 Congress St Jan 3, 1881 34y 6m Henry Typhoid fever unreadable
24. Hazelgrove, George B. Campbell's Highway Jan 4, 1881 71y Not known Old age Oakwood
25. Ferguson, Janet Vandenburgh Ave Jan 4, 1881 41y 10m 1d Jamie Cancer Oakwood
26. Perkins, Nancy E. Hoose and N. 3rd St Jan 4, 1881 91y Not known Old age Oakwood
27. Lewis, Thomas Hutton Pl. Jan 4, 1881 61y Thomas Consumption Lansingburgh
28. Carrier, Albert H. Vail Ave Jan 5, 1881 9m Albert - -
29. McGuire, Margaret Horse car barn Jan 5, 1881 23y 6m 4d Martin - -
30. McDonough, child of E. US Jan 5, 1881 1y E. McDounough - -
31. Boshia, child of 1st Street Jan 5, 1881 7y Boshia - -
32. Bardy, Margaret Hutton Pl. Jan 5, 1881 51y Not known - -
33. McCormick, William North 2nd St Jan 5, 1881 20y William - -
34. Killon, Joseph 248 4th St Jan 6, 1881 7y Thomas - -
35. DeWitt, John Hospital Jan 6, 1881 2y 4m John Smallpox St Mary
36. Crayton, James Vail Ave Jan 6, 1881 17y Joseph Smallpox Mt Ida
37. Seber, Miss Hospital Jan 6, 1881 7y Seber Smallpox Mt Ida
38. Dunn, Katie North 4th St Jan 6, 1881 5m Not known Croup St Mary
39. Carron, Isadore 2nd St Jan 6, 1881 4y Not known Scarlet fever St Joseph
40. Hendrix, William L. 217 1st St Jan 6, 1881 41y Samuel Congested brain Mt Ida
41. Coughlin, Jane N. 2nd St Jan 6, 1881 ? Not known Consumption St Joseph
42. Haley, Edward 22 Hoosick Ave Jan 6, 1881 2y 3m Martin Sore throat St Joseph
43. Hoyt, Archibald Hollow Rd Jan 7, 1881 76y Micah Kidney disease Oakwood
44. Dorr, Bridget St Joseph Hill Jan 7, 1881 70y Not known Old age St Joseph
45. Golden, John Hospital Jan 7, 1881 11y Golden Smallpox Old Catholic
46. Brennan, John Hospital Jan 8, 1881 8y John Smallpox Old Catholic
47. Balke, Charles 4th St Jan 8, 1881 20y Charles Inflamed bowels Mt Ida
48. Furlong, Thomas E. 4th St Jan 8, 1881 10m Thomas Scarlet fever St Mary
49. Carron, Delia 2nd St Jan 8, 1881 1y 10m Hercules Scarlet fever St Joseph
50. McKeon, Thomas Washingtons Pt Jan 9, 1881 2y 6m Thomas Debility St Mary
51. McKanna, child of Hospital Jan 9, 1881 7m McKanna Smallpox Old Catholic
52. McDonough, Mike Hospital Jan 9, 1881 6y Michael Smallpox Old Catholic
53. Page (?), William A. Hospital Jan 9, 1881 20y William Consumption Oakwood
54. Sleimhaur(?), Sherman A. 65 Frederick Pl. Jan 9, 1881 42y Christopher Consumption Oakwood
55. Keating, Honora 4th St Jan 10, 1881 68y Not known Congested lungs St Peter
56. Blair, child of Jackson St Jan 11, 1881 1m Blair Smallpox Old Catholic
57. Hurley, Katie Hospital Jan 11, 1881 8y Hurley Smallpox St Peter
58. Smith, Sophia 12 4th St Jan 11, 1881 66y Charlie Heart disease Mt Ida
59. Rubinsky, Betsy 116 F (?) St Jan 11, 1881 3y 6m Lewis Diphtheria Hebrew Ground
60. Lighes, child of Hospital Jan 12, 1881 8y Lighes Smallpox Old Catholic
61. Fitzgerald, Honora 74 Hill St Jan 12, 1881 62y John Consumption St Joseph
62. Desjardins, Blanche 2nd & Morris St Jan 12, 1881 1y Edward Hemorage St Mary
63. Graham, Mrs Hospital Jan 13, 1881 50y Not known Consumption St Mary
64. Moran, Margaret E. Nail Works Jan 13, 1881 4m 20d Michael Diphtheria St Joseph
65. Dorlon, John Green St Jan 13, 1881 80y John Old age St Peter
66. Farrell, Edward Iron Works Jan 13, 1881 73y Edward Old age St Joseph
67. Hallahan, Sarah 331 Congress St Jan 13, 1881 6y 9m Arthur Diphtheria Mt Ida
68. Keough, Mary unreadable Jan 14, 1881 8m - - -
69. Devins, child of Hospital Jan 14, 1881 4y Devins - -
70. Atteau, Charles 4th & 3rd St Jan 14, 1881 3y 6m Charles - -
71. Kelly, Annie 4th St Jan 14, 1881 15y Kelly - -
72. Dugan, William unreadable Jan 14, 1881 21y Dugan - -
73. Thomson, Caroline B. 226 3rd St Jan 14, 1881 49y John B. Pneumonia Oakwood
74. Chapman, Mike Hospital Jan 14, 1881 24 or 26y Chapman Smallpox Mt Ida
75. Daley, John Hill St Jan 14, 1881 4y John Smallpox St Mary
76. Devins, James Hospital Jan 14, 1881 12y Devins Smallpox St Mary
77. Naylor, Annie Hospital Jan 14, 1881 17y Naylor Smallpox Mt Ida
78. Rourke, Matt North 2nd St Jan 15, 1881 1y 6m Matt Smallpox St Peter
79. Crayton, Mrs Vail Ave Jan 15, 1881 47y Not known Smallpox Mt Ida
80. Carroll, Catherine 118 North 2nd St Jan 15, 1881 27y Carroll Smallpox St Mary
81. Young, William B. unreadable Jan 15, 1881 10m John Croup Rural
82. Sheridan, Louis 160 Congress St Jan 15, 1881 3y George H. Scarlet fever New Mt Ida
83. Carroll, Mary Eagle St Jan 15, 1881 5y Carroll Scarlet fever St Peter
84. Prout (?), Walter Sheridan Ave Jan 15, 1881 1y 6m Edwin unreadable New Mt Ida
85. Tracey, Samuel 14 N. 4th St Jan 16, 1881 56y Samuel Consumption St Agnes
86. Burgess, Chauncey Hospital Jan 16, 1881 49y Chauncey Smallpox Mt Ida
87. Millett, Ellen Hospital Jan 16, 1881 11y Millett Smallpox St Mary
88. Millett, Kate Hospital Jan 16, 1881 4y Millett Smallpox St Mary
89. Hoolahan, John 2nd St Jan 16, 1881 12y John Scarlet fever St Joseph
90. Milligan, Margaret Room 371 2nd St Jan 17, 1881 75y Not known Old age St Joseph
91. Atteau, Miss 4th St Jan 17, 1881 12y Atteau Smallpox St Joseph
92. McLaughlin, Annie M. Unknown Jan 17, 1881 1y 8m Park Inflamed lungs St Joseph
93. Salisbury, Richard 571 Congress St Jan 17, 1881 48y Andrew Asthma Mt Ida
94. Matthews, Margaret J. 24 Rensselaer St Jan 18, 1881 58y Not known Paralysis Oakwood
95. Brown, John Hospital Jan 18, 1881 35y John Smallpox Old Catholic
96. Clark, Mr Hospital Jan 19, 1881 40y Clark Smallpox Old Catholic
97. Cashman, John 8th St Jan 19, 1881 45y John Smallpox St Peter
98. Gatson, William Church Jan 19, 1881 30y William Consumption Mt Ida
99. Schwartz, David Congress St Jan 19, 1881 1y David Diphtheria St Mary
100. McKenna, Frank Infirmary Jan 20, 1881 37y Thomas Debility St Mary
101. Smith, Mr Hospital Jan 20, 1881 33y Smith Smallpox Old Catholic
102. Connors, Mrs Hospital Jan 20, 1881 25y - Smallpox Old Catholic
103. Connors, child of Mrs Hospital Jan 20, 1881 2d Connor Smallpox Old Catholic
104. Rodway, Lizzie 369 9th St Jan 20, 1881 8y E. F. Scarlet fever Mt Ida
105. Sarry, Henry Infirmary Jan 20, 1881 62y Henry Consumption Mt Ida
106. Furlong, Mary F. 4th St Jan 21, 1881 5y Thomas Scarlet fever St Mary
107. McDermott, Daniel 786 River St Jan 21, 1881 4y Daniel Smallpox Old Catholic
108. Schongan (?), Gertrude Hospital Jan 21, 1881 4y 6m Schongan(?) Smallpox New Mt Ida
109. Harper, child of William 13th & Farm Sts Jan 21, 1881 0 William Stillborn New Mt Ida
110. O'Connell, Percy Infirmary Jan 21, 1881 24y Thomas Insane New Mt Ida
111. Gibson, Alexander Hopkins Ave Jan 21, 1881 67y Alex Dropsy Oakwood
112. Burgess, Miss Hospital Jan 22, 1881 32y Burgess Smallpox Mt Ida
113. Keiser, George Hospital Jan 22, 1881 23y Keiser Smallpox Old Catholic
114. Gannon, Johanna (?) 78 Ida St Jan 22, 1881 28y Thomas Consumption St Joseph
115. Harrow (?), James Hospital Jan 22, 1881 20y Thomas Accident Potter field
116. Leonard, unreadable unreadable Jan 23, 1881 9y John Scarlet fever St unreadable
117. McKellum, unreadable Lincoln Pl. Jan 23, 1881 20d John Inflamed bowels Oakwood
118. Beam, Walter Alley 2nd & 3rd Jan 23, 1881 4y Beam Smallpox Old Catholic
119. Beam, Frank Alley 2nd & 3rd Jan 23, 1881 2y Beam Smallpox St Joseph
120. Corbett, Patrick Hospital Jan 24, 1881 27y Patrick Smallpox Oakwood
121. Wilbur, Mrs Ferry St Jan 24, 1881 51y Not known Smallpox Canada (?)
122. Boyd, John 395 10th St Jan 24, 1881 78y Not known Asthma Oakwood
123. McChesney, Elizabeth 49 7th St Jan 24, 1881 81y Not known Old age Millville (?)
124. Bills, child of Thomas 331 1st St Jan 24, 1881 2y Thomas Croup Mt Ida
125. Kirkbride, William E. Hill St Jan 24, 1881 29y 6m 4d William E. Consumption St Peter
126. John Riley 9th St Jan 25, 1881 76y John Old age St Peter
127. Hartnett, Lawrence Iron Works Jan 25, 1881 30y Lawrence Consumption St Joseph
128. Delehanly, Bridget North 4th St Jan 25, 1881 85y Not known Old age St Peter
129. Shaughnesy, Michael 4th St Jan 25, 1881 46y Not known Liver disease St Mary
130. McGuire, Johanna 47 2nd St Jan 25, 1881 3y 6m John Debility St Joseph
131. Strussel, Carl Jr 425 4th St Jan 25, 1881 3y or 5y Carl Croup Mt Ida
132. Reilly, Elizabeth 30 River St Jan 26, 1881 4m 14d Edwin Asthma Mt Ida
133. Curry, child of Mrs Hospital Jan 26, 1881 5y Curry Smallpox Old Catholic
134. Bernickle, John H. 247 2nd St Jan 26, 1881 23y George Heart disease St Mary
135. Judge, Thomas County House Jan 26, 1881 45y Thomas Insane Oakwood
136. Quinn, James 443 3rd St Jan 26, 1881 46y Thomas Consumption St Mary
137. Smith, Ann 372 3rd St Jan 26, 1881 67y Henry Congestion of lungs Oakwood
138. McCarthy, Thomas Liberty Jan 27, 1881 25y Thomas Consumption St Joseph
139. McCormick, Theresa 8th St Jan 27, 1881 3y McCormick Diphtheria St Peter
140. Kennaley, John 184 3rd St Jan 27, 1881 34y John Consumption St Mary
141. Behan, Joseph Hospital Jan 27, 1881 21y Joseph Smallpox St Mary
142. Ryan, Michael Hospital Jan 27, 1881 5y Michael (?) Smallpox St Mary
143. Munton, Miss Hospital Jan 27, 1881 4y Michael (?) Smallpox Mt Ida
144. Fleuren, John F (?) St Jan 27, 1881 1y 6m John Scarlet fever Mt Ida
145. Manuel, Mary 640 4th St Jan 28, 1881 46y John Heart disease St Joseph
146. Potter, Frank N. Room 14 Hutton Pl. Jan 28, 1881 5y 6m Joseph Scarlet fever Mt Ida
147. Britton, Lizzie Green St Jan 29, 1881 3y Not known Diphtheria St Peter
148. Rabbitt, George North St (?) Jan 29, 1881 6y George Scarlet fever Cohoes
149. Cragin, Mary 290 4th St Jan 29, 1881 49y Not known Consumption St Mary
150. Buckingham, Harriett Franklin Jan 29, 1881 70y 7m 16d Henry Paralysis Mt Ida
151. Fuller, William Not given Jan 30, 1881 80y William (?) Old age -
152. Atteau, child of Hospital Jan 30, 1881 5y Atteau Smallpox St Joseph
153. Rourke, child of Hospital Jan 30, 1881 4y Rourke Smallpox St Joseph
154. Norris, Lawrence Hospital Jan 30, 1881 35y Norris Smallpox Old Catholic
155. Carey, Michael Hospital Jan 30, 1881 28y Michael Smallpox Old Catholic
156. Waterman, LeGrand 269 N. 2nd St Jan 30, 1881 2y LeGrand Diphtheria Rural
157. Jevins, Eliza L. 252 1st St Jan 31, 1881 40y Not known Consumption Oakwood
158. Ferguson, Sarah 116 South St Jan 31, 1881 75y William Debility Mt Ida
159. Smith, Clara 89 4th St Jan 31, 1881 73y John Paralysis Oakwood
160. Waterman, Charles L. 269 N. 2nd St Jan 31, 1881 3y 3m Charles Diphtheria Rural
161. Powell, Thomas 118 3rd St Jan 31, 1881 2y Thomas Inflamed lung St Mary
162. Carter, Susan Lansingburgh Jan 25, 1881 70y Not known Consumption Mt Ida
[163.] Ellick, Sarah County House Jan 31, 1881 78y US Paralysis County Farm

Troy Burial Records 1881
February 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of decedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeName of parentCauseBurial
1. Horan, Patrick Hutton Pl Feb 1, 1881 0 Patrick Stillborn St Peter
2. O'Neil, John 339 4th St Feb 1, 1881 3y John Croup St Joseph
3. Minhaw, Miss Hospital Feb 1, 1881 26y Minihaw Smallpox St Joseph
4. Ryan, Ellen 2nd & Tyler Sts Feb 1, 1881 65y John Consumption St Joseph
5. Baker, Miss Jefferson St Feb 1, 1881 23y Baker Smallpox Mt Ida
6. Crutchley, Abraham L. 5 Lawrence Pl Feb 2, 1881 19y Joseph Pneumonia Mt Ida
7. Moran, child of Mr 16th Street Feb 2, 1881 1d Mr Horan Smallpox St Peter
8. Moran, child of Mr 16th Street Feb 2, 1881 7y Mr Horan Smallpox St Peter
9. McKenna, child of P. Liberty St Feb 2, 1881 10m Patrick Smallpox St Mary
10. Will, Miss Hospital Feb 2, 1881 22y Will Smallpox Mt Ida
11. Tiffau (?), child of Hospital Feb 2, 1881 2y Tiffau (?) Smallpox Mt Ida
12. McKilluge (?), Elizabeth 200 1st St Feb 2, 1881 11m 2d Matthew Consumption Mt Ida
13. Mambert, Adelbert 6 Farm Pl Feb 2, 1881 3y Arlington Croup Mt Ida
14. Carroll, Michael Eagle & 14th St Feb 2, 1881 3y 3m Michael Scarlet fever St Peter
15. Nantell, Annie 299 4th St Feb 2, 1881 4y 8m Odillon Consumption St Joseph
16. Bowe, Charles 117 Jefferson St Feb 3, 1881 27d Richard Inflamed bowels Mt Ida
17. Galligan, Bridget Turner's Lane Feb 3, 1881 69y Michael Old age St Peter
18. White, Thomas 84 4th St Feb 3, 1881 85y Thomas Paralysis Oakwood
19. Fahey, James Rear 215 1st St Feb 3, 1881 2y Cornelius Croup St Joseph
20. Coughlin, James E. 508 2nd St Feb 3, 1881 2d Thomas Infantile [sic] St Joseph
21. Lally, Maria North 4th St Feb 4, 1881 3m Thomas Diphtheria Waterford
22. White, Mary J. Rear 335 4th St Feb 4, 1881 1y 5m Michael Croup St Joseph
23. Hight, Maggie 342 4th St Feb 4, 1881 1y Patrick Scarlet fever St Joseph
24. Benoit, Emelia 10 Jackson St Feb 5, 1881 5m John Debility St Joseph
25. Van Curen, Marie L. River St Feb 5, 1881 - Van Curen Smallpox Mt Ida
26. Cashman, child of 8th St Feb 5, 1881 1y John Smallpox St Peter
27. Kennedy, child of 4th St Feb 5, 1881 3y Kennedy Smallpox St Mary
28. Mullin, John P. Christin St Feb 5, 1881 28y John Smallpox St Mary
29. Johnston, Mr Hospital Feb 5, 1881 35y Johnston Smallpox Mt Ida
30. Boggs, Edward L. 96 Williams St Feb 5, 1881 19y Edward Typhoid fever Mt Ida
31. Potter, Louis 253 River St Feb 5, 1881 57y Rufus - Oakwood
32. Daly, Phillip Hospital Feb 5, 1881 65y Phillip Congested lungs St Mary
33. Shufelt, Mary 156 North 4th St Feb 5, 1881 38y 4m Edward Consumption Oakwood
34. Conway, Ellen 423 2nd St Feb 5, 1881 54y Not known Dropsy St Joseph
35. Mulligan, Miss 4th St Feb 6, 1881 22y Mulligan Smallpox St Mary
36. Eagle, Mr Jefferson St Feb 6, 1881 33y Not known Smallpox St Mary
37. Pratt, child of William 194 Green St Feb 6, 1881 0 William Stillborn Mt Ida
38. Murry, Patrick 4th St Feb 6, 1881 75y Patrick Old age St Joseph
39. Bennett, Ransom 171 8th St Feb 6, 1881 7m 4d Ransom Diphtheria Oakwood
40. Curley, Annie 2nd St Feb 6, 1881 2m John Infantile [sic] St Joseph
41. Farmer, Anna Green St Feb 7, 1881 44y Not known Inflamed bowels St Peter
42. Rockford, Lewis H. 20 6th St Feb 7, 1881 26y 2m Peter Consumption Mt Ida
43. Hennessy, Alice C. North 2nd St Feb 7, 1881 20y Not known Consumption St Peter
44. Landsly (?), Charles 5th & Jefferson Sts Feb 7, 1881 6y Moses Scarlet fever St Mary
45. Dibble, Eleanor 7 Marshall St Feb 8, 1881 67y 2m Not known Brain debility Mt Ida
46. Mooney, Samuel 10th St Feb 8, 1881 22y Mooney Smallpox St Mary
47. McFarland, child of Hospital Feb 8, 1881 1y McFarland Smallpox Mt Ida
48. Shaughnessy, Kate North 2nd St Feb 8, 1881 21y Martin Consumption St Peter
49. Cole, Elizabeth Willis Ave Feb 8, 1881 86y Daniel Dropsy Lansingburgh
50. Maurice, Forbes 89 6th St Feb 8, 1881 81y John Paralysis Mt Ida
51. Robinson, Mary A. Middleburgh & 8th Feb 8, 1881 44y Not known Consumption Oakwood
52. Kennedy, Julia Washington St Feb 8, 1881 78y Not known Old age St Mary
53. Harrison, Abraham 714 Fulton St Feb 8, 1881 29y Not known Consumption Mt Ida
54. Leonard, Emma Green Island Feb 8, 1881 5y John Scarlet fever St Peter
55. Gallagher, Mary North 2nd St Feb 9, 1881 10m Gallagher Congested lungs St Peter
56. Walker, Mr Hospital Feb 9, 1991 60y Walker Smallpox Mt Ida
57. Trudell, Edward Hill & Washington Feb 9, 1881 1y Edward Croup St Mary
58. Vanderpool, John Rear 185 2nd St Feb 9, 1881 1y John Croup Mt Ida
59. Patrick Kennedy 1st & Ida Sts Feb 9, 1881 1m 14d Patrick Scarlet fever St Joseph
60. Coffey, Michael 179 5th St Feb 9, 1881 1d Michael Debility St Mary
61. Gertz, Nellie A. 33 Liberty St Feb 9, 1881 17y John Consumption St Mary
62. Thompson, Margaret C. 3rd & Washington Feb 10, 1881 72y 8m Gilbert Debility Oakwood
63. Lansing, Harriet 11 10th St Feb 10, 1881 54y David Consumption Mt Ida
64. Sullivan, Mary 14th & Hutton Sts Feb 10, 1881 43y Not known Pneumonia St Peter
65. Rich, Aaron E. 420 10th St Feb 10, 1881 1y 4m Aaron P. Croup New Mt Ida
66. Unknown woman William St Feb 11, 1881 26y Not known Consumption Pinewood
67. Moses Mullin Ida Hill Feb 11, 1881 1y 10m Not known Diphtheria St Mary
68. Pruity, Rose 177 4th St Feb 11, 1881 48y Not Known Tumor St Mary
69. Trembly, James Washington St Feb 11, 1881 1d James Debility St Mary
70. McGirk, Eliza Hospital Feb 10, 1881 8y McGirk Smallpox St Mary
71. Nichols, child of William Hospital Feb 10, 1881 2y 6m Nichols Smallpox St Mary
72. Benson, Johanna C. Polk & 2nd St Feb 11, 1881 3m Patrick Croup St Joseph
73. Draper, Frederick North 2nd St Feb 12, 1881 0 Fred Stillborn Oakwood
74. Carmody, child of Hospital Feb 13, 1881 2y Carmody Smallpox St Joseph
75. Morris, Gamble North 3rd St Feb 13, 1881 72y Morris Old age St Peter
76. Judge, Daniel Jr 2nd & Ida St Feb 13, 1881 7d Daniel Spasms St Joseph
77. McHugh, Michael 1st St Feb 13, 1881 28y Michael Heart disease Cambridge
78. St John, Mary Osgard Room (?) Feb 13, 1881 65y Not known Heart disease St Mary
79. Degan, Edward 250 4th St Feb 14, 1881 3y Edward Scarlet fever St Mary
80. McGrane, Johanna 18 Liberty St Feb 14, 1881 29y John Consumption St Mary
81. Lasher, John W. 232 North 2nd St Feb 15, 1881 2y 2m 12d John W. Pneumonia Mt Ida
82. Larkin, Mr Hospital Feb 15, 1881 35y Larkin Smallpox St Joseph
83. Blair, child of Hospital Feb 15, 1881 5y Blair Smallpox Mt Ida
84. Welsh, Mr Hospital Feb 15, 1881 25y Welsh Smallpox Mt Ida
85. Sharp, D. L. 6th St Feb 15, 1881 27y Sharp Smallpox Mt Ida
86. McDonald, Mary 65 Washington St Feb 15, 1881 6y Daniel Scarlet fever St Mary
87. Ryan, John 4th & Jefferson Feb 15, 1881 46y John Rheumatism St Joseph
88. Nathan, Jane 93 River St Feb 15, 1881 5y Lajames (?) Heart disease Hebrew Ground
89. Alden, John G. 4 Gale Place Feb 15, 1881 2y 10m 12d Charles Diphtheria Oakwood
90. Butler, George DeForest (?) Ave Feb 15, 1881 2y Bernard Fever St Joseph
91. Malone, John Hospital Feb 16, 1881 25y John Smallpox Old Catholic
92. Breen, Mary 89 South St Feb 16, 1881 14d John Spasms St Mary
93. Boyd, Elbert T. Gibbons St Feb 16, 1881 9m Not known Inflamed lungs Mt Ida
94. Hennessy, Winfield Green St Feb 16, 1881 68y Not known Tumor St Peter
95. Simpson, Annie B. 250 Congress St Feb 17, 1881 3y 8m 15d James Scarlet fever Mt Ida
96. Smollen, Anna Hospital Feb 17, 1881 35y Not known Dropsy St Peter
97. Downs, Mary 3 Main St Feb 17, 1881 75y Mr Smith Gen'l debility Oakwood
98. Cramer, Mary 8th St Feb 17, 1881 3y Cramer Scarlet fever St Peter
99. McDermott, Thomas River St Feb 17, 1881 15y Thomas Accident St Joseph
100. Kerr, George Hospital Feb 17, 1881 30y Kerr Consumption Pinewoods
101. Unknown child North 3rd St Feb 17, 1881 3m Not known Debility Pinewoods
102. Donovan, William 1st & Jefferson Feb 17, 1881 7y Patrick? Inflamed lungs St Mary
103. McEvery, child of Hospital Feb 18, 1881 13y McEvery Smallpox Mt Ida
104. Malz, Barbara Congress St Feb 18, 1881 57y Not known Congested lungs St Mary
105. Barrett, Anna 4th St Feb 19, 1881 9y John Inflamed bowel St Joseph
106. Kelly, Daniel Green St Feb 19, 1881 7y Daniel Smallpox St Peter
107. Moran, Jonnie 2nd St Feb 19, 1881 18y Moran Smallpox St Mary
108. Allen, Egbert C. 12 St Feb 19, 1881 64y Allen Suicide Oakwood
109. Barber, Emily R. 49 Ferry St Feb 19, 1881 73y E. (?) Brain disease Oakwood
110. Johnson, Mr Mt Olympia Feb 19, 1881 70y Johnson Old age Pinewoods
111. Hogan, child of Michael 156 9th St Feb 19, 1881 0 Michael Stillborn St Peter
112. McLoughlin, John Congress St Feb 19, 1881 9m unreadable Dysentery St Mary
113. Haley, Martin Hoosick St Feb 19, 1881 10m Martin Croup St Joseph
114. Straddling, child of Dia 339 Congress St Feb 19, 1881 0 Straddling Stillborn Mt Ida
115. Cusick, Charles H. Institute Ave Feb 19, 1881 2y 2m John Brain disease St Mary
116. Crawford, Mary J. Christie St Feb 20, 1881 65y Not known Dropsy St Mary
117. Sheedy, Edward Infirmary Feb 20, 1881 unreadable Edward Diphtheria St Mary
118. Feasy, Bertha W. 150 Vail Ave Feb 20, 1881 1y 6m 4d John Inflamed lungs Oakwood
119. Caddick, Grace Sheridan Ave Feb 20, 1881 73y Thomas Paralysis New Mt Ida
120. Bishop, Charles A. Sheridan Ave Feb 21, 1881 2y 6m Albert Inflamed lungs New Mt Ida
121. Wilkes, Catherine A. 5 South St Feb 21, 1881 37y Michael Consumption Oakwood
122. Gaynor, Annie County House Feb 21, 1881 27y Not known Consumption St Mary
123. McMahon, Patrick 3rd St Feb 21, 1881 1y 8m Patrick Scarlet fever St Mary
124. Brady, Timothy 2nd St Feb 21, 1881 25y Timothy Heart disease St Joseph
125. Smith, child of John E. 74 7th St Feb 21, 1881 12d John E. Spasms Oakwood
126. Eisenberg, Anna C. 734 River St Feb 21, 1881 9m 17d John Croup Mt Ida
127. Maxon, David - Feb 22, 1881 71y Not known Accident Mt Ida
128. Barrett, Martin 355 4th St Feb 22, 1881 60y Martin Asthma St Joseph
129. Toomey, child of 3rd St Feb 22, 1881 3y Cornelius Smallpox St Mary
130. Shaffer, Miss Hospital Feb 22, 1881 19y Shaffer Smallpox Mt Ida
131. McKean, child of Mr Hospital Feb 22, 1881 1y McKean Smallpox Old Catholic
132. Welsh, Miss 20th St Feb 22, 1881 19y Welsh Smallpox St Mary
133. Winthrop, Mr Hospital Feb 22, 1881 50y Winthrop Smallpox Mt Ida
134. Hogan, Daniel Hospital Feb 22, 1881 8y Hogan Smallpox St Joseph
135. Utoe, Miss Monroe St Feb 22, 1881 8y Utoe Smallpox St Joseph
136. Sharp, Mr Hospital Feb 22, 1881 25y Not known Smallpox Mt Ida
137. Prebble, Harriet 4th and Canal Feb 22, 1881 61y Not known Asthma Oakwood
138. Bonehill, Roseanna Monroe St Feb 22, 1881 38y Not known Dropsy St Joseph
139. Little, Eugenia River St Feb 22, 1881 26y 22d Smith Consumption Oakwood
140. Welsh, Kate Hospital Feb 23, 1881 37y Welsh Smallpox St Joseph
141. Gallagher, Nora Hospital Feb 23, 1881 10m Gallagher Smallpox St Joseph
142. Morrisey, child of Hospital Feb 23, 1881 3y Morrisey Smallpox St Joseph
143. Cosgrove, James River St Feb 23, 1881 10m James Croup St Mary
144. Boseman, B. A. Charleston Feb 23, 1881 42y Boseman Kidney disease Oakwood
145. Rubinsky, Moses 15 Liberty St Feb 24, 1881 1y 7m Joel Croup Hebrew Ground
146. Toohey, child of Hospital Feb 24, 1881 7m Toohey Smallpox St Joseph
147. Lugar (?), child of 379 1st St Feb 24, 1881 5m Lugar Smallpox St Joseph
148. Hogan, child of Hospital Feb 24, 1881 7y Hogan Smallpox St Mary
149. Kinney, Susan Church St Feb 24, 1881 45y Not known Cancer Mt Ida
150. Kane, Freddie 803 River St Feb 24, 1881 3y Kane Congested brain St Peter
151. Hughes, George Green St Feb 24, 1881 6y Hughes Scarlet fever St Mary
152. Dorivagen (?) Mary 3rd St Feb 25, 1881 80y 5m Not known Old age Mt Ida
153. Mullin, John P. Ida Hill Feb 27, 1881 19y 11m Mullin Consumption St Mary
154. Ryan, Mr Hospital Feb 27, 1881 22y Ryan Smallpox St Joseph
155. Crowley, Mr 2nd St Feb 27, 1881 19y Crowley Smallpox St Joseph
156. Maloney, Bartholemew 322 1st St Feb 27, 1881 27y Maloney Pneumonia St Mary
157. Kennedy, Mary Infirmary Feb 27, 1881 25y Not known Throat disease Mt Ida
158. Kilmer, John 10th St Feb 28, 1881 6m John Croup St Joseph
159. Plunkett, Mary J. 4th & Washington Feb 28, 1881 46y Not known Accident (burn) St Mary

Troy Burial Records 1881
March 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of decedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeParentCauseBurial
1. Brown, Howard 3 Washington Place Mar 1, 1881 2y 2m Charles Pneumonia Oakwood
2. Allendorph, Andrew J. 29 Grand Division St Mar 1, 1881 50y Andrew Heart disease Oakwood
3. Doughney, Catherine 4th St Mar 1, 1881 1y 8m Patrick Teething St Joseph
4. Morrisey, Mary Canal Ave Mar 2, 1881 41y Not known Consumption St Joseph
5. Hickey, Mary 466 4th St Mar 2, 1881 54y John Inflamed bowels St Joseph
6. Duffy, Michael Van Buren St Mar 2, 1881 75y Michael Old age St Joseph
7. Welsh, Patrick 8th St Mar 3, 1881 0 Patrick Stillborn St Peters
8. Carey, Susan Rear 260 4th St Mar 3, 1881 65y Not known Debility St Joseph
9. Young, child of William Brunswick Mar 3, 1881 1d William Young Debility New Mt Ida
10. Smith, Hiram 89 4th St Mar 3, 1881 74y 10d Adam Diabetes Oakwood
11. Joy, Cora W. 74 7th St Mar 3, 1881 7y 5m Thomas Scarlet fever Blooming Grove
12. Snyder, Mary 10th St Mar 3, 1881 2y John Croup Oakwood
13. O'Neil, Thomas Ida Hill Mar 3, 1881 1y Thomas Croup St Mary
14. Murray, Catherine Hospital Mar 4, 1881 30y Not known Consumption St Mary
15. Walter, Mrs 4th St Mar 4, 1881 30y Not known Smallpox Mt Ida
16. Lane, Stephen 344 2nd St Mar 4, 1881 44y 6m Edward (?) Pneumonia Oakwood
17. Slattery, Margaret 477 4th St Mar 4, 1881 7y Thomas Fever St Joseph
18. Fahey, James Sisters of Poor Mar 4, 1881 65y John Old age St Peter
19. Grogan, Miss 2nd St Mar 5, 1881 14y or 19y Grogan Smallpox St Mary
20. Hershberger, J. William St Mar 5, 1881 29y Jacob Heart disease Albany
21. McQuillan, child of J. A. North 2nd St Mar 5, 1881 0 Joseph (?) Stillborn St Peter
22. Morran (?), Alice 91 9th St Mar 5, 1881 26y 5m 10d John Consumption Oakwood
23. Munro, Fred H. 113 7th St Mar 5, 1881 1y Munro Brain disease Mt Ida
24. Friedland, Annie 114 N. 4th St Mar 6, 1881 16d Abraham Convulsion Hebrew Ground
25. Abbott, David 541 4th St Mar 7, 1881 10m Richard Teething St Peter
26. Young, Elvia L. Troy Mar 7, 1881 17y 11m Henry Childbirth Mt Ida
27. Russell, Charles 46 Franklin St Mar 7, 1881 54y 8m 23d William Tumor Mt Ida
28. O'Brien, Daniel Hutton St Mar 7, 1881 0 Daniel Stillborn St Peter
29. Boyer, Harry T. 103 Congress St Mar 8, 1881 6m 7d Thomas Spasms Oakwood
30. O'Brien, Ann Vail Ave Mar 8, 1881 28y Not known Consumption St Peter
31. Blecher, Joseph Jr 715 River St Mar 8, 1881 3y Joseph Scarlet fever St Joseph
32. Cronin, Bridget 8th St Mar 9, 1881 53y Patrick Dropsy St Peter
33. Davis, Moses 4th St Mar 9, 1881 2m 10d Alfred Infantile [sic] St Mary
34. Gardener, child of Monroe St Mar 9, 1881 5m Gardner Smallpox St Joseph
35. Hendricks, child of Hospital Mar 9, 1881 1y Hendricks Smallpox Mt Ida
36. Walters, child of Hospital Mar 9, 1881 14d Walters Smallpox Mt Ida
37. McCarthy, Catherine 9th St Mar 10, 1881 22y Not known Consumption St Peter
38. Sister Hombine Convent Mar 10, 1881 28y Not known Consumption St Joseph
39. Leverney, Mrs Hospital Mar 10, 1881 58(?)y Not known Old age St Mary
40. Welsh, James 9th St Mar 10, 1881 0 Thomas Stillborn St Peter
41. Dunn, Mary Hutton St Mar 11, 1881 24y Dunn Consumption St Peter
42. Young, John B. 1st St Mar 11, 1881 80y John Heart disease St Joseph
43. Mannahan, Peter Carroll's Hill Mar 11, 1881 58y Peter Consumption St Joseph
44. Cook, Emeline Bog - River St Mar 11, 1881 33y 10m 4d Leonard Consumption Oakwood
45. Magill, Willie W. 148 2nd St Mar 11, 1881 11y 4m John Brain disease Oakwood
46. Shaw, Mary E. Grand Division St Mar 11, 1881 36y Not known Heart disease Oakwood
47. Waterlee, child of Tibbits Ave Mar 11, 1881 0 Waterlee Stillborn St Mary
48. Lee, Hattie A. Brunswick Mar 11, 1881 21y 6m 21d William Love Fever Mt Ida
49. Welsh, Mary W. 3rd St Mar 11, 1881 83y Joseph Old age St Mary
50. Leno (?), Lewis W. 2nd St Mar 12, 1881 4y Lewis Diphtheria St Mary
51. O'Riordan, Elizabeth 786 4th St Mar 13, 1881 12y Thomas Consumption St Joseph
52. Wheeler, Michael Rear 278 5th St Mar 13, 1881 8m John Consumption St Mary
53. Carroll, Mrs Ida St Mar 11, 1881 27y Not known Smallpox St Mary
54. Hilton, Mrs Hospital Mar 13, 1881 25y Not known Smallpox Mt Ida
55. Wilson, Mrs Hospital Mar 13, 1881 35y Not known Smallpox Mt Ida
56. Lowe, Fanny Hospital Mar 13, 1881 22y Not known Smallpox Mt Ida
57. Hickey, (male) Hospital Mar 13, 1881 30y Hickey Smallpox Old Catholic Ground
58. Kelley, William 261 1st St Mar 13, 1881 46y William Consumption Mt Ida
59. McMurray, Mary North 4th St Mar 13, 1881 2y Michael Croup St Peter
60. McNally, John 307 2nd St Mar 14, 1881 2m 15d Michael Teething St Joseph
61. Groat (?), Warner 84 Hudson Ave Mar 14, 1881 73y Abraham Consumption Oakwood
62. Dauchy, Maria Glen Ave Mar 14, 1881 84y Not known Cancer Oakwood
63. Noonan, Mary 4th St Mar 15, 1881 98y Not known Old age St Mary
64. McNally, Joseph 307 2nd St Mar 15, 1881 2y 4m Michael Convulsions St Joseph
65. Redmond, John River St Mar 15, 1881 40y John Consumption St Joseph
66. Gilbraith, James Down St Mar 15, 1881 66y Joseph Brain disease Mt Ida
67. Lepper, William (?) Hospital Mar 15, 1881 30y Not known Smallpox St Mary
68. Carroll, child of Hospital Mar 15, 1881 6y Carroll Smallpox St Mary
69. Pratt, Jeannette Willis Ave Mar 15, 1881 57y Angus Consumption Iron Works
70. McCabe, Carrie E. 305 Congress Mar 15, 1881 2y 2m Charles Scarlet fever New Mt Ida
71. Hardy, Michael Iron Works Mar 15, 1881 15d Michael Debility St Joseph
72. Keefe, Dennis Rear 613 4th St Mar 16, 1881 12d Thomas Cholera Infant. St Joseph
73. Connell, Cornelius Tyler St Mar 16, 1881 6y Cornelius Smallpox Old Catholic Ground
74. Hayes, Elizabeth 56 9th St Mar 16, 1881 48y Not known Consumption Schenectady
75. Mahan, Mary 4th St Mar 16, 1881 41y 10m Not known Inflamed lungs St Joseph
76. Cope, Samuel 6th St Mar 16, 1881 53y Samuel Inflamed bowels St Mary
77. Regan, Mary F. Hospital Mar 16, 1881 16y John Consumption St Mary
78. Webb, George 48 13th St Mar 17, 1881 21y George Consumption Mt Ida
79. Boseman, Auretta South Carolina Mar 17, 1881 63y Not known Old age Oakwood
80. Vanderbogart, Eugene E. 142 North 1st St Mar 17, 1881 1y 9m 20d Charles Scarlet fever Mt Ida
81. Winslow, Charles F. 589 River St Mar 17, 1881 10y Samuel Drowned Oakwood
82. Schermerhorn, Alexander 39 5th St Mar 18, 1881 54y Richard Heart disease Mt Ida
83. Baker, John Sauser St Mar 18, 1881 0 John Stillborn St Joseph
84. Colored woman Hospital Mar 18, 1881 33y Not known Smallpox Mt Ida
85. Cornell, child of Mr Hospital Mar 18, 1881 4y (?) Cornell Smallpox St Joseph
86. Cornell, child of Mr Hospital Mar 18, 1881 6m Cornell Smallpox St Joseph
87. Hillman, Mary Ida St Mar 19, 1881 38y Not known Dropsy St Mary
88. Culkins, Elizabeth 56 State Mar 19, 1881 81y Mr Rice Debility Oakwood
89. Hayner, Harry W. 86 5th St Mar 19, 1881 7m 7d Nelson Spinal disease Oakwood
90. Dooley, William by Hill St Mar 19, 1881 45y Dennis Consumption St Joseph
91. Wilkinson, Joseph P. 29 2nd St Mar 19, 1881 5y Joseph B. Constipated stomach Oakwood
92. King, Fenner (?) Sunnyside Mar 19, 1881 73y Fenner (?) Pneumonia Oakwood
93. Mesnig, Adele 29 3rd St Mar 19, 1881 5m Nicholas Croup Mt Ida
94. Denning, Grace W. 128 Vail Ave Mar 19, 1881 1m 14d Henry Infantile [sic] Mt Ida
95. Ryan, Patrick 4th St Mar 20, 1881 34y Patrick Smallpox Old Catholic Ground
96. Hewes, Charles G. W. 169 North 3rd St Mar 20, 1881 5m 21d Charles Infantile [sic] Crown Ro(?)
97. Nelson, Isabella R. 285 4th St Mar 20, 1881 41y Not known Heart disease Oakwood
98. Morrison, Frank L. 57 State St Mar 20, 1881 32y 2m John Consumption Hudson
99. Morris, Ann - Mar 20, 1881 80y Not known Old age St Joseph
100. Bennett, child of Edwin 6 Walnut St Mar 20, 1881 3d Edwin Debility Mt Ida
101. Waid, Patrick Iron Works Mar 20, 1881 2y Thomas Teething St Joseph
102. Baxter, child of Hospital Mar 21, 1881 4y or 11y Mr Baxter Smallpox St Peter
103. McLaughlin, William Lincoln Ave Mar 21, 1881 1m 7d Thomas Debility St Joseph
104. Mosher, Vessey Infirmary Mar 21, 1881 80y Unknown Old age Mt Ida
105. Chambers, child of Joseph Green St Mar 21, 1881 2y 10m Joseph Croup St Peters
106. Boyle, Michael 4th St Mar 21, 1881 29y Michael Consumption St Joseph
107. Olmstead, Jane Infirmary Mar 21, 1881 80y Mr Bailey Old age Iron Works
108. Harris, Harry W. 139 4th St Mar 21, 1881 2y 2m Charles Congestion of lungs New Mt Ida
109. Hicks, Margaret 2nd St Mar 21, 1881 31y John Childbirth St Joseph
110. Tarpy, Rosanna Lincoln Ave Mar 22, 1881 38y Not known Childbirth St Joseph
111. Benson, Thomas Tyler & 4th St Mar 22, 1881 8d Michael Debility St Mary
112. Alexander, Plume 97 Ferry St Mar 22, 1881 56y Issais (?) Paralysis Hebrew Ground
113. Daniels, Roan (?) Utica Mar 22, 1881 70y Apollis (?) Insanity Mt Ida
114. Burns, Theresa 7th St Mar 22, 1881 56y Not known Rheumatism St Mary
115. Langford, Elizabeth 9th St Mar 23, 1881 7y Not known Scarlet fever St Peter
116. Hayner, Abigail Brunswick Mar 23, 1881 74y Samuel Liver disease Oakwood
117. Molloy, Michael Burke St Mar 23, 1881 6m Thomas Teething St Joseph
118. Wilson, child of Hospital Mar 23, 1881 5m Wilson Smallpox Mt Ida
119. Fleming, John Green Island Mar 24, 1881 81y 6m 4d William Pneumonia Mt Ida
120. Donovan, Mary F. 8th St Mar 24, 1881 29y Dennis Consumption St Mary
121. Meyer, Jeremiah Infirmary Mar 24, 1881 69y 3m 17d Jeremiah Asthma Newark
122. Downey, Ann Madison St Mar 24, 1881 54y Not known Dropsy St Mary
123. Rising, Charles G. Rochester Mar 24, 1881 26y Charles Phthisis Oakwood
124. Morris, John 381 Congress St Mar 24, 1881 87y William Hip disease Mt Ida
125. Welsh, Mary 193 4th St Mar 24, 1881 68y Not known Old age St Mary
126. Dawson, William Defreest Ave Mar 25, 1881 2y John Convulsions St Mary
127. King, Eliza Sunnyside Mar 25, 1881 72y John Old age Oakwood
128. Burns, Timothy Hospital Mar 25, 1881 37y John Consumption St Peter
129. Petch (?), Nancy M. 8 Farm St Mar 26, 1881 52y Samuel Consumption Mt Ida
130. McBride, Lettie River St Mar 27, 1881 21y Thomas Pneumonia Mt Ida
131. Mullen, James P. Ida Hill St Mar 27, 1881 19y Joseph Consumption St Mary
132. Ewens, Hugh Rm 261 4th St Mar 27, 1881 62y Hugh Heart disease Mt Ida
133. Alden, Mary C. 4 Gale Place Mar 28, 1881 7y 8m 1d Charles Scarlet fever Oakwood
134. Murnan, Michael Infirmary Mar 28, 1881 45y Michael Inflamed lungs St Joseph
135. Jones, William 484 2nd St Mar 28, 1881 69y William Old age Port Schuyler
136. Wilkinson, child of A. Albany Mar 28, 1881 0 Wilkinson Stillborn Mt Ida
137. Cooper, Amelia K. 392 4th St Mar 29, 1881 7y 3m 14d Joseph Quinsy Oakwood
138. Wheeler, William 447 2nd St Mar 29, 1881 2y 4m John Inflamed lungs St Joseph
139. Caldwell, Charles 10th St Mar 29, 1881 0 Charles Stillborn St Peter
140. Kennedy, Nora 4th St Mar 29, 1881 3m Stephen Croup St Joseph
141. Dwyer, Thomas Mill St Mar 29, 1881 73y Thomas Old age St Joseph
142. O'Hearn, Joseph Green Island Mar 30, 1881 2y Joseph Diphtheria St Peter
143. Dwyer, William Adams & 4th St Mar 30, 1881 14d John Debility St Peter
144. August, Cora E. 77 Federal St Mar 30, 1881 2y 7m Edward Brain disease Oakwood
145. Casey, Thomas Hospital Mar 30, 1881 12y Thomas Smallpox St Mary
146. Jube, William Hospital Mar 31, 1881 11y William Smallpox St Joseph

Troy Burial Records 1881
April 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of DecedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeParentBirthplaceCauseBurial
Madden, John Troy Apr 1, 1881 35y John Ireland Killed by cars North Adams (MA)
Mace, Mr N. 2nd St Apr 1, 1881 50y Not known US Dropsy St Mary
McNamara, Maggie A. Harris St Apr 1, 1881 8y Lawrence Troy Diphtheria St Mary
Dickleman, Anna Schodack Apr 1, 1881 39y C. Diers (?) Germany Accident New Mt Ida
Ellick, George J. 9 Franklin St Apr 1, 1881 7m Ferdinand Troy Croup New Mt Ida
Henderson, Alice E. Green Island Apr 2, 1881 22y 7m 17d Charles Troy Consumption Oakwood
Stansill, Harvey W. North 1st St Apr 2, 1881 46y Henry Troy Pneumonia Mt Ida
Mahoney, Mary D. Turner's Lane Apr 3, 1881 29y John Ireland Consumption St Peter
Carter, Jane Sausse St Apr 3, 1881 3y John Canada Croup St Joseph
Stewart, Mrs Wellsville Apr 3, 1881 88y Unknown Washington Co. Old age Oakwood
Eglof, Ernest C. 261 9th St Apr 3, 1881 65y 4m Unknown Germany Heart disease Pine Wood
Kelsey, Alexander Lansingburgh Apr 4, 1881 1y 2m Alexander Troy Croup New Mt Ida
Buell, James New York (City) Apr 4, 1881 61y James (?) US Kidney disease Oakwood
McManus, Norah 1st St Apr 3, 1881 48y James (?) Ireland Inflamed bowelsSt Mary
Conroy, John N. 3rd St Apr 3, 1881 26y John Troy Heart disease St Peter
Dohan, William W. 4th St Apr 4, 1881 48y William Ireland Consumption St Mary
Curley, Elizabeth W. 1st St Apr 4, 1881 27y Unknown - Consumption St Peter
Rourke, James Ida Hill Apr 4, 1881 4y Joseph (?) Troy Scarlet fever Pine Woods
Gorman, Eliza West Troy Apr 4, 1881 73y Unknown Ireland Old age Oakwood
O'Brien, Thomas 403 4th St Apr 4, 1881 40y Thomas Ireland Consumption St Joseph
Hunt, Margaret Rear 407 4th St Apr 4, 1881 8y Patrick Troy Fever St Joseph
Washington, Isabella F.8 8th St Apr 4, 1881 11y 11m 4d Unknown Troy Pneumonia Pine Woods
Read, Edmund F. 33 Vanderheyden St Apr 5, 1881 2y 2m G. H. Troy Scarlet fever Oakwood
Breen, Margaret 624 4th St Apr 5, 1881 14y Jeremiah Troy Diphtheria St Joseph
Simpson, Henry County House Apr 5, 1881 67y Unknown NY (City) Paralysis County Farm
Job, Mamie Blecker Ave Apr 6, 1881 1y 7m William Troy Whooping cough Oakwood
Welsh, John County House Apr 4, 1881 40y John Ireland Typhoid fever St Joseph
McDougall, George Sisters Hospital Apr 4, 1881 58y John Ireland Pneumonia St Peter
Seeley, George 10th St Apr 8, 1881 2y George Ireland Croup St Joseph
Emmett, Edward L. NY (City) Apr 8, 1881 40y Edward England Meningitis Mt Ida
Miller, Catherine M. Tibbits Ave Apr 8, 1881 70y Unknown US Heart disease Pine Wood
Forcier, Mary P. 196 Hill Apr 9, 1881 8y 5m 24d Townsend Troy Dropsy New Mt Ida
Flynn, John 344 2nd St Apr 9, 1881 65y John Ireland Consumption St Joseph
Bowen, Alfred 17 Division Apr 10, 1881 39y Alfred US Pneumonia Albany Rural
Sister of Poor (unk. name)Sisters of Poor Apr 10, 1881 70y Not known Ireland Old age St Peter
Fitzgerald, Julia 3rd St Apr 10, 1881 67y Not known Ireland Old age St Joseph
Little Sister of PoorHospital Apr 10, 1881 30y Not known US Consumption St Peter
Stewart, Lyman 227 8th St Apr 10, 1881 84y Lyman US Old age County VT (?)
Bennett, Hannah M. 6 Walnut St Apr 10, 1881 85y Not known Ireland Old age Mt Ida
England, Henry 25 8th St Apr 10, 1881 59y Henry England Pneumonia Oakwood
Canlon (?), Nelly 9th St Apr 10, 1881 24y John Ireland Consumption St Peter
Miller, Dennis Jr Tyler & 4th Apr 10, 1881 32y Dennis Troy Consumption Not named
Mallery, Deborah A. Watervliet Apr 11, 1881 50y Ebenezer NY (City) Cancer Rural Cemetery
O'Connell, William 5th St Apr 11, 1881 22y Not known Ireland Consumption St Mary
Wilner, William 63 6th St Apr 11, 1881 61y William US Heart disease Oakwood
Hiscox, David Pittstown Apr 11, 1881 35y David US Consumption Pittstown
Landers, Mary N. 4th St Apr 11, 1881 35y Not known Ireland Consumption St Peter
Laflamme, Edward 2nd St Apr 11, 1881 8y Edward Troy Dropsy St Joseph
Winley, James County House Apr 11, 1881 23y James US Kidney disease County Farm
Brown, Samuel County House Apr 11, 1881 82y Samuel Ireland Old age County Farm
Lapel, Thomas Sausse St Apr 12, 1881 3y Thomas Troy Diphtheria St Joseph
Stevens, child of John156 Green St Apr 12, 1881 2d John Troy Infantile (sic)Pine Woods
Cruickshank, Emily S.Wilford, Del. Apr 13, 1881 79y Not known W. V. Apoplexy Oakwood
Sweeney, Hester North 3rd St Apr 13, 1881 3y Sweeney Troy Scarlet fever St Peter
McKenna, Mary Bridgeport, Conn. Apr 13, 1881 0 McKenna Troy Stillborn St Mary
Rourke, child of CharlesGreen Island Apr 13, 1881 0 Charles Troy Stillborn St Mary
McCoy, Mary Ann 148 Green St Apr 13, 1881 34y John Troy Consumption New Mt Ida
O'Day, Mrs Thomas Alley behind 2nd & 3rdApr 13, 1881 80y Not known Ireland Old age St Mary
Heerion, John Monroe St Apr 13, 1881 2y Thomas Troy Diphtheria St Joseph
McEvoy, Mary E. 2nd St Apr 14, 1881 20y Edward Troy Consumption St Joseph
Powers, Catherine Vail Ave Apr 14, 1881 43y John Ireland Consumption St Joseph
Cusick, Margaret Ida Hill Apr 14, 1881 52y John Ireland Dropsy St Mary
Kelly, Katie A. South St Apr 14, 1881 18y Michael Troy Diphtheria St Mary
Cummings, Thomas P. 9th St Apr 14, 1881 3y Dennis (?) Troy Diphtheria St Mary
Welsh, Henry Sisters Hospital Apr 14, 1881 74y Henry Ireland Accident Mt Ida
Hawthorne, Neal County House Apr 14, 1881 78y Not known US Consumption County Farm
Vulmer, child of H. 55 9th St Apr 15, 1881 0 Herman Troy Premature birthMt Ida
Hogan, Maria 90 Green St Apr 16, 1881 70y Not known Ireland Debility St Peter
McAvey, Elizabeth 30 2nd St Apr 16, 1881 58y Not known US Inflamed bowelsOakwood
Shelly, P. J. (male) 1st St Apr 16, 1881 20y Patrick Troy Brain disease St Joseph
Krauss, Louis 113 State St Apr 16, 1881 5y John Troy Croup Lansingburgh
McCabe, Catherine Sisters of Poor Apr 16, 1881 85y Not known Ireland Old age St Patrick
Callahan, Alice Sisters of Poor Apr 17, 1881 91y Not known Ireland Old age St Mary
Hovey, Olivia County House Apr 17, 1881 32y Not known Troy Dysentery County Farm
Isaac, Heyman 120 Ferry St Apr 18, 1881 2y A. Isaac Troy Convulsions Mt Ida
Harrigan, Patrick 332 Rear 4th Apr 19, 1881 4y Patrick Troy Diphtheria St Mary
Frazer, Edward 582 4th St Apr 19, 1881 2y 3m George Troy Croup Albany
Taylor, child of William13 3rd St Apr 19, 1881 5m William Troy Whooping cough Lansingburgh
Mather, Frederick O. Infirmary Apr 19, 1881 62y William US Cancer Oakwood
Best, Joseph E. North 4th St Apr 20, 1881 24y Joseph Troy Consumption Rural Cemetery
Brazier (?), Elmer E.72 River St Apr 20, 1881 19y 10m Elmer Troy Consumption Mt Ida
Graham, Thomas 10th St Apr 20, 1881 45y Thomas Ireland Inflamed lungs Mt Ida
Fineran, Harry 685 4th St Apr 20, 1881 6y Mary Troy Scarlet fever St Joseph
Graton, Emelia St Joseph Hill Apr 20, 1881 9y Annie Troy Scarlet fever St Joseph
Smith, Harry Hospital Apr 20, 1881 32y Not known Ireland Consumption St Joseph
Unknown child 5th St Apr 20, 1881 1d Not known Troy Infantile (sic)St Mary
Quinn, James St Joseph's Apr 20, 1881 29y Not known Ireland Accident St Joseph
Mohar, Andrew Corner Jackson & 2nd Apr 20, 1881 21y Not known Ireland Accident St Joseph
McCormick, William North 2nd St Apr 20, 1881 20y Not known US Consumption St Peter
Jarrett, Henry 24 13th St Apr 21, 1881 32y Henry US Consumption Pine Woods
McKenna, Robert 10th St Apr 21, 1881 8m Robert Troy Dysentery St Peter
Lyon, Mary A. New York (City) Apr 21, 1881 33y Michael Ireland Abscess St Mary
Moran, Katie Liberty Apr 21, 1881 4m Not known Troy Scarlet fever Cohoes
Bonesteel, Carrie 396 10th St Apr 21, 1881 8y Not known Troy Scarlet fever Mt Ida
Byron, George 452 2nd St Apr 21, 1881 6y Thomas Troy Diphtheria St Joseph
Louis, Dennis Tyler & 4th St Apr 22, 1881 0 Louis Troy Stillborn St Joseph
Smith, Catherine County House Apr 22, 1881 68y Not known Ireland Old age St Joseph
Blevin, John County House Apr 22, 1881 77y John US Old age County Farm
Broderick, William Bridge Ave Apr 23, 1881 0 William Troy Stillborn St Peter
Thompson, Edward North 3rd St Apr 23, 1881 7y Edward Troy Drowned Hoosic Falls
Kunz, George W. Federal St Apr 23, 1881 5y George Troy Accident Pine Woods
Kelly, Catherine 2nd St Apr 27, 1881 61y Not known Troy Dropsy St Joseph
Bennett, Patrick Hospital Apr 4, 1881 28y Patrick Troy Smallpox St Peter
Barringer, child of Troy Apr 4, 1881 5y Barringer Troy Smallpox Mt Ida
Corbett, child of Tyler St Apr 5, 1881 11y Corbett Troy Smallpox St Joseph
Foley, James Hospital Apr 6, 1881 28y James Troy Smallpox St Joseph
Reardon, Charles Hospital April 7, 1881 25y Charles Troy Smallpox St Mary
Welsh, Cecilia Troy Apr 10, 1881 6y Welsh Troy Smallpox Old Catholic Ground
Welsh, John Troy Apr 11, 1881 3y 6m Welsh Troy Smallpox Old Catholic Ground
Welsh, Fanny Troy Apr 2, 1881 2y Welsh Troy Smallpox Old Catholic Ground
Demore, Frank Troy Apr 11, 1881 20y Frank Troy Smallpox St Joseph
Wall, Timothy Hospital Apr 13, 1881 3y Timothy Troy Smallpox St Joseph
Corbett, child of Hospital Apr 16, 1881 1y Corbett Troy Smallpox St Joseph
Derocher, Edward 374 1st St Apr 16, 1881 9y Edward Troy Smallpox St Joseph
Curtin, Jane Hospital Apr 21, 1881 13y Curtin Troy Smallpox Old Catholic Ground
Ryan, Mrs Hospital Apr 21, 1881 23y Not known Ireland Smallpox St Joseph
Service, Horace H. Albia Apr 23, 1881 6m 9d William Troy Whooping cough New Mt Ida
Connors, Catherine 4th St Apr 23, 1881 10y Michael Troy Scarlet fever St Mary
Clifton, Catherine N. 3rd St Apr 24, 1881 25y John Ireland Consumption St Mary
McNamara, James 32 4th St Apr 24, 1881 42y Patrick Ireland Consumption St Mary
Yetto, Louis 231 rear 3rd St Apr 25, 1881 0 Louis Troy Stillborn St Joseph
White, Alma 805 River St Apr 25, 1881 83y Not known US Old age Mt Ida
Doherty, Ellen St Joseph Apr 25, 1881 65y Not known Ireland Old age St Mary
Gaffney, Patrick Front & Division Apr 25, 1881 10m Patrick Troy Croup St Mary
Ready, Mary North 2nd St Apr 26, 1881 50y Not known Ireland Consumption St Peter
Herring, Archie 95 7th St Apr 26, 1881 1y 2m Not known Troy Croup Mt Ida
Behan, Mary Tyler St Apr 26, 1881 3y 7m 9d Edward Troy Scarlet fever St Joseph
Dillon, Morris 493 2nd St Apr 26, 1881 21d Morris Troy Infantile (sic)St Joseph
Hilton, John 535 Congress St Apr 26, 1881 33y John Troy Pneumonia Mt Ida
Kanz, Fridolin 40 Ida St Apr 27, 1881 57y Not known Germany Congested lungsSt Mary
Joy, Bertha M. 58 9th St Apr 27, 1881 19y Thomas Troy Consumption Blooming Grove
McGelo (?), Mary Iron Works Apr 27, 1881 63y Not known Ireland Old age St Joseph
Connors, William 4th St Apr 27, 1881 8m William Troy Diphtheria St Mary
Gaynor, Nancy County House Apr 27, 1881 26y Not known Troy Consumption County Farm
Norton, Maria 90 Adams St Apr 28, 1881 1y Thomas Troy Croup St Mary
Warren, Henry 58 4th St Apr 28, 1881 80y Henry US Inflamed bowelsOakwood
Callahan, James County House Apr 28, 1881 40y James US Paralysis St Joseph
Riley, Thomas Infirmary Apr 29, 1881 59y Thomas Ireland Insanity St Mary
Byrnes, Margaret Troy Apr 29, 1881 24y Byrnes Troy Childbirth Mt Ida
Hopkins, Ellen 181 4th St Apr 29, 1881 30y Roger Troy Consumption St Joseph
Colgan, Hattie Corner 1st & WashingtonApr 30, 1881 0 Colgan Troy Stillborn St Mary
Gorman, Michael Haverman's Ave Apr 30, 1881 0 Michael Troy Stillborn St Mary
Ellick, Sarah County House Apr 31, 1881 75y Not known W. V. (?) Paralysis County Farm
Whyland, Ralph Rochester Apr 31, 1881 27y Not known - Consumption Oakwood

Troy Burial Records 1881
May 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of DecedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeBirthplaceParentCauseBurial
Whyland, Ralph Rochester May 1, 1881 27y US Not known Consumption Oakwood
Wemett, Oliver North 2nd St May 1, 1881 55y US Alvin Kidney disease Oakwood
Murphy, Frank Hospital May 1, 1881 33y Troy John Consumption St Peters
Little Sister of PoorHospital May 1, 1881 30y France Not known Consumption St Peter
Rogers, Edwin 430 3rd St May 1, 1881 4m Troy Charles Congested lungs St Joseph
Coper, Mary (?) River St May 2, 1881 0 Troy John Stillborn St Peter
Lennon, Francis Green Island May 3, 1881 28y Troy John Consumption St Peter
Milliward, Chaney A. Stowe's Hill May 3, 1881 6m 4d Troy Abram Consumption New Mt Ida
Driscoll, Timothy O. 4th St May 3, 1881 68y Ireland Timothy Old age St Mary
Ruff, Andrew Canal Mills May 4, 1881 7m Troy Andrew Cholera infantile St Mary
O'Brien, Catherine 247 4th St May 4, 1881 1y 4m Troy William Inflamed bowels St Mary
Bocins, Vincenzo 211 Congress StMay 4, 1881 8m Troy Frank Whooping cough St Mary
Vandenburgh, CatherinePawling Ave May 5, 1881 92y US Nicholas Old age Bloomingrove
Kearns, John E. North 4th St May 5, 1881 20y Troy John Consumption St Peter
Barry, Maggie Hospital May 4, 1881 10y Troy Barry Smallpox Old Catholic Ground
Pendleton, child of Infirmary May 5, 1881 0 Troy Pendleton Stillborn Mt Ida
McNamara, Jane 72 N. 4th St May 6, 1881 58y Ireland Not known Old age Oakwood
Sullivan, Patrick Jacob St May 6, 1881 37y Ireland Patrick Dropsy St Peter
McGrath, Christopher 15th & Christian StsMay 6, 188156y Ireland Daniel Inflamed bowels St Mary
Burke, Michael Brick Yard May 6, 1881 11m Troy Daniel Teething St Joseph
Good, Ann N. 1st St May 7, 1881 48y Ireland Not known Heart disease St Peter
Brennan, Thomas Van Buren & 1st StsMay 7, 188138y Ireland Thomas Consumption St Joseph
Frazer, Bertie Union St May 8, 1881 7d Troy Tobias Debility New Mt Ida
Quinn, Mary Adams St May 8, 1881 54y Ireland Joseph Consumption St Mary
O'Brien, Margaret Short 6th St May 8, 1881 2y 6m Troy Thomas Debility St Mary
McGouldrick, Andrew Congress St May 8, 1881 47y Ireland Patrick Inflamed bowels St Mary
Chapman, Arthur L. 76 7th St May 8, 1881 26y Troy J. S. Chapman Pneumonia Catskill
Harden, Elizabeth 79 Harrison Pl.May 8, 1881 104y US Not known Old age New Mt Ida
Humiston, Birty 20 Hoosic Pl. May 8, 1881 8y 4m 2d Troy Harris A. Spinal meningitis Oakwood
Stiles, Catherine M. Millville Road May 9, 1881 62y 4m US John Consumption Mt Ida
Behan, Thomas Tyler St May 10, 1881 1y 6m 12d Troy Edward Scarlet fever St Joseph
Sheehan, James 85 Hollars (?) RdMay 10, 1881 3y 6m Troy Patrick Scarlet fever St Mary
Elder, John 53 State St May 10, 1881 53y US Not known Consumption Oakwood
Fields, Mrs F. 8 Grand DivisionMay 10, 1881 53y US Not known Consumption Oakwood
Doyle, Richard Ida St May 10, 1881 68y Ireland Richard Old age St Mary
Darley, Catherine Middleburgh St May 11, 1881 24y Troy Jeremiah Consumption St Peter
Reardon, Daniel 4th St May 11, 1881 20y England Daniel Consumption St Joseph
Riley, William River St May 12, 1881 63y Ireland Michael Consumption St Peter
Timmins, Isaiah Greenbush May 12, 1881 49y 3m 15d England Moses Blood poisoning Mt Ida
Wobrock, Martha West Troy May 12, 1881 4y Troy Mr Wobrock Brain disease New Mt Ida
Leduc, Charles Lincoln Ave May 12, 1881 6m Troy Charles Croup St Joseph
Debar, Mr North 4th St May 13, 1881 1m 2d Troy Mr Debar Croup St Mary
O'Donnell, Mary North 4th St May 13, 1881 27y Troy John Consumption St Peter
Tomkinson, Richard Ida Hill May 14, 1881 18y Troy Tomkinson Drowned St Mary
Frear, Susan M. Infirmary May 14, 1881 54y US Not known Consumption Mt Ida
O'Brien, Margaret N. 1st St May 14, 1881 60y Ireland Not known Old age St Joseph
Woods, Terrence 721 4th St May 14, 1881 7y Troy Francis Inflamed bowels St Joseph
McCabe, Michael Sisters of PoorMay 15, 1881 90y Ireland James Old age St Patrick
Dressler, William H. Vandenburgh AveMay 15, 1881 4y 9m Troy Augustus Heart disease Ironworks
Battimon (?), CharlesRiver & Federal StsMay 15, 188148y Germany Charles Consumption Mt Ida
Green, Blake B. Bridge Ave May 16, 1881 19y Troy John Accident Mt Ida
Plunkett, Patrick Green St May 16, 1881 23y Troy Patrick Consumption St Peter
Arms, Seneca 51 State St May 16, 1881 78y US Not known Old age Oakwood
Quinlan, James Green St May 16, 1881 31y Ireland James Consumption St Peter
Hopkins, Mabel 228 1st St May 17, 1881 6y US Stephen Brain disease Oakwood
Rogers, William River St May 17, 1881 58y Ireland Not known Drowned St Mary
Gad (?), James 4th & Monroe StMay 18, 1881 71y Ireland John Old age St Joseph
Chamberlin, Louis Jr 38 George May 18, 1881 1y 2m Troy Louis Teething St Mary
Wilkes, James E. Ferry St May 18, 1881 57y 7m 14d Troy Chester (?) Consumption Oakwood
Ryan, Michael 344 11th St May 18, 1881 29y Troy John Consumption St Mary
Bastedo, Susan E. 68 13th St May 18, 1881 48y US Not known Heart disease Mt Ida
Prunty, John 4th St May 19, 1881 23y Troy James Consumption St Mary
Kennedy, John Lincoln Ave May 19, 1881 40y 11m US John Consumption St Joseph
Oterson, James (?) 4th St May 19, 1881 11m 20d Troy John Congested lungs St Joseph
Conners, Mrs 300 3rd St May 19, 1881 26y Troy Not known Heart disease St Mary
McGrath, Thomas 8th St May 19, 1881 10y Troy Thomas Diphtheria St Mary
Leary, Daniel Troy May 19, 1881 12y US John Dropsy Glens Falls
Jacobs, Jacob Troy May 20, 1881 70y England Jacob Heart disease Oakwood
Wendell, Annie S. Thompson St May 20, 1881 2y 3m Troy August Scarlet fever Oakwood
Herring, child of HenryTroy May 20, 1881 0 Troy Henry Stillborn Mt Ida
Simmons, D. H. 378 10th St May 21, 1881 56y US Simmons Pneumonia Hudson
Nash, child of Phillip331 River St May 21, 1881 7d Troy Phillip Infantile (sic) St Peter
McAlindin, Eliza J. Congress St May 21, 1881 53y Ireland Not known Typhoid fever St Mary
Dunn, Joseph Hutton St May 21, 1881 4m Troy Joseph Convulsions St Mary
Spain, John Hospital May 22, 1881 7y Troy John Smallpox Old Catholic Ground
Clark, Macey President St May 22, 1881 2m Troy John Croup Mt Ida
Carroll, Margaret St Joseph St May 22, 1881 40y Ireland Not known Consumption St Joseph
Bellair, Edmond 347 10th St May 23, 1881 6y 1m 2d French Canada Edmond Dropsy St Joseph
Hogue, Peter Sisters of PoorMay 23, 1881 83y Ireland Peter Old age St Joseph
Waters, John 314 1st St May 23, 1881 8y Troy John Pneumonia St Joseph
Delee, Patrick 3rd St May 24, 1881 25y Troy James Hemorrhage St Joseph
McAuliff, Maggie Liberty & 5th StMay 24, 1881 5m Troy James Scarlet fever St Mary
Geiser, C. Jane River St May 24, 1881 23y Troy Geiser Consumption Saratoga
O'Connor, Margaret 191 Green St May 24, 1881 87y Ireland Not known Old age St Peter
Green, Ida F. Brunswick May 25, 1881 23y Troy William Consumption Mt Ida
Fahey, Margaret 293 4th St May 25, 1881 56y Ireland Not known Dropsy St Mary
Fagan, Catherine Green St May 26, 1881 75y Ireland Not known Old age St Peter
Reardon, Catherine 9th St May 26, 1881 24y Ireland John Consumption St Peter
Burke, Michael 111 Hill St May 26, 1881 32y Ireland Patrick Accident St Mary
Kellogg, W. H. 30 W. 3rd St May 27, 1881 30y Troy Not known Consumption Oakwood
Brock, Jane River St May 27, 1881 3y Troy John Diphtheria St Joseph
McManus, Katie Green Island May 27, 1881 18y Troy Not known Dropsy St Peter
Geiser, child of August72 N. 4th St May 27, 1881 0 Troy August Stillborn Mt Ida
Keswick, Bridget Tyler St May 27, 1881 2y 2m 28d Troy Thomas Scarlet fever St Joseph
Horan, James Hospital May 28, 1881 26y Troy James Smallpox St Mary
Kelly, Bridget S. Short 7th St May 28, 1881 86y Ireland Not known Old age St Mary
Toomey, Margaret Asylum May 28, 1881 82y Ireland Not known Old age St Mary
Carroll, Minnie Lincoln Ave May 29, 1881 16y Troy Thomas Consumption St Joseph
Brand, Thomas Hospital May 29, 1881 40y Ireland Thomas Brain disease St Mary
Devine, Matthew Sisters of PoorMay 29, 1881 64y Ireland Matt Dropsy St Mary
Dorsey, Cornelius Hospital May 30, 1881 25y Troy Not known Smallpox St Joseph
Cox, Arthur Watervliet May 30, 1881 16y US William Drowned Mt Ida
Miller, Orrin N. Troy May 30, 1881 33y 1m 27d US Orrin Consumption Mt Ida
Mitchell, Robert Hospital May 30, 1881 45y Ireland Joseph Consumption St Mary
Dolan, James M. Sunnyside May 31, 1881 17y Troy James Diphtheria St Peter
Maloney, John Port Schuyler May 31, 1881 70y Ireland John Old age St Mary

Troy Burial Records 1881
June 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of DecedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeBirthplaceParentCauseBurial
Corcoran, Bridget North 1st St June 1, 1881 54y Ireland Not known Dropsy St. Peter
Wagner, Leon Mann St June 4, 1881 3y Troy Charles Spasms Mt Ida
Lemner, Mary 1st St June 3, 1881 63y Ireland Not known Consumption St Joseph
Kelly, John A. Federal St June 3, 1881 21d Troy John Debility St Peter
Murphy, Catherine Green Island June 2, 1881 41y Ireland Not known Cancer Hoosic Falls
Hartnett, Margaret River St June 4, 1881 82y Ireland Not known Old age St Agnes
Casthall (?), Mary 170 5th St June 5, 1881 1y Troy Christian Croup Mt Ida
Joy, Ida B. 74 7th St June 5, 1881 5m 25d US Thomas E. Consumption Bloomingrove
Keswick, Michael Troy June 5, 1881 4y Troy Thomas E. Scarlet fever St Joseph
Goessling, Anna 224 8th St June 6, 1881 36y Germany Jacob Fever Oakwood
Burgess, Charles Green Island June 6, 1881 72y 5m 24dEngland Robb Kidney disease Mt Ida
Casey, William Ida & 5th St June 6, 1881 50y Ireland William Consumption St Mary
Wilbur, G. W. Vail Ave June 7, 1881 0 Troy G. W. Wilbur Stillborn Oakwood
Child of John Bussey 60 Jefferson St June 7, 1881 0 Troy John Stillborn Mt Ida
Barton, Margaret Sisters of Poor June 7, 1881 50y Ireland Not known Consumption St Patrick
Pepper, Henry 45 Ida St June 7, 1881 57y Germany John Brain disease St Joseph
Gaynor, Mary 220 4th St June 8, 1881 1y Troy Patrick Croup St Mary
Keyes, Patrick 1st & Adams St June 8, 1881 3y 3m Troy Patrick Accident St Mary
Hughes, Robert I. Greenbush June 9, 1881 1y 5m Troy Richard Spinal disease Iron Works
Fagan, Katie River St June 9, 1881 0 Troy Thomas Stillborn St Peter
Grogan, Johanna County House June 10, 1881 60y Ireland Not known Debility St Joseph
Brantigan, Louisa 66 Hill St June 10, 1881 51y Germany Not known Consumption New Mt Ida
Walsh, Mary A. 517 2nd St June 10, 1881 1y Troy William Cholera infantileSt Joseph
McGrath, Minnie 8th St June 11, 1881 1y Troy Michael Croup St Mary
McIntire, Catherine Iron Works June 12, 1881 48y Ireland Not known Consumption St Joseph
Peterson, Mary N. 3rd St June 12, 1881 0 Troy John Stillborn St Peter
Wagner, John South St June 12, 1881 0 Troy John Stillborn Mt Ida
Kelly, Mary rear 200 4th St June 12, 1881 48y Ireland John Rheumatism St Mary
Campbell, John Ferry St June 13, 1881 49y Ireland Peter Consumption St Mary
Smith, Edward N. 4th St June 13, 1881 7y Troy Edward Diphtheria St Peter
Crowley, Irene M. 7th St June 13, 1881 7m Troy Crowley Spasms St Peter
Unknown child Troy June 13, 1881 0 Troy Not known Stillborn Mt Ida
Hogan, Michael Hospital June 13, 1881 22y Troy Michael Smallpox St Joseph
Shelton, Susanna (?) St Joseph Hill June 13, 1881 1y 6m England Benjamin Convulsions Mt Ida
Hudson, Hanna C. 20 Hoosic St June 13, 1881 31y Troy Willis Consumption Mt Ida
Coleman, Morris Green St June 13, 1881 65y Ireland Harris Consumption St Peter
Brennan, John Tyler & 1st St June 13, 1881 24y Ireland John Fever St Joseph
Benedict, Mrs H. E. 49 7th St June 14, 1881 63y US Not known Cancer Saratoga
Sullivan, Dennis Green St June 15, 1881 1y Troy Dennis Croup St Peter
Quinn, Michael Hollow Road June 15, 1881 3y Troy Michael Pneumonia St Joseph
Scanlon, John B. N. 2nd St June 17, 1881 3y Troy John Diphtheria St Mary
Buckley, Catherine County House June 17, 1881 55y Ireland Not known Consumption St Peter
Milliman, George F. Green Island June 17, 1881 54y US George Consumption Albany
Monroe, Alexander F. Albia June 18, 1881 25y 9m Canada Gordon Consumption New Mt Ida
Woodruff, child of William 140 4th St June 18, 1881 0 Troy William Stillborn (Unreadable)
Brown, Benjamin Vail Ave June 18, 1881 30y US Not known Suicide Mt Ida
Ryan, Mary Hospital June 19, 1881 18y Troy James Accident St Mary
Bolan, William Green Island June 19, 1881 87y Ireland William Old age St Mary
Delaney, John 2nd St June 19, 1881 25y Troy John Accident St Joseph
Wright, child of George Division St June 19, 1881 7m Troy George Dysentery St Patrick
Collins, William Vail Ave June 19, 1881 7y Troy William Diphtheria St Joseph
Sharp, Ambrose Asylum June 19, 1881 63y US Not known Insanity St Joseph
Toomey, Jerry rear 4th St June 19, 1881 23y Ireland Thomas Consumption St Mary
Hager/Hazer, Elvira A. 370 Congress St June 19, 1881 63y US Not known Heart disease Oakwood
Boyle, Thomas W. NY (City) June 20, 1881 29y Troy John Consumption Oakwood
Collins, Patrick D. V. Bonesteel(?) HouseJune 20, 188154y Ireland Patrick Accident St Joseph
Whyland, Phillip Troy June 20, 1881 75y 9m BT (sic) Leonard Heart disease Mt Ida
Beauregard, John B. 3rd St June 20, 1881 69y Canada John Old age St Mary
Keeler, Gertrude E. 24 Bank St June 20, 1881 1y 5m Troy Peter Whooping cough Mt Ida
Mooney, Minnie Adams & Hill St June 20, 1881 3y 1m Troy Pierce Scarlet fever St Mary
Ryan, William Iron Works June 21, 1881 11y 8m Troy Michael Scarlet fever St Joseph
Sullivan, Martin 628 4th St June 22, 1881 4y Troy Martin Whooping cough St Joseph
Chester, Thomas James NY (City) June 23, 1881 38y Troy James Consumption Albany Rural
Lavery, Mary J. 14th St June 23, 1881 49y Ireland Not known Dropsy St Peter
McGivern, Arthur Hutton St June 24, 1881 33y Ireland Arthur Accident St Joseph
Kerin, James Congress St June 26, 1881 50y Ireland James Consumption St Joseph
Welsh, James N. 3rd St June 26, 1881 24y (?) Troy James Consumption St Mary
Scanlon, Michael Hospital June 29, 1881 25y Troy Michael Smallpox St Joseph
Ryan, Thomas Infirmary June 23, 1881 35y Troy Thomas Consumption St Mary
Pidgeon, John Sisters of Poor June 23, 1881 70y Ireland John Old age St Peter
Hale, William W. Hospital June 23, 1881 18y 4m Ireland Joseph Rupture Oakwood
Kirk, James E. 14 Division St June 24, 1881 41y Canada Edward Brain disease Mt Ida
Gibbs, child of George H. 712 River St June 24, 1881 1m 21d Troy George H. Infantile (sic)Oakwood
Hanlon, Bernard 10th St June 24, 1881 0 Troy Bernard Stillborn St Peter
Powers, Julia Hospital June 24, 1881 37y Troy Not known Consumption Mt Ida
Quintby(?), Mercy 15th St June 25, 1881 80y US Not known Paralysis Mt Ida
Jackson, Charles H. 12 Franklin St June 25, 1881 1y 2m Troy Charles Scarlet fever Mt Ida
Brophy, John Haverman's Ave June 25, 1881 2y 6m Troy Michael Measles St Mary
McKenna, Katie rear 200 4th St June 25, 1881 28y Troy Not known Debility St Mary
Hart, Maggie 209 1st St June 27, 1881 4m Troy Peter Croup St Mary
Abrio(?), Cornelia M. Infirmary June 27, 1881 64y US Not known Cancer Oakwood
Cusack, Emily F. 58 2nd St June 29, 1881 47y Troy John Cancer Oakwood
Moore, Hattie 113 9th St June 29, 1881 6y 8m 4d Troy Charles Croup Oakwood
Kennedy, John Albany June 29, 1881 45y Ireland John Accident St Mary
Hore (?), David Rear 80 5th St June 29, 1881 5m Troy David Cholera infantileSt Mary
McGuinness, Patrick 4th St June 29, 1881 64y Ireland Patrick Dropsy St Joseph
Drum, Ann Green St June 29, 1881 30y Ireland Not known Consumption St Peter
Unknown man River St June 29, 1881 40y Ireland Not known Drowned Mt Ida
Palmer, Andrew Londen Ave June 29, 1881 3y 6m Troy Andrew Dysentery St Mary
Scandreth, Moses 8th St June 29, 1881 35y England Moses Consumption Mt Ida
Cipperly, child of Jake 12 Sausse St June 29, 1881 11m Troy Jake Scarlet fever Mt Ida
Murphy, Maria Church St June 29, 1881 27y Troy Martin Consumption St Joseph
O'Brien, John Madison St June 30, 1881 1m Troy John Spasms St Mary
Henman, John Monroe St June 30, 1881 2m Troy John Croup St Joseph
Costegan, Mary rear 380 3rd St June 30, 1881 4m Troy Thomas Spasms St Joseph

Troy Burial Records 1881
July 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of DecedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeBirthplaceParentCauseBurial
Hackett, MichaelIron WorksJuly 1, 188160yIrelandJohnParalysisSt. Joseph
Purtell, CatherineRiver StJuly 1, 188162yIrelandNot knownOld AgeSt. Peter
Shea, ThomasLincoln StJuly 2, 18816y 3mTroyMorrisCholera InfantileSt. Joseph
Chevalier, Mary2nd StJuly 2, 188112yTroyLewisDiphtheriaSt. Joseph
Hess, Mary4th & Liberty StsJuly 2, 18814mTroyAdamInfantile [sic]New Mt. Ida
Child of George Cora/Cory340 4th StJuly 3, 18810TroyGeorgeStillbornSt. Joseph
Benson, Bertha B.Hoboken [NJ?]July 3, 18812y 2m 13dTroyStephenInfl. BowelsMt. Ida
Cleary, Michael V.William StJuly 3, 188128yTroyKyranCancerSt. Mary
Connor, MaryCanal StJuly 3, 18816mTroyArthurCholera InfantileSt. Peter
Fallon, MaryIron WorksJuly 4, 18816mTroyMichaelCholera InfantileSt. Joseph
Ahern, John423 2nd StJuly 4, 18811yTroyJohnCholera InfantileSt. Joseph
McChesney, Jonas C.Pawling AveJuly 4, 188180yUSWalterParalysisOakwood
O'Hare, PatrickHill StJuly 4, 18815mTroyJohnCholera InfantileSt. Mary
Rich, WilliamPoughkeepsieJuly 4, 188183yUSWilliamInsanityOld Mt. Ida
Carey, Aash (?)River StJuly 4, 18810TroyAsheStillbornSt. Peter
Lyon, Franklin227 4th StJuly 6, 18814m 25dTroyJamesCholera InfantileSt. Mary
Hickey, MargaretRear 150 4th StJuly 6, 188137yUSNot knownYellow JaundiceSt. Mary
Ervin, Ellen94 Hill StJuly 7, 18814m 3dTroyJohnCholera InfantileSt. Mary
Moore, Chester76 13th StJuly 7, 188110m 8dTroyLewisCholera InfantileOakwood
Crandall, Susan T.6 Clinton PlaceJuly 7, 188150y 9m 28dUSObed.ConsumptionNew Bedford
Landrigan, Dennis Iron WorksJuly 8, 188144yIrelandPatrickKidney DiseaseSt. Joseph
Bailey, MaryCongress & FerryJuly 8, 188145yIrelandNot knownConsumptionSt. Mary
Wacker, Eva D.Brunswick AveJuly 8, 18816m 10dTroyCharlesInflamed LungsOakwood
Varley, JamesGreen StJuly 8, 18811yTroyJamesCholera InfantileSt. Peter
Aden, LizzieIron WorksJuly 9, 18818mTroyBardtly [Bardelt Eden?]Cholera InfantileMt. Ida
Camp, FreddieBuffalo, NYJuly 9, 188115yTroyRichardPneumoniaOakwood
Kraker, Flora4 Lavinia PlJuly 9, 18811y 1mTroyPhillipTeething"Jew Ground"
Child of Alex Roy80 7th StJuly 9, 18817dTroyAlexDebilityMt. Ida
Oston, MenaHill StJuly 10, 18818y 5mTroyNot knownFeverBloomingdale
Child of Chas Patterson 26 Jacob StJuly 10, 188110mTroyChasSpasmsN. Bennington
Gray, Henry C.152 Vail AveJuly 10, 18816m 20dTroyL. C. (?)CroupOakwood
Connors, John216 4th StJuly 10, 188133yIrelandJohnConsumptionSt. Mary
Van Patton, CarolineRiver StJuly 10, 188131yUSNot knownInflamed BowelsSchenectady
Thornton, Eliza A.140 4th StJuly 10, 188123y 4m 25dTroyJohnConsumptionOakwood
Coogan, JohnCounty HouseJuly 10, 188142yIrelandJohnConsumptionSt. Joseph
Devoe, Jane4th StJuly 10, 18816mTroyJohnCholera InfantileSt. Peter
Child of Francis LewisCohoesJuly 11, 18816mTroyFrancisCholera InfantileMt. Ida
Brown, Thomas86 Ida StJuly 11, 188138yIrelandJohnConsumptionSt. Mary
Moore, Evary (?)6th StJuly 11, 18811mTroyJohnCholera InfantileMt. Ida
Biggart, Wilhemina C.Stow's HillJuly 12, 18815y 8m 3dTroyWilliamTyphoid FeverOakwood
Hulbert, Lucy2nd & Ida StsJuly 12, 188110m 3dTroyJohnCholera InfantileSt. Mary
Kilfoy, Ann Madison StJuly 12, 18816mTroyJohnCroupSt. Joseph
Dewey, Clarissa131 5th StJuly 13, 188184y 4mUSMosesDysenteryOakwood
Deuel, Eleanor118 3rd StJuly 13, 188187yTroyWilliamConsumptionOakwood
Delaney, John15 King StJuly 13, 188179yIrelandMichaelOld AgeSt. Peter
Paulhamer (?), David H.98 Hudson StJuly 15, 18811yTroyJohnCholera InfantileAlbany Rural
Lucius, C. W.73 7th StJuly 15, 188159yUSC. W.FeverOakwood
Richmond, Emily180 Congress StJuly 13, 188145yUSElizaHeart DiseaseMt. Ida
Brooks, Moses.July 13, 1881...DysenteryOakwood
Lebane, Dinah4th StJuly 16, 188154yUSNot knownConsumptionOakwood
Vaughn, Sarah2 Adams StJuly 15, 188165yIrelandNot knownConsumptionSt. Mary
Nervel, Annie [Neville?]3 BroadwayJuly 15, 18810TroyNervelStillbornMt. Ida
Koon, Margaret4th StJuly 16, 188143yUSNot knownCongested LungsSt. Mary
Cox, Mary95 Congress StJuly 17, 188160yUSNot knownOld AgeSt. Mary
O'Brien, John4th StJuly 2, 18817mTroyJohnCholera InfantileSt. Joseph
Child of John MalzIda HillJuly 6, 18816mTroyJohnCroupSt. Mary
Halton, AnnVail AveJuly 7, 188170yIrelandMichaelOld AgeSt. Mary
Keough, BridgetJacob StJuly 10, 188177yIrelandMichaelOld AgeSt. Peter
Child of Thomas HoranPresident StJuly 11, 18813mTroyThomasCholera InfantileSt. Peter
Thomas SpainSausse StJuly 12, 18811y 6mTroyThomasDysenterySt. Peter
Child Thomas MeehanGreen IslandJuly 13, 18816mTroyThomasCholera InfantileLansingburgh
Navin, Mary C.Union StJuly 13, 188127yTroyNot knownChildbirthSt. Mary
McCabe, PrenticeRiverJuly 16, 188145yUSNot knownDrownedPort Henry
Wright, EllenN JerseyJuly 16, 188134yUSNot knownConsumptionSt. Patrick
Ryan, Patrick140 5th StJuly 17, 188167yIrelandPatrickParalysisSt. Mary
Child of Dennis RedmondN 3rd StJuly 17, 18812mTroyDennisCholera InfantileWaterford
Buckley, MaryState StJuly 17, 188151yTroyNot knownHeart DiseaseSt. Mary
Woods, MaryHospitalJuly 19, 188150yIrelandThomasDropsySt. Mary
McCormick, BridgetRead's AlleyJuly 16, 188152yIrelandNot knownCholera MorbusSt. Mary
Frank, Paul8th StJuly 16, 18816mTroyPaulCholera InfantileSt. Agnes
Bentleman (?), RobertJames StJuly 17, 18818mTroyJohnCholera InfantileMt. Ida
Buckley, MaryCounty HouseJuly 17,188173yIrelandNot knownOld AgeSt. Peter
Kidd, AndrewSpring AveJuly 17, 188165yScotlandArchibaldBronchitisMt. Ida
Brazier, Mary C.LansingburghJuly 17, 188148yUSGeorgeHeart DiseaseOakwood
Nicholson, Nellie9th StJuly 17, 18813yTroyMichaelDiphtheriaSt. Peter
Thayer, Mary J.84 Federal StJuly 18, 18818m 20dTroyCharlesCholera InfantileOakwood
Salsbury, CatherineHospitalJuly 18, 188180yIrelandNot knownDebilityCastleton
Stillborn boy63 Congress StJuly 19, 18810TroyHenryStillbornSt. Mary
Kimball, George E.882 River StJuly 19, 18811y 3mTroyGeorgeCholera InfantileOakwood
Welsh, PhillipSisters of PoorJuly 20, 188170yIrelandPhillipOld AgeSt. Mary
Powell, AnnieDivision StJuly 10, 18819mTroyNot knownCholera InfantileSt. Mary
Kerigan, James179 5th StJuly 12, 188145yIrelandJohnCholera MorbusSt. Mary
Horan, Patrick509 2nd StJuly 13, 18817mTroyPatrickCholera InfantileSt. Joseph
Houlihan, Bridget86 Ida StJuly 13, 18817mTroyPatrickCholera InfantileSt. Joseph
Child of John FaySt Mary's AveJuly 14, 18810TroyJohnStillbornSt. Mary
Horan, Joseph298 5th StJuly 15, 188145yIrelandJosephCongested LungsSt. Mary
Fennell, MichaelAdams StJuly 4, 18812yTroyMichaelCholera InfantileSt. Mary
Roland, Thomas264 3rd StJuly 17, 18819mTroyThomasPneumoniaSt. Mary
Shaughnessy, John4th & WashingtonJuly 18, 188140yIrelandJohnConsumptionSt. Mary
Carroll, Mary52 13th StJuly 18, 188150yIrelandJohnHeart DiseaseSt. Mary
Wallace, Mamie54 Division StJuly 22, 18811y 7mTroyJohnCholera InfantileSt. Peter
Welsh, Paul2 Jay StJuly 6, 18819m TroyPaulCroupSt. Peter
Poland, John264 3rd StJuly 29, 188129yTroyJohnCholera MorbusSt. Mary
Ayelmone (?), CatherineAlbanyJuly 29, 188138yTroyNot knownAccidentSt. Agnes
Burke, John500 4th StJuly 5, 18813yTroyJohnCholera InfantileSt. Joseph
Donohue, Matthew203 4th StJuly 26, 188170yIrelandMatthewOld AgeSt. Mary
Kehoe, Joseph377 Congress StJuly 27, 188129yTroyJosephConsumptionSt. Mary
Lee, Johanna200 5th StJuly 28, 188110dTroyJosephDebilitySt. Mary
Dillon, Ann246 5th StJuly 28, 188153yIrelandNot knownConsumptionSt. Mary
Bennett, John G.Troy & Boston [Railroad]July 20, 188126yUSJohnAccidentHoosic
Hynes, CatherineSisters of PoorJuly 22, 188166yIrelandNot knownDropsySt. Peter
Child of John MontgomeryStone RdJuly 23, 18813mTroyJohnCholera InfantileMt. Ida
Knapp, George10th StJuly 24, 18812yTroyGeorgeDiphtheriaSt. Mary
Child of Richard Gorman9th StJuly 25, 18811yTroyRichardCholera InfantileSt. Peter
Donohue, John E.Adams StJuly 26, 188125yTroyJohn ConsumptionSt. Joseph
Gillan, BridgetN 3rd StJuly 26, 188168yIrelandJohnOld AgeSt. Mary
Unknown manDivision StJuly 30, 188140yUSNot knownDrownedMt. Ida
Child of Patrick NavinAdams StJuly 30, 18812mTroyPatrickCholera InfantileSt. Mary
Brand, EmilyUnion StJuly 20, 18812mTroyEmilyInfantile [sic]New Mt. Ida
Dolan, Minnie5th StJuly 20, 188110y TroyJamesBrain DiseaseSt. Mary
Phillips, Meyer276 4th StJuly 20, 18811mTroyJesseCholera InfantileNew Mt. Ida
Bull, Florence F.212 N 2nd StJuly 20, 188116y 5m 20dTroyGordon (?)ParalysisN. Granville
Plunkett, HughGreen StJuly 20, 18810TroyHughStillbornSt. Peter
Gunnison, Prudence11 7th StJuly 20, 188190y 4mUSShubalOld AgeOakwood
Trainor, Owen1st & Van BurenJuly 21, 18819y 4mTroyNot knownDropsySt. Joseph
Thompson, Gilbert G.3rd & WashingtonJuly 21, 188153y 7m 17dUSCharlesParalysisOakwood
Elliott, Jesse E.226 N 2nd StJuly 21, 188122y 9mNYWilliamConsumptionOakwood
Hilton, John8th StJuly 21, 18810TroyJohnStillbornSt. Peter
O'Shea, BridgetCounty HouseJuly 22, 188165yIrelandNot knownCancerSt. Joseph
Forrester, John H.154 3rd StJuly 22, 188138yTroyJohnConsumptionOakwood
O'Donnell, JohnHill StJuly 22, 188125y 6mTroyJohnConsumptionSt. Mary
Thumi, Anna139 FerryJuly 22, 188163yGermanyNot knownInflamed LungsMt. Ida
Harbor, AngelineChurch & JacksonJuly 24, 18815dTroyPeterDebilitySt. Joseph
McGuiness, John2nd & FerryJuly 24, 188184yIrelandJohnOld AgeSt. Mary
English, Mary A.364 3rd StJuly 24, 188160yIrelandMichaelCholera MorbusOakwood
Buckley, John 278 4th StJuly 25, 188129yTroyLawrenceConsumptionSt. Joseph
Kerney, MartinIron WorksJuly 25, 18814y 2mTroyMartinScarlet FeverNY
Fahey, Margaret10th StJuly 26, 188145yIrelandNot knownConsumptionSt. Joseph
Burns, ThomasCounty HouseJuly 26, 188144yIrelandThomasDropsySt. Joseph
Woodard, John C.Whipple AveJuly 26, 18811m 21dTroyCharlesCholera InfantileMt. Ida
Burke, PatrickInfirmaryJuly 26, 188137yIrelandPatrickConsumptionHoosic Falls
Kane (?), Mary J.Hutton StJuly 26, 188124yTroyJohnConsumptionSt. Peter
Alda (?), Lizzie 45 2nd StJuly 27, 18816y 1mTroyJohnScarlet FeverSt. Mary
Hollinger, Joseph R.522 River StJuly 27, 18811y 11mTroyJosephWhooping CoughOakwood
Flood, Martin196 5th StJuly 28, 188125dTroyJohn..
Becroft, William M.Hoboken [NJ?]July 28, 188170yUSWilliam..
Snedeker, Catherine E.TroyJuly 28, 18811y 1mTroyEugene..
Riley, Annie4th StJuly 29, 18810TroyJohn..
Dube, LouisaVan Buren [St]July 29, 18816mTroyPeter..
Casey, LizziePine StJuly 29, 18818mTroyWilliam..
Iler, Amanda M.Thomas [St?]July 29, 188154y 3mUSSimeon..
Moran, JohnRiver StJuly 29, 18810TroyJohn..
Johnson, Annie M.129 3rd StJuly 30, 188123y 4m 13dTroyHenry..
Guile, Theodore G.747 River StJuly 30, 18814m 18dTroyJoseph..
Randall, IreneCounty HouseJuly 30, 18816mTroyNot known..
Welsh, MargaretGreen StJuly 30, 188186yIrelandPatrick..
Burns, PatrickIron WorksJuly 31, 18816m 25dTroyJames..
Folmsbee, RichardCounty HouseJuly 31, 188173yUSRichard..
Troy Burial Records 1881
August 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of decedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeBirthplaceParentCauseBurial
Gautier, GeorgeJefferson St.Aug 1, 18816mTroyJosephBrain diseaseSt. Peters
Carroll, WilliamHospitalAug 1, 188160yIrelandWilliamOld AgeSt. Peters
Jenks, Charles R.547 1st StAug 1, 188120dTroyThomasCholera InfantumNew Mt. Ida
Green, Cora St. Francis AveAug 1, 18812y 8m 15dTroyMatthewBrain diseaseNew Mt. Ida
Katz, CarrieAdams & 4th StAug 1, 18811y 6mTroySamuelCholera InfantumNew Mt. Ida
Shay, John1st St.Aug 2, 18811mTroyJohnCroupSt. Peters
Rowe, BeulahVail AveAug 2, 188110mTroyHenryBrain DiseaseOakwood
Curley, DennisNorth 3rd St Aug 2, 188151yIrelandDennisConsumptionSt. Peters
Heffernau, Michael2nd & 1st StAug 2, 18819mTroyMichaelCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Frier, Alexander278 3rd StAug 2, 18810TroyAlexStillbornMt. Ida
Nolan, Alice F.Middleburgh StAug 3, 18812yTroyNolanDiphtheriaWaterford
Hartney, CharlesRockawayAug 3, 188133yIrelandNot knownPneumoniaSt. Peters
Corrigan, Michael433 2nd StAug 3, 188114dTroyWilliamDebilitySt. Peters
Brady, Patrick10th StAug 3, 18810TroyPatrickStillbornSt. Peters
Baker, JohnRiver StAug 3, 18811yTroyJohnCroupSt. Peters
Slattery, John403 4th StAug 3, 18810TroyJohnStillbornSt. Joseph
O'Brien, ThomasIda & 6th StAug 3, 188145yIrelandThomasDrownedSt. Mary
Stewart, MarySisters of PoorAug 4, 188159yIrelandNot knownConsumptionSt. Mary
Slattery, MichaelGreen StAug 4, 188175yIrelandPatrickOld AgeSt. Mary
Cartwright, Mary AnnN 1st StAug 5, 188148yEnglandNot knownConsumptionSt. Peters
Lucas, Frank252 Congress StAug 5, 18813yTroyFrankScarlet FeverMt. Ida
Thompson, R. R.Hutton StAug 5, 188137yTroyNot knownSun StrokeMt. Ida
Welsh, MaryTyler StAug 5, 188142yIrelandNot knownFeverSt. Joseph
Quinn, Margaret278 1st StAug 5, 188165yIrelandNot knownOld AgeSt. Mary
Freeman, Jane1 Institute AveAug 5, 188160ySouth AmericaNot knownConsumptionMt. Ida
Glenn, PatrickHarris StAug 6, 188124yTroyPatrickConsumptionSt. Peters
Hamilton, Evelyn M.182 N 4th StAug 6, 18815m 3dTroyNot knownWhooping CoughOakwood
Cooney, William1st StAug 6, 188185yUSWilliamOld AgeOakwood
Wittner, Joseph28 Division StAug 6, 188131yGermanyAnthonyFeverNew Mt. Ida
Caddick, Alice H.Sheridan AveAug 6, 18816mTroyWalterCroupNew Mt. Ida
Smith, Hattie D.Iron WorksAug 6, 188110m 19dTroyHenryConvulsionIron Works Cem
Bentley, Elizabeth336 4th StAug 6, 18811y 3m USSamuelCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Welsh, HenryChristie StAug 7, 188113yTroyHenryInfl. BowelsSt. Mary
Mullen, ThomasIda HillAug 7, 188124yTroyThomasConsumptionSt. Mary
Schobell, Mary A.112 Ida StAug 7, 18816mTroyMarcusCholera InfantumSt. Mary
Agan, G. F.58 9th StAug 7, 188123yTroyNot knownPneumoniaRaymertown
Bennett, childWest TroyAug 7, 188114dTroyBennettCroup Mt. Ida
Luther, Eliza E.76 N 4th StAug 7, 188169yUSNot knownConsumptionOakwood
Quigley, Michael414 4th StAug 7, 18812yTroyMichaelCroupSt. Joseph
Collopy, TimothyHarrison & 4th StAug 7, 18815dTroyTimothyDebilitySt. Joseph
Hastings, EmmaBank StAug 8, 188123y 5m 16dTroyGeorgeConsumptionAdamsville
Smith, Harvey52 5th StAug 8, 188185y 20dUSMichaelOld AgeOakwood
Farley, JulieReads AlleyAug 8, 1881 45yIrelandNot knownTyphoid FeverSt. Mary
Donovan, Katie65 Ida StAug 9, 18813y 9dTroyNot knownCroupSt. Mary
Holden, Malon35 N 4th StAug 9, 188124yTroyMalonPneumoniaSyracuse
Young, Sarah176 N 2nd StAug 9, 18818mTroyJamesCroupSt. Peter
Kilduff, Mary361 1st StAug 9, 18811dTroyChristopherInfantile [sic]St. Joseph
Andrews, JohnRiver & Ferry StAug 9, 18819mTroyJohnCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Prankard, Josephine9th StAug 10, 18813y 3mTroyCharlesDiphtheriaAlbany Rural
Porter, Alfred384 2nd StAug 11, 18813mTroyAlexanderCholera InfantumNew Mt. Ida
Aldrich, Eber E.88 N 3rd StAug 11, 188129y 9mHoosicElliottTyphoid feverWilliamstown
Mabie, Francis J.2 Lawrence PlAug 12, 188145yUSJohnHeart DiseaseRockland Cem
Hogan, Johanna3rd StAug 11, 188187yIrelandNot knownOld AgeSt. Mary
Halliwell, JamesN 2nd StAug 12, 18812yTroyJamesDysenterySt. Peter
Amandon, JaneSausse StAug 12, 18816mTroyThomasCroupSt. Peter
Kilfoile, GeorgeIda & 6th StAug 12, 18816yTroyWilliamHeart DiseaseSt. Joseph
Neale, Jane9th StAug 12, 188155yIrelandNot knownConsumptionMt. Ida
Wade, Michael555 2nd StAug 12, 18813yTroyMichaelCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Bonell, JosephJackson StAug 13, 188116yTroyJosephColicSt. Joseph
Moore, FrankRiver StAug 13, 188135yTroyNot knownTyphoid FeverSt. Mary
Finley, Bessie S.7 Walker AveAug 13, 1881 2mTroyDavidCholera InfantumOakwood
Wilson, Charles D.460 6th StAug 13, 188118y 11mTroyNot knownDropsyOakwood
Foley, James4th StAug 13, 18811y 4mTroyThomasInflamed Lungs St. Joseph
McDermott, PatrickHaverman's AveAug 13, 18819dTroyPatrickDebilitySt. Mary
Shultz, MargaretSheridan AveAug 14, 188138yUSThomas (?) MurphyConsumptionNew Mt. Ida
Tracey, Thomas C. S.TroyAug 14, 18810TroyNot knownConsumptionOakwood
Donohue, JamesAdams St.Aug 15, 18816mTroyJohnDysenterySt. Joseph
Harrington, HoraceBrunswickAug 15, 188177yUSNot knownOld AgeOakwood
Fellows, Catherine E.94 N 3rd StAug 15, 188181y 1m 9dUSSebastianTumorOakwood
Snyder, EugeneRiver StAug 15, 18816mTroyEugeneCroupSt. Peter
Reddin, MichaelHospitalAug 16, 188124yTroyPatrickConsumptionSt. Mary
Downey, Clarissa105 7th StAug 16, 188176yIrelandNot knownOld AgeOakwood
Gilboy, John10th & MiddleburghAug 16, 188114dTroyJohnDebilitySt. Peter
Goss, Freddie133 N 3rd StAug 17, 18814m 4dTroyF. B.CroupOakwood
McCann, Fanny54 Hill StAug 17, 18815yTroyNot knownDebilitySt. Mary
Albertson, John P.Pawley AveAug 18, 188169yUSNot knownKidney DiseaseOakwood
Clough, Eliza E.MiddleburghAug 19, 188127yCanadaWalshConsumptionNew Mt. Ida
O'Brien, MaryGreen IslandAug 19, 188148yIrelandNot knownConsumptionSt. Peter
Herson, Mary4th StAug 19, 18819mTroyOwenCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Hope, MargaretMann's AveAug 19, 188142yIrelandNot knownConsumptionSt. Joseph
Wylie, WillieVanderhyden & 1stAug 20, 18813m 20dTroyArchieCroupOakwood
Bateman, MaryIron WorksAug 20, 18815yTroyJohnCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Wager, Ann M.7 Walnut StAug 21, 18811y 3m 17dTroyDexterCholera InfantumNew Mt. Ida
Cunningham, AnnIda HillAug 21, 188182yIrelandNot knownOld AgeSt. Mary
Conroy, Daniel J.Nail FactoryAug 21, 188125yTroyDanielConsumptionSt. Joseph
Coffinger, William3rd & MadisonAug 21, 188119yCanadaAnthonyDropsySt. Joseph
Shultz, WilliamSheridan AveAug 21, 18811y 5m 23dTroyT?burtBrain DiseaseNew Mt. Ida
Halvis (?), JohnBridge AveAug 21, 18810TroyJohnStillbornOakwood
Fallon, Sarah494 2nd StAug 22, 188110yTroyPatrickScarlet FeverSt. Joseph
Kernick, ThomasVail AveAug 22, 188155yIrelandNot knownConsumptionSt. Mary
Nichols, Alida G.179 Congress StAug 22, 188112y 11m 20dTroyJonathanBrain DiseaseOakwood
Culliton, ThomasRiver StAug 22, 18816yTroyThomasConvulsionSt. Peter
Hooppell, Martha E.48 13th StAug 23, 18818y 4m 8dCanadaDuncanSpinal DiseaseSand Lake
Hamilton, Charles R.76 N 4th StAug 23, 18812y 8m 14dTroyW. A.Whooping CoughOakwood
Pfrippen (?), SophiaGeorge & CenterAug 23, 18813dTroyGeorgeDebilityNew Mt. Ida
Brenenstuhl, Warren17 Walnut StAug 25, 188171y 4mUSMichaelDebilityNew Mt. Ida
Green, Ida G.Prospect AveAug 25, 18811y 2m 7dBrunswickMatthewBrain DiseaseNew Mt. Ida
Mahar, DennisHospitalAug 25, 188123yTroyDennisFeverFair Haven
Walsh, JohannaIron WorksAug 25, 188163yIrelandNot knownHeart DiseaseIron Work
Peck, NellieLansingburgh RdAug 26, 18811yTroyA. G. PeckWhooping CoughOakwood
Frederick, child of LeonardGreen IslandAug 26, 18813mTroyLeonardDysenteryMt. Ida
Warner, child ofN 4th StAug 27, 18813mTroyDr. WarnerCholera InfantumMt. Ida
Kernerman (?), ThomasIron WorksAug 28, 18811y 1mTroyThomasCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
McDonald, Mary1st St Aug 31, 188117yTroyThomasTyphoid FeverSt. Joseph
Lyman, John4th StAug 27, 18816yTroyJohnCroupSt. Joseph
King, MaryN 3rd StAug 27, 18811y 2mTroyThomasConvulsionSt. Peter
Busher, Walter56 13th StAug 27, 18818m 17dTroyCharlesWhooping CoughMt. Ida
Luther, Warren S.48 Jacob StAug 28, 18812y 11mTroyWarrenDiphtheriaOakwood
Grant, Howard L.Troy, NYAug 28, 188120yTroyPeterConsumptionOakwood
Hanon, Joseph550 4th StAug 28, 18811y 2mTroyJosephCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Dubois, child of D. H.West TroyAug 30, 18811dTroyD. H.DebilityMt. Ida
Casey, Lizzie5th StAug 30, 18818mTroyWilliamCholera InfantumSt. Mary
Minahan, Annie472 2nd StAug 30, 18812mTroyNot knownCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Beddos, SamuelInfirmaryAug 31, 188126yTroyJosephConsumptionLansingburgh
Caufield, GeorgeHill StAug 31, 188130yTroyThomasConsumptionSt. Mary
Troy Burial Records 1881
September 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of decedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeBirthplaceParentCauseBurial
Heffernau, Michael1st & 2nd StsSept 1, 18811y 7mTroyMichaelCroupSt. Joseph
Gillan, NorahN 3rd StSept 1, 188129yTroyUnknownConsumptionSt. Mary
O'Neil, LizzieLincoln AveSept 1, 188123yTroyO'NeilConsumptionSt. Joseph
Cole, Robert JrTroySept 1, 188126y 10m 11dTroyRobertConsumptionMt. Ida
Conway, Thomas286 4th StSept 1, 188140yIrelandJamesInsanitySt. Mary
Hicks, MaryRiver StSept 1, 188124yTroyEdwardConsumptionMt. Ida
Canapany (?), JohnRiver StSept 1, 18812yTroyJohnCroupSt. Peter
Kellum, George A.135 1st StSept 2, 18819m 18dTroyGeorgeCroupAlbany Rural
Boyle, Thomas2nd StSept 2, 18815mTroyFrankCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Riley, MichaelGreen StSept 2, 18811yTroyMichaelCroupSt. Mary
Murrows, JohnMill St Sept 3, 18812yTroyJohn Cholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Hennessy, Mary3rd StSept 3, 188122yTroyUnknownTyphoid FeverSt. Joseph
Hunt, GeorgeCongress StSept 3, 18819yTroyGeorgeCroupSt. Peter
Caufield, Eliza2nd StSept 4, 188129yTroyUnknownConsumptionSt. Joseph
Taylor, child of Lou10th StSept 4, 18813mTroyAlonzoBrain DiseaseHudson
Seery, CatherineWater StSept 4, 188138yIrelandMichaelTyphoid FeverSt. Mary
Warriner, D.N 4th St Sept 5, 188120yTroyWarrinerConsumptionMt. Ida
Bosworth, Sibbel32 N 2nd StSept 5, 188186y 2mUSGilbertParalysisOakwood
Jackson, child of Edwardrear 175 5th StSept 6, 18810TroyEdwardStillbornMt. Ida
Connors, MaryOrphan AsylumSept 6, 188114yTroyUnknownConsumptionSt. Mary
Herrington, WilliamInfirmarySept 6, 188165yUSHerringtonErysipelasHoosic Falls
Strait, E. Smith3 Gale PlSept 7, 188157yStephentownStraitParalysisOakwood
Douglass, Matthew753 4th StSept 7, 188134yIrelandCharlesSunstroke Oakwood
Taylor, child of MrKing StSept 7, 18816mTroyTaylorCroupMt. Ida
Gillan, child of NorahN 3rd StSept 7, 18813dTroyMichaelDebilitySt. Mary
Welworth, JohnJackson StSept 7, 188165yIrelandJohnOld AgeSt. Joseph
McCann, JamesHollow RdSept 7, 18813y 4mTroyJamesDebility St. Mary
Mulligan, James3rd StSept 7, 18812m 14dTroyJamesDebilitySt. Mary
Dunn, Michael9th StSept 8, 188137yIrelandMichaelDropsySt. Peter
Mousee (?), Julius202 1st StSept 8, 18813yTroyJuliusCholera InfantumSt. Mary
Stapleton, ElizabethVan Buren & 2nd StSept 8, 18818mTroyWilliamCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Murray, Nellie266 4th StSept 9, 18811m 14dTroyMurrayDebilitySt. Mary
Hayner, MaryGreen StSept 9, 18812yTroyJohnCroupSt. Peter
Madigan, WilliamHutton StSept 10, 188134yIrelandWilliamConsumptionSt. Peter
Sheppard, Armena J.Van Buren & 1st StSept 10, 18816mTroyAlfredCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Egan, StellaSt Mary's AveSept 10, 18813yTroyEganWhooping CoughSt. Mary
Finn, Simon J.8 Hutton StSept 10, 18811yTroyWilliamCroup St. Peter
Gearns, James JrRear 330 4th StSept 11, 18811yTroyJamesTeethingSt. Mary
McGouldrick, Patrick202 1st StSept 11, 188137yIrelandPatrick ConsumptionSt. Mary
Shields, MaryRiver StSept 11, 188130yUSJohnConsumptionSt. Peter
Gilbride, child of MrIron WorksSept 12, 18813yTroyGilbrideScarlet FeverSt. Joseph
Slattery, HenryLincoln AveSept 12, 18810TroyHenryStillbornSt. Joseph
Burkhardt, GeorgeChristie StSept 12, 18812yTroyGeorgeDiphtheriaMt. Ida
Keough, MaryGreen IslandSept 13, 18811y 1mTroyUnknownDiphtheriaSt. Mary
Seymour, Alfred147 5th StSept 13, 18811y 6mTroyAlfredCroupMt. Ida
Burke, Ellen164 5th StSept 14, 188112yTroyBurkeConsumptionSt. Mary
Joy, male child11 King StSept 14, 18810TroyThomas JoyStillborn Oakwood
Dwyer, Mary4th StSept 15, 188162yIrelandUnknownTumorSt. Mary
Burnham, John270 Congress StSept 15, 188125yTroyJohnTyphoid FeverMt. Ida
Gottstein, Mary F.12 4th StSept 15, 18814mTroyFrederickWhooping CoughSt. Mary
Lyons, Jane3rd & Monroe StsSept 16, 188141yIrelandUnknownKidney DiseaseSt. Joseph
Barnes, PatrickWilliam StSept 16, 188150yIrelandPatrickHeart DiseaseSt. Mary
McGarry, child of ThomasJackson & 3rd StSept 16, 18812yIrelandThomasScarlet FeverCohoes
Carey, MichaelWashington StSept 17, 188154yIrelandThomasConsumptionSt. Joseph
Keough, Johanna3rd & Jefferson StsSept 17, 188169yIrelandUnknownOld AgeSt. Mary
McCarthy, MinnieJay & River StsSept 17, 188119yTroyUnknownConsumptionSt. Mary
Mulgeleen (?) JamesGreen StSept 17, 188150yIrelandJamesBrain DiseaseSt. Peter
O'Donnell, MaryWest TroySept 17, 188119yTroyUnknownConsumptionSt. Mary
Wheeler, GeorgeBrunswickSept 17, 188110yTroyGeorgeDrownedSt. Mary
Clark, Louisa A.201 9th StSept 18, 188121yTroyIraConsumptionOakwood
McManus, LawrenceWater StSept 18, 188111mTroyJamesCholera InfantumSt. Joseph
Harris, Mary240 4th StSept 18, 18813mTroyHarrisCroupSt. Mary
Lamb, MichaelHospitalSept 18, 188125yTroyMichaelConsumptionSt. Peter
Romano, A. B.River StSept 19, 188150yItalyUnknownSuicideOakwood
Stapleton, John4th & Tyler StSept 19, 18812yTroyJohnCroupSt. Joseph
Reidy, John247 4th StSept 20, 18814yTroyJohnConsumptionSt. Mary
Kelly, Patrick404 4th StSept 20, 188130yIrelandPatrickConsumptionSt. Joseph
Scherer, John160 Hudson AveSept 20, 188160yGermanyMichaelConsumptionSt. Mary
McManus, Annie289 3rd StSept 21, 18811y 2mTroyUnknownWhooping CoughSt. Mary
Nugent, FrancisFranklin SquareSept 22, 18811y 1mTroyFrancisCholera InfantumSt. Peter
Harris, John H.Railroad crossingSept 22, 188122yTroyJohn H.Killed by carsSt. Mary
Judge, child of JohnIda & 2nd StSept 22, 18810TroyJohn JudgeStillbornSt. Joseph
Ferris, John H. JrRound LakeSept 23, 188128yTroyJohn H.ConsumptionOakwood
Brown, Johanna328 4th StSept 23, 188146yUSUnknownConsumptionSt. Mary
Carr, DennisHospitalSept 23, 188136yTroyUnknownConsumptionSt. Mary
Bulman, MaryPresident StSept 23, 18813yTroyStephenDiphtheriaSt. Peter
Monahan, child of JohnIda HillSept 24, 18814mTroyJohnCholera InfantumSt. Mary
Brown, Mary A.King StSept 24, 188128yTroyThomasConsumptionOld Catholic Ground
Landry, Mary96 Hoosic StSept 24, 18815mTroyLandryCroupSt. Joseph
Jennett, BridgetN 2nd StSept 24, 188114yIrelandJohnConsumptionSt. Peter
Beribon (?), AlexsonTroySept 25, 18816yTroyAlexsonScarlet FeverPine Woods
Courtney, KatieIron WorksSept 25, 18815y 5mTroyCatherineDropsySt. Joseph
Thornell, NellieAdams StSept 25, 18812y 2mTroyUnknownCroup St. Mary
Swartout, SimonN 3rd StSept 25, 188171yUSSimonParalysisOakwood
Hackett, Michael571 4th StSept 25, 188114dTroyMichaelDebilitySt. Joseph
Bordeau, Mary AnnHutton StSept 25, 188139yTroyThomasTyphoid FeverSt. Peter
Burke, ThomasHospitalSept 26, 188135yIrelandThomasConsumptionSt. Joseph
Mullen, MosesIda HillSept 26, 188130yTroyMullenConsumptionSt. Mary
Cahill, JohannaCampbell HighwaySept 26, 188166yIrelandUnknownDebilitySt. Joseph
Connell, child of Michael636 River StSept 26, 18811dTroyMichaelDebilitySt. Peter
Burns, EdwardSpring AveSept 27, 188125yTroyEdwardConsumptionSt. Mary
Culliton, ThomasRiver StSept 27, 18813yTroyThomasDiphtheriaSt. Joseph
Powers, JohnGreen StSept 27, 18812yTroyJohnCroupSt. Peter
Fahey, Bridget1st St Sept 27, 188134yIrelandJamesConsumptionSt. Joseph
Delaney, JamesHaverman's AveSept 27, 18813y 3mTroyJamesBrain DiseaseSt. Mary
Conway, MaryHospitalSept 27, 188121yTroyConwayConsumptionSt. Mary
Fogarty, Mary4 Hutton StSept 27, 18813yTroyPhillipDiphtheriaAlbany
Ellis, Lizzie9th StSept 28, 188120yTroyHenryConsumptionSt. Peter
Fitzgerald, WilliamLincoln AveSept 28, 18815y 6mTroyWilliamKidney DiseaseSt. Joseph
Murray, Hector153 Ferry StSept 28, 188165yScotlandHectorFeverOakwood
Chapman, Annie (?)Pawling AveSept 29, 188174yUS[unreadable]ParalysisOakwood
Welsh, Margaret741 4th StSept 29, 188157yIrelandUnknownOld AgeSt. Mary
Metzger, DebiahIron WorksSept 30, 188129yTroyJohnConsumptionSt. Joseph
Burke, RoseP? CornerSept 30, 188137yIrelandUnknownConsumptionSt. Mary
Troy Burial Records 1881
October 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of DecedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeBirthplaceParentCauseBurial
Hill, Charles G.West TroyOct 1, 18812y 6mTroyCharlesCroupMt Ida
Egan, MaryHaverman's AveOct 1, 18811y 3mTroyPatrickCroupSt Mary
Looges (?), JamesTroyOct 1, 18819yTroyJamesTyphoid FeverMt Ida
Murray, Hugh266 4th StOct 2, 18811y 4mTroyHughCholera InfantumSt Mary
McCormick, ThomasTroyOct 2, 18811y 5mTroyMatthewDiphtheriaSt Joseph
Bond, Mary A.402 1st StOct 2, 18811y 1mTroyGeorgeCholera InfantumMt Ida
Patterson, MaryN 3rd StOct 2, 18810TroyJohnStillbornMt Ida
Fogarty, MichaelState StOct 2, 188128yIrelandThomasConsumptionSt Mary
Halton, KatieState StOct 2, 18811yTroyPatrickCroupSt Mary
Slighten, SallyInfirmaryOct 2, 188163yUSUnknownBrain DiseaseStephensville [sic]
Duffy, George JrAlbany, NYOct 2, 188110m 18dTroyGeorgeBrain DiseaseMt Ida
Groshean, SalomeRiver StOct 3, 188157yUSUnknownDropsySt Peters
Kerr, MargaretFulton StOct 4, 188120yTroyUnknownConsumptionSt Mary
Buckley, Lawrence279 4th StOct 4, 188179yIrelandJohnKidney DiseaseSt Mary
Mahar, JohannaMonroe StOct 4, 188157yIrelandUnknownInflamed LungsSt Joseph
Stevens, MartinCongress StOct 4, 18810TroyMartinStillbornSt Mary
McGrath, MaryPresident StOct 4, 188171yIrelandUnknownHeart DiseaseSt Mary
O'Sullivan, Ellen4th StOct 4, 188128y 10mIrelandUnknownAbscessSt Joseph
Kahn, Willie S.8th StOct 5, 18813yTroyWilliamDiphtheriaOakwood
Grimes, Robert205 4th StOct 5, 188144yIrelandRobertConsumptionSt Mary
Stawsustry (?), Rosy435 2nd StOct 6, 18811y 6mTroyUnknownScarlet FeverSt Joseph
Flint, Lillian E.95 6th StOct 7, 18811m 14dTroyWilliamHeart DiseaseWaterford
Ducharme, John B.5th & Madison StsOct 7, 18812mTroyBahtest(?)Cholera InfantumSt Joseph
Taylor, NicholasIda TerraceOct 8, 188157yTroyNicholasTyphoid FeverOakwood
Warner, Mary Ann288 Congress StOct 8, 188140yIrelandJohnConsumptionMt Ida
Tracey, Charles C.105 Union StOct 8, 18813m 20dTroyEdwinWhooping CoughSt Joseph
Brennan, Mary4th StOct 8, 188124yIrelandPatrickChildbirthSt Joseph
McGee, JohnTyler StOct 8, 18815dTroyJohnInfantile [sic]St Joseph
Evers, Patrick15th StOct 9, 18812yTroyPatrickDiphtheriaSt Mary
Nelligan, James476 2nd StOct 9, 18811y 6mTroyJamesCroupSt Joseph
Quinlan, MaryHospitalOct 9, 188130yIrelandJamesConsumptionSt Mary
Conroy, PeterGreen StOct 9, 18811yTroyPeterCroupNY
Walsh, KatieFarm StOct 9, 18813yTroyJamesConvulsionsSt Mary
Coveray (?), JohnGreen StOct 9, 18811yTroyJohnCroupBrooklyn
Ryan, MaryJailOct 9, 188114dTroyMaryDebilityMt Ida
Welsh, KyranMonroe StOct 9, 188135yIrelandRichardInflamed LungsSt Joseph
Lacey, MartinWashington StOct 10, 18811y 2mTroyMartinBrain DiseaseSt Mary
Curtis, Homer W.Willis StOct 10, 188124y 10m 23dTroyCorneliusSpinal DiseaseBloomingrove
O'Shaughnessy, MichaelRiver StOct 10, 188151yIrelandMichaelAccidentSt Peter
Cosgrove, WilliamLincoln AveOct 11, 18812y 1mTroyWilliamCroupSt Joseph
Trainor, Edward Mrs253 4th StOct 11, 188127yTroyWilliamConsumptionSt Mary
O'Neil, William4th StOct 11, 188160yIrelandWilliamInflamed LungsSt Joseph
Fennell, ElizabethHospitalOct 12, 188126yTroyJohnConsumptionSt Mary
Berry, Sarah A.Ohio StOct 12, 188138yIrelandUnknownCancerMt Ida
Curran, MaryIron WorksOct 12, 188178yIrelandJohnOld AgeSt Joseph
Clark, AbelCounty HouseOct 13, 188179yUSAbelDebilityMt Ida
Fogarty, Bridget4th StOct 13, 18811y 8mTroyMichaelCroupSt Joseph
Purcell, ThomasOrphan AsylumOct 13, 18813y 6mTroyThomasDebilitySt Joseph
O'Brien, JohnPawley AveOct 13, 18810TroyJohnStillbornSt Mary
Foiller (?), Maria C.407 4th StOct 13, 18811y 1dTroyThomasTeethingSt Joseph
McNall, CharlesHospitalOct 13, 188134yUSSamuelKilled by CarsWhitehall
Connors, JohnSpring AveOct 14, 188162y 7m 1dIrelandJohnHeart DiseaseSt Mary
Morrissey, Ann6th & Ida StsOct 15, 188149yIrelandAnnConsumptionSt Mary
Duff, MichaelIron WorksOct 15, 188137yIrelandMatthewKilled by CarsSt Joseph
Tracey, Sally A.AlbiaOct 15, 188173y 2m 19dBerlin, NYClementHeart DiseaseMt Ida
Kemmis (?), Charles A.MiddleburghOct 15, 188155yCanadaJohnInflamed LungsAlbany Rural
Cannon, MaryRiver StOct 15, 188150yIrelandPatrickConsumptionSt Peter
Borgeaum (?), John4th StOct 16, 18810TroyJohnStillbornSt Joseph
Crowley, Willie2nd StOct 16, 188114yTroyPatrickScarlet FeverSt Mary
Kenneth, Thomas14th StOct 16, 188168yIrelandThomasOld AgeSt Peter
Barrett, MargaretHill StOct 17, 18811m 9dTroyEdwardInfantile [sic]St Mary
Barney, L. LeonardTroyOct 17, 188174yIrelandBernardConsumptionMt Ida
English, MargaretSisters of PoorOct 18, 188170yIrelandMargaretOld AgeSt Joseph
Kenneth, MargaretHospitalOct 18, 188170yIrelandUnknownOld AgeHoosic Falls
Reardon, Catherine333 4th StOct 19, 188154yIrelandUnknownDebilitySt Mary
Hartnett, PatrickFederal StOct 19, 188151yIrelandPatrickSuicideSt Mary
O'Brien, Mary P.4th StOct 19, 188119y 8mTroyThomasInflamed BowelsSt Joseph
Goodwin, William H.14 Chestnut StOct 19, 18814dTroyJohnDebilityMt Ida
Roach, Thomas1st StOct 19, 18811y 6mTroyWilliamAbscessSt Joseph
Murnan, John J.HospitalOct 20, 188126yTroyMichaelConsumptionSt Mary
Wornett (?), male childDivision StOct 20, 18810Troy"Hing Wornett"StillbornOakwood
Sheridan, CatherineKing StOct 20, 188167yIrelandCatherineOld AgePhiladelphia
Kehn, MaxRear 272 2nd StOct 20, 18812y 7mTroyElizabethAccident St Mary
Taylor, MrsGreen StOct 21, 188135yTroyElizabethAccidentMt Ida
Gill (?), John8 FranklinOct 21, 188179yEnglandJohnOld AgeMt Ida
Carroll, Anna327 4th StOct 21, 188119yTroyJohnConsumptionSt Mary
Riley, JohnGreen StOct 21, 188143yIrelandJohnRuptureSt Peter
Fletcher, Josephine297 Congress StOct 21, 188126yTroyAmeliaTyphoid FeverNew Mt Ida
McCabe, ThomasKing StOct 22, 18814yTroyOwenCroupSt Joseph
Armstrong, Catherine71 13th StOct 22, 188150yIrelandWilliamCancerMt Ida
Hogan, AnthonySisters of PoorOct 22, 188178yIrelandAnthonyOld AgeSt Joseph
Fletcher, MinnieMill StOct 23, 18813yTroyEdwardCroupIron Works
Irving, Susan200 Congress StOct 23, 188164yUSUnknownDropsyMt Ida
Summers, William H.River StOct 23, 188121yTroyWilliamConsumptionHoosic Falls
McEvery, Mary2nd StOct 23, 18813yTroyWilliamDiphtheriaSt Joseph
Kelly, PeterSouth StOct 23, 188175yIrelandPeterOld AgeSt Mary
Hennessy, JamesTroyOct 23, 188164yIrelandJamesHeart DiseaseSt Joseph
Dougheny (?), PatrickMann's AveOct 24, 188195yIrelandPatrickOld AgeSt Joseph
Kelliger, JeremiahN AdamsOct 25, 188162yIrelandJeremiahConsumptionNot listed
Nesbitt, Margaret89 6th StOct 25, 188163y 7mIrelandSamuelPalsyOakwood
Iles, Elizabeth H.Campbells HighwayOct 25, 18812y 1mTroyThomasCroupOakwood
Noonan, Daniel D.5th StOct 25, 188170yIrelandSamuelOld AgeSt Mary
Wells, FrankTracey Row (?)Oct 26, 18811yTroyFrankCroupAlbany
Galligan, MichaelWater StOct 26, 18811y 3mTroyMichaelDiphtheriaLansingburgh
O'Rourke, Mary J.4th StOct 26, 188127yTroyMichaelDropsyAlbany Rural
Hanlon, William F.5th & LibertyOct 27, 18811y 6m 20dTroyJohn J.TeethingSt Mary
Welsh, MichaelHospitalOct 28, 188135yTroyJeremiahAccidentMt Ida
Walter, Daniel Jr 135 3rd StOct 28, 18816y 6m 2dTroyDanielScarlet FeverSt Mary
Brennan, AnnGreen StOct 28, 188127yTroyUnknownConsumptionSt Peter
McGowan, child of M.Port SchuylerOct 29, 18812mTroyUnknownDysenterySt Patrick
Clark, Samuel240 1st StOct 29, 188154yEnglandUnknownDropsyMt Ida
Ralph, JamesHavermen AveOct 29, 188134yUSJamesInflamed BowelsSt Agnes
Kilmartin, Thomas243 4th StOct 29, 188139yTroyThomasPleurisySt Mary
Callaghan, Daniel253 4th StOct 29, 188121yTroyDanielConsumptionSt Mary
Grimes, Mrs Robert205 4th StOct 29, 188140yTroyUnknownConsumptionSt Mary
Fitzgerald, ThomasN 1st StOct 29, 18814yTroyThomasDiphtheriaSt Peter
Hart, John163 5th StOct 29, 188152yIrelandJohnConsumptionKeesville (?)
Buell, Sarah A.BroadwayOct 30, 188150y 7m 19dNYFrederickCancerOakwood
Cofland, Elizabeth4th StOct 30, 188155yNYUnknownHeart DiseaseSt Joseph
O'Sullivan, JeremiahCounty HouseOct 30, 188146yIrelandUnknownTumorSt Joseph
Sister MarySt Joseph ConventOct 30, 188130yUSUnknownConsumptionSt Joseph
Daley, MartinJay StOct 30, 188114dTroyMartinConvulsionsSt Peter
Female child [sic]120 Congress StOct 30, 18810TroyWilliamPremature BirthNew Mt Ida
Wright, Mabel L.8th StOct 30, 18815y 11m 13dTroyJohnTyphoid FeverMt Ida
Fryett, ElizabethPawling AveOct 31, 188170yUSUnknownHeart DiseaseMt Ida
Egan, Mrs D.319 4th StOct 31, 188129yTroyDavidConsumptionSt Mary
Riley, JamesInfirmaryOct 31, 188130yTroyJamesConsumptionSt Mary
Winters, HenryWest TroyOct 31, 188186yGermanyHenryOld AgeMt Ida
Kennedy, Thomas50 Washington StOct 31, 188121yTroyThomasConsumptionSt Mary
Quest, DanielReads AlleyOct 31, 18811y 3mTroyDanielCholera InfantumSt Mary
Schultz, AlfredProvincial SeminaryOct 31, 188142yTroyAlfredHeart DiseaseSt Mary
Hickey, Mrs M.27 Haverman AveOct 31, 188164yIrelandUnknownOld AgeSt Mary
Keith, Eleanor E.Green IslandOct 31, 188117yTroyJamesTyphoid FeverMt Ida
Dingman, WilliamWest TroyOct 25, 188135yEastonWilliamDropsyMt Ida

Troy Burial Records 1881
November 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of DecedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeBirthplaceParentCauseBurial
Bowes, Patrick J.Harrison PlaceNov 1, 188127yUSJohnConsumptionSt. Peter
Moore, JohnTyler StNov 1, 18816y Troy John Brain disease St. Joseph
Collins, Thomas 7th St Nov 2, 1881 0 Troy Thomas Stillborn St. Peter
Burke, William 138 Hill St Nov 2, 1881 8d Troy William Debility Mt Ida
Kaveny, child of Patrick7th St Nov 2, 1881 0 Troy Patrick Stillborn St Mary
Farrell, William Hospital Nov 3, 1881 34y Ireland William Accident St Augustine
Hussy, Daniel 98 Hill St Nov 3, 1881 67y Ireland Unknown Debility St Mary
Crawford, Thomas Hospital Nov 3, 1881 43y Ireland Thomas Consumption St Mary
Fogarty, Mary 4th St Nov 3, 1881 1y 6m Ireland Michael Convulsions St Joseph
Crook, John Madison St Nov 3, 1881 2y Troy Michael Croup St Mary
Ash, William (?) 220 1st St Nov 4, 1881 2d Troy Thomas Debility St Mary
Stern, Matthew 100 River St Nov 5, 1881 40y Germany John & Mary Consumption St Mary
McNamee, child of JamesWillow St Nov 6, 1881 0 Troy James Stillborn St Joseph
Isenger, Catherine Troy Hospital Nov 6, 1881 34y Troy Thomas Consumption St Mary
Caffrey, Mary 307 2nd St Nov 6, 1881 20y 5m Troy Unknown Consumption St Joseph
O'Brien, child of WilliamKing St Nov 6, 1881 0 Troy William Stillborn St Peter
Hogan, Mary 10th St Nov 7, 1881 52y Ireland Unknown Consumption St Mary
Irving, Garrett 186 4th St Nov 7, 1881 21y Troy Unknown Consumption St Mary
Lee, Thomas 2nd St Nov 8, 1881 1y 9m Troy Thomas Spasms St Joseph
Curley, Daniel Hospital Nov 8, 1881 57y Ireland Daniel Inflamed lungs St John
Kelly, Catherine M. 308 8th St Nov 9, 1881 30y Ireland Thomas Consumption St Peter
McCoy, Agnes Monroe St Nov 9, 1881 9m Troy John Teething St Joseph
Fitzgerald, John Hospital Nov 9, 1881 27y 6m Troy John Consumption St Joseph
Leahy, Thomas Sisters of PoorNov 10, 1881 49y Ireland Unknown Consumption Old Catholic Ground
Rich, Aaron P. 420 10th St Nov 10, 1881 53y 10m Troy John Consumption Mt Ida
Tracey, Mary Infirmary Nov 11, 1881 70y Ireland Unknown Exhaustion Mt Ida
Raymond, William CM Orphan AsylumNov 11, 1881 27y 3m 15dTroy William Diphtheria St Joseph
Brandon, Mrs Albia Nov 11, 1881 45y Troy Unknown Dropsy St Mary
Blackburn, Clara M. 215 Congress StNov 12, 1881 2y 3m 17dTroy Samuel Diphtheria Oakwood
Conroy, John Lincoln Av Nov 12, 1881 42y Ireland John Lung fever St Joseph
Hogan, Josephine Harrison Place Nov 12, 1881 30y Troy Unknown Accident Waterford
Mahoney, Michael North 3rd St Nov 12, 1881 26y Troy Michael Consumption St Peter
Byron, Catherine Hospital Nov 12, 1881 60y Ireland Unknown Old age St Mary
Walsh, Thomas North 3rd St Nov 12, 1881 0 Troy Thomas Stillborn St Peter
Sullivan, Julia 4th St Nov 12, 1881 19y Troy Unknown Typhoid fever St Patrick
Hogan, Honora Hospital Nov 13, 1881 46y Ireland Thomas Kidney disease St Mary
Hurley, Bridget 2nd St Nov 13, 1881 45y Ireland Thomas Dropsy St Joseph
Conroy, John Canal Av Nov 14, 1881 47y Ireland John Consumption St Mary
Rumbley, Catherine 320 4th St Nov 14, 1881 7m Ireland Unknown Croup St Joseph
McCarthy, Maggie Ida Hill Nov 14, 1881 32y Troy Unknown Drowned St Mary
Bounds, Charles F. 385 2nd St Nov 14, 1881 15y 1m 4dTroy William Typhoid fever Mt Ida
Foley, Edward 297 9th St Nov 15, 1881 70y Ireland Edward Old age St Peter
Lyons, Mary North 4th St Nov 15, 1881 50y Ireland Unknown Heart disease St Peter
Rees, child of MargaretTroy Nov 16, 1881 0 Troy Margaret Stillborn -
Rigney, Katie 2nd St Nov 16, 1881 4y Troy John Diphtheria St Joseph
Moran, John A. Hospital Nov 16, 1881 23y Troy John Consumption St Mary
McCormick, Mary North 2nd St Nov 16, 1881 68y Ireland Mary Old age Albany Rural
Connors, Michael River St Nov 16, 1881 56y Ireland Michael Inflamed bowels St Peter
Herson, Annie 2nd St Nov 17, 1881 72y Ireland Unknown Old age St Joseph
Peterson, Mary North 3rd St Nov 17, 1881 0 Ireland John Stillborn Mt Ida
Buchanan, Joseph Brunswick Av Nov 17, 1881 24y 9m 17dIreland Jesse Consumption Mt Ida
Watson, Maggie 3 Mills St Nov 18, 1881 25y Troy James Dropsy St Joseph
Garrety, Thomas Hospital Nov 18, 1881 70y Ireland Thomas Old age Mt Ida
Ingram, Mary Ann North GreenbushNov 18, 1881 4m 12d Greenbush Charles Croup Mt Ida
Quinn, Lucy A. 1st St Nov 18, 1881 25y Troy Unknown Consumption St Joseph
Fanning, Mary A. Vail Ave Nov 18, 1881 41y Troy Unknown Dropsy St Joseph
Gasuline(?), Josephine124 George St Nov 20, 1881 6m 2d Troy Frank (Gosselin?)Brain disease Cohoes
Kelly, Mary 4th St Nov 21, 1881 67y Ireland Unknown Old age St Joseph
Church, Emory W. New York [City]Nov 21, 1881 46y Troy Unknown Heart disease Oakwood
Knight, Fremont Jamaica, L. I. Nov 21, 1881 25y Troy Unknown Consumption Mt Ida
Cole, Edith Sheridan Av Nov 22, 1881 2m 6d Troy Charles Consumption Iron Works
Sawyer, Anna A. 170 Congress StNov 22, 1881 44y US Philo Cancer Richmondville, N. Y.
McCann, William D. 4th & JeffersonNov 24, 1881 5m Troy Dennis Dysentery St Mary
Thomas, Samuel Troy, N. Y. Nov 25, 1881 60y Canada Thomas Gangrene Mt Ida
Wagener, Charles Jr Mann & Norton StsNov 25, 1881 8y 7m Troy Charles Croup New Mt Ida
Aspinwall, Earll W. 716 Fulton St Nov 25, 1881 3y 9m 25dTroy M. C. Channing Diphtheria Oakwood
Duffy, Johanna Bailey & Hill Nov 25, 1881 47y Ireland Unknown Consumption St Joseph
Killeen, Frank North 4th St Nov 26, 1881 1y 4m Troy Frank Diphtheria St Peter
Vroman, Charles W. Brunswick Nov 27, 1881 24y US John Consumption Oakwood
O'Brien, Honora Stone Road Nov 28, 1881 80y Ireland Unknown Old age Oakwood
Warnock, William River St Nov 28, 1881 64y England William Consumption St Peter
Foley, Ellen 297 9th St Nov 29, 1881 70y Ireland Unknown Old age St Peter
McCormick, Julia Hospital Nov 29, 1881 45y Ireland Unknown Inflamed lungs St Joseph
Kennedy, James Iron Works Nov 29, 1881 78y 6m Ireland John Old age St Joseph
O'Connor, Thomas Asylum Nov 29, 1881 27y Troy John Insanity St Peter
Mackeral, Nancy 316 1st St Nov 29, 1881 62y Ireland Daniel Malaria Oakwood
Hope, Jessie North GreenbushNov 30, 1881 26y 2m 6dTroy Matthew Consumption Mt Ida
Agan, Mary 249 N. 3rd St Nov 30, 1881 57y Ireland Michael Cancer St Mary
Lee, William J. 129 2nd St Nov 30, 1881 19y Troy William Consumption Oakwood

Troy Burial Records 1881
December 1881
transcribed by Stephanie Moore
Name of DecedentPlace of deathDeath dateAgeBirthplaceParentCauseBurial
Kennedy, Jane Iron Works Dec 1, 1881 70y Ireland John Old age St Joseph
Faggart, Hugh Lincoln Av Dec 1, 1881 27y 5m Troy Hugh Consumption St Joseph
Egan, Mary North 3rd St Dec 1, 1881 55y Ireland Unknown Cancer St Mary
Foley, Ellen 9th St Dec 1, 1881 65y Ireland Patrick Old age St Peter
Fogarty, Catherine 6th near Ida Dec 2, 1881 47y Ireland Patrick Inflamed lungs St Joseph
Kiley, Jeremiah Washington St Dec 3, 1881 15y Ireland Thomas Consumption St Mary
Mullally, Catherine County House Dec 3, 1881 49y Ireland Unknown Brain disease County Farm
Boyle, Margaret 2nd St Dec 4, 1881 21y Ireland Unknown Pleurisy St Joseph
Smith, John 164 5th St Dec 4, 1881 7y Troy John Inflamed lungs St Joseph
Hannon, John 6th & Jefferson Sts Dec 4, 1881 4d Troy Thomas Debility St Joseph
Garvin, Mary Green Island Dec 4, 1881 24y Troy Unknown Consumption St Peter
Rigny, child of 2nd St Dec 4, 1881 1y 8m Troy Thomas Croup St Mary
Kennedy, Margaret North 1st St Dec 4, 1881 6m Troy Margaret Dysentery St Peter
Male child 188 Hill St Dec 4, 1881 0 Troy Robert Stillborn Mt Ida
Watson, John Hospital Dec 4, 1881 60y Ireland John Consumption St Mary
Barrett, Emily J. Troy Dec 5, 1881 25y Troy Unknown Typhoid fever Mt Ida
Whalen, Jeremiah Iron Work Dec 5, 1881 39y Ireland Unknown Accident Syracuse
Ash, John County House Dec 5, 1881 33y US John Paralysis County Farm
Gamewell, P. L. 3rd St Dec 6, 1881 26y US Unknown Accident Hackensack [NJ?]
Fitzgibbon, John 4th St Dec 7, 1881 70y Ireland John Paralysis St Mary
Harden, Joseph D. 352 3rd St Dec 7, 1881 60y 7m 13dUS John Consumption Mt Ida
Allen, Clarence 7th St Dec 7, 1881 23y Troy Edgar Fit St Peter
Kisby, Sarah Troy Dec 8, 1881 29y Troy Unknown Dropsy Mt Ida
Hennessey, Edward 298 2nd St Dec 8, 1881 62y Ireland Edward Debility St Joseph
Boland, James Asylum Dec 8, 1881 56y Ireland James Insanity St Mary
Jenks, Lucinda County House Dec 9, 1881 80y US Unknown Heart disease County Farm
Bloomingdale, Mary County House Dec 9, 1881 45y US Unknown Paralysis Greenbush
Church, Monford A. 26 7th St Dec 10, 1881 28y 7m Troy David Consumption Oakwood
Laden, Charles County House Dec 10, 1881 36y US Charles Brain disease Nassau
Smith, Matthew Stone Road Dec 10, 1881 66y US Unknown Hemorrhage St Peter
Conners, Michael 21 Haverman Av Dec 10, 1881 11m 12d US John Brain disease St Mary
McCabe, Barnard 249 4th St Dec 10, 1881 38y Ireland Bernard Consumption St Mary
Shafner, Tab (?) P. Troy House Dec 11, 1881 54y US Unknown Apoplexy Louisville (?)
Halligan, J. Isabella91 6th St Dec 11, 1881 2y 1m Ireland John Croup St Mary
Maley, Michael 4th & Adams Dec 12, 1881 58y Ireland Unknown Consumption St Mary
Nolan, child of Thomas2nd St Dec 12, 1881 0 Troy Thomas Stillborn St Joseph
Horan, Margaret 109 Ida St Dec 13, 1881 67y Ireland Unknown Cancer St Mary
McGourtey, Sibley 181 1st St Dec 13, 1881 80y Ireland Unknown Old age St Mary
Carey, Charles M. County House Dec 13, 1881 63y N. Y. Charles Nephritis County Farm
Licket, Emma Polk St Dec 13, 1881 2m 21d Troy Josiah Infantile [sic] St Joseph
Hannon, Sarah 231 4th St Dec 13, 1881 3y 11m Troy John Croup St Mary
Burn, Patrick Hospital Dec 13, 1881 45y Ireland Patrick Dropsy St Joseph
Bishop, William H. 173 Church St Dec 13, 1881 13y 11m 13dTroy Homer Consumption Mt Ida
Yates, Mary Troy Dec 13, 1881 68y US Unknown Old age Mt Ida
Goldstein, Arthur Saratoga Dec 14, 1881 0 Troy Arthur Stillborn Mt Ida
Guinn, Henry 423 North 2nd St Dec 14, 1881 48y Germany Henry Typhoid fever Mt Ida
Ward, child of James N. Adams St Dec 14, 1881 4y Troy James Scarlet fever St Peter
Newkirk, Maria Poughkeepsie Dec 14, 1881 73y US Unknown Old age Mt Ida
Duffy, James 7th St Dec 14, 1881 49y Ireland Patrick Consumption St Joseph
Rice, Thomas 656 4th St Dec 14, 1881 18y Troy Thomas Consumption St Joseph
Garman, Timothy Ferry St Dec 14, 1881 36y Troy Unknown Consumption St Mary
O'Dorr, George Troy Dec 15, 1881 27y 5m Troy George Consumption Mt Ida
Walton, Ann US Dec 15, 1881 78y US Unknown Congested lungs Mt Ida
Balsar, Ernest County House Dec 15, 1881 66y Germany Unknown Old age County Farm
Donovan, Bridget North 3rd St Dec 16, 1881 45y Ireland Unknown Inflamed lungs St Peter
Kane, Michael Jr Steel Works Dec 16, 1881 12y Troy Michael Killed by cars St Joseph
Egan, Catherine Vail Av Dec 16, 1881 23y Troy Unknown Consumption St Mary
Cummings, John Iron Works Dec 16, 1881 2y 9m Troy John Croup St Joseph
Northrup, George D. Green Island Dec 16, 1881 1y 5m Troy George Diphtheria Mt Ida
Grigwase (?), Elizabeth1st & Monroe Sts Dec 17, 1881 41y Canada James Consumption St Joseph
Harris, Jane County House Dec 17, 1881 78y Ireland Unknown Old age St Joseph
Livingston, Edward County House Dec 17, 1881 95y US Unknown Old age County Farm
McEvery, James Stowe Hill Dec 17, 1881 2y 8m Troy James Diphtheria St Joseph
Long, John 4th St Dec 17, 1881 33y Ireland John Consumption St Joseph
Millikin, Emma V. Federal St Dec 17, 1881 23y Troy Unknown Consumption Schaghticoke
Costello, John Adams & 1st Dec 17, 1881 56y Ireland John Consumption St Mary
McGee, Samuel 543 1st St Dec 17, 1881 4m Troy Samuel Debility St Joseph
Carroll, Charles Troy Dec 18, 1881 54y Ireland Charles Consumption Mt Ida
Purcell, Margaret Hospital Dec 18, 1881 38y Ireland John Consumption St Mary
Lawlor, James 5th & Washington Dec 18, 1881 36y Ireland Thomas Consumption St Mary
Van Rensellaer [sic], [unreadable] (female)486 Hill StDec 19, 188166yUSWilliamConsumptionMt Ida
Heajeney (?), M. H. Ithaca Dec 19, 1881 38y Ireland Unknown Kidney disease St Mary
Unknown woman Sisters of Poor Dec 19, 1881 70y Ireland Unknown Old age St Peter
Eagan, Mary 3rd St Dec 19, 1881 75y Ireland Unknown Old age St Joseph
Burke, child of Thomas9th St Dec 20, 1881 6m Ireland Thomas Dysentery St Peter
Wilson, child of DavidTroy Dec 20, 1881 3m Troy David Debility St Mary
Galvin, John North 2nd St Dec 21, 1881 38y Ireland Unknown Consumption Cohoes
Neils, Charles B. Kelly's Block Dec 21, 1881 47y Troy James Consumption New Mt Ida
Crandall, Clara L. 5th St Dec 22, 1881 21y LansingburghCharles H.Consumption New Mt Ida
Fetlinger, John Institute Av Dec 23, 1881 19y Troy John Typhoid fever New Mt Ida
Vare, John 4th St Dec 23, 1881 4m Troy John Croup St Peter
Bumstead, Walter 50 Jacob St Dec 24, 1881 5y 8m 12dTroy Henry Croup Oakwood
Kirchner, Carrie 58 Jefferson St Dec 24, 1881 13y Troy Jacob Typhoid fever New Mt Ida
Welsh, Alice Green Island Dec 25, 1881 1y Troy Unknown Diphtheria St Mary
Norris, Jeffrey County House Dec 26, 1881 73y Ireland Unknown Accident St Joseph
Drum, Annie Green St Dec 26, 1881 1y Troy Thomas Croup St Peter
Early, child of C. 192 George St Dec 27, 1881 0 Troy C. Early Stillborn St Peter
Early, May 192 George St Dec 27, 1881 27y Troy John Childbirth St Peter
O'Brien, Thomas Sisters Hospital Dec 27, 1881 27y Ireland Thomas Consumption St Mary
Fogarty, John Tyler St Dec 27, 1881 47y Ireland Unknown Heart disease St Patrick
Clements, Andrew 420 2nd St Dec 28, 1881 4m Troy John Croup St Joseph
Drynon, Alfred River St Dec 28, 1881 0 Troy Alfred Stillborn St Peter
Buchanan, Deborah 561 Congress St Dec 28, 1881 96y Ireland AlexanderOld age Mt Ida
Lawrence, Delia 138 Ferris St Dec 28, 1881 29y Troy Samuel Consumption Mt Ida
Mahar, Eliza 244 4th St Dec 28, 1881 3y US William Consumption Yonkers
Brown, Ruby 125 River St Dec 29, 1881 1y 2m Troy John Inflamed lungs Mt Ida
Grant, Walter A. Hill St Dec 29, 1881 9m Troy William Croup St Mary
Maloney, Catherine 537 4th St Dec 29, 1881 7y Troy Patrick Debility St Joseph
Buhr, Fredricka Green Island Dec 30, 1881 21y Troy John Consumption Mt Ida
Timmons, Rosanna Port Schuyler Dec 30, 1881 1m 7d Troy John Consumption St Patrick
Quinn, Mary E. 2nd St Dec 31, 1881 28y 5m 27dTroy ElizabethConsumption St Joseph

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