Troy Burial Records

A big thank-you to Dottie Kakule for transcribing these records and contributing them to this website. The source of these records is "Book of Records, Names Interments &c. &c., Troy, March 1st 1833, S. E. Gibbs Superintendent". In the LDS Church Family History Library Catalog, they are called "Burial records, 1833-1928, of Mt. Ida Cemetery", but this name is misleading, because in later years, these records contain MANY burials in other cemeteries, such as Saint Mary's, Saint Joseph's and other Catholic cemeteries. In the earliest years, including 1842, the burials WERE all in Mount Ida Cemetery, hence the name. So the cemetery column has been left blank for the 1842 records on this web page, and Mount Ida Cemetery is implied. The records Dottie has transcribed here are from FHL film Number 1434103.

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Troy Burial Records 1842
January 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
Titus Battus1 Jan 18422yCM.Native
Rebecca Gurline4 Jan 184287yWF.Native
Pardon Brandall4 Jan 184261yWMMNative
Samuel Sheldon4 Jan 184292yWMMNative
Peter Frear4 Jan 184243yWM.Native
Charles W. Thompson's child4 Jan 18421yWM.Native
Irene Lowery7 Jan 184226yWF.Native
Alfred Ball10 Jan 184235yWM.Foreigner
John Horan child10 Jan 18424yW..Native
Sarah Williams's child11 Jan 18424yC..Native
Charles Cooper's child11 Jan 18428yW..Native
Matthew L. Huntington's child12 Jan 18426mW..Native
Thomas Fail's child13 Jan 18421yW..Native
Margaret Dennis13 Jan 184235yCF.Native
Barbara Barringer14 Jan 184217yWF.Native
Thomas Lee17 Jan 184248yWM.Native
James Archer17 Jan 184236yWM.Native
Richard Allen's child19 Jan 18423yW..Native
William Danforth20 Jan 18426mWM.Native
Woldridge Hogle's wife20 Jan 184227yWFMNative
Samuel Tappan's wife21 Jan 184224yWFMNative
Thomas E. Warren's wife21 Jan 184234yWFMNative
Betty Dole22 Jan 184235yCF.Native
Leonard Wright22 Jan 184229yWM.Native
John R. Case's wife24 Jan 184239yWFMNative
Garret Bennett's child26 Jan 18421yW..Native
Huldah Lynd26 Jan 184277yWF.Native
Francis Morgan's child27 Jan 18421yW..Native
William Johnson28 Jan 184225yWM.Native
Henry Carnell's child29 Jan 18423yW..Native
Jane Park30 Jan 184221yWF.Native
Joseph Culvert's child31 Jan 18421&1/4mW..Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
February 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
Harrison Durkee's child4 Feb 18422yW..Native
Harrison Durkee's child4 Feb 18426mW..Native
Sarah Plum4 Feb 184243yWF.Native
Blandena Louden6 Feb 184277yW..Native
Silas Betts's child7 Feb 18421/4mW..Native
Henry Hunt's child7 Feb 18421yW..Native
Hugh Van Derheyden8 Feb 184227yWM.Native
Harry Orcutt10 Feb 184271yWM.Native
Cornelius Swartwout's daughter14 Feb 184218yWF.Native
James Park18 Feb 184243yWM.Native
Susan Watson19 Feb 184225yCF.Native
Mary Cannow22 Feb 184210yWF.Native
Warner Groath's child23 Feb 18421mW..Native
Francis Bourasso's child26 Feb 18422mW..Native
Maria Miller27 Feb 184232yWF.Native
Elizabeth Bowman27 Feb 184275yWF.Native
Mrs Bradway's child27 Feb 18426yW..Native
John Green's child27 Feb 18422yW..Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
March 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
James Adams's child1 Mar 18422yW..Native
Charles Wolf's child1 Mar 18422yW..Native
Mrs Beck's daughter2 Mar 184212yWF.Native
Samuel S. Van Derlip's wife3 Mar 184229yWF.Native
Thomas Hazard3 Mar 184257yWM.Native
Capt. Salsbury's child3 Mar 18426yW..Native
Peter Ward7 Mar 184252yWM.Native
Anson Baldwin's child7 Mar 18421yW..Native
Henry Townsend9 Mar 184274yWM.Native
John Granger's child11 Mar 18421yW..Native
Josiah [sic]11 Mar 184239yWM.Native
Morton Fairchild's wife12 Mar 184229yWF.Native
Peltiah Hutton's wife13 Mar 184228yWF.Native
John Pratt's wife13 Mar 184244yWF.Native
Jeremiah Decker's child13 Mar 18426yW..Native
A. Nichols's child13 Mar 18421/4mW..Native
Mr Bradley's child15 Mar 18422yW..Native
John Parker's child17 Mar 18421/4mW..Native
Ehat Gifford17 Mar 18422yW..Native
Henry Richards18 Mar 184210yW..Native
Dinah Williams18 Mar 184232yCF.Native
Henry G. Osborn's wife20 Mar 184230yWF.Native
George Hovey's child21 Mar 18424yW..Native
Josiah Vale's child22 Mar 184213yW..Native
Reuben Priest's child22 Mar 184213yW..Native
Mrs Susan Fisk23 Mar 184260yWF.Native
Mrs Mary child [sic]23 Mar 18421yW..Native
Hannah Jackson, drowned26 Mar 184230yCF.Native
S. S. Van Derlip's child26 Mar 18426yW..Native
John S. Perry's child26 Mar 18421/4mW..Native
Elias Butterfield's wife26 Mar 184227yWF.Native
Dr James L. Henry26 Mar 1842.WM.Native
Anson Cold " [sic]26 Mar 1842.W..Native
Elija Deming 2 children27 Mar 18422yW..Native
[--?--] Rodes child28 Mar 18426yW..Native
R. D. Cheesbro's child29 Mar 18424mW..Native
John Folyard, Revolutionary soldier29 Mar 184299yWM.Native
Alfred Myer's child30 Mar 18421/4m...Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
April 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
William Kelley's wife2 Apr 184224yWF.Native
Mrs. Benham2 Apr 184270yWF.Native
Wells Belding's child2 Apr 184214yWM.Native
Mrs. Miller's child2 Apr 18422yW..Native
Thomas Rochet's child4 Apr 18423mW..Native
G. D. Golden's child5 Apr 18427mW..Native
Horace Herrington's child6 Apr 184211yW..Native
Ephraim Bunsail's child6 Apr 18421/2mW..Native
Luther Stockwell's child6 Apr 18424mW..Native
N. P. Dole's child7 Apr 18421yW..Native
W. Moorehouse9 Apr 184246yWM.Native
George Michel's child10 Apr 18426yW..Native
Hiram Robinson's child12 Apr 18427yW..Native
Wm Robins's child13 Apr 18427yW..Native
Alanson Wilcox's wife15 Apr 184232yWFMNative
Aaron Tanner15 Apr 184227yCM.Native
Mervin Bates16 Apr 184236yWM.Native
Mr. E. Smith's child16 Apr 18427yW..Native
Simeon P. Weaver16 Apr 184227yWM.Native
Abraham McCoy's child17 Apr 18429yW..Native
Able Bunnell's child18 Apr 18424mW..Native
Anson Orcutt's child18 Apr 18422yW..Native
Frank Barnard's child18 Apr 18423yC..Native
Wm Kelley19 Apr 184220yWM.Native
James Russell19 Apr 184220yWM.Native
Samuel Edmonds21 Apr 184230yWM.Native
Walter L. Kipp's 2 children22 Apr 18421/4mW..Native
Joseph Curtis23 Apr 184240yWM.Native
Howard Wells's child23 Apr 18424yW..Native
Walter L. Dibble's child24 Apr 18421yW..Native
Welthy Alger24 Apr 184245yWF.Native
L. C. Kellum's child24 Apr 18423/4mW..Native
John A. Baum's child26 Apr 18422yW..Native
George Taylor's child27 Apr 18422yW..Native
Mr Howard28 Apr 184242yW..Native
Nelson Smith28 Apr 184233yWM.Native
Alanson Luther's child28 Apr 18425yW..Native
Frances Halsey29 Apr 184225yWF.Native
Thomas Parmer's child29 Apr 18422yW..Native
Dr E. Carpenter's wife30 Apr 184236yWFMNative
Thomas W. Lockwood's child31 Apr 1842 [sic]2yW..Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
May 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
Elezer Hammond2 May 184266yWM.Native
Nathan Benjamin4 May 184253yWM.Native
Truman Ives's child4 May 18423yW..Native
Mrs Ball's child4 May 18427yW..Native
Wm Campbell's wife5 May 184222yWFMNative
Thos Wright's child5 May 18422yW..Native
Henry Hart6 May 184254yWM.Native
Samuel Wager's wife7 May 184230yWFMNative
Wm Gary's child7 May 18421/4mW..Native
Freeman Jackson7 May 184223yCM.Native
Mr Caswell7 May 184290yWM.Native
P. M. Crandall's child7 May 18423yW..Native
Amos Eaton P..fefson [?]10 May 184268yWM.Native
Luther Stockwell's wife10 May 184222yWFMNative
Robert Cu---eny's child11 May 18429yW..Native
Frs Parson's child11 May 18421mW..Native
David Allen's child11 May 18429mW..Native
Preston Witheral12 May 184227yWM.Native
John A. Baum's child16 May 18424yW..Native
H. P. Roberson's child17 May 18425mW..Native
John Lockwood's child20 May 18422yW..Native
Moses Page's child20 May 18424yW..Native
Warren Egleston's child22 May 18424yW..Native
Hannah Dennis24 May 184235yWF.Native
Thomas Onderdonk25 May 184235yWM.Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
June 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
Elizabeth Allen1 June 184256yWF.Native
Luther Bowman's child2 June 18426yW..Native
Isaac Cushman3 June 184283yWM.Native
George A. Ames3 June 184223yWM.Native
Dr Cobb's child4 June 18421/4mW..Native
David Van Inwasp's child5 June 18422yW..Native
Thomas Mathews's child5 June 18427yW..Native
Rebecca Parsons6 June 184244yWF.Native
Elijah Hodge's child7 June 18421yW..Native
Miss Ostrander7 June 184216yWF.Native
Mrs Gallagher's child7 June 18423yWF.Native
Mrs Wilson's child7 June 18421/2mWF.Native
Wm Anderson9 June 184233yWM.Foreigner
Alfred Day10 June 184225yWM.Native
Mrs L. Gilbert's child11 June 18428yW..Native
Dorcus Buffington12 June 184246yWF.Native
Robert Hunter's child12 June 18426mW..Native
James Cownthorn's child13 June 18424mW..Native
Betsey L. Stafforth15 June 184218yWF.Native
James Magdin's child18 June 18423yW..Native
John M. Van Alstine's child19 June 18421yW..Native
Jane C. Parshall19 June 184221yWF.Native
Elizabeth W. Tibbell20 June 184220yWF.Native
Philander Ackley21 June 184224yW.MNative
John Barney22 June 184250yWMMNative
Harriett Stevens25 June 184214yCF.Native
"Colored child"25 June 18425yC..Native
Amos Allen's child25 June 18427yW..Native
Joseph Churchill's child26 June 18422yW..Native
Alexander Orr's child26 June 18424yW..Native
Ralph Roberts26 June 184238yWM.Native
Alma Felton27 June 184224yW..Native
Rachel Marsh's child29 June 18427yW..Native
Daniel S. Francis29 June 184238yWM.Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
July 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
Henry Fetch's child3 July 18423/4mC..Native
Jared Weed3 July 184280yWM.Native
Wm Cable5 July 184235yWM.Native
Rachel Marsh's child5 July 18421yW..Native
John Wood's child5 July 18427mW..Native
Hiram Nichol's child6 July 18424mW..Native
John A. Vanloven's child7 July 18427mW..Native
John Johnson's child7 July 18422yW..Native
Levinus McDonald's child9 July 18421yW..Native
Elizabeth Develle11 July 184265yWF.Native
John Babcock12 July 184247yWM.Native
Austin Bryant12 July 184222yWM.Native
Chas Gifford's child14 July 18421/4mW..Native
Nancy Marrick's child14 July 18421yW..Native
Thomas Conkey's wife14 July 184221yWFMNative
Lydia West15 July 184262yW..Native
Mr Merritt's child16 July 18428yW..Native
Jane Sawyer's child17 July 18421yW..Native
Michael Wall's wife18 July 184239yWFMNative
Peter Haskell's child19 July 18426yW..Native
Jesse Battershall's child22 July 18427mW..Native
George Marrin's wife23 July 184225yWFMNative
Michael Wager's child27 July 18426mW..Native
John Hall's wife28 July 184232yWFMNative
Dr Myron Blair30 July 184225yWMUNative
Stephen Kellogg30 July 184286yWM.Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
August 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
J. L. Van Schoonhoven's wife1 Aug 184230yWFMNative
Martin Harris's child2 Aug 18421yW..Native
Andrew E. Merritt's child3 Aug 18423yW..Native
Amos Brooks's child3 Aug 18425yW..Native
Jesse Van Zyl's wife3 Aug 184228yWF.Native
A. K. Hadley's child4 Aug 18421yW..Native
Jacob Oothout4 Aug 184245yC..Native
John Van Buren's child6 Aug 18425yW..Native
Thomas Van Schaick6 Aug 184224y...Native
Jesse Van Zyl's child7 Aug 18421/4mW..Native
Joseph Stackpole's child7 Aug 18426yW..Native
Ostrander Purdy's child7 Aug 18422yW..Native
Wm Rawson's child8 Aug 18422yW..Native
Elizabeth Brown10 Aug 184282yWF.Native
Barent Van Derheyden11 Aug 184236yWM.Native
Joseph Moore's child13 Aug 18422yW..Native
"Stranger's child"13 Aug 18421mW..Native
Wm Brown's child13 Aug 18424yW..Native
Mary Winson14 Aug 184245yCF.Native
Margaret Ellick's child15 Aug 18421yC..Native
Benjamin Boynton's child16 Aug 18421yW..Native
Peter Van Buren16 Aug 184251yWM.Native
Mrs Buswell16 Aug 184233yWF.Native
Mr Clokie's child16 Aug 18421yW..Native
Elias Rass's child20 Aug 18421yW..Native
Catherine Lewis21 Aug 184225yWF.Native
William Robertson's child23 Aug 18427mW..Native
Robert Clark's child23 Aug 18422mW..Native
Wm Low's child24 Aug 18422yW..Native
Elizabeth Grace25 Aug 184281yWF.Native
Margaret Jeffer26 Aug 184215yWF.Native
Mr Salsbury's child27 Aug 18422yW..Native
Sarah Valentine28 Aug 184255yWF.Native
John Armstrong's child28 Aug 18425yW..Native
John Nelley's child30 Aug 18424yW..Native
Wm Ager's child31 Aug 18423yW..Native
Wm Welden's child31 Aug 18425yW..Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
September 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
Isabella Wilson1 Sept 184270yWF.Native
Charles Ludford's child1 Sept 18422yW..Native
Gilbert Donaker's child2 Sept 18422yW..Native
Isaac Bull4 Sept 184244yWM.Native
John Hatch4 Sept 184241yWM.Native
Josiah Osborn's child7 Sept 18422yW..Native
John Carpo's child8 Sept 18426yW..Native
Sophrona Cameron8 Sept 184230yWF.Native
Samuel Jefferson's child8 Sept 18426mC..Native
John Uron8 Sept 184263yWM.Native
Egbert Winegar's child9 Sept 18422yW..Native
Owen Williams's child9 Sept 18422yW..Native
Betsy McRobbins9 Sept 184238yWF.Native
Norman Styles's child12 Sept 18422yW..Native
Wm Gage12 Sept 184231yWM.Native
John Uron's child13 Sept 18421/4mW..Native
John Prescott's child13 Sept 18426mW..Native
Henry Moore13 Sept 184282yWM.Native
Peter Van Alstine14 Sept 184250yWM.Native
"Unknown child"14 Sept 18421/4mW..Native
Mr Borasso's child14 Sept 18426yW..Native
Mrs Boynton17 Sept 184281yWF.Native
Jacob M. Van Derheyden's child19 Sept 18422yW..Native
Elisha Roberson22 Sept 184238yWM.Native
Bloomingfield Usher's child23 Sept 18421yW..Native
Richard Goodell's child23 Sept 18424yW..Native
Chas Bowman's child24 Sept 18422mW..Native
Robert Cummings's child24 Sept 18425yW..Native
John S. Perry's wife26 Sept 184228yWFMNative
Edward Christie's child26 Sept 18421yW..Native
John Reed's child26 Sept 184211yW..Native
Rev. L. A. Lovell's child27 Sept 18424yW..Native
Wm Bailey's child28 Sept 18429yW..Native
James Howe's wife28 Sept 184228yWFMNative
Joseph Caldwell's child29 Sept 18426mW..Native
Hough [--?--] Landon's child30 Sept 18429mW..Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
October 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
Chas W. Corning's child2 Oct 18422yW..Native
Titus Battus's wife2 Oct 184230yCFMNative
Eugene Hanks2 Oct 184223yWM.Native
Mr Eames's child2 Oct 18427yC..Native
R--- Caswell3 Oct 184235yWM.Native
Godfrey Egleston's child3 Oct 18421yW..Native
Thomas Hannas4 Oct 184284yWM.Native
James Yates9 Oct 184218yWM.Native
Truxton Berge's wife9 Oct 184239yWFMNative
Dr A. S. Skelton's child12 Oct 18424yW..Native
Thomas Bailey's child13 Oct 18421/4mW..Native
Betsey Howlett13 Oct 184216yWF.Native
George Bonticon's child14 Oct 18421yW..Native
Cornelius Van Schaick's child16 Oct 18422mW..Native
John Griffin18 Oct 184225yWM.Native
Mary Knott's child19 Oct 18422yC..Native
Edward S. Fuller's child19 Oct 18424yW..Native
Oliver B. Gray's child20 Oct 18422mW..Native
Thomas R. Case's wife22 Oct 184223yWFMNative
Mrs Adams22 Oct 184290yWF.Native
Chas Gifford's child23 Oct 18422mW..Native
Thomas White23 Oct 184221yWM.Native
Henry Ingraham's child23 Oct 184210mW..Native
Catherine Johnson24 Oct 184218yWF.Native
Chas Slason's child25 Oct 184210mW..Native
Alonzo Blodgett's child25 Oct 18425yW..Native
Henry R. Hubble's child25 Oct 18422yW..Native
Wm P. Farrill's child26 Oct 184210yW..Native
John Wager's child29 Oct 18425yW..Native
Angeline Neuman30 Oct 184223yWF.Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
November 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
Hannah Waldron3 Nov 184238yWF.Native
Jepth Ellick4 Nov 184230yCM.Native
Michael Wall's child4 Nov 18429mW..Native
Thomas McCurdy4 Nov 184228yWM.Native
Richard Van Duran5 Nov 184235yWM.Native
L. W. Priest's child6 Nov 18425mW..Native
W. H. Winters8 Nov 184224yWM.Native
Rev. Mr Cox's wife8 Nov 184239yWF.Native
Marcus Dvogle's child9 Nov 184210mW..Native
Henry Dennis9 Nov 184247yWM.Native
Henry Q. Barringer's child9 Nov 18426yW..Native
Sarah Brattle10 Nov 184243yW..Native
Wm McDonald11 Nov 184264yWM.Native
James Hand's wife11 Nov 184254yWF.Native
Zaras Cary15 Nov 184260yWF.Native
Tunis Ostrander16 Nov 184241yWM.Native
Elizabeth Hutton23 Nov 184261yWF.Native
Thomas Blun's child23 Nov 18421yW..Native
Simeon Smith Jr's child24 Nov 18421yW..Native
Lewis Cleveland24 Nov 184256yWM.Native
Wm Plume's child24 Nov 18422yW..Native
Akiel Wager's child24 Nov 18427mW..Native
Henry Winfield's child26 Nov 18422yWM.Native
Amos M. Moore's wife26 Nov 184230yWF.Native
---by Hall's wife28 Nov 184261yWF.Native

Troy Burial Records 1842
December 1842
transcribed by Dottie Kakule
Names of those interredDateAgeRaceSex MarriedNative
Gilbert Warring's wife2 Dec 184243yWF.Native
Wm A. Bachellor2 Dec 184223yWM.Native
Mr Merritt Jr's child9 Dec 18429mW..Native
Omer Moore's child9 Dec 18422yW..Native
Elija Fosmire's wife10 Dec 184230yWF.Native
Cas. R. Cornell10 Dec 184234yWF.Native
David Day's child10 Dec 18425yW..Native
[--?--] Whetmore's child10 Dec 18425yW..Native
Samuel Coterell's child12 Dec 18425yW..Native
H. B. Van Thayer's child13 Dec 18423yW..Native
Mariah Berge14 Dec 184217yW.MNative
George Day's child14 Dec 18422yW..Native
Mr Shaw's child14 Dec 18422yW..Native
Miss Brownell14 Dec 184219yWF.Native
Mary H. Corlip16 Dec 184224yWFMNative
Gilbert S. Warring's child16 Dec 18421yW..Native
Chas Ayers's child15 Dec 18423yW..Native
Jacob Phillips19 Dec 184217yW..Native
Chas Fales's child30 Dec 18427mW..Native
Reuben Roberson's child26 Dec 18421yW..Native
Harriett Jane Henry25 Dec 184224yWF.Native
Hiram Taylor's child30 Dec 18424yW..Native
James Reynolds's child30 Dec 18422yW..Native
Mr Rickman's child31 Dec 18424mW..Native
Mrs Lewis31 Dec 184243yWF.Native

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