Troy Daily Times
July 17, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

A girl named Susan BAKER, inmate of a house of assignation in Cincinnati, committed suicide last Saturday, by cutting her throat with a razor.--Susan was the daughter of a well-to-do Coeymans farmer. She ran away from home to lead a life of dissipation with an Albany fisherman. In that city, she was arrested for theft, and at the police court attracted the attention of a man who paid her fine and brought her to this city, placing her in a house of evil repute on North Third street. There she became acquainted with a young man who was about moving to St. Louis, and who persuaded her to accompany him. But he tired of her, and abandoned her at Cincinnati. There again she entered into a course of public vice, pursued it for a few weeks, and then ended her miserable career by suicide. Susan was twenty years of age, and remarkably beautiful. Hers was indeed a sad, eventful story.

The friends of Mr. Gordon MILLIMAN, of Lansingburgh, who had his leg broken by being thrown from a wagon on North Second street, last week, fear that his injuries will result fatally. He is very much prostrated; the shattered bones do not knit together, and his advanced age is unfavorable to recovery. He sustained, also, bad hurts internally.

Quite a crowd was collected on Green street, above Federal, last evening by the rowdy exploits of a drunken member of the Sunday police force, who first engaged in a quarrel with a woman, and being remonstrated with, manifested an earnest desire to thrash "all creation." He was cared for.

Wm. KEMP has been tendered the position of paymaster in Col. CARR;s staff, but has not as yet accepted it.

The Board of Trustees of the Fire Department held their regular quarterly meeting last evening in the Surrogate's office,--H.S. CHURCH, President in the chair. The finance committee reported $256.25 to have been received during the quarter, and the donating committee reported the amount of expenditures for donations at $225. The special committee on the subject of buying a lot in the Cemetery for the interment of firemen, reported that the same was inexpedient, and so it was resolved not to buy the lot. Mr. Wm. MADDEN moved that a committee of three be appointed with power to erect a suitable monument to the memory of the late Chief Engineer, Joseph C. TAYLOR, and that the sum of $500 be appropriated for that purpose. The resolution was adopted, and the President appointed Messrs. MADDEN, PEOBLE, and RODDY such committee. The Board then adjourned.

- David MONE paid a fine of $3 for getting drunk.
- Thomas O'CONNOR, THOMAS, and John EAGAN, disorderly conduct; fined $5 or ten days each--sent over.
- Thomas DEVINE, drunkenness; fined $10 or ten days--sent over.
- Fanny ROCKWELL, vagrancy; promised to leave for Saratoga, and allowed to do so.
- Thomas WELCH, assault and battery; complainant failed to appear--discharged.
- Christopher DUGAN, Pat. FITZPATRICK, Pat. RUBY and others, assault and battery on John GRIFFIN; case settled.

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